Capital One Mobile Reviews

Capital One Mobile Reviews

Published by on 2023-12-04

About: What’s on the Capital One Mobile app? All of your accounts, and so much
more. Whether you’re out in the world or feeling right at home, you can
manage your money with ease: - View balances and export statements - Pay bills
and take care of loans - Check in on your credit with CreditWise - Activate a
credit or debit card when you need it - Redeem rewards on the go - Send and
receive money with friends and family using Zell.

About Capital One

What is Capital One? The Capital One Mobile app allows users to manage their money with ease, including viewing balances, paying bills, checking credit with CreditWise, activating credit or debit cards, redeeming rewards, and sending and receiving money with Zelle. The app also offers alerts and purchase notifications, detailed transaction information, the ability to lock credit or debit cards, and assistance from Eno, the Capital One assistant.



- View account balances and export statements

- Pay bills and manage loans

- Check credit with CreditWise

- Activate credit or debit cards

- Redeem rewards

- Send and receive money with Zelle

- Enable alerts and purchase notifications

- View detailed transaction information

- Lock credit or debit cards

- Get assistance from Eno, the Capital One assistant.

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Key Benefits of Capital One

- Easy to use

- Easy to make payments

- Easy to redeem cash back rewards

- Credit Wise feature

- Free weekly credit score updates

20 Capital One Reviews

4.8 out of 5


Not practical for deposit account holders

From what I hear CapitalOne and Capital One as a whole is AMAZING for credit card holders but for those that own deposit accounts CapitalOne really isn’t that useful! I’ve been banking with Capital One for years and I can honestly say I miss a lot of the features the Capital One Wallet app used to provide. I’d love the developers of CapitalOne to take their deposit account holders into consideration and add features like alerts when a deposit is made to my account as well as alerts when a transaction is made over a certain dollar amount. To be clear, when I say alerts I mean actual notifications to my device sent from CapitalOne that appear on my home screen. I don’t want to have to receive alerts via text that is so outdated plus I have enough text threads as it is between work and family. I’m beginning to feel like Capital One isn’t interested in investing in their deposit account holders now or even in the future. I believe this company is more focused and geared towards their credit and lending services. To be fair Chase not only provides these basic notification services to customers but they also have added the ability to view what you spend money on weekly to their app. I do not want to close my accounts and go over to another bank because I truly enjoy banking with Cap. One. I love everything from the customer service all the way down to the debit card design. But I have a feeling I will leave if I don’t see any changes being made.


So very disappointed I’m Capital One.

I opened an account with Capital One in December of 2019 to rebuild my credit and I have never been late to this day. Not even during a very hard time during the Pandemic, I still managed to make on time payments. I opened a quick silver account in September as an effort to have more revolving credit and try to help my credit more. I had an issue with my bank and it caused apayments that I made to both of my Capital One accounts to be returned. The bank situation was resolved and My payments to both accounts were immediately paid. Capital One sent me an email alerting me that the payments were returned and asked me Covid was causing me to have financial hardship and asked me if I needed help. I didn’t need help, the issue with my bank was resolved and I immediately made the payment to both my accounts still not causing me to be late on payments. I learn a couple of days later that my accounts were both being closed for FRAUD!! How do you commit fraud on accounts that you make payments on monthly for almost 2 years. One hurts me the most in this situation is that I’ve worked so hard to build my credit and Capital One just closes both of my accounts after sending me an email asking me if I need help. Capital One closing these accounts has set me back and now I probably can’t buy a house. I’m so devastated! WHY SEND AN EMAIL ASKING YOUR CUSTOMER IF THEY NEED HELP WHEN YOU DONT REALLY MEAN IT AND YOU HURT THEM INSTEAD OF HELPING THEM!!!!


Need huge improvements on the app for notifications etc...

