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Published by on 2019-12-16

Snapchat is the most fun way to share the moment! Take a Snap, add a caption or fun effects, then send it to your best friends. SNAP • Snapchat opens right to the camera so you can share the moment in seconds. • New selfie Lenses and Filters are added every day. Change the way you look, dance with...

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Snapchat Reviews

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    A New Update that Caused a Virus on my Phone

    As of August 20,2019 Snapchat had a another update and I thought maybe it would make a few improvements. Turns out I was wrong because that day on Wednesday morning I woke up and opened up my Snapchat to church my 66 total streaks that I had. When I got on Snap I had saw 2 of my streaks were dead than snap crashed. I opened snap up repeatedly but it kept crashing. So than I restarted the app, my phone, and deleted unnecessary apps from my phone but nothing had changed anytime I opened my phone. I even took the liberty to delete the app and re-download it but the result was the same when I logged in to the app it kept crashing. I went to my phone provider Network store to see if I was doing something wrong preventing me to get on snap but the store associate told me the app may have put a virus or a bug on my phone 😡. I have used SC for 3 years and this situation has never occurred on my phone but now it has came to a point that Snapchat gives horrible updates. All of the old features was decent and it was fun but it will be great if they keep some of the new features that they added a while back and bring back the old features which would make Snapchat way better but I guess. The only thing that I know is I can not open Snapchat without it crashing over and over ever since the last update. No other apps on my phone acts like this besides Snapchat 🤷🏽‍♂️

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    Needs a Bug Fix!

    So, I love Snapchat. It’s my most used app and it’s my first way of trying to get ahold of someone. There have been some issues though. Most of the time, it will show me snaps and chats and videos that I’ve already opened multiple times. It’ll say “Tap to Load” the second or third time around, and once I tap it the snap, video, or chat goes away. It’s super annoying. Also, I have to wait on everything to load. I don’t know if this is an issue with my phone or what, but I don’t know how to fix it. It’s not that my wifi connection isn’t strong, because my friend can just swipe right over to her messages, but I can’t. I have to wait for my Bitmoji or my Story loads and pops up in its spot. If I don’t wait, then all of my old messages and stuff come back. They still do it even if I’ve already replied to them once. Another issue I just encountered was it not showing up. I received a text last night, but I didn’t open it. When I woke up this morning, I go to check it, and there’s no message there. There isn’t even the saved chats. It does that sometimes too, it deletes our saved chats. Anyway, when I go to the person who texted me, it just says “Received 7 hours ago” even though I never opened the message. I tried to contact Snapchat Help on the app, but the profile was nowhere to be found. So, I deleted the app and I’m re-installing it now. Thank you for reading!

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    Keeps logging me out

    I have had snapchat since 2015 and it was working fine. However, October 6, 2019 I’ve been having some problems. When I opened the app on this day, I was logged out. At first I thought some one was trying to get into my account, so I logged in again and it immediately logged me back out. When I tried to log in for the third time, it said my account was temporarily locked. I reached out to snap support for help and I followed the steps to get my account unlocked. I followed the steps and when I logged in again, the same thing happened. It logs me out everytime I log in. However, I logged into my Snapchat on another device and it worked perfectly fine. I thought it was my device and I reached out to apple. They said that since my phone is up to date and we followed all the restarting steps, it may be a problem with the app. Everytime I reach out to snapchat they say the same thing. That my account is locked, but it ISNT. It just doesn’t work on my device for some reason. I have an IPhone X, mind you it used to work perfectly fine. I think there’s a bug or virus in the app and it needs to be fixed immediately. I haven’t been able to use Snapchat on my own device in almost a month. Snap support is no help at all, they need real people to talk to instead of automatic replies for other problems that cannot be found on the website

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    Just a few bugs

    I love Snapchat it’s pretty much the only app I use and I use it all the time everyday but since the update there has been a few bugs 1. It’s like not counting that I watched stories? Like I watch them but instead of going to the back of the line saying that I watched them and then just kinda disappearing when I text them cause I’ve already watched their story it doesn’t do that and like thinks I’ve watched the story already so like she I got to the story page the same people at in the front of the line and I keep thinking they posted something new but they didn’t it’s just their entire story again and Snapchat like doesn’t think I’ve watched it already and it won’t go away 2. When you text people in the chat it like glitches kind of and the keyboard like cover almost the whole screen so you can’t see what they said and you also can’t see what you’re typing like the keyboard just pops up larger and covers the whole thing and you have to swipe in and out of the chat multiple times go get the keyboard to be normal. Those are the only things I really notice right now that are kind of bugging me and a little annoying but otherwise I love Snapchat keep up the good work!!

