TikTok Reviews

TikTok Reviews

Published by on 2022-04-15

TikTok is THE destination for mobile videos. On TikTok, short-form videos are
exciting, spontaneous, and genuine. Whether you’re a sports fanatic, a pet
enthusiast, or just looking for a laugh, there’s something for everyone on
TikTok. All you have to do is watch, engage with what you li...

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Is Tiktok Saying "You're Tapping Too Fast, Take a Break"? Then You Should Read This.

I'm guessing that you've been using TikTok for a while now and this notification keeps coming up. So, you log onto the internet and type your question into the Google search box. Below, I'm going to show you two major easy steps to fix the "you're tapping too fast, take a break" problem.

First of all, the reason you get that notification is because TikTok implemented a new feature called "Digital Wellbeing" into their app. And you turned it on.

It serves the purpose of giving you the user, reminders to take short breaks and even block content that is totally abhorrent especially in case of a child using the app.

The Digital Wellbeing feature has a lot of benefits for you the user, asides the ones listed above. It helps you to monitor your usage of the app throughout the day. I guess somehow it's understandable why the software would think a bot is operating the app.

While this isn't a bad thing at all, it can be annoying. Sometimes, you might have a lot of free time and just want to watch and like videos that make you laugh or educate you. I understand that.

How to Fix TikTok's "Tapping Too Fast" Issue

Below are simple ways you can turn it off:

  1. Open the app. Once you do, you're going to find yourself on the "For You" page.
  2. Now log into your account. It's possible that you're logged in already but if you aren't, you can use your musical.ly account details to log in.
  3. Scroll to your profile page. You can click on the bottom right corner to do this.
  4. Now, click on the settings gear icon, after which you click on the Privacy button, then Settings. You can then scroll further down to the Digital Well Being option. It has an umbrella design by the left side.
  5. You'll be required to enter your existing password which you already created. After doing so, scroll to the bottom and click on the Turn Off Digital Wellbeing option.

After following the above directives, you won't have the time limits enabled or mode restricted.

It is important to realize that the "you're tapping too fast, take a break" notification is actually an anti-spam system set up by the app to monitor and restrict spambot activities.

If it keeps reoccurring, the best advice would be to restart the app. Also, you can try rebooting your phone or waiting a few hours before using the app again.

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Table of Contents:
1. Reviews
2. Is it Safe?
3. Is it Legit?
4. App not working?
5. Report Issue

TikTok Reviews: 20 Reviews


Community Violations (Make NO Sense)

TikTok has been wonderful, but the “Community Violations” continue to be an issue. There seems to be no rhyme or reason as to why violations are being received. What is further bothersome is that I receive community violations simply for duetting videos that somehow the original video has no violations at all. I am also now restricted from going live and I did nothing to trigger the violation. Going live is how I promote my business. Since it is so easy for people to report you for almost anything, you end up suffering at the hands of trolls. TikTok also doesn’t give the opportunity to verbalize why the community violation isn’t valid. Your account merely suffers for no reason at all. The Community Violations so not make sense….are horribly inconsistent…in accurate and take weeks to fix…if they are ever fixed at all. I am a very responsible Content Creator. All of my content is positive and uplifting. There is no reason why my account is once again restricted. I have done absolutely nothing wrong. Many people complain about this and the issues with TikTok merely seem to be growing more unfair and impossible for Content Creators. I would create with caution. You can literally get a violation for creating a duet video for smiling at cute puppies. THIS NEEDS TO SEVERELY CHANGE. I also can’t contact anyone at TikTok. There is no active Customer Service option that replies in any decent amount of time.