For example: I would love to see notifications for my debit card on CapitalOne ... that would be super helpful to see your spending of any amount of money. So all information regarding your debit card is important too. You can only get texts which helps too, but if you can have texts+notifications all that working at the same time that could be better. I’m pretty sure that we need that on direct deposit account holders too! I can tell that CO credit cards works way more informative, but other bank service apps has the ability to see notifications for debit card spending already. I mean why not have developers/engineers take a look at the benefits and the full potential of CapitalOne... Just revamp CapitalOne use your skills think big... invest on your product/app/services to get it fixed at its fullest UI customer service, tools, options plus content. Capital One hasn’t been very successful with these updates.... so keep an eye on these issues/suggestions think about this! Be the best bank app ever... don’t wait for weeks or even complete months to improve it. Remember when it comes down to $$$ anything really matters!


E-Bills Don’t show accurate status

CapitalOne is generally great with two exceptions (and I can’t find a way to DM these complaints/suggestions)
1. E-bills are useless on CapitalOne . CapitalOne always indicates 0.00 is due on my e-bills. to see what may be due...even when a bill is overdue. At the exact same time, the website (or Safari) view will show an actual amount due and red warning that the bill is overdue. It has been like this for years. I can’t believe they haven’t fixed this yet. It’s very misleading and caused me to miss bills because I thought the weren’t due yet. (Lazy, yes. But I came to rely on my other online bank with which I also have e-bills because they display my bill status correctly)
2. In older versions of CapitalOne I could see many months of historical transactions. Now it’s very limited and sometime you need to look for something older than one month.

CapOne - your are my third bank on these accounts and I’ve gone through NetBank (which had great online bill pay (pre apps), to ING which would not support e-bills at all at first and forced me to another bank for e-bills, and now to you. If you’d get your e-bills better managed in CapitalOne , I could finally move away from the other bank. Please fix the e-bill status displays in CapitalOne . Look at some of your competitors for best practices.


I love the app + credit wise feature

I’ve been using the Capital one app for about a year and a half. It’s easy to use, easy to make payments, easy to redeem cash back rewards. It’s a great and easy app. I like it way better then my Bank of America app.

I also love the credit wise feature. It has help me go from mid 700’s to over 800 in a little over a year. It helped me understand what would raise my score and how simple patience and keeping balances low would lower my score over time. I loved he simulators. I plan to buy a new car eventually and I want to be over 800 when I do it and I understand once I buy that car my score will go down a bit. I’ve turned down every offer to open a new credit card as I know it would lower my score for a while. I opened a few accounts at the same time I got CapitalOne and then I realized that was a mistake and I should not have done them all at once as I really didn’t need to I could have paid cash for one of the items so now I just have to wait for them to fall off as “new accounts” I think will happen in about 5 months and my score will go even higher!

Thank you capital 1 app designers. Thank you credit wise people!


Yea… I’m disgusted with the rigid corporate greed

Easy to use? Sure. 2 points in airline miles for every dollar spent, not bad except that I pay $59 per year for that feature. Customer service, no complaints historically. However, their unwillingness to facilitate a one time request to waive $50 in interests charges for a customer of 8 years who spends $30,000+ on the credit card yearly because I made payments late twice in the same year (by 1 day and 2 days respectively), and during the year of the pandemic? Not having it. I rather frankly but nicely reasoned this out with a supervisor, but as she calmly explained to me what they do for one they must do for another? I mean yea, you are right. You shouldn’t be so rigid with ANYONE. This is maybe the fifth time I’ve been late in the history of owning the account (again of eight years). There are just too many better offers and better flexibility with other credit cards not to protest in the form of taking my business elsewhere. There are several apps out now that allow you to pay off purchases over the course of three months with no interest and no late fees. Just something for you guys to think about. Seriously Capital One, how short sighted. They were earning $700 - $1,200 a year just from purchases I made from the retailers. Anyway, time to spend those airline miles, change over a couple of autopays, and shop for my new card/app company. Boo, Capital One. Just boo.