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    Small suggestion

    I can say confidently that me and all of my friends spend just about all of our time on Snapchat. It has brought many people I know together in ways I’ve never seen capable by another app. By far snapchat is my favorite and most used app. It is easy to use and has a smooth and appealing layout. I am not here to criticize, but simply to make a suggestion. I enjoy watching some of the shows on the “For you” tab. But I often find myself losing the show that I was just watching. I’ve noticed that thumbnails change after you go through the story, so that makes it hard to find what you clicked on in the first place. In particular I keep finding myself thinking “wow, I enjoyed that show, but I don’t remember what channel it was under. Though I only watched it 5 minutes ago.” Thus I would propose a sort of “history” feature for the “for you” page. (I would not like this for personal stories, only shows on the for you tab.) Possibly even just keep it in a more hidden spot because I do not need it as often as other things on Snapchat. But a feature like this would help me find and subscribe to the shows I enjoy. Thank you for reading.

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    if it could just load faster than everything would be fine

    OK I love Snapchat so much are use it every single day I use it for everything to text my friends call my friends post on my story let people know what I’m doing and I love it so much but, if it were just faster!!!Lately it has been lagging and axing me out of the tab and doing really crazy stuff lately at this point it’s getting very annoying and I wish you would just stop the most recent iOS update on Snapchat was just three days ago this is becoming absolutely absurd if they’re having updates within three days and it still continuing to be bad and having really bad bugs and saying that they’re fixing them is not correct, they actually need to fix the bugs and fix the lagging and fix all the terrible loading and axing out of the tabs and all the really crappy things and Snapchat will be perfect this is just my opinion but many other people are experiencing this to it has just been recently so it’s good that hasn’t been really really bad but lately it has been very bad many people running or changing the same thing so I know it’s not just me on my phone so let me know if you’re exchanging the same thing to!

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    Snapchat Needs improvement

    I was really impressed with Snapchat back in the day, in that it enabled photo messaging and added filters to help with those of us who may have a bad skin day, keep our blemishes hidden by a smoother so when we send our friends a snap it doesn’t show our embarrassing acne spot to our possible crush, etc. The new updates to Snapchat are disastrous. First; I can not clear an entire conversation column and have to go one by one through the messages to clear them. Also you can’t look up your friends; how is anyone supposed to organize their friends list if we can’t even see who’s our friend without searching them? If you have 20 or so friends you are basically spending 2 minutes of your time trying to clear your snap window. Second; the stories; filled with biased propaganda and absolute garbage. I enjoy subscribing to some of the channels but the fact that most of these channels feature some of the most controversial topics and are completely one sided is unfortunate. I would like to see more middle liner content, and keep politics out of the playground unless your going to equalize and allow those who may not swing to the left side of the scale, be able to enjoy the features as well. Please read and consider Snapchat

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    could be better

    I recently got snapchat and love it, most people my age use it and is the best way to connect. lately I have been experiencing many problems though. When I open snap map only my bitmoji pops up and no other users when previously there were about 10 others on the map, I know they did not all turn location services off and my connection was fine because I could easy access other apps. This has happened a few times and it’s very annoying. Another thing is discover, a lot of the story’s are random and many don’t work. For example I will press a story from there title but when it opens has nothing to do with the title, and shows a bunch of ads, quizzes, or moves on to the next story. Another problem are the stories from my friends. When I watch the whole thing instead of disappearing it stays there and has the play button which makes me think they added to it but when I open it everything’s the same. I read a few other reviews that had these problems too. Speed is also a problem I go on snapchat and have to wait for about 30 secs for my messages and stories to pop up when they should come automatically, there is literally no excuse for snapchat to be this slow when OPENING the app.