Great app

Need to get more small numbers people on the for you page,sometimes I see the same videos over and over,I love this app it helps me with my depression,anxiety and makes me show my artistic talent for photography and editing,please stay around I don’t know what I would do without tic toc,thank you for making it great and improving my life THANK YOU FOR MAKING MY ARTISTIC TALENT SHOW THROUGH TIC TOC APP 🔥🔥🔥🔥💯💯💯💯,I love the new features and I see a big difference in my views when reminded I love this app and would like to know more about creater fund please send me something if possible thank u,thank you I joined the creator fund and I love it and I love the new features in tic tok but I don’t like the new draft page you can’t tell what you already put hashtags on and u loose track in your drafts and your videos u want to use get lost in the mix,maybe put a way to put a check mark ✔️ on the videos you want to post so creators can keep track and per edit and pre hashtag the videos we want to post,thank you for letting me be part of the tic tok creator fund and part of the family,,ILOVE it love it love it love it thank you for tic tok saving my life dealing with depression it really helps me thank you tictok 💯🤟I love being part of the tic tok family thank you for having me,and I love the changes to the app with 500 characters for hashtags and so on


It’s amazing. Just needs a bit of a dim

I really enjoy this social media platform. The app is amazing and a great way to socialize with people all around the world. it’s all wonderful. What I do have a problem with is how quick this app can take down a harmless video. And yet the traumatizing video of a dog being ripped to shreds in broad daylight seemed like it took forever to be taken off. I remember getting one of my videos taken down because it had one swearword in it. It got taken down a day after I posted it. But it took groups of people to make videos under the sound for the video to get taken off of tiktok. A lot of people complained about being disturbed after seeing the video. I mean how could you not? It was nothing but sick. I won’t going to detail about it. This isn’t the first issue either. It took a good week for a A video with a edited audio from the game. The person who made it made it seem like the child was having sex with a character that was supposedly known as an adult. Either way that doesn’t make it OK. They even made two videos just with a different character. There’s even an account still up today where there’re making animation videos about the child and the character dating. All I’m saying is I love this app. I’ve gained a lot of confidence from it and I’m happy with my account. I just think tiktok needs to be a little bit quicker and concerned about the gruesome videos and disgusting ones uploaded.


I love the honesty of the people on TikTok

I like TikTok. I feel that the people here are real and that’s what I need. What I don’t like is how TikTok will mute your videos. It seems they do it when you begin to grow fast all of a sudden you began to slow down and I feel they put your videos out when they want to. I’m self employed, I have a son graduating this year,I’m writing a book and looking to relocate so I can’t put videos out at a certain time or stay current on the trends but my videos should be pushed as well. I have a video that was my first 1.5 views and when it got there TikTok muted it. Why? When I can’t post new content I will repost an old video to try and keep my followers. The other videos haven’t been muted but they muted the growing ones. This has happened so much at first I almost gave up but because of the people on here, I stayed. I don’t feel I’ll ever go viral but honestly once I can give more I will however when I was giving my videos was being muted and continued to get violations. I’ve had to constantly appeal things in the beginning. Like I said I love the people on TikTok don’t know how happy I am with the people who get paid to watch our videos and get paid. They want you to pay to get boosted but I want to earn my followers and likes. I did this to help with my mental and at first it began to effect it when you’re trying so hard but kept getting muted but now I’m learning.


CEO eee

I started tiktok for fun and just to watch never post! Here I am 2.7 milion followers later! I love tiktok! We love tiktok we are up to 3.7 million followers like whattt??!! Thank you for helping us showcase his little talent of cooking! And having found so many supporters who enjoy his videos!!! Update! Thanks to tiktok and all the amazing followers we are at 4.2 milion!!!!!! Update! 4.7 milion followers! Thank You TIKTOK FOR THE OPPORTUNITY! Still loving Tiktok! UPDATE! We are at 4.8 milion (how crazy?) this is Qibeen a crazy journey thank you tiktok for the platform! Update! 5.4 milion! So unbelievable he has come this far with TikTok! Grateful! We love TikTok!WE LOVE TIKTOK! 5.8 milion Update ! 6 milion fans WOW! We still love using TikTok up to 6.2 million but what a crazy and blessed year we had with TikTok! It’s been a while since we updated but we are at 6.8 milion like it’s so crazy liek to think all these people watch our son! Sometimes views go up and sometimes down but that’s Tiktok! Update 6.9!we love Tiktok! Thankful for 7 million Tiktok! Update 7.1 million fans of eee! We love Tiktok! We’re at 7.2 milion and tho our fans are mixed on his account some love him and some just like to see him get hurt but as long as he makes ppl laugh (cause that’s what our goal is to make people happy) and he loves it which is the best part!