App”ic” Fail

Capital one app is a convenient way of tracking expenses and making on the spot payments. In our business it was a great card, with multiple users we made payments daily if not twice daily. Apps are made for convenience. However, with the C1 App there is no way to remove draft accounts. Some what Defeats the purpose of having a mobile App. We had someone break into our office and forge checks . Our bank(s) closed our accounts-as we have 3 dba’s. Just as our daily capital one payments were being drafted our accounts were closed. using the Capital one App, we added our new accounts- the only difference in draft account numbers were first 3 digits. The capital one App only shows the last 4 digits. So if you are traveling as we do in our industry, living by our smart phones, you are stuck guessing what account is the correct account to be drafted. Capital one closed our account and refused to reopen it. After 2 years of multiple weekly payments and 10 of thousands spent on the card monthly , our Capital one app failed us by not showing which bank account was which.

Make sure if you change bank accounts you are near a desktop to immediately change draft information because the mobile app will not allow you to delete accounts. We changed over 30 payable accounts due to this forgery nightmare. Capital one is the only card that failed us and closed our account- App is incomplete and still needs work.


Missing components

First, y’all need to add electronic funds transfer that allows checking account to checking account electronic deposit transfer this eliminates paper check delays in the mail; such as with regular web bill pay, and makes things far more efficient. Please add this feature other banks do, I’ve had this feature before thru other banks, Capital One should have this as big name as it is

Secondly, why can’t I see my recurring transfers or any transfers in pending status and why isn’t there an ability to add or edit as such on CapitalOne . I have to go to the website to see and/or edit my transfers, otherwise CapitalOne just allows you to make a one time transfer and set one up . Features need to be enhanced to allow display of current transfers n the ability to set up recurring transfers and to edit.

Aside from that, I’m happy with Capital One... another feature that would be nice, would be to add categories to the savings in which you can direct portions of your savings to go, car maintenance in one stash, vacation in another stash, a date night stash, emergency funds stash we could edit each stash to make it our own... this would be fun n convenient, but the first two paragraphs are about business and are high priority on my list as I’m sure it is for others also


Lacks personal touch

I’ve been a customer for 14+ years and had been very satisfied with the service. EXCEPT if you need to speak to someone. I walked into the bank on Ryan Street in Lake Charles to open a new acct. This would be a second account to keep my insurance proceeds (Hurricane Laura ) and spending separate from my household acct. I was rudely told that EVERYTHING is now digital, and I would have to open an acct. on an IPad. I told her I didn’t have an IPad and I lost my computer in the hurricane. She just kinda shrugged and dismissed me to move on to the next customer. No help whatsoever. I was so upset I felt like opening my accounts at another bank. I also needed to change my address and order checks. I don’t see any of that on the website. I normally bank at the Country Club Branch (closed ) where the employees there have always been helpful and polite. All of the desks where employees are usually sitting there and willing to help, are now empty. I believe you have lost a lot of older people (they have a lot of money) by not having anyone available to assist them. A friend (age 75) went in to open a 100K CD. Of course he was told he would have to do it himself, so he left and deposited in another bank. Your bank employee told him which bank to go to... that was helpful.


Ok app

For everyday stuff, CapitalOne does what it needs to do. For transfers (both paying people and transferring money to external accounts), lord help us all.

Cap 1 has been painfully behind Chase’s curve for nearly a decade now when trying to send money to people. Not only is transferring through Zelle a giant pain (Chase uses them too and it works fine, so why such a bad experience with Cap1?!), trying to know what automatic transfers have been set up is an act of futility. In the past, I could go to the website and see all of the transfers I have set up. CapitalOne shows them, but I can’t edit or cancel a series of transfers. Now, their website is just stupid with transfers and doesn’t even show them all even though CapitalOne shows them. I can’t cancel an upcoming transfer because it has gotten so far off target for when I actually need the money to appear in another account. So now I have to check back on the website (and risk forgetting) just to cancel a recurring transfer. I’ve had a transfer not show up anywhere, so I scheduled another one only to find out that caused two transfers. I tried to cancel one, they both disappeared. Set up another transfer only for there to be two transfers again. Get your *ish together Cap 1! Stop trying to redesign your website into the stupid boxes and make it functional!


