Snapchat Reviews

Snapchat Reviews

Published by on 2022-04-18

Snapchat is a fast and fun way to share the moment with your friends and
family SNAP • Snapchat opens right to the Camera — just tap to take a
photo, or press and hold for video. • Express yourself with Lenses, Filters,
Bitmoji and more! • Try out new Lenses daily created by the Snapc...

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Snapchat Reviews: 20 Reviews


I have a couple suggestion but love the app

Okay so don’t get me wrong i love the app i love posting on my private story and all the filters the funny ones and the ones that make you have good lighting,U are also beautiful without filters💗,but i have some ideas like you can add claw clips in the hairstyles and you can choose the color of it and maybe you can make more options for glasses like clear ones and you can color them and add some more clothes brands,And a little more hairstyles i can’t find any that really look like my hair,When i put a headband on and you save it glitchinly ⚠️this is my opinion of some more stuff I think the app should put,not complaining just suggestions⚠️but ya other than that i lovee the app,thank you for reading have a good morning/afternoon/night bye💗and also i hope i spelled everything correct bye again lol💕so so so so sorry i got a little more suggestions lol,So maybe you guys can add braces and you can color the bands *i have braces* and maybe add some necklaces and you can color them gold or sliver,And when you go to the clothes that you save,Like in the closet you can select and delete the clothes that you don’t want ik i have a lot of clothes in my closet i don’t like or wear anymore and that’s it thank you for reading again im so so so so sorry for your time taking😁💞🐄🥲


deleted my account

i’ve had snap since 2015 and i had so many memories (about 2000+) and my friend had posted something on my story that obviously went against community guidelines so i had immediately deleted it. so after about half hour of my phone being off i saw that someone snapped me. i went to go open it and it had signed me out. so i thought that someone had signed into my account from somewhere else and i didn’t think much of it. i went to sign back in again to see if it’d let me sign back in and it said that my account was temporarily locked and to go to the snap website to unlock my account. i went to the website, did the recaptcha test and signed in to unlock it. i pressed “unlock account” and then it said “your account it permanently locked”. i’ve never been so disappointed that i really lost my account over something that i didn’t even post in the first place. along with that account being locked, every other snap account i had on my phone also got locked as well. i just want my memories back at least because i had all of my concert vids, all my party vids, and i basically documented my entire life on that app only to be deleted within a few minutes. please let me have my memories back at the least. also on a side note: i think it’s absolutely STUPID that the snap team can’t do anything to unlock accounts. u guys were the ones who created the app in the first place why would u have that option ?


Story interface is made worse with every update

For some reason, Snapchat has decided to change the story interface once again, completely changing how you skip and scroll between stories. Before, you tap the right side of the screen to go forward, or swipe to the right to skip that particular story. For some reason, the most recent update made it so you still tap left and right, but now you have to swipe up and down to navigate between stories. It’s a minor change, but makes absolutely no sense and makes the UI more difficult to navigate. Like many large tech companies, snapchat employees hundreds and clearly has run out of changes to make so they continually “reinvent the wheel” and make the UI more confusing every update. I assume part of the story changes are to get users to scroll into discovery stories (paid stories run by companies) in order to make more ad revenue, which makes sense, but is nonetheless infuriating as discovery stories are nothing more than tabloid news. I only use the app to talk with friends, and am considering moving all those chats to another platform since Snapchat is so frustrating. If you haven’t used Snapchat before, now is not a great time to get into it. Most social media companies have adopted aspects that used to make Snapchat unique (stories, disappearing messages, bitmoji) and Snapchat has done nothing since then to distinguish itself, besides becoming more annoying to use.



I was on snap and randomly it stopped working, which is per usual. I closed the app and went back on, but this time my camera was black and wouldn’t turn on. I went to my normal camera app and it was the same thing. It’s been over a day now and my camera is STILL broken. I tried resetting my phone, I deleted and redownloaded the app, I have tried everything. Now, this could be an issue with my iphone. HOWEVER, my friend with a Google Pixel had the SAME thing happened to him after he used snap! His camera broke and everything, which makes me think that snap is causing a glitch in my software. PLEASE do something to stop this, it’s very inconvenient and I might have to get a new phone if it doesn’t fix on it’s own. Snap has a lot of features that are completely useless. The games? Little icons that show up on certain locations on the map? Stories you can subscribe to? Endless amounts of filters? It’s too much for one app that is already based around sending pictures. Some of the features added do not enhance the experience of snap and instead causes more technical issues since so many features are running. Important features should be a priority and if it is causing technicals issues then FIX it or get RID of it. I am FED UP with the constant amount of issues this app has.


