Dexter Price Alert for Amazon Reviews

Dexter Price Alert for Amazon Reviews

Published by on 2021-06-01

Be smart and save money with Dexter! Add Amazon items to the watchlist, set your
desired price and wait. Dexter will notify you as soon as your desired price has
been reached. Everything at a glance: With the watchlist, you can observe the
prices of Amazon products and buy them at the r...

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Dexter Price Alert for Amazon Reviews

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    The app works, but could be so much better.

    The core concept of this app works. You can add items easily, change the settings of the items, and it lets you know when the price changes. I made $80 in one week by getting an alert that a monitor that I had just just purchased went on sale for $80 less than what I had just bought it for. I purchased it on the spot and returned the first one I had bought. I received the new monitor within a day of returning the old one and got my return within a week. With that said, the design of this app is awful. As others have mentioned, the settings for each product added is accessed through the share button, which is very unintuitive. Took me a while to find. But what’s even worse is that while the premium version of the app works, it won’t let you restore your purchase. This means you can’t use the premium version on another device or even the same device after uninstalling the app (which I did twice). I’ve spent $15 on this app that I should’ve only needed to spend $5 on. Obviously, the price has been worth it, but this isn’t a reasonable way to make money on an app. If you think the app is worth more, charge more. Don’t make a “restore purchase” button that doesn’t do anything and make people buy the app multiple times. I’d happily pay $15 a year for this app if the restore purchase button worked and I could use it on multiple devices and you fixed the settings button icon. Please fix these issues. This app has the potential to be great.

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    Helpful app but clunky

    I purchased the plus version of this app and within the first week got a lightening deal to save on some face cream that essentially paid for the app. The deal was only available for an hour first thing in the morning so without the plus version, I would have missed it (my understanding of the free version is that they only check for price changes once a day). I’ll be thrilled if I can catch my cat’s food at a lower price. Having said that, EVERY time I use this app I get frustrated with it. I have it on my phone and have tried for my iPad but it doesn’t recognize that I have the plus version there. I hit “restore purchase” and the screen doesn’t change. I hit “settings” and literally the only thing that allows me to set is my email address. Maddening. We’ll see if customer support replies. Yesterday I was trying to access price history and could not find it anywhere. I finally read in the reviews that it’s accessed through the “share” button. Why?? So overall this is clunky and not user friendly. I’ll see whether it improves this year to decide whether to renew. It has the potential to be great but at the moment I kind of hate it.

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    Good But Could Be Great

    I've been using this app for nearly a year. It's definitely saved me money. When it works it's 5 stars. The reason I'm giving it 3 is because sometimes the notifications go a little crazy. Like 2-6 back to back for the same product crazy. I only need one. The other improvements that would make this app amazing would be if the tracking tracked just the product I'm interested in. For instance I'm looking at a particular pair of shoes, New Balance whatever size 9 Black for $90. I set my alert for $79. I might get an alert the next day for $55. Excitedly I hit buy now and find out the $55 shoes are size 6 Blue and the shoes I want are still $90. So it's impossible to really get alerts for products that have options. Another improvement that I'd like to see is for the tracking to stick with the product and seller I'm looking to buy from. I'm watching X product for $50. I want an alert at $45. Later that day I get an alert that it's 45. Yay! Buy now! Oh wait that $45 is from a different seller that's not Prime but charges $5 for shipping. Or even worse the price pops for $35. I'm really excited but then find out that's for a used product. I don't want alerts for used products or products with shipping if the product I'm tracking is new and with Prime. All that said it's still a good app. I hope to see some improvements in future updates.

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    App won't upgrade

    If you only want to track 3 times, this is the app for you. I downloaded this and liked everything it had to offer so I shelled out the $4 for unlimited wishlist and no ads. Having a price history on top of that is a huge bonus. Unfortunately, the app won't upgrade to give me those features. Uninstall/reinstall, repurchase, etc and nothing. The app says it'll restore my purchase for free, but I haven't seen it happen yet. If "customer service" helps me out, this is an easy 5 star app.. but this app hasn't had an upgrade in a year, so I'm not keeping my hopes up. TL;DR: Don't buy the premium. App needs an update before you can rely on it

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    Well made, very polished... But recurring yearly fee?

    I was surprised at how clean and professional this app is, in terms of design and ease-of-use. It appears to be well-made, intuitive, and so far I have not found any major bugs or issues. My one qualm with this app is that to watch any more than three items at one time a fee of $3.99(or $2.99, I forget which) is required. While this is reasonable, it is a yearly fee. While I would pay for this service, I cannot justify a subscription fee, however small, for a convenience item. If if is made into a one time fee I will happily pay it otherwise.

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    Could be great, but needs a lot of work

    I was very excited at first about this app. I even paid the extra $3.99 for the premium features. I wish I had saved my money. This app is so annoying. My first complaint is that when you are importing your wishlist, you have no idea if it is actually doing it or not. My second complaint is that after I imported my wishlist I had to go into each item and then click “done” in order to see the current price. If I did not do that, it stated it was unavailable. Who has time to do all of that? My last and biggest complaint is that I am getting notifications for price drops that aren’t real. I get the notification, click on it so I go to the item, and there has been no price change. I am also getting notifications all day long. Please fix this ASAP. Thank you.

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    Neglectful!! Cavalier Attitude!!