Inaccurate-do not trust!

Never trust CapitalOne. They can claim to update often all they want but it’s not true. They are currently in the process of closing ALL branch banks! That includes every ATM attached to those buildings. I travel ALL of the time and switched from Citi to even crappier Cap1 HUGE mistake. They make all these claims about convenience but I’ve had nothin but problems. All I want to do is make Instant transfers from my Cap1 checking account to pay towards my credit card while traveling. I should be able in todays world with all the technology out there to move money from one account to another at the touch of a button. Instantly. If I take out too much cash and do not spend it and decide to put back into a Cap1 ATM before getting onto a plane I shouldn’t have to go to 4 freaking locations only to find NONE of them have working locations AFTER having checked CapitalOne and the CapitolOne website Repeatedly to see it said those locations confirmed and stated they had working ATMs that took deposits! Are you kidding me? Why can’t this be updated at the minimum of midnight every night for accuracy? I officially hate Cap1 and want to take my business elsewhere. By the way multiple people and myself passed each other while attempting to frequency other ATMs and branch locations. At first we laughed then we cursed as we passed each other the fourth time. We all were fed up. I spent almost a habla tank of gas doing this today! Absurd.


Love it!

I really like CapitalOne. Love the Credit Wise feature!! It’s given me some awesome tips on growing my credit even more. CapitalOne also gives me FREE weekly credit score updates. That’s neat! I am really enjoying my new credit card with Capital One and this cool app. I have called customer service to help me activate my Apple Pay and literally I was connected to someone within 10 secs of my call. I was dreading a long wait... Surprisingly, no wait time, no automated menus, the agent was already aware of the reason to my call and offered me fast, courteous service right on the spot. I am very impressed. I have been a loyal member with AMEX since 2010, but I have got to say, you really surprised me. I’m glad I decided to give you guys a shot. I heard lots of great news on the Clark Howard radio show. I heard a caller discuss a restaurant charge an exorbitant amount for a tip and you guys caught it before he even left the restaurant! THAT is excellent service! I have had that happen before so I could IMMEDIATELY relate. And then it dawned on me... maybe if I would have had Capital One, I could have had a COMPLETELY different experience and never had to go through that nightmare to start with.... So, I am here. Thank you!



Capital One helped me rebuild my credit after I made the mistake of co-signing a vehicle for my boyfriend. He lost his job at one point and I was financially unstable due to being a full time college student to aid him in paying for his motorcycle that he purchased. The voluntary repossession, hurt me for years. I got denied for almost everything I tried to do. Years later, I decided to look into different companies to see which companies offered the best credit card to help me rebuild my credit. Again, I got denied one after another. I was very hopeless when I stumbled across Capital One. I then applied for the secured credit card and paid $99 because it was worth it to help me rebuild my credit and it sure helped! Within 6 months, with responsible use for emergencies only and paying on time. My credit limit went from 300 to 650. After a year, I decided to apply for a second credit card through Capital One, and my credit limit went from 1k to 5k in 6 months, again with responsible use and paying on time. Thank You, Capital One. For helping me rebuild my life, and credit after one mistake I decided to make. Thank you for taking a chance on me. Lesson learned.


My favorite bank

They don’t charge you any money to keep your money, the capital one venture card it’s very easy to use and the rewards are good, the people are friendly whenever you have to talk to themAnd it’s not very difficult to get one of them on the phone. Capital one is my favorite bank I also bank with Bank of America and Chase and I do quite a bit would be a VA but I still don’t like them as much is capital one. Chase Bank and everybody else have a long way to go to catch up. The only problem I can find is that there are very very very few actual locations where you can go inside and do any banking. There needs to be a few more locations to make capital one competitively accessible. I also live in a very densely populated area (Dallas Fort Worth ) and there is still only two and I have to drive over 10 miles to get to either one. And all I would say if you were a person who needs a bank account and you do not have a capital one account you will be making a mistake. Even if you already have another these are very easy to get and highly convenient to have cheers!