Small suggestion

I can say confidently that me and all of my friends spend just about all of our time on Snapchat. It has brought many people I know together in ways I’ve never seen capable by another app. By far snapchat is my favorite and most used app. It is easy to use and has a smooth and appealing layout. I am not here to criticize, but simply to make a suggestion. I enjoy watching some of the shows on the “For you” tab. But I often find myself losing the show that I was just watching. I’ve noticed that thumbnails change after you go through the story, so that makes it hard to find what you clicked on in the first place. In particular I keep finding myself thinking “wow, I enjoyed that show, but I don’t remember what channel it was under. Though I only watched it 5 minutes ago.” Thus I would propose a sort of “history” feature for the “for you” page. (I would not like this for personal stories, only shows on the for you tab.) Possibly even just keep it in a more hidden spot because I do not need it as often as other things on Snapchat. But a feature like this would help me find and subscribe to the shows I enjoy. Thank you for reading.


Account issues

First of all i wanna talk about snapchats customer service issue Its ridiculous i sat here for 30 -40 min on the website trying to figure out how to fill out a request to submit a complaint and i still cant find and ontop of that i cant call you guys to figure out whats the issue Now to talk about the actual issue I have been locked out of my account twice now(iv read the rules bu the way) and according to the rules i havnt done anything wrong? Once in a while ill add like 5-10 people bak or on quick add? Or post a whole bunch of videos on my storys but thats fine ? But this time i was permanently locked in the middle of writing a post. I went to see the issue of why i was permanently blocked but when i clicked to unlocked it said to click “here” so i did. When i clicked it everything crashed. I did this at least 10 times and everytime it crashed either telling me my browser was acting up or my internet wasnt secure. So i went on my phone to do it another 5 times and still didnt work. Yall need to fix this along with getting a real customer service area going on.. this is a waste of time going to the website when u cant get REAL help lemme also say iv been using Snapchat for probably 6-8 years and iv only had this problem this month. Yall also need to add a feature to change ur user so people dont have to start all over


Fix it.

Hello and I’ve been on Snapchat for ever. But not once in my life have I seen the screen black and a little grey. I don’t know what to do and I’m not sure why Snapchat did that. Even all my friends were confused on it to because they have NEVER seen that before. Why out of all people it happened to me? Snapchat is my happy place and now it’s ruined you see I would delete the app and redown load it but I can’t because I don’t remember my password. I could make a new password if I could ACTUALLY GET IN SNAPCHAT. Please fix this thank you :) also I don’t understand these bug fixes because it’s never helped my Snapchat not once. After all these updates and bug fixes my Snapchat as been way slower. And with the screen I updated my phone for it I restarted my phone and I’m scared to delete the app with some reviews I read about us not downloading it again? Please fix Snapchat and let us change our names and give us dark mode. And stop locking people out of accounts! That’s happened to me three times and for what? I’ve been on Snapchat for years no one deserves that stuff because then you have to start all over again and it’s annoying it really is. Take away the new update to there is no use for it and just fix Snapchat Jesus. I’ve waited all day and today is a new day fix it. Snapchat was working perfectly fine until this happened


No reason

I was recently banned from Snapchat for no reason at all. I have no clue what terms of service I violated because it will not tell me as to why I was banned. I use it to communicate with all my friends and it’s the only service that actually works in the school as far as reaching out to friends goes. I don’t even care if I can get my snap account back I just want to be able to use the app. I’ve had no previous bans before this. Just straight up deleted my account and terminated me from ever making another one. All the memories I had stored up in that account just for them to be wiped away for no reason. Thanks for ruining my week. I have a suspicion that i was spam reported by a person who was constantly making new accounts to reach out to me. If so, why would I be able to be reported by an account that was only made mere seconds after it was created? Please help me resolve this issue because the moment I try to contact you I am met with a bot. I understand that it would be hard to manage an influx of messages of people like me that were banned. But it is not justifiable that I was banned after just one mere violation that I do not even know I did. Not because I didn’t read the rules, but because it was not discussed what I did to deserve a first time violation which resulted in a permanent ban from making snap accounts ever.


