iTunes Store Reviews

iTunes Store Reviews

Published by on 2023-12-15

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About iTunes Store

What is iTunes Store? The app offers a wide range of entertainment options including music, movies, TV shows, and more. Users can purchase and download their favorite content with just a tap on any device. The app also offers bonus content and the ability to pre-order new releases.



- Access to over 43 million high-quality, DRM-free songs

- Browse by artist, album, song, genre, and specially curated categories

- Choose from over 85,000 movies and 300,000 TV shows

- Browse by title, genre, network, rating, special collections, and movie bundles

- Enjoy bonus content exclusive to the app

- Select the perfect ringtone from thousands available in Tones

- Check out the iTunes charts to see popular movies, shows, and artists

- View movies and TV shows in stunning HD with compatible devices

- Pre-order new releases and have them automatically download when available

- Download content to watch anywhere, anytime, even without Wi-Fi

- Re-download past purchases on all devices

- Availability and features may vary by country.

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Key Benefits of iTunes Store

- Ease of purchasing music instantly

- Ability to find and purchase old vinyl albums or songs

- Convenient for creating and listening to playlists

- Helpful in finding titles and lyrics to songs

20 iTunes Store Reviews

4.8 out of 5


Tunes at a Touch

I love my iTunes account, sometimes too much. What I find most appealing is the ease of purchasing music at an instant moment. The gratification is just a rush. Hearing one of my favorite songs on blast with the Convertible top down when I’m cruising on a sunny So Cal day, is living. Sometimes I’ll remember music that I had on vinyl in the 70s and will start purchasing my favorite albums or songs one after the other. When I travel the world, I love listening to my playlists. This is living life to its fullest. Music motivates and moves my soul which makes me the happiest person in the world. More people should buy this good medicine. It’s a cure for the mean reds and deep, dark, all consuming blues. I highly recommend iTunes if you want to soothe your soul and have music at your fingertips. My music literally travels with me everywhere: School, classroom, Workouts, walks, parties, BBQs, driving, shower, bedroom. The list goes on and on. Life is better with iTunes.


George Winston

I first knew him from purchasing The Velveteen Rabbit with Meryl Streep.
My children were young & we played it over & over. I had recently lost my dad to cancer & I’ll never forget how comforting it was to hear the story with that beautiful piano in the background! Plus it kept me from reading so I could just take it all in. I also thank iTunes for helping me find titles & words to songs my dad played in the band. Dad played in local bands and for many years we’d go to dances & I could hum along but never thought to ask dad about the songs they played. It meant the world to me to be able to have playlists of music I was familiar with from my childhood. I’m so lucky❤️


Missing worldwide iTunes content

Personally I’d always prefer to have the original language as primary and the dub as an option extra so any Pokémon should be Japanese audio and English subtitles or English dubbed but the dubbed version is an extra not the Japanese version like studio ghibli films

Also why isn’t my anime all in anime half of the dragon ball movies are in action/adventure while the others are in anime

I’d use action/adventure as a # search term to locate movies but put them in the correct categories I’ve got Christmas movies not in holiday movies either do better with categories or let us switch them like movies anywhere is doing with my lists even movies pre set up can be changed to be in other lists

I get everything possible from iTunes but it’s still possible to improve it the library tab is not working on iTunesStore that looks like the iTunes app on other devices

I have an Apple TV 4 and 4K and the 4 doesn’t update the newest purchases on iTunesStore but it’s reflected on the movies tab where you can buy stuff the 4K works better on iTunesStore but it’s still better on the stores section and can lag before it updates or can freeze up until you back out on the main screen

Would love to have complete access to iTunes Store worldwide where content is available as it should be with foreign language content as default language version and the English language version should be as an option


Horrible for classical music

iTunes is almost impossible to use for classical music. The listing format does not allow one to include complete information about the composer and performers (often there are many: conductor,orchestra,soloists, cast of singers etc.). iTunes allows you to enter one “performer”. Sometimes this is the composer, sometimes it’s the conductor, sometimes it’s one of the soloists. There is no consistency. If, for example, one wishes to find a specific recording of Mozart’s Magic Flute, recorded in a specific year, with a specific conductor and orchestra, and a specific cast of singers, it is difficult if not impossible. Your only hope is to try and blow up pictures of the various album covers to see if you can read the information written on it. Very unsatisfactory!! Moreover, their catalog is incomplete with many important recordings missing. I do realize that classical music lovers (especially opera lovers) are only a small percentage of the total market for music. However, world-wide there are substantial number of us.


iTunes Review: Free unsolicited downloads way off!

