Zoo Animals Flash Cards Reviews

Zoo Animals Flash Cards Reviews

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About: Completely FREE with 40 different animals for your kids to enjoy. Definitely
the best animals flash cards available!!! Watch your children as they quickly
learn & recognize each animal’s name & sound - Enjoy remarkable animation
technology and view beautiful jungle wildlife, farm and sea animals, pets, birds
and other endangered species for the whole family to enjoy.

About Zoo Animals Flash Cards

Definitely the best animals flash cards available!!! Watch your children as they quickly learn & recognize each animal’s name & sound - Enjoy remarkable animation technology and view beautiful jungle wildlife, farm and sea animals, pets, birds and other endangered species for the whole family to enjoy.

Completely FREE with 40 different animals for your kids to enjoy.


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Key Benefits of Zoo Animals Flash Cards

- Lots of animals to choose from

- Soothing sound that can help with bedtime reading

- Fun movements and sound effects that can excite young children

- Full story is available for free

- Option to pay to remove annoying ads

- Animals are enjoyable for young children

620 Zoo Animals Flash Cards Reviews

3.9 out of 5


Pay to remove ads?

This would be nice if it wasn't for the barrage of ads around every turn and the attempt to collect “in app purchases” every five minutes. So Lame. Was hoping i could let my kid push on the animals to make noise. But with the all the ads instead of hearing a moo! The little one is whisked away to ZooAnimalsFlashCards Store to pay to remove ads. Really un-usable app for a toddler. Simply useless.



You have to pay to get access for practically everything, so
why not make it paid since the beginning



You have to pay to get access for practically everything, so why not make it paid since the beginning?





Ads, extra buttons lead toddler astray

As with Animal Peekaboo (see my review), the developer has created an app that actively distracts its users -- young children -- while using it. A bouncing button on the title page invites my toddler to tap, leading him to a page where he's frustrated because he can't play. Another button takes him to ZooAnimalsFlashCards Store, again blocking his play.

And now the developer has included ads in ZooAnimalsFlashCards . Like my child can read! This change to app has prompted me to remove ZooAnimalsFlashCards and I will never download another app from this developer. [Hint to the developer: don't put ads in apps targeted at children. Hint two: if you want parents to buy your apps, don't design them to frustrate children. Final hint: if you want to entice parents to buy, offer fully-functional versions with limited content (fewer animals, for example).]

Besides these issues, the music is too loud relative to the animal sounds and spoken words and can't be turned off; changing pages is too slow; and various animal names are mispronounced (see "squirrel" and "zebra" -- short 'e' on "zebra"?).


Was great until Tab Tales took over.

Don't believe the 5 stars in this version, and DO NOT UPDATE if you have an old version. I work in Asia creating apps and there are groups that accept money in exchange for giving 5 stars. Notice the only 5 star comment is in broken English? Putting ads on what was once an ad-free app is inexcusable. Especially since they advertised improved graphics as the reason for the update, but it was really just to include ads and nothing was changed. In addition to this, the previous version had so many many 1 star reviews that they created a false update just to have them "removed." Tab Tales is one of the worse companies in the business. ZooAnimalsFlashCards wasn't even created by them originally ... They lack the English skills to be able to create a quality program that any parent who speaks fluent English would actually want to purchase.


New update removes previous "no ads" purchase.

ZooAnimalsFlashCards was already a shoddy, silly mess, with its mix of realistic animals next to totally goofy sketch drawings, but for whatever reason a young autistic student I do speech therapy for loved it. I paid a buck to remove the incredibly intrusive ads about a year ago and he happily enjoyed it. Then they updated it - no new features were added, but instead it walled off different sections of ZooAnimalsFlashCards on a pay-per-use basis and returned the ads that I already paid to remove! There is no apparent way to restore the purchase, as in other aps (I'm sure they'd say the update makes this a "new feature." I'm certain this is a violation of the terms, but I doubt they care.

Sleazy and shameful. Previous version would have gotten 2 stars, this spammy version represents the worst impulses of app developers.


Cool idea but....

My 18 months old daughter loves ZooAnimalsFlashCards. The sound affects and the movements are fun. I was hoping you could divide the animals into categories since it is hard for a young child to go through all 40 different animals.
Also, the top bar for menu/ pages doesn't work correctly.
Some of the sea animals can use some better animation. Both for sound and action( you could do more for the shark and the seal).
Thank you for listening.
Waiting for the updates:)


How to restore your purchase

So their customer support is severely lacking, but I figured out for myself how to restore my purchase that removed ads and unlocked the game that was lost during the latest update. On the main screen, in the upper right-hand corner, it says "for parents." Click that and scroll down, there is a section where you can restore your purchases.


Not Good Anymore

ZooAnimalsFlashCards used to be wonderful. My Daughter loved it because I could give her the Ipad and she would just scroll through the animals. however I made the mistake of updating it and now there are rather large ads that my daughter can not help but touch which takes her out of the book and to the marketplace. ZooAnimalsFlashCards is getting removed now. I am very disappointed in the author for doing this. I was about to buy ZooAnimalsFlashCards but I can not condone this ridiculous action so now I have to find another app to get for her. I mean really who put those kind of ads in a children's book?