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    My love/hate Relationship With Snap

    I have been using snapchat since 2013. In the past six years I have seen such an development in quality, options, and overall popularity. This app is like a lion and every phone the app touches, is it’s kingdom. I enjoy Snapchat. I enjoy the streaks. I really enjoy the meme accounts I’m subscribed to! But there’s one thing that I just can’t get behind. The Discover Page. I’ll be straight up honest with you, it is the one thing that makes takes that fifth star away. Ya’ll just came out with a new update. I was excited to hear that you could change the settings with the Discover Page. I went to these setting (to turn off the page) to DISCOVER (haha ha, dad joke) that there’s still no way at ALL that I can turn it off. Look, and I’ll put it bluntly, I love your app except for that one thing. I think you should be able to have the option to turn it off. I simply just don’t care about it and would rather not see it. Now I might just be the only one on this planet that doesn’t like it, or there are tons of other people that don’t enjoy it either. Anyways, I’m sorry for the rant, I just really wanna see that change is all. Have a good one!

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    I’ve been using Snapchat for about three years now. Been good to me so far until now. After the new update I went to go through my memories and noticed a change. The organization of the snaps taken during certain months is nice HOWEVER, it is very irritating that I am not able to seamlessly swipe through my memories like I used to. Instead, you can only easily go through snaps of a specific MONTH. Don’t like that. Because now I have to swipe out of the photos/videos and scroll for however amount of time to find the next month of snaps. This wouldn’t be much of a problem if I wasn’t paged to the bottom of the set but rather how it used to be— exit from a snap and you page to the screen where you can view said snap and the others around it. (Don’t know how best to explain that, I apologize if it seems too confusing.) Secondly, majority of my 2017 snaps are MISSING. I keep scrolling down everyday hoping that maybe they’ll pop up but I end up with nothing. It ends with one snap from October 2017 of a friend and I. And the oddest part? My daily memories show the missing snaps but they are NEVER in my gallery! And I know for a fact that the final photo of my friend and I in my memories gallery IS NOT the actual final photo because the final photo is really from around August-September 2017.

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    When I first got Snapchat it was great, worked very well and they’re wasn’t anything I didn’t like about it. I did notice though, that I couldn’t send videos. I would have to save them and then send the video to the person/people through the chats. Even then they still didn’t send. And recently, I lost all of my saved memories - I did follow the steps you left in the help section about lost memories and I got them back for a little while, but they’re gone again and those steps no longer work. Also, every time I go to open Snapchat, it shuts me out of it. I found that I have to shut down my phone for a few minutes, and delete an app on my phone to stay in the Snapchat for a little bit. I’m sorry if this sounds like I’m complaining, or unhappy with your app, I really do love it, but I would appreciate it if you might try to fix these issues. I’m not the only one with this problem, some of my friends have this problem too with their Snapchat just shutting them out of the app and not letting them reopen it, and we would really appreciate it if that was checked out. Thank you so much!

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    So I was on my snapchat and all of a sudden it just stopped working. I completely shut my phone off and I re-opened the app back up to see it still wasn’t working. So I thought the best way was to delete the app the download it again. So I did that, but then it wasn’t letting me log into my account? It kept saying “check your internet” and everything was just slow. When I finally got back into my account after like 5 minutes.. it showed I didn’t have any friends or anything, no pictures, no nothing, and then it finally loaded again after like 5 minutes. I can’t post stuff in my story without seeing the “failed to post” thing. My snaps were disappearing too, and they were my friends snaps not showing up. I finally got the app to work but not as well because it still is doing the same thing other than me being able to see my friends snaps. I hope you fix it soon because I’m really not enjoying how it is right now because it’s not working for anyone and my internet is perfectly fine. So that’s why I’m asking you again to just fix the problem. Please and thank you!

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    False reports

    Hey, my name is Gift and I just want to say how much I enjoy the app, but there is something wrong with it. Well you see I’m getting false reports (I’m a meme page on Snapchat) but I don’t break any of the Snapchat rules. I just want all the false reports to go away bc I’m getting upset even if I don’t post anything I still get reported. So far the app is good but I just don’t want to get reported for nothing and this happened to me twice in a row in two days too. Is there a way that you could make a system that it tells you who’s reporting you so you could block them because I know that some people do it for fun, to see people who tried their best to make someone laugh get reported. I’m so traumatized that I’m afraid everytime I get on snap I get scared I got reported again. I just want to have fun snapping and make people laugh but I can’t because I would get reported for no reason. I’ve never posted an offensive meme if I find it offensive I don’t post it. Thank you for your time I just want know if you could solve this and or make a system that could tell you who reported you so you could block them. I’ve had this account since 6th grade so it would affect me if I lose it. Once again thank you for your time. Sincerely, Gift

