Alarm Clock HD - Pro Reviews

Alarm Clock HD - Pro Reviews

Published by on 2021-02-04

Choose alarm sounds or music to wake up on time! Zzz or snooze before your
morning routine starts. Customize your nightstand display colors. Fall asleep to
your favorite iTunes music by using the sleep timer. WHY YOU’LL LOVE ALARM
CLOCK HD • Unlimited Alarms: Apple Music or Alarm Sound...

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Alarm Clock HD - Pro Reviews

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    Love this Alarm App ...

    Add on: Thank you for fixing the RS Feed!!! ❤️ I'm not certain if there has been an upgrade/update, but I haven't been experiencing the problem with disconnect pop ups. All my alarms have gone off on time and I haven't missed any appointments. So we're back to five stars! ........ Revision: had to take away a Star 😥 ... Sadly I've discovered a critical flaw. If ones Internet / WiFi connection goes out, as has been known to happen, then Ooooops! No alarm! Yup! Why? Well a notice pops up letting you know about the disconnection, and until you click on it, your alarm doesn't reset. Guess that's fine if a person is sitting around watching for it. But I set my alarm when I GO TO SLEEP!!!! Not too useful then, eh??? Sigh old review, before all those days ... Ummm, afternoons, when my alarm failed to wake me 😴💤 🕐----------⬇ I love this Alarm App. As you're wide awake watching the clock, thinking how you'll never get enough sleep to be coherent again, there's an entertaining / distracting ( good thing ) RSS feed on the bottom. Nice ... Cool choice of colors too, if one splurges and pays the .99 cents, which I did this time, lol :0) Also set Alarms for all my medications, my Chihuahua's ... and which days for them to go off on. Again ... nice. Lots of options and cool features, pleasant surprise.

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    A decent and functional clock

    Once you get it figured out, it’s a straight forward and easily used time piece and alarm clock. You can readily adjust its brightness level by swiping across the top of the screen (whether it’s horizontal or vertical). Multiple alarm settings can be input for convenience. You may need to tap the face to get the setting menus to show st the bottom of the screen. You can shake the phone to activate your flashlight. It’s probably best to plug your phone in on charge with the app open and running for complete reliability as an alarm clock. If you’ve set your i-Phone to auto sync to the cloud when plugged-in and locked, you might remember to manually direct it to back up before opening the clock app to use it as an alarm.

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    Decent app. Some odd bugs

    This app does what I want. Provides a good clock face for my phone so I could get rid of my old alarm clock. Some bugs and or improvement suggestions: Sometimes the Weather bar and alarm indicator won’t show up even though Weather is enabled on the display settings. If I close out the app and restart it, then the weather displays. Sometimes the weather will show up in portrait mode but not in landscape. Setting the alarms seems tricky. There’s a bunch of iPhone settings you have to enable for the alarm to work. I really don’t need the alarm function as al always seem to wake up without an alarm. But if you depend on an alarm to get up, this could be a problem. Display seems smaller than it could be. One of the things I like about using my iPhone as a clock is that it can display large numbers. When I wake up and want to see what time it is, I don’t want to have to put my glasses on to read the clock. The numbers on this app in portrait mode is too small for me to see. Landscape mode is just big enough. But there seems to be lots of screen space left on the table by this app such that the full numbers and other info could be much larger. Not quite sure why this is. Besides that, this seems like a good clock app. I paid $1.99 to get rid of the ads.

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    Great update

    I’ve been critical of changes to my most used app in the past. However, I just got the iPhone X, and before I could suggest moving the time around on the screen to avoid burn-in and getting rid of the white bar at the bottom, here came the update that did exactly that and more. I’ll admit there were many changes that creatures of habit may not like. Jury is still out for me on the new wake screen and notifications when closing the app. I’m sure I’ll get used to it. And I had to relearn where to go for settings. Good job, but the dev is playing with fire in changing so much on an app that people expect to just work and not evolve.