I am enjoying iTunes Store very much, but I have one complaint that is a big deal to me. My pattern is ordering CHRISTIAN music, only. So the software-programming is not ‘learning’ my preferences. I am getting U2 ‘trash’ downloaded for ‘free’ every time I purchase a song. I have to keep deleting about 4 songs of U2 downloaded without asking me EACH time I purchase a song that I want. All CHRISTIAN.

It is difficult to turn this feature off. It is also done quietly and ‘sneaky’ and is infiltrating my chosen Playlist. Have you seen the cover of U2’s album, “Songs of Innocence”? Like I said, TRASH. iTunes, I didn’t ask for your choices of what I would like. It must be by default. I certainly didn’t ask for album PORN. Knock it off being so stealthily ‘helpful’.


Two stars off for not even intern-grade search

iTunes Search is literally the worst. An intern and a summer tweaking an Elastic Search cluster could certainly do better. It constantly misses >an exact match for a full album name<. I searched on a singer’s name credited on a track *and* in the track name in the standard “ feat. ” format - iTunes couldn’t find it.

Text search has long solved finding and ranking matches including a bit of misspelling, sounds-alike matching, etc. But with iTunes, heaven help you if you can’t spelling bee your way exactly to today’s weird artist name.

iTunes, get your act together. What good is an ocean of great music if you can’t find it?!?



I’ve been using iTunes to purchase music and curate my collection for the better part of 15 years. I could always rely on it. Now music I’ve purchased just disappears. Songs and albums I’ve paid for, sometimes over ten years ago will just vanish from my library. Typically this music is no longer available on the store, or sometimes it’s no longer available in my region. Apparently that gives Apple the right to remove it from my devices. Now I’m not talking about music I downloaded while subscribed to the Apple Music service. Ive never done that. I mean music I paid for. Songs and albums I bought. Music that was on my hard drive because I could take my phone or laptop camping and listen to it without any service or internet. Apple just removes songs and albums without notice or permission. Makes me wonder if I should bother with their products anymore.


Airpods 3 review

Wow!, thanks Apple. So okay, its bad enough you didnt put same brain to use on third gen airpods so they actually stay in your ear forcing some of us an hour after we purchased them to lose one having to go back and buy another pair. Now as opposed to earlier models we also lose them when trying to press them to get to next song or pause. Also, where is volume control on these? Im tapping and tapping and tapping NOTHING! Only to read today I cant be up anywhere where im not buttplugged into you or not connected to net wherebI must ask siri permission to increase or decrease volume. Sorry all you thousands of wifi only users or you guys who live in mountains. Also, cant seem to connect more than ONE ear at a time. Great plug n play using two "Apple" products👍 Jobs would be proud. So where do I go backwards and order your less expensive but better airpod '2's again??


Thanks everyone at Apple.

I suffer from terrible nerve pain in my legs and feet. Music helps distract me and is very beautiful. I've always wanted to support my favorite artists so I'm guessing I've bought about 18 gigabytes of music albums so far plus another pre iTunes 20 GB music from CD's I bought painstakingly imported into my iTunes library. I'm opposed to streaming music. I didn't pay my musician for the music and streaming as opposed to already downloaded music drains your iPhone really fast and requires an internet connection I think. Support your artist, buy their albums!


Can’t reverse deletions

I accidentally erased a song on my IPhone, part of an album, that I had purchased here. There was no “undelete”. Internet search instructed to go to iMusic, re-download from “purchases”. While the item was marked as purchased, it did not show up under “purchased”. I figured, perhaps if I delete the whole album, I can then re-download all, including the originally deleted song. Wrong. Now, the whole album was gone from my “purchased” list ( but still marked as purchased, when searching for it). I eventually requested a refund, got it, and bought the album again. It all worked out … but spent a lot of time and detours on what should have been a simple matter. This needs fixing.



I’ve lost music that I purchased, one was a full album for whatever reason. With no customer service dept. there’s no way to get that back, plus it was years ago.
Just now purchasing a song I double clicked buy, and no movement as far as downloading to start. Checked my library to see if it started loading, nothing. Clicked back into the iTunes Store and had to double click again. Now I feel like I might have to purchases.
Also when buying singles from an upcoming album, once the album releases the two don’t sync, so I can’t listen to albums in full in sequence order because I have to pull out of that album and select the single of the same artist and album separately. Small inconveniences such as these are frustrating yet I’m still buying music (vinyls and iTunes) instead of streaming


Missing Music!

I am very disappointed in the services provided for I-Tunes customers. I have 12 years worth of purchased music with I-tunes and songs have been disappearing same with full albums. I was told this was because the artist decided to remove that type of album/songs. It should not matter if was removed or not. The fact that I paid for these should allow me access to my music regardless. This is equivalent to buying a physical copy of a CD. I was not aware that Apple could take away purchases from me. I’m not getting refunded for any of this. I was told nothing could be done anything about it. I feel ripped off and very angry. This is not how you do business with people. Horrible service. It’s one thing if you’re trying to make it right with your customers, but you’re not.