Memory/Image Recovery

Hello! I just wanted to say that I personally love Snapchat. I use it more often than iMessage. Though I have to say that the fact that there isn’t a recovery option for memories really bothers me, and I’m sure I’m not the only person who has run into a problem like this on Snapchat. I had a memory that I held dearly to me. I was editing my memory small segments at a time. When I was editing, there was a small segment of that memory that I didn’t want to keep, so I had tapped delete believing it would delete that portion only, not knowing that it was going to delete the entire snap itself. Having made it two years ago, I hadn’t realized till now that I didn’t save it to my camera roll at the time being. I was wondering if there’s any way possible to incorporate a recovery option into snap, or maybe even make it possible for us to recover our memories without saving them to our camera roll? Though if there is a way to recover memories without having saved them to my camera roll, I would really appreciate the tips and feedback. I lost all hope for saving the memory after seeing that it is stated on the Snapchat support page that there is no way of recovering unless backed up on the camera roll.



Absolutely horrible I’ve had my snap account since what ? 2018 I’m pretty sure well anyways this new update caused a glitch and in the middle of the glitch snap just sent me an email saying my snap account had been deleted and is not recoverable so not only are all of the pictures I had on only snap chat are gone Ex: all of my dead grandparents and those pictures nobody else had and some life long friends that I only had one snap chat are gone as well and will never get them back so after over five hours of trying to get back into my snap trying to contact someone in snap chat sending emails and trying to find a help line with a human involved news flash that doesn’t exist when it comes to them so I gave up and lost all hope on my old account so I made a new one verified my phone number and email on it and started to get followers back for the next 12 hours finally got some of the people back some of my main friends and all of a sudden my account had been locked !! Without me doing anything wrong literally within the same day of me getting the new Snapchat it got locked so then I tried to find where I can get it unlocked and turns out you can’t!! So now I don’t know what to do because this has gone on for two days now and I’m just defeated and have no clue where turn and nobody is helping me


New updates affecting accounts

I have 2 Snapchat accounts. My personal one and one I share with someone else. So I go back and forth between them often because they’re used for different things and have different friends etc. after the newest updates about a week or 2 ago, my personal and the other accounts look like they merged. But they haven’t. It’s confusing. Now on my personal account it shows I have friends from the other accounts list but I know for a fact my personal doesn’t have those people as friends. But also when I look at their profiles it has the blue check indicated they’re added to me but on their snapscore it just says loading instead of their number score. And vise versa on the other account. So while they’re on my friends lise they aren’t actually friends with me which is confusing. Same with blocked list. People I have blocked on my account but not on the other ARE blocked on the 2nd one too and still vise versa. This is extremely frustrating because I have the accounts separate for a reason so for them to be together is irritating. The solution is deleting Snapchat and redownloading and it’s fixed BUT the moment I sign out of one and sign in to the other again, they’re merged again. I don’t want to have to keep deleting Snapchat every time I log out of one and go into the other


Snapchat Needs improvement

I was really impressed with Snapchat back in the day, in that it enabled photo messaging and added filters to help with those of us who may have a bad skin day, keep our blemishes hidden by a smoother so when we send our friends a snap it doesn’t show our embarrassing acne spot to our possible crush, etc. The new updates to Snapchat are disastrous. First; I can not clear an entire conversation column and have to go one by one through the messages to clear them. Also you can’t look up your friends; how is anyone supposed to organize their friends list if we can’t even see who’s our friend without searching them? If you have 20 or so friends you are basically spending 2 minutes of your time trying to clear your snap window. Second; the stories; filled with biased propaganda and absolute garbage. I enjoy subscribing to some of the channels but the fact that most of these channels feature some of the most controversial topics and are completely one sided is unfortunate. I would like to see more middle liner content, and keep politics out of the playground unless your going to equalize and allow those who may not swing to the left side of the scale, be able to enjoy the features as well. Please read and consider Snapchat



i’ve had this app for the LONGEST time! but recently i have been having a HUGE problem. about 4-5 days ago my snapchat would not let me save any pictures because “i didn’t have enough storage”. i checked my storage and i definitely had enough. every time i tried to watch a story it would glitch to another one and wouldn’t even let me watch that one. everything took forever to send and my notifications for me receiving something came in later than they were supposed to ! so i tried to update it , that didn’t work. then i tried to log out so i could log back in to see if that would fix it. now it won’t even let me back in. it shows me in the camera but then it throws me out. some people i know have been dealing with this same problem as well. i’ve had someone else logging into my snap so they could send my streaks. i log into it every now and then off of someone else’s phone so that i can see what’s going on and watch people’s stories. i can’t delete apps on my phone because of a password my dad set and then forgot so there’s no way i can uninstall and then reinstall the app. snapchat i love you but fix yourself!!! please do it soon , all of my pictures and memories are on there , and that’s the only way i really talk to my friends.