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    I’ve been using SnapChat for several years. I’ve enjoyed it a lot, never encountering an issue. Then suddenly, things began to change over the past few weeks. One night, I noticed that all of my Streaks had the time capsule next to them, indicating that they were about to end. So, I sent out Streaks to everyone, thus causing the time capsule to disappear and an extra day to be added to each Streak. When I woke up the next morning, approximately 9 hours later, all of my Streaks remained in tact except for one; my longest streak, spanning over 800 days plus. This is despite the fact that I sent out Streaks to everyone the night before, and all of the time capsules disappeared. Yet, just 1 Streak ended. The next day, both my friend (who I had the terminated streak with) and I filed reports through the app about the malfunction, but we’re left without a response. Since that day, I’ve encountered other issues such as the app crashing, Streaks failing to send despite having WiFi, and messages failing to send. I’m very disappointed in the malfunctioning of what was seemingly a reliable app for years, and the lack of customer service dealt to acknowledge my filed report. It would be upsetting if this went unnoticed, and a reliable user of an app was left dissatisfied.

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    Great app but needs improvement

    Ok so I have been using Snapchat for a while now. It’s a great app I use it to keep in touch with my friends and post random stuff. But lately, snapchats been bugging out. So here’s my problem: I viewed my friends story nothing unusual, then it slid to the next persons story and so on and so fourth. Then a couple hours later I go back to Snapchat and it says I haven’t viewed their story yet. I was a little confused but viewed there story again anyway. I could see that they posted something new because I saw it on the little circle thing next to their name😂. But when I viewed the story I saw the exact same story I already viewed. This happened with four different people. I thought it was my phone even though it’s brand new. So I deleted Snapchat, logged back in, and the same thing happened. I did that numerous times before I just gave up and decided to write a review. (also another issue was I viewed one persons story then the next then the next but after that one as I was tapping for the next persons story it kept showing me that same persons story when there were still more to view?) I really hope you take the time to read my review and fix this little issue.😊

Is Snapchat Safe?

Yes. Snapchat is quiet safe to use but use with caution. This is based on our NLP (Natural language processing) analysis of over 1,704,111 User Reviews sourced from the Appstore and the appstore cumulative rating of 2.5/5. Justuseapp Safety Score for Snapchat Is 70/100.

Is Snapchat Legit?

Yes. Snapchat is legit, but not 100% legit to us. This conclusion was arrived at by running over 1,704,111 Snapchat User Reviews through our NLP machine learning process to determine if users believe the app is legitimate or not. Based on this, Justuseapp Legitimacy Score for Snapchat Is 50/100.

Is Snapchat not working?

Snapchat works most of the time. If it is not working for you, we recommend you excersise some patience and retry later or Contact Support.

Twitter Reviews for Snapchat

@hlyrsnvll @Snapchat @snapchatsupport must not know what Memorial Day means because they sent out a mass snap saying "Today we honor ALL who serve". Today is not Veterans Day, it's a day to remember those who have DIED in the line of duty. Dummies 🙄

@robwsaunderson No @Snapchat @snapchatsupport #MemorialDay is NOT honoring all that served. It’s honoring those no longer w us. It’s to honor those who gave the ULTIMATE sacrifice- their life. Any other day is for the living. @evanspiegel

@JustJJMills This reminds me of how @Snapchat was killing the game; then they updated their app & post about @rihanna .... 100 to zero real quick & @instagram took their spot🤦🏾‍♂️ #HowToGiveUpYourSpot

@pampams14 Aside from Taimi adverts being incredibly annoying, but by yelling “transgender? No problem!”, they’re bound to out someone some day. Do better! @taimiapp @Snapchat @snapchatsupport

@maireadskelton i need to know who approved this @Snapchat update?? it’s really messing me up that i can’t half swipe on ppl now. like literally you’re forcing me to fully open & take on the responsibility of responding. and i’m not okay with it. #snapchatupdate #halfswipe

@FilmIndyAnon @Snapchat somebody please tell Snapchat that Memorial is NOT about ALL who SERVED but about those who DIED will serving to protect our freedoms!!! I should have known one of your techs couldn’t even get your holiday snap right

@sav2sexc @Snapchat what’s up with not having a dark mode, trying to text my hoes and now i’m blinded.