    I have written you guys before on two occasions, complaining about the inability to restore this purchased app. You indicate in your promo that the app can be shared among family members, yet I can’t even share it on my other devices. Your RESTORE PURCHASE feature DOES NOT WORK! I’m sick of being ripped off every time I try installing on my other devices! Sick of having to fight the App Store for refunds. Previously (July 13 in fact)I was promised by a senior rep at the the App Store, that the complaint would be referred to the app management department for a resolution. It’s exactly 3 months and still no resolution. Unlike other apps, one has to re-input saved items on each device separately. They’re non transferable! You need to start working, instead of just collecting!

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    Better Than Expected

    I installed the app on the off chance it would save me some money and to my surprise it saved me $30 in the first week I installed it. A vacuum I missed out on wouldn't lower in price for months. I installed this app and it notified me when the price dropped. There are some functionality issues but if it works well enough to notify me of a $30 price difference, I have to give it 5 stars. I thought the subscription fee was a bit much but I'll probably pay it now that I see the app actually works.

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    Seems good

    You can try three items for free... more on the list requires a subscription to the service, which is reasonable. I like that you can see the price history and set a price to alert you when your item goes down to that price. Mine hasn't yet but looking at the history, it has a high chance of going down and I'm hoping this app will let me know when.

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    Does it even have an alert sound?

    This has been pretty worthless for me. Just to note, I am not at all a sound sleeper. I wake up at the slightest sound my phone makes. And I have been keeping my volume up high at night specifically for this app. Yet the price has dropped now 3 times while I was sleeping and never woke me up. There is a notification on my screen, but I'm not sure it even makes a noise since I've never heard it do anything. By the time I see it, the price has gone up again. I wish there was a setting to change the alert noise, and maybe even the volume (although I'm fine keeping my phone volume high like I have been). I'd like to know what it sounds like and if know what to listen for (assuming it even has a noise).

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    Could have a few improvements

    I have only been using the app (free version) for a short while, but I see a few issues already. I get multiple alerts for the same item within seconds of each other with no actual price changes. There is no way to edit the Prime only or all vendors tracking function after initially choosing this option when adding a new item to track. I am usually willing to wait to purchase most one-time buy items, so I can see value in this alert app to help me buy at a better price.

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    Pretty decent app but has its quirks

    I like this app. It has saved me money however, I have an item that was on my wish list that has been removed yet I continue to get price notifications. Unfortunately, this item price fluctuates numerous times a day, so I get a notification for each price change. Sometimes as many as 4-6 times a day. I have requested help to get this resolved, received a response saying that they would look into it but a week later I am still getting the notifications for an item I already purchased and removed.

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    Money saver, but not perfect

    I'm a bargain hunter and this allows me to set prices really low at what I'm wanting to pay and not be bothered to look all the time to see if it had dropped or not, I just set it and forget it, lol. One thing I do wish is that it could scan the prices from all options on items as I'm fairly sure it only detects the option you picked and from the exact seller you picked (so if comes up cheaper as a used product then I don't believe that it will alert you which is a big down fall, but I still like the app).

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    Better than Jarvis

    This app is like no other assistant on the market. It's perfect for a guy like me waiting for the lowest prices to get my family what they desire. It's a clearance rack for everything even the things that came out yesterday. If you really want the best bang for your buck then this app is for you. Some could even say it reduces stress levels by letting you live life without manually searching for the price that fits your budget.

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    Solid app, but has glaring issues

    Worth the download, but be aware of issues: 1) does not always transfer the right current price, and you're unable to manually fix it (you can only update the alert price) 2) when importing an item thru the Share icon, after importing - it switches you over to the App. Which is not convenient. If I want to open the app, I'd open the app. This should be eliminated or at least an option, as it defeats the purpose of efficiency of the share feature. It's a good value, in my book. Another reviewer complained it was $3.99/year, not $3.99 for a lifetime. Well, a single price alert can pay for the app. Stop being so cheap and realize the work that goes in to developing such a useful tool. I'm happy to pay $3.99/yr for this. Just hope the developer is responsive to issues before another App comes along that does it better.

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Is Dexter Price Alert for Amazon Safe?

Yes. Dexter Price Alert for Amazon is very safe to use. This is based on our NLP (Natural language processing) analysis of over 1,545 User Reviews sourced from the Appstore and the appstore cumulative rating of 3.8/5 . Justuseapp Safety Score for Dexter Price Alert for Amazon Is 52.7/100.

Is Dexter Price Alert for Amazon Legit?

Yes. Dexter Price Alert for Amazon is a totally legit app. This conclusion was arrived at by running over 1,545 Dexter Price Alert for Amazon User Reviews through our NLP machine learning process to determine if users believe the app is legitimate or not. Based on this, Justuseapp Legitimacy Score for Dexter Price Alert for Amazon Is 52.7/100.

Is Dexter Price Alert for Amazon not working?

Dexter Price Alert for Amazon works most of the time. If it is not working for you, we recommend you excersise some patience and retry later or Contact Support.

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  3. Importantly, customers can learn from other customers in case the issue is a common problem that has been solved before.
  4. If you are a Dexter Price Alert for Amazon customer and are running into a problem, Justuseapp might not be the fastest and most effective way for you to solve the problem but at least you can warn others off using Dexter Price Alert for Amazon.

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