Garbage app!

I’ve been using iTunes for 15 years at least. I have had purchases I “ bought” disappear without warning. Whether it be songs or entire albums, they just disappear overnight. iTunes used to be a great platform, but now it is just a platform for theft. I will not buy anything from the store again. My hard earned money is just being stolen at this point. I will either buy only physical media at this point, or only pay a fraction of the price for streaming from here on out. Letting things disappear from what was “purchased” is nothing more than theft. Forget “buying” anything from iTunesStore ever again. Just look it up online and find it for free in the short term or buy it in physical form from now on. Otherwise you are paying companies to rob you.


Looking for my stuff

I had an iPod a few years ago and eventually stopped working. Just got me a new iPod but I’m sure different email. How can I get ALL the music I had bought from that old one? The old email if an old one be tiffanypierce89@yahoo but could be this email I use now. Not sure. Old one isn’t active anymore. It was a lot of money I put on it and don’t have that to replace what I bought… or remember all songs I already had on it. Please help!!!! Or is it already on my account ??? Think I found it


Carol’s Music

I love the iTunes Store! I can go back and get old music, new music, and any kind of music any time! Sometimes I remember a song from my childhood, my teens, my adulthood and my old age and I just want to here it now! Don’t have to run out in the cold to buy the song! Memories of music anytime and anywhere! I head a song my husband Clarence used to sing to me before he died! I heard it on TV and went right to the iTunes Store and bought it! I love you ITunes Store! Keep up the good work! You are appreciated very much!


Album covers don’t match and stop soliciting Apple Music

Maybe 5% of my album covers match and I can’t figure out how to correct it nor have I seen where there’s a fix for it - it’s really just on my phone like that too….also I’ve bought an over 1200 songs I think so I’m not going to buy Apple Music - you would think that if you really were smart you wouldn’t want people like me buying Apple Music as when I want a song I go buy it - and It doesn’t take much to equal the fee charged for Apple Music —— also stop being a Karen and capping the volume on “MY” headphones that go into “MY EARS”….that’s it thank you have a good weekend


Enjoy it a little too much, an addiction

It would be nice if they were a little better about prorating the albums after you incrementally download them by purchasing individual tracks. Sometimes I’ve goofed up by purchasing individual tracks that sum to a greater price than just buying the whole album to start with, and they don’t let me have the album; I’d have to buy it again. That is the one thing that irks me about the iTunes Store. It’s also hard to restore a purchase sometimes as well. But otherwise it’s definitely an addiction.


A Very Quality App

I very much enjoy using iTunes Store app. One thing I would add to it as far as music is concerned, though, would be an option to look for items by artist, because the way it is now, you can look for items either by song or album name only, which means that getting to the overall oeuvre of the particular artist has to be done around. Being able to look by artist directly would make getting to the particular artist’s oeuvre more convenient.


Best Sounding Music Source

I remember the old school days, when I used to spend hours in the local music stores. Deciding which albums to sped my hard earned money buying. I’m so thankful Dr. Dre came along, and teamed up with iTunes to bring everyone the music they always dreamed of owning. I literally feel like a kid in a candy store with iTunes. Now I can listen to all the music I’ve always longed for and more. The best part is the quality of the reproduction, everything sounds so good! Thank you Dr. Dre, Thank you Apple, and iTunes.


Itunes is my music store

Today we were driving using car play and my husband was so amazed at all the songs on his phone. We share the account.
The ability to hear a song, and look it up, and download it is a gift. In my life it is life changing. Was able to play music in my dads hospital bed. Take it with me on cruises and trips. When my mother had to be confined after a medical procedure where she couldn't open her eyes, music soothed her anxiety.


No help

I had iTunesStore and i was in a family plan were i could get free mysic but it never worked so this is why i went to spotify

Is iTunes Store Safe?

Yes. iTunes Store is very safe to use. This is based on our NLP (Natural language processing) analysis of over 1,616,234 User Reviews sourced from the Appstore and the appstore cumulative rating of 4.8/5 . Justuseapp Safety Score for iTunes Store Is 65.5/100.

Is iTunes Store Legit?

Yes. iTunes Store is a totally legit app. This conclusion was arrived at by running over 1,616,234 iTunes Store User Reviews through our NLP machine learning process to determine if users believe the app is legitimate or not. Based on this, Justuseapp Legitimacy Score for iTunes Store Is 87.3/100..

Is iTunes Store not working?

iTunes Store works most of the time. If it is not working for you, we recommend you excersise some patience and retry later or Contact Support.

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