Snapchat is awesome but I need help!

Hey Snapchat Team! I hope all of you guys are working safe during these times of the global pandemic going on, but I have an inquiry. I see that recently you guys released a new update about 2 days ago and today this morning Snapchat updated to the newest version. For some odd reason my photos aren’t going through at all and no stories are loading up. I tried closing the app out wait a few minutes and reopen it and resend my snap, but it still wouldn’t go through. I decided to just log out and log back in to see if that’ll help, but to my surprise it didn’t let me log back in and told me I had a connection problem. My WiFi is working perfectly for my other applications and social media platforms at this time, but some reason Snapchat isn’t liking my WiFi so I switch over to my Data network and still I’m getting the connection timed out message, telling me that I have a connection problem. Please help as soon as you guys can to resolve this issue! I thank you guys in advance and don’t work to hard during these times! God bless. -Mark L. Garcia


Snap get fixed!

I love Snapchat so much I have everything on there and go on the app 24/7. But this has happened to me twice now. I logged out of my account to go to my other one when I couldn’t get into my other one. I just decided to go back into my main account cause my other one wasn’t working and then it said “try logging in another way” or something like that so I did I tried about a million times and still couldn’t get in I deleted the app more then 10 times I turned off my phone 4 times I searched it up I reset my password and I still can’t get into any account on my phone this is the second time this has happen I keep panicking cause I get so much text messages from people on there and I just need to get back into my account snapchat needs to fix this asap. Also another thing is it said “can’t find the matching credentials” but I have the passwords saved and it says that to every account I try to log into now my cell signal is at 1/2 blocks and I got it to 3 and still couldn’t get in so it’s just Snapchat the only way I can talk to people now it by iMessage but still I need to get back in, Snapchat FIX this.


Locking accounts

Why do we get our accounts locked ? idk but i find that very stupid. How come there’s guys and girls out there sending naked pictures to children and they don’t get locked out ? For example. my account was temporarily locked and it was because i was adding too many people without my email setup and all i had to do was delete the app and reinstall it and unlock my account. Well after i set everything up i was in a group chat and had added some of the people for friends. When i got home i tried to login and it said my account was locked, keep in mind i didn’t do anything. My email and phone number was setup and everything. So when i went to the website to unlock it, it said my account was permanently locked. What did i do ? I don’t have Yolo or Lmk etc. I’ve been trying to get back in and it’s not working. I’ve had this account for 4 years and i have memories, streaks, friends, stories.. my whole life. Knowing i can’t get back in really makes me mad. What also makes me mad is that when i email Team Snapchat, they don’t help at all. This was jus my concern and advice and frustration. Thank you for reading this :)


Please send help 😡 They will not contact me!

If I could give less than 1 I would 😂 I used to LOVE being able to use Snapchat for my promotions, to take funny videos of my kids etc, they loved it! But I am very very disappointed with Snapchat at the moment!! A few weeks ago my account was terminated out of the blue at 11 one night. (Shortly after having exchanged words with a neighbor who I suspect reported me even though what was said was said elsewhere and what was said by me was not rude in no way, shape, or form.) I’ve sent an email but got an instant response saying my account was terminated and once an account is terminated they can’t help. There is no phone number, no email whatsoever to get in touch with their support center. I had went without Snapchat for years up until a few months ago when I decided to make a new one to promote my business and to see videos and pictures of my 10 month old when he’s visiting family members. I am very very furious I have not been able to get this resolved. I’ve reached out to their Facebook support page and got nowhere there as well. If I make a new account it automatically locks..I’m very disappointed with the customer service Snapchat offers. If someone sees this and will help me fix whatever issues are going on with my account, yeah I would highly appreciate that!!!!