Phenomenal speed great customer service

I am absolutely appalled 😮 at how Affective fast decision and constructive this bank has been thus far; with all sincerity Opening my 360 checking account was the greatest financial decision I ever made; I always love to be objectively unbiased in my reviews so I will say that in comparison to the other mobile apps I have tried Wells Fargo is much more user-friendly and accurate and I do not just say that because I am used to it I say that because I have tried all of them from Chase bank of America to Wells Fargo to TD now this (Capital One) And without question capital one is ranked number two in terms of mobile app support however in terms of live customer service; it may be easier to contact Wells Fargo 24 seven because of the malleability & fungible Mobile app; at the end of the day I can take solace knowing that there are live representatives who operate with absolute a hundred percent professionalism. I am very pleased thus far as my 360 checking account has gone. I would appreciate the mobile app being a little bit more scalable in terms of its functionality however I am not one to complain just pointing out the obvious.


Best Decision Ever!!

We had identity theft and decided to find a new bank. Very skeptical about the small number of brick and mortar and none in less than 8 hour drive from us but the customer service that we received from the very beginning won us over. Not once did anyone make us feel that our tiny paychecks were not worth their time. Capital One 360 has made us feel like we are catered to like millionaires and ALWAYS easy, fast, affordable banking with AMAZING customer service. I can’t remember the last time I have been impressed by a bank let alone CapitalOne , customer service, and quality of products and services offered in one place. We even got our car financed with them and again online using auto navigator. Now a savings account that is super easy to take from checking and put into savings. It’s so easy and CapitalOne is the most user friendly app that I’ve ever used. I’m so happy with the company and CapitalOne . I definitely recommend. I also recommend visiting one of their “cafes” we loved it and can’t wait for more to open closer to us!!!! Thank you so much Capital One for making our banking needs stress free!!


360, can’t add external accts in app

Opened a 360 checking account. Everything was great until I tried adding an external account. CapitalOne won’t let you do it. App refers you to website. Website wanted me to verify my identity using my phone number, which was already verified previously. Entered my ph number and there was a problem verifying the number. Never had a problem verifying my number with other financial accounts. Website said I need to call. Called customer service. Lady answers speaking a foreign language. Realizes she answered the call, starts speaking English. No problem. Ultimately she explains the phone number verification is different from the previous verification and that it may fix itself in a few days to a week. She offers to link my external account by sending an email to another department if I provide the account number and bank routing number. I asked if I could contact that department myself and she said that is not possible. I opted to wait the week to see if the phone verification goes through. What a hassle. I have another online checking account that let me add an external account in their app without issues. Capital One needs to fix this and the phone number verification.


Perfect bank account. No. Seriously.

I started my bank account 3 years ago with capital one. I am so impressed. I scan a check on a Thursday night at 9:00 PM, 3 hours later it’s deposited. How? I have no idea. I run out of money in my checking account and need to squeeze a tank of gas in my truck… no problem, keep $1.00 in my account and no overdraft fee. Forget that pesky subscription comes out the 20th and bounce a check? No problem. No fee. Want to create 1500 checking accounts in one day? Easy. Want just as many savings accounts? Done. Want to send money to Taiwan via zelle? Seamless. So it’s 6:30 PM on a Friday and your card gets declined for to big of a purchase? Say a down payment on a high demand truck. No problem, they will answer if it is 3 am on a Sunday. “ hey, can you increase my spending limit just for today? Yes sir, no problem.” Bet. The solution to all personal banking problems. In person banks are annoying nowadays anyway because of COVID… not sure why exactly you would ever need a bank visit anymore tbh… unless your technologically challenged I guess. Thank you capital one!