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    Great clock!!! (No Longer Great Clock)

    Works perfectly for me! UPDATE: The last update caused a lot of problems with this app. A constant 2:15 alarm showing up and you can’t turn it off. Tried everything. Finally had to disable notifications for it to stop. Please Fix. UPDATE: problems have been fixed and now this is once again my favorite app on my iPhone X. Works great. Thank you. UPDATE: This app has once again started acting goofy. Same old problem. Had to disable it in notifications for it to stop constant random alarms. I gave this app several chances and now I think I will delete and search for a different one. UPDATE: Looks like all the problems have been fixed. I decided to take a final look and to my surprise the app is working great. Thank you. My favorite alarm clock app once again. UPDATE: To the developer, Every time this app is updated, something else goes wrong with it. Now the shuffle music option is not working well. Same song keeps repeating. You have to shut down the app, shut down the iPhone, then restart everything to get the shuffle option to work correctly. Every night I have to go through this which is Extremely Frustrating. Remember, If It Ain’t Broke Don’t Fix It. UPDATE: SAME PROBLEM WITH THE SAME SONG REPEATING ITSELF OVER AND OVER AGAIN. SHUFFLE MUSIC MODE JUST DOESN’t WORK, AND THIS FEATURE IS VERY IMPORTANT FOR ME. ZERO STARS. DON’T KNOW WHY THIS PROBLEM CAN NOT BE FIXED.

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    Impala has lost touch with customer experience

    I’ve used this app for years, and it’s always worked a certain way: push a button in the top right corner to set the alarm, and then push the big red button to silence the alarm. Now, pushing the top right corner leads to ads for this developer’s other products. There’s really no good reason for it, other than the developer knows I will tap on this exact spot out of habit. Worse, when the alarm goes off in the morning (when many of us are asleep and not functioning at 100%, and maybe our eyesight isn’t that good) the big red button is still there, but is now just a very brief snooze. To turn the alarm off, you have to hold down on a tiny white button just below the big red one. This is kind of like getting my car back from the shop and finding out the gas & brake pedals have been reversed. Finally, the long fade-in of the alarm now takes about 5 seconds. This morning, my family had been awakened before I figured out I was hitting the new Snooze button and held the off button. I always support the app developers, so if there was ever an option to purchase this app, I’ve done so. At this point, I will now be looking for another alarm clock app. It’s hard to believe anyone would so drastically alter the basic functionality of an app that was working fine for years.

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    Great but not quite perfect...

    One of the best alarm clock apps available and I also purchased for the integration with my Apple Watch. Unfortunately, the app is a little flakey with the watch app in that the next alarm time doesn’t correctly show on the watch or if you have two alarms set, it only shows the next alarm from one of the set alarms and not the other. So for example, I have Alarm 1 for Mon, Tue and Thu for 6:30am and Alarm 2 for Wed and Fri at 7:30am. Once the Tue alarm is done, it shows as Thu being the next due alarm and not the one for Wed. So it does not seem to play accurately with the Apple Watch. I had reached out to the developer in January but never heard anything back. Good app otherwise and hopefully they improve the watch functionality...

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    Too many glitches

    I have used this app since 2013 and since getting the iPhone 12 have not been able to get this app to function properly. I have made sure all the settings are correct and even will do a test alarm at night which works and then for whatever reason the alarm I set for the morning continues to go off WITHOUT any sound! Why is this app so inconsistent and glitchy? I’ve emailed support about this same glitch on my previous iPhones and have appreciated their prompt reply but their apologies don’t help when I’ve overslept multiple times! While I appreciate the developers taking time to optimize this app, I don’t understand why this app requires so many updates especially when there haven’t been any significant new features released in the time I’ve used this app. I’m sad to say, if you need consistency in your alarms sound going off, I would avoid this app.

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    Exactly what I need, the last update has made me a diehard fan!

    No other alarm lets me set a 30min volume gain with my own music randomized! Pairing this with my light alarm’s 30min to full brightness makes an absolutely perfect alarm, imho the best way to wake up! Now with the latest update adding the feature to use actual playlists it’s become my favorite alarm hands down! No more manually adding tracks after updating my playlists. I could care less about all the other features. Thirty-minute audio gain with playlists is an absolute must! Thank you devs! Lets just hope iOS doesn’t break any features in the future.

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    What happened to my great app!

