WonderKey-Cartoon Avatar Maker Reviews

WonderKey-Cartoon Avatar Maker Reviews

Published by on 2020-12-30

※ Create avatar emojis of ourselves ※ ※ 100+ Languages,Real time
translated conversation ※ ※ Make your greetings interesting with multiple
emojis ※ ※ Design your own cool themes ※ ※ Personalized fonts are
applicable to all Apps※ ※ Time machine, see your future face ※ The most

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WonderKey-Cartoon Avatar Maker Reviews

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    I was super happy I found a ad about a app that lets you have themes on your keyboard so after I downloaded it the app said I had to allow the app full access to my keyboard so I could download themes. I allowed and started bragging to my friends about it cause I had been so happy (I had been wanting a app like this for months) after about one hour with the app my head started to hurt because of the tapping noises that you hear each time you press a key. I went to settings to turn it off but I couldn’t find it. You had to remove full access so you could turn it off. That mean ether the keyboard or my headache. I sucked it up and continued chatting with my friends. After about three hours (we had a nonstop conversation) my head started to really hurt so I decided to write this review. This is my first reviews because I don’t usually write them unless I REALLY hate a app and this is the case. DONT DOWNLOAD THIS APP

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    Scam at it’s finest

    When I saw the app scrolling though tik tok it look so cool and wanted to try it, but I found out while it was downloading you stole the art that it turned the photo into. When it finally downloaded I clicked and it said “want vip?” I was wondering why it had no X you practically made it invisible so people bought it with us bs Finally when I found the X I wanted tot try it out and found out you have to be a member to even do anything which is RIDICULOUS! Y’all should take this horrible app off the appstore so more people don’t get scammed -10 :)

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    Free trial to make a cartoon is not even worth it

    I usually don’t click on app advertisements but this one caught my eye initially because I wanted to see if they can really make one of my pictures into a cartoon. Turned out so inaccurate and looked so cheaply drawn and I used a close up pic. ALSO you have to wait 30 minutes for the picture to generate into a poorly drawn cartoon. And if you hit back, it’s gone forever and you’d have to wait another 30 minutes L O L. I will say though great advertising cause it sure fooled me!! Don’t waste your download and time !

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    When I got the app I was waiting for a app like this then when I made one of the custom ones with your photos I made one and got excited but then when I tried to make another one I had to have a vip thing to make another one and the noise it made when you were typing got so Annoying also sometimes if you typed to fast it wouldn’t put all the words the way I wanted it to or there would be auto correct and would say things you wouldn’t want it to

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    If I could rate this a negative 5, I would!!! I downloaded and decided same day to cancel. I never used product and continue to be charges 9.99 per month. I have replied to notification email several times to cancel and refund, and no reply. I downloaded again w/o hitting free trial to see if I could find unsubscribe directions. Also did browser search...all to no avail. Can anyone HELP??? I’m a senior on a fixed budget and need to clear this up. So frustrating 😔

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    First time

    Hello um first time playing I don’t like the part when you have to pay but I’ll give it 4 starts

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    It said to save my theme from my photos and every time I pressed save it would make me pay vip and when I did it the first time it was fine second of all the game in App Store it would make me give it my credit card number just to do the game including my street address and the keyboard only worked for App Store and not texts then if u change the letters it will not understand u in App Store it is terrible and don’t waste your time on WonderKey

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    I love it but...

    This is great! There are so many fonts and backgrounds! The only thing is I don't want to pay 8 dollars to have everything. The whole reason I got this app was to make a cartoon avatar but it costs money!🥺😭😤😠 Otherwise its a 🅶🆁🅴🅰🆃 🅰🅿🅿!!!

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    VIP won’t get out of my face!!

    This app is the worst one ever. First when I saw it on another game I have it looked cool so I get it. When I got it it gave me a tutorial on how to play it... when I went back to the game that I was playing before. I also told my friend about the app. She asked me to send a pic. I did... or at least I tried. As soon as I get back in VIP won’t get out of my face! I taped all over and nothing got vip out of my face. And that’s why I’m here now. DONT DOWNLOAD THIS HECKIN APP!!!!!

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    This is Not Fair

    Hello. When I downloaded the game I was very happy to turn my pictures into cartoons. But then when the vip popped up I was sad and it’s no fair because people should only have to pay vip for if the want special effects on their cartoon but it should be free to make the cartoon. I really think you guys should just make warnings on the app that you have to pay to do theses things on the app when people are going to download it. DONT DOWNLOAD THIS APP ITS A WASTE OF TIME!.!.

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    Why Not Just Pay For The App?

    I was super happy that I could finally get a good, FREE, app where I can make myself into a cute, little cartoon! When I opened the app, it asked me if I wanted to become a member. I pressed the X, then went to where it said avatar. I clicked it, and it said I had to pay. There is barely anything you can do on this app without having to be a member. They might as well make it a free app, or get rid of the payments overall!

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    I’ve had two problems

    My first problem is that whatever I write doubles. If I write a word in a text, for example “hello” and then the next text is for example “hi” when I press space or punctuate, it would say something like “hihellohi” and I don’t know why. The second problem is that I can’t change the button colors so it is hard to see. Can someone help?

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    Only 5 stars so you see this as top comment, app doesn’t work unless you get paid memebership. Do not download, not worth your time i promise. Keep it off your phone.

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    Rip off!!! Click bait too! Don’t get this app!!!

    I downloaded the app, wanting to turn myself into a emoji thing. But what I came to was click bait, because I HAD TO PAY!!!!!!!!!!! I was furious and sad that I couldn’t HAVE FUN. I had to pay for about everything!!! I deleted it because all those fake “palm readers” and “future predictions” and “turning selfies into old age” either don’t work, or need to pay for such rip off.

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    This app is a scam

    I saw many ads for this app so I downloaded it. I wasn’t surprised when it tried to scam me by making me pay a subscription. Basically it’s misleading and isn’t even what the ad shows it’s a scam they just want money. It scans a photo of you and makes a little cartoon figure that looks like a bitmoji. It’s just a waste of time and a scam full of fake reviews don’t download.

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Is WonderKey-Cartoon Avatar Maker Safe?

No. WonderKey-Cartoon Avatar Maker does not seem very safe to us. This is based on our NLP (Natural language processing) analysis of over 3,104 User Reviews sourced from the Appstore and the appstore cumulative rating of 4.3/5 . Justuseapp Safety Score for WonderKey-Cartoon Avatar Maker Is 15.5/100.

Is WonderKey-Cartoon Avatar Maker Legit?

No. WonderKey-Cartoon Avatar Maker does not seem legit based on our analysis. This conclusion was arrived at by running over 3,104 WonderKey-Cartoon Avatar Maker User Reviews through our NLP machine learning process to determine if users believe the app is legitimate or not. Based on this, Justuseapp Legitimacy Score for WonderKey-Cartoon Avatar Maker Is 15.5/100.

Is WonderKey-Cartoon Avatar Maker not working?

WonderKey-Cartoon Avatar Maker works most of the time. If it is not working for you, we recommend you excersise some patience and retry later or Contact Support.

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