Mr. Capital One

Well, I would like to entertain the idea that someone or thing will take the time to read this.

I would like to state for the record that “ I Bobby Jackson “ will continue to be a loyal consumer to the entity, We’ve had some ruff patches and yet we’re still together. My credit cards that I have with us have taken a turn for statement balances above the status quo. Yet, I’m willing to continue receiving emails pertaining to financing our/my new vehicle. I’m not ready to purchase . I know that you or us should see that I have broken away from the semi constant balances that I kept. I hope that more attention is paid to my accounts and that I’m able to quickly get back on track. CapitalOne on my smartphone has been very helpful. The only downside to CapitalOne is that it takes several days for my funds to transfer to and from my external accounts. While avoiding the hassle and delays, it causes me to inadvertently save money. Having a snap view of my credit on credit wise has also equipped me with the knowledge I need to continue my journey towards bettering my credit. We’ll see ow it plays out.

Bobby Jackson Jr


Best App Ever!

I usually do not have notifications turned on for most of my apps because I work in the operating room and they would be going off all the time. But I kept this one on because my three kids have their own card on my account and it helps to keep track of when they use it (which is suppose to be for emergencies unless they ask). CapitalOne helped me to know that my daughter was in jeopardy one night when I got a notification at 0234 in the morning that a charge on her account was at a bar that she wouldn’t have gone to. The card was taken by a man who assaulted her and we were able to track him down based on the notifications from CapitalOne that are in real time. It gives the location and the time of the transactions as they go through. And the awesome customer service people were so helpful in how they closed just that card and fed-ex’d a new one for her the next day! I thank you for making CapitalOne easy to use also. I pay my balances and check my activity and have never been so up to date with a credit card before using CapitalOne. Thank you, thank you!


Great App, Great Company

Capital One made a great banking app with many features that are very useful, especially when traveling abroad. I lived in Russia for 2 years and had my Capital One credit card with me that I used for everything (even taking cash out of an ATM in Rubles!) and there was never any issues. When spending regularly there are no charges when paying with the card abroad which was really an awesome feature I took advantage of. I was able to spend and replenish my credit card by making payments through CapitalOne. You never have to worry about money when traveling with this company or with CapitalOne. All other banks make it a pain to do this but with Capital One it’s really easy so long as you set a travel notice in CapitalOne . Then you are free to go wherever you wish and spend however you want.

If Capital One sees this, I would like to point out however that in the past couple weeks following the last update, my app has began crashing on start up until I open it two to three times when it starts working and gets to the log-in screen. I am on an iPhone 6 with the latest iOS 12.3.1. I also have to note that I am pretty low on available memory on my phone if that makes any difference...


Yay Capital One!

I’m writing this review immediately after capital one got me some of my money back from a shady company. I was unwittingly signed up for a subscription service that I did not need or use after making a $2 purchase from them months ago. Today capital one notified me that my card was being charged as it does with every purchase DO NOT TURN OFF THIS FEATURE!! At first I didn’t see it’s value but it notified me immediately that my card was being charged. I did not expect this at all so I call Capital One through CapitalOne. After a few voice prints I was connected with Cici who got in touch with this fraudulent company as I was on the phone with her and fought for me to get my money back! No it wasn’t the worst fraud there is but money is money and I’m glad she took my complaint seriously and made it clear we were on the same team. This is my first experience with capital one and I am very pleased. I highly recommend CapitalOne and their company. If you have one of their cards YOU MUST GET CapitalOne. I don’t know what you’re doing otherwise and why you wouldn’t have CapitalOne.


Can’t trust them

I got a credit card through Capitol One as a way to help build my credit. When my first payment came along, I tried making a payment through CapitalOne for my minimum payment. It was returned a few days later, so I was advised to try again since the funds were in my other account. Well I tried again, and again the payment was returned. I called customer service again, and was advised to try and use my other accounts bill payment. They assured me everything was fine. Well I tried that, and the payment took, but then my account was promptly closed. When I called the customer service team for the third time, they advised that I had had too many of my payments returned so they closed my account and there was nothing I could do. So now my credit has been affected, I have a bill for $400+ dollars, and they refuse to even apologize or offer any kind of solution.