@jesusfknhatesme @Snapchat can we have a “I have glasses” feature? Which removes the eye portion of filters so as to keep them from reflecting off my glasses and making me look funky? My eyes are fine and my face is weird without glasses. Pls and thanks

@unitedsnation @Snapchat is so disrespectful for not letting us change our names. I get major dysphoria with my dead name, and of course I made my username my name in like 2013. LET US CHANGE IT! I don’t want to delete my account and start over, but I just might

@Nonx71 Dear @Snapchat I really need (hide feature) in snapchat exactly like mute feature in Twitter, I will be thankful if you add it to the next update 🥰

@yhitscece @Snapchat I was scrolling through all my social media and noticed that your app is the only one that hasn’t got “dark mode” could you please add this to your next update? Yours sincerely, Cece🍋 Xx

@shawnsdoctor Just listened to a really long voice note on snap chat and then my display went black...we need a setting where you can start the audio and skip to a specific part...bc I’m not gonna listen to everything again @Snapchat

@kingbri_aahs I add people on snapchat, but I cannot be asked to use a social media app without a computer interface @Snapchat fix yer shit please

@SingleGirlLife No @Snapchat today is not to honor “all who served.” That’s Veteran’s Day. Today is to memorialize those we lost- who gave their lives in the ultimate sacrifice- during conflicts. Get it right. #MemorialDay

@MorganAmelle Dear @Snapchat I do not need a notification EVERY TIME someone replays my snaps. I have to silence my phone now. So, thanks for this update. 🙄

@HanAlmubark @Snapchat Hi Kindly be informed that , I received a message from Snapchat company to delete my account and This thing surprised me for Losing my account, I did not do something that violates the regulations +

@acd19_ I have pictures of two of my deceased pets, they meant the absolute world to me and I’m in disarray that someone would deny me access to the last piece I have of my fur babies. I know it may not matter to you but it does to me, please help @Snapchat @snapchatsupport

@queensies Can @Snapchat have an option to toggle between being able to see who watches your story or not? Because I have no self control 😅

@allisonjhrhee obviously @Snapchat is the easiest way to share things. i can take a picture and send it to however many people I want at once. Love it!!

@_5566sa_ @Snapchat I got out of Snap and refused to come back, I know Yusr well! He refused to return to send the phone number. Sent to the email and there is no active link there. I don’t know what the solution is. Please solve the problem as soon as possible.

@i_no_saint I wanted to buy Premium Subscription of @YouTubeIndia I opened the app, Watched ads to install @Snapchat @dominos_india and @Flipkart I successfully saved my money!

@nobuenobecca @Snapchat can you make it an option to NOT have memories of a specific face pop up please. i’m tired

@olive2089 Dear @snapchat and @snapchatsupport , I was wondering when you are gonna have a night mode added to the app since everyone else in the social media world made a night mode except @facebook I think but I’m just putting the idea out there for you guys you’re welcome

@isabellep2000 @Snapchat Hi Snapchat, I just wanted to say my account was actually reported for something I did not mean to do or say and when reviewing the report please don’t ban or lock my account. Much love, isabelle ❤️

@prashant1879 Cheaters cock then why you told me to wait for 8 to 10 working days after 9 days of cancellation order.? @XiaomiIndia @Flipkart @amazonIN @Snapchat chadarchor mi

@Faakheraa Updates of the 24th of May. 1- Remove me out of snap groups. 2- It's working only on wi-fi, and to change the setting I keep deleting the app and install it again to change it from wifi to 4g. 3- Keep removing me from my friend's accounts. @Snapchat @snapchatsupport Happy eid:)

@bhojwani_kunal @Snapchat can you guys release a update regarding covid-19 heat map on your snap map feature. This will help us understand which are the areas we should avoid to go. @Snap @snapchatsupport

@SteelRain602 @RobinRD4MO @Snapchat @USAA USAA sucks. They started well when i had them. Not sure what happened to them. I stayed with them way longer than i should have out of laziness