    I have had this app for years and loved its reliability and functionality. After a recent update of both the app and ios, the weirdest thing started happening. In the middle of the night, the app jumps to Impala Studios page in the App Store! If I try to turn that off, which is annoying enough in the middle of the night, it pops right back up like it is fighting me for control! If I leave it alone, it starts cycling through my apps trying to open them! Once, it downloaded Angry Birds, which I had removed from the phone but still had in the cloud, all by itself! I don’t know whether I’m being hacked or the phone is possessed! This only happens when this app is on. Tried to email Impala Studios, the only way they would allow contact, but, not surprisingly, have received no reply. Truly sad because this had been one of my favorite apps!

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    My Dependable clock

    I’ve used this app for over year and has run flawlessly. I like the choice of colors or ability to dim the display. The alarm I depend one has always run flawlessly. This is an excellent app. I would only have one complaint. When I have a calendar notification that normally slides down from the top, usually with other apps, the notification will slide back out of sight after a set time. With this clock app, the notification stays down and remains blocking part of the display. I don’t know if this a function of this app or the fault of the calendar. Maybe the developers might chime in?

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    Great alarm clock app, but please fix bug with the volume control

    This app is really great and I use to wake up every morning, but lately, this app has been experiencing problems with its volume control and when I close it on days when I wake up earlier than I intend to, the alarm keeps nagging me about the volume being too low to sound even though when I check the volume on my app the volume is all the way up on both alarms. And when set a new alarm to see what’s going on the alarm goes off but something in the app causes the alarms volume to go down to the point where I only barely hear it. Please fix it, this bug causes some problems on some nights.

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    By far the Best Alarm Clock

    When I first got my iPhone many years ago, I searched for a bed side alarm clock and used quite a few. I found this one to be the best one for me. My favorite features are that I can use whatever music/sounds I want for the alarm and the Escalating volume feature. They’ve even added and updated many features over the years and are sure to keep it optimized for each new version of iOS. If you are debating between this and another clock app, you cannot go wrong with this one. I strongly recommend it.

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    Like the new design, still some kinks

    I appreciate the update that makes it much easier to find menu items. The app is also fairly feature-rich for a clock app. One dislike and one issue: I like that the app tells me now when the device is charging but miss still seeing what the battery level is; and this morning when I hit snooze, the app didn’t keep my iPad on but rather let the screen turn off, something I don’t want when snoozing. Keep moving forward - still my clock app of choice for sure!

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    The Alarm Clock App From Hell

    I paid the $0.99 fee to remove ads from this app earlier this year. It was the best alarm clock app on iOS. This latest revision of the app has given me a very different experience. After my regular alarm awoke me this morning, I tried to stop the alarm as usual. I discovered that the alarm was only in snooze mode. “Hold to Stop” simply does not work. pressing “Snooze” resets the snooze countdown to 9 minutes. Pressing the “Alarms” icon does nothing. I can’t get the app to return to regular clock mode. I deleted the app and downloaded its iCloud backup. My alarms we gone. Ad-free mode was gone. Ads now can’t be dismissed. I set a new alarm. The new alarm instantly took over the app and, to a lesser, my iPhone. I was forced to delete the app once more. In its new incarnation, Alarm Clock is less than useless. It does real damage to my iPhone experience.

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Is Alarm Clock HD - Pro Safe?

Yes. Alarm Clock HD - Pro is quiet safe to use but use with caution. This is based on our NLP (Natural language processing) analysis of over 16,285 User Reviews sourced from the Appstore and the appstore cumulative rating of 4.7/5 . Justuseapp Safety Score for Alarm Clock HD - Pro Is 32.0/100.

Is Alarm Clock HD - Pro Legit?

Yes. Alarm Clock HD - Pro is legit, but not 100% legit to us. This conclusion was arrived at by running over 16,285 Alarm Clock HD - Pro User Reviews through our NLP machine learning process to determine if users believe the app is legitimate or not. Based on this, Justuseapp Legitimacy Score for Alarm Clock HD - Pro Is 32.0/100.

Is Alarm Clock HD - Pro not working?

Alarm Clock HD - Pro works most of the time. If it is not working for you, we recommend you excersise some patience and retry later or Contact Support.

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