After this, I turned off my autopsy immediately. I was going to wait for when I had enough to pay it in full and be done with it. Not long after I find that my autopay wasn’t turned off, CapitalOne had kept my info, and despite having cancelled my other account it was still trying to make unauthorized payments. I emailed customer service several weeks ago and have heard nothing from them. Don’t trust this credit card company or their app.


Good app-4.5 rating intended

I only manage a credit card they CapitalOne . I like they keep it simple and is easy to pay, see recent transaction and super easy to log in. They keep it current with the new technology something I really like and is optional. You can choose, depending your device capability, lo use your password, finger print or Face ID. I think you can connect with others account and have a lot more options but I personally haven’t explore it. I love the customer service- is exceptional every time I had call them. They are also very proactive in the account security, they notify you right away if there some unusual activity in your account. I don’t give five star because I think it will be very useful if after each transaction they can give you the remaining balance instead of only a big number after all the transactions on the top of the page. Also I think it will be nice have some type of resource to plan your budgets or stuff like that to help people be more effective in managing their accounts- maybe they have it but not what I am aware off so far. Overall: is a great app and I totally recommended from the credit card point.


Auto loan

This is my story, I been with out of ways where I was trying working hard and buy something with my credit wish is pretty low, I walk and many way to apply to dealership from low to higher everyone’s close the door on me and they comes saying “ OH WE ARE VERY SORRY BUT WE CANNOT GIVE TOU CREDIT “ perhaps did you have some co-signed for you; while I was in crisis working one day I received a letter from Capital one said I was pre-approve for a car in that moment my feelings was down because of the experience I been through I said to my mom well let’s go in check nothing happens when they said NO, so we when inside in the first words was from a lady “ HI WELCOME TO THE DEALER CROWN DODGE “ how can we help so I show the letter the Capital One send I give it to the person she said is your lucky day after a few week with no trust capital one wanted approval some lady with bad credit so I said is fine, so capital one asked me to do a big down payment so I did eventually capital approved my credit and now I been make a payment regularly every month with my car to open my credit again thanks


More than satisfied!

As a person with an employment history in the banking/financial area, I am so impressed with Capital One! The first account I had with them was a credit card, then I did a car loan, and I was so happy to deal with them that I moved all of my accounts to them. (Checking and Savings) Even though they are a larger financial institution, they treat me as a person and not as a number! The service is great and the employees go out of their way to assist you. Even though I had most of my accounts in a smaller bank for years, the transition from them to Capital One was easy and smooth. When my hometown bank tank denied me for a loan even with good credit, Capital One not only approved me, they gave me an interest rate that was unheard of! When I decided to leave the other bank, they couldn’t care less; I have no idea why I was treated that way since I was a good customer and went there bc everyone I used to work with was at the small bank. No worries bc God sent me to Capital One and now I am blessed beyond words! What’s in your wallet and is your money working for you? 🤗

Is Capital One Safe?

Yes. Capital One Mobile is very safe to use. This is based on our NLP (Natural language processing) analysis of over 7,910,015 User Reviews sourced from the Appstore and the appstore cumulative rating of 4.8/5 . Justuseapp Safety Score for Capital One Is 52.5/100.

Is Capital One Legit?

Yes. Capital One Mobile is a totally legit app. This conclusion was arrived at by running over 7,910,015 Capital One Mobile User Reviews through our NLP machine learning process to determine if users believe the app is legitimate or not. Based on this, Justuseapp Legitimacy Score for Capital One Is 66.8/100..

Is Capital One Mobile not working?

Capital One Mobile works most of the time. If it is not working for you, we recommend you excersise some patience and retry later or Contact Support.

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