Let’s start with it logging me out. Sometimes I will go away for maybe less than 30 minutes and come back and I’m logged out, or it might even say your account has been locked, I’ve had to unlock my account maybe 6 times already, and I had only made it in July, (well a new account since my other one was permanently locked). The chatting is another thing, sometimes it will take up to 5 minutes for my snaps or chats to send, also when I save them it doesn’t say I did it just keeps on saying save to chat. I wish that they would load immediately and the chats would automatically save. I also would like if we could pin more than 3 people!. Snapchat Score, I don’t like how I send snaps and my score doesn’t go up right away, I have to exit the app and open it again for my snap score to be accurate, it’s aggravating. Everything else I am in love with, the dark screen, the astrological profiles, the bitmojis, the stories, the settings, everything else doesn’t bother me it’s just those things that do bother me and it bothers others too, it would be nice of you Snapchat to fix some of these things, not just to make the app better but to make the people happier who use it.


Just an opinion

I’m bored right now but I really think this app is a problem for everyone in my opinion, so I’m going to talk about it. Snapchat is nothing special people, it’s just an app causes addictions to people being on their phones more. Not saying the app is bad but it’s also not the best. Everyday I’m in class and I see about almost everyone on there phone because of it, for what? All people think about nowadays are followers, looking cool for their crush who they don’t even talk to, and getting on there phone. It blows my mind how people can’t be on their phones for at least 5 minutes. Not saying this generation is terrible but this generation, has been the worst. People are so selfish rude etc and technology has glued everyone on it. I had Snapchat because I thought it was for the “cool” people, instead I got on it every single day and got my family glued to the app. We all got rid of it because of it we were in our phones all the time, that is not good. Technology is controlling our lives, if you understand everything I’m talking about then you know how crazy and sad that is. I’m sorry to all the girls out there who think they’re popular and pretty because of it but don’t try and look good for your crush or anything like that and don’t be fake, just be who you are. That’s kinda rare in this world right now.



Don’t mind that Snapchat is an okay app but what’s going on!?!?!?! It’s shutting down the app isn’t installing and honestly the app is going all funky and weird??? What’s wrong It’s not only me because it’s been happening to my friends too and everyone of my friends app just shut down and when we uninstalled and tried to reinstall it won’t work honestly this is bad because this is how I talk to my friends everyday and I have a lot of people added in there that I don’t have there numbers nor any other social app. Snapchats one of the my number one source but recently it’s been really bad. I don’t want to assume it’s everyone app that shut down but me and my friends app shut down completely and we’re trying to re install but it won’t and when I tried to open it before I deleted the app it didn’t let me in is kept crashing. Is this happening to anyone else or just me and my friends am honestly worried it might have gotten hacked but that would be impossible since I have never given my account to anybody. I hope this is just a glitch or Snapchat crashing. But i really am hoping Snapchat is just updating. Can someone help if this is just a me problem and has happened to you before???

A better way to Contact apps

You can now contact Snapchat customer service directly
via Email using our new site -

Contact Snapchat directly

Is Snapchat Safe?

Yes. Snapchat is very safe to use. This is based on our NLP (Natural language processing) analysis of over 995,409 User Reviews sourced from the Appstore and the appstore cumulative rating of 3.6/5 . Justuseapp Safety Score for Snapchat Is 40.3/100.

Is Snapchat Legit?

Yes. Snapchat is a totally legit app. This conclusion was arrived at by running over 995,409 Snapchat User Reviews through our NLP machine learning process to determine if users believe the app is legitimate or not. Based on this, Justuseapp Legitimacy Score for Snapchat Is 40.3/100.

Is Snapchat not working?

Snapchat works most of the time. If it is not working for you, we recommend you excersise some patience and retry later or Contact Support.

Reported Issues: 1 Comments

By MelanySinayEstrda
May 13 2022

hola me gusta mucho

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Why should I report an Issue with Snapchat?

  1. Pulling issues faced by users like you is a good way to draw attention of Snapchat to your problem using the strength of crowds.
  2. We have developed a system that will try to get in touch with a company once an issue is reported and with lots of issues reported, companies will definitely listen.
  3. Importantly, customers can learn from other customers in case the issue is a common problem that has been solved before.
  4. If you are a Snapchat customer and are running into a problem, Justuseapp might not be the fastest and most effective way for you to solve the problem but at least you can warn others off using Snapchat.

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