Solution to get the old version back!

If you updated before realizing how horrible the update was, here's a possible fix: BEFORE syncing to your computer, delete the updated version off the ipad, then sync to your iTunes on the computer which will hopefully still have the old version. It worked for me - the old (and good!) version was reloaded onto my iPad for my son! I felt so bad that I had messed it up with the update that I had thought would make it better for him, but instead made it unusable; I was so glad my husband found a way to get the old one back!!!


This app WAS awesome

The newest update puts this huge annoying ads at the bottom of every page. There is a button there to make the ads go away but it does not work.
Not to mention the ads are for totally in related stuff. Put there to just annoy you and your kid into a purchase.

To the developer- I would consider pay for the ads to go away. My daughter loves the animals. But so far the button fails every time. Fix please.


Do not get v1.3!!!!!!!!!

ZooAnimalsFlashCards was great and simple for my 2 year old to view his favorite animals. now they've placed a huge ad banner across the bottom of ZooAnimalsFlashCards . When I tried to click the button to remove the ads, I got as quick flash that an in app purchase was started, and then it went away. ZooAnimalsFlashCards never removed the ads and I have no idea if a transaction went through or for how much. I am going to find a way to report ZooAnimalsFlashCards since the charges are not clear to the user and it is targeting minors for purchases


Fun app with somewhat animated animals

The animals movements & noises excite my 2 yr old. The ads are horribly placed on the free version. Happy we upgraded, but the bookshelf of other game offers that you must scroll thru before the game opens is also slightly annoying enough to drop a star


Used to love it

My daughter used to love ZooAnimalsFlashCards--she could play it all by herself. But with the most recent update--we rarely play with it. We loved it because it was simple--but now with all the bells and whistles it's distracting (with all the extra buttons and they moved the page turner location). It was nice having the page turners at the top bc she didn't accidentally hit it. I wish I didn't update (tried to stop it midway, and couldn't)--wish we could have our old simple version back.


Good app gone bad

My son loved this. So when they added obnoxious ads through with an in-app purchase to remove them, I would have been happy to pay.

But in their haste to squeeze money out of their app, they screwed up the in-app purchase mechanism Now we're stuck with the ads whether we like them or not. And unfortunately they ruin ZooAnimalsFlashCards , because little fingers keep touching them, popping up pages about family tree software or occupational therapists.

Sell an ad-free version for 99c, I'd buy it and give ZooAnimalsFlashCards 5 stars!


Deceptive Update

After installing the recent update (which made no indication that it would be transforming what once was a baby app into page after page of advertisements below every animal), I am deleting it. The advertisements are so big that it's impossible for little ones not to touch them as they are touching the screen to hear the sounds. Hate that I was tricked into this update. There is a better way to motivate parents to buy the paid version and this wasn't it! THUMBS DOWN. A good app was ruined.


Transfer in-app purchases

My 17 month old daughter loves ZooAnimalsFlashCards, and no other app has ever come close...she has loved it for months! But...I want to be able to sync ZooAnimalsFlashCards with other devices. If I pay $3.99 to remove ads and unlock all content, I don't feel like I should have to pay $3.99 on every device we own. That's crazy! So, if I can sync ZooAnimalsFlashCards through all devices, I would give this 5 stars easily!


Great bed time ap

Has lots of animals and a southing sound that even puts me to sleep. It's great for night time reading. My sons 17months old and loves this story. Pay the dollar to get rid of annoying ads. There's a reason why there annoying the company has to make money some how and there nice enough to give the full story for free!


yet another bad kids’ app

ZooAnimalsFlashCards store abounds with bad games. This is one of them.

It contains several bad games. One just shows a picture, the name of the animal, and reads the name, but there is nothing interactive for the child to do but scroll to the next one. A second is a puzzle that so strongly attracts pieces to their places that it almost doesn’t matter where the child drags the piece and it will pop into place. There is an ad prominently displayed at the bottom of each screen, which is very easy for young children to click on.



After the previous update I was upset due to the addition of ads along the bottom. This is my 18 month old's favorite app, but the ads were causing a problem since he would constantly hit them. I was willing to pay the $.99 to remove the ads but was unable to do so. Fortunately with the newest update released on the 25th I can actually remove the ads now.

Would be 5 stars if the developers had just left it alone in the first place and not added ads at all!

Is Zoo Animals Flash Cards Safe?

Yes. Zoo Animals Flash Cards is quiet safe to use but use with caution. This is based on our NLP (Natural language processing) analysis of over 35 User Reviews sourced from the Appstore and the appstore cumulative rating of 3.9/5 . Justuseapp Safety Score for Zoo Animals Flash Cards Is 39.4/100.

Is Zoo Animals Flash Cards Legit?

Yes. Zoo Animals Flash Cards is legit, but not 100% legit to us. This conclusion was arrived at by running over 35 Zoo Animals Flash Cards User Reviews through our NLP machine learning process to determine if users believe the app is legitimate or not. Based on this, Justuseapp Legitimacy Score for Zoo Animals Flash Cards Is 53.7/100..

Is Zoo Animals Flash Cards not working?

Zoo Animals Flash Cards works most of the time. If it is not working for you, we recommend you excersise some patience and retry later or Contact Support.

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