@CaceresSuzy Love when my friends apply what we’ve learned in writer’s workshop all year to their #remotelearning @Seesaw activities! ❤️ 👏 🎉 Love my 2nd grade bilingual authors! @EnlHps @Bitmoji @Snapchat

@noyy_2 @Snapchat Hi Snapchat I have a problem not being able to recover my Snapchat account, please

@iMhmdo @rolazx_ @Snapchat She’s trying to talking about a subject but unfortunately the app isn’t working .. solve it out ضبطتك 😂

@itsmeechyy @Snapchat need to catch up and apply dark mode on there or delete the app all together 🙄

@rxward Happy 4 year anniversary to the love of my life @gabymno. If this isn’t gen z culture then I don’t know what is. @Snapchat we deserve an award for this commitment to not only your product but also each other other in this age of social distancing and digitizing of interactions

@TruthspeakerHQ By not embracing & figuring out how to share revenue, IG runs the risk of making decisions that could lead to its slide into being irrelevant It seems crazy now...but at one point @myspacetom ruled this world. @Snapchat has somehow been supplanted by @tiktok_us Any1 can get it

@Dirk25201971 @Tinder @Snapchat @snapchatsupport so this is the issue with reporting users on both of your platforms, they're blatantly prostitutes and never seem to get removed, on top of using photos of random people they find online.

@lengawi2 @Snapchat This eid morning I received this ??!! I’ve created this account since 2014 now everything is gone all my memories for nothing. This has to be a mistake why did my account even got deleted?!! I’ve been using your app the same way since day 1 guys.

@JaylaaaS Why the fuck isn’t my Snapchat working on my WiFi. This shit about to piss me the hell off! @Snapchat

@zsuzisusuz @nyuniversity SLEAZE IS THE PERFECT DESCRIPTION OF OBAMA & HIS ADMIN. @UCBerkeley @Yale @Harvard @Princeton @Penn @UW @EmoryUniversity @BrownUniversity @Columbia @Cornell @dartmouth @Harvard_Law @HarvardHBS @amazon @YouTube @Twitter @facebook @Snapchat @TMZ

@erikalmurray Seriously...? 🤦🏻‍♀️ @Snapchat is there a way to not have random pervs request you? Because gag. 🤢

@mattweberd1 @Snapchat yall need a feature that shows how close someone is to taking over #1 on my best friends list. Im not tryna lose my heart on accident

@miyashay I mean if you want to see people ignoring #Covid19 safety advice, all you have to do is jump on the @Snapchat location search feature. 😳

@parentsaware @DefendDignity is asking @Snapchat to do more to strengthen protections for children using their app. Help us ask them to do this, it only takes a moment! Visit #ChooseChange #Snapchat #protectkids #stopporn

@RobinRD4MO Today @Snapchat sent out a message honoring those who served. Wrong. That is Veteran's Day. Today is remembering those who died. Do NOT thank a veteran today or say HAPPY memorial day unless you want to piss us off.

@Lisa_P117 While most people are tweeting about Cummings, I happened to stumble across @DailyMailUK @DailyMail article on @Snapchat about how to have sex in public discreetly and how not to get caught despite public sex being against the law. Absolutely pmsl 🤣 sexpert Tracy Cox.

@AbdulmalekAM @snapchatsupport Nah people were discussing how the TeamSnap guy is not getting replies when sending to all users. So I wrote him a couple of messages and he has seen only the first one. I think he is devastated let's support him i want him to read all my messages. @snapchatsupport @Snapchat

@Buchdizzle26 Favorite this to join a class action lawsuit against @snapchat for not wishing us a happy thanksgiving last year

@beejereeno @RobinRD4MO @Snapchat Right? Still...I mean, it's fucking Snapchat. Their target audience is too dumb to know better (and you're not it).

@acd19_ @Snapchat @snapchatsupport someone hacked my account and changed the email and phone number i had associated with my account, i tried to login and i was unsuccessful because the phone number and email “do not exist with an account” please, I already filled out a form

@threalshanna @Snapchat @snapchatsupport How do I back up my memories because I do not see the option in Snapchat to do it

@hannahgnewman my @Snapchat account was hacked and the hacker changed my phone number and email connecting the account and set up two factor authentication to an app I dont have and never did. I have put in multiple tickets and dm'd @snapchatsupport. seeing multiple people with the same issues