Reji – Vocabulary Builder App Reviews

Reji – Vocabulary Builder App Reviews

Published by on 2021-01-27

Reji is an all in one solution to keep and efficiently learn vocabulary in 48
languages. Reji allows to save new words from language classes, movies, books,
articles, and learn them using spaced repetition. With Reji, you no longer need
to juggle a dictionary, a translator app and a n...

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Reji – Vocabulary Builder App Reviews

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    Enjoy, but Missing key feature

    Setting up vocabulary is very intuitive & is a far easier and quicker process than other vocabulary learning app. Aside for some quirks with perfect AI translation and picture examples, the app is great. I have a lot of grace because I’m using it for Arabic which has many nuances and types. One feature I really hope appears is one new learning mode. Where you are able to simply go into a flash card mode. Looking at one flash card at a time instead of a whole list of them. Much like competitor Quizlet offers. If that one feature was added I would say that this app is worth the price.

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    The app is great. I am an avid language learner and it is the first flash card app that has really worked for me. Its queueing algorithm is quite helpful in determining which words I need to review. The only problem I have run into is that the suggested translation between two non-English languages seems to always go through an English dictionary first (at least on my languages). This often gives strange suggested translations, since English words often have many meanings: “kind” is “a kind of X” and not in the meaning of “be kind to others”. “Balance” as in “you have good balance” not as in “bank balance”. Etc. Maybe it is not the case for all languages, but it has been a challenge for going “Asian language to Asian language”. For me still worth it - just means I have to double check many words in a dictionary app, so flash card creation speed is impacted.

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    Very simply to use

    I like the app in that it is very simple to use and it reads out the words in your language of choice. I wish it had a bit more flexibility to make cards with translations and pictures and or other media.

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    Japanese learners look elsewhere

    This app is excellent for beginning learners for most alphabetic languages, and is perfect for Chinese learners, but the Japanese learners have to look elsewhere for a useful tool. The system uses romaji for the phonetic description of Japanese and automatically converts hiragana into Kanji, so if you want to learn to read kanji you have to either look at the romaji (making your Japanese reading skills worse) or listen to the recording- which all too often is a vocaloid. Unless you can choose to have the romaji replaced with a hiragana transcription, this app is not with it for Japanese learners.

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    Amazing, one suggestion

    Absolutely love this app. One feature that I would like to see would be the ability to sync a deck with a Google Drive spreadsheet. I like adding words both from my phone (when on the go) and in bulk (by creating long spreadsheets. It would be amazing if the words I type on my phone popped up on a document that I could edit on my computer

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    Image problem

    Please improve below areas. The images can be chosen to linked to words are very limited. Some of the images are very inappropriate for children to see. Parents may not feel comfortable leaving children using this alone for this reason. For English learning purpose, if you choose to learn English using English. The definitions are the same as the word itself. Could you add detailed English definition into it instead of only typing it in?

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    Adding search option inside a deck

    Sometimes I want to add a word and I don’t know whether I’ve added it before or not and also sometimes I need to search for the meaning of a word that I’ve added before, so i think if you add a search option inside decks will solve this kinds of problems and is useful. Thank you a lot.

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    Spelling Support for Non Romance Languages

    I really enjoy this app, but part of why I got it was to practice spelling with korean, since spelling is half the battle especially with Korean. However, I don't seem to get typing questions in Korean although I do get them in other languages. Spelling practice was the thing that set this app apart from others for me, and it doesn't even work in the desired language. I'd love it if spelling was supported across languages.

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    Desktop version?

    This is amazing - it has been the most useful learning App I’ve used!! And it’s also so gracefully simple. The only concern is about sync: is there any possibility that you might consider developing an desktop version for MacBook users? It will be awesome even if it’s not free and I’d be more than happy to pay for it!

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    Great App, Terrible Audio

    I was so excited to find this app. It makes putting together flashcards easy and less time consuming. However, when I play the audio for a word in my deck, the word is pronounced much too quickly to understand a thing. My deck is for Spanish and I already have a high level in the language with good listening skills. There is seriously a problem.

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    To be honest I loved this app it made learning so much easier. But I hate that you took off the flashcards. It's what made learning Alot faster. It would be better if you gave the option for people if they want the flashcards or the old school quiz type thing. I know some people prefer the old school thing but Alot of people also prefer flashcards. Please bring them back, I really don't want to have to switch to a different app.

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    Works great!

    I just started using it with Hebrew & it works great! What I especially like is that it pronounces each word. I was keeping a word list & I was able to paste my vocabulary words into the app and quickly and easily create new lists without any problems.

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    I wonder why the app doesn’t ask for reviewing the words periodically?!

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    So bad

    Why did you limit to work with the app? I love this app even more than myself!!!!!!!!! I live in Iran, I am not able to pay, by this way, you made different my life, please please please remove this item,

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    The reviews do not match the quality and usefulness of this app. It is very basic and cannot do things such as edit the word itself or create different codes for words. One can only create a basic list. So, I don’t find this to be very useful. The app needs further development.

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Is Reji – Vocabulary Builder App Safe?

No. Reji – Vocabulary Builder App does not seem very safe to us. This is based on our NLP (Natural language processing) analysis of over 125 User Reviews sourced from the Appstore and the appstore cumulative rating of 4.3/5 . Justuseapp Safety Score for Reji – Vocabulary Builder App Is 18.2/100.

Is Reji – Vocabulary Builder App Legit?

No. Reji – Vocabulary Builder App does not seem legit based on our analysis. This conclusion was arrived at by running over 125 Reji – Vocabulary Builder App User Reviews through our NLP machine learning process to determine if users believe the app is legitimate or not. Based on this, Justuseapp Legitimacy Score for Reji – Vocabulary Builder App Is 18.2/100.

Is Reji – Vocabulary Builder App not working?

Reji – Vocabulary Builder App works most of the time. If it is not working for you, we recommend you excersise some patience and retry later or Contact Support.

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