Oh no. The moderation system. It’s broken!

I’ve been on TikTok since 2019 and it has its ups and downs. I had a some videos go viral which is pretty cool, but the algorithm is so unpredictable sometimes that most of my content is barely seen even with the use of trends and huge amounts of effort. My biggest complaint though is how broken the moderation system is. It’s unusually strict and even unpredictable. Even when I follow guidelines I still get content taken down, which is confusing and frustrating. On other platforms such as Twitter, Insta, etc., I have never gotten any of my content taken down or flagged ever. I’ve had several TikToks taken down for unknown reasons and the reasons listed are usually vague or wildly incorrect. For example, I used a fake animal prop and it was taken down for “violence” even though I made a disclaimer in the video stating it was a prop and no actual animals were harmed. Despite this, my appeal got rejected so I emailed customer service, which itself is a whole other headache to deal with. It took them WEEKS to respond and all they did was give me a generic response to click the appeal link, which I already told them that I did. It’s as if they didn’t read the actual email at all. Overall, I feel like I have to walk on eggshells now when I post content. It takes the joy out of it. TikTok, if you’re actually reading this, PLEASE fix this. You are literally hurting the community’s content creators.


Social Work student here!

For all of the hype that surrounds TikTok, it is an incredibly interesting app that plays a major role in the life of most adolescents today. It can create unique spaces of community on the app, and provide content for people to talk about, share, and bond over outside the app itself. However, from my own experience, I would rate the app a 3 out of 5. The fact that the For You page provides a constant stream of new content is a brilliant design choice to get people to spend longer on the app, it can often feel like the user does not have agency over what they are seeing. Additionally, fears about being on a different ‘side’ of TikTok than peers could be a source of stress or concern for some adolescents, adding to potential mental health effects social media can have. Most of the design of the app is intuitive once the user has been on it for a little bit, and while the privacy settings are not front-and-center, they are available so that adolescents can have the content that they view tailored somewhat to not include inappropriate content and to promote healthy app usage, but allowing a parent to have potential control over being able to extend time using the app must feel like an invasion of their privacy. However, without an external source of monitoring, it can be very easy for adolescents, as well as adults, to become compulsive TikTok users who only find sporadic joy from the content they watch.


like most social media, but has flaws.

ive used this app since musically, and honestly its grown to be a part of my life. the platform doesnt selfishly do everything they can to keep people on the app and even has an ad to get people to make sure theyre taking breaks. (“HOLD ON, youve been scrolling for way too long now!!” lol) the app has so many different communities and has helped new artists get out there and even made brand new artists songs go viral. the app has so much potential. the problem is their system and the way the fyp works. what happens is, when one of your videos are viewed multiple times by people and they like it or comment, the video is shared to peoples pages with similar interests. this means that if the first few people that see your video are uninterested and scroll, the video likely wont show up on many more for you pages. another system they have that is flawed is when you upload a video from your camera roll. when you upload a video from your camera roll, tik tok looks for similar videos due to plagarism. if they find a video similar or the same then they mark it as plagurism and share it to nobodys fyp. this is shadow banning. many peoples videos are put down with this feature. other than that, this app is a well programed and far more entertaining than other social media.


I love tiktok

Hi my name on tiktok is mosthated_vee34 and I am so in love with this app only thing I have a big problem with is the fact we get banned for things we really didn’t do and blocked and I really feel it’s not fair the community guidelines are kinda destroying people pages because it’s people like me who work hard to build they page and keep being blocked and banned for no reason the kids and the adults who act like kids and the fake pages are taking over and it’s hurting and affecting a lot of great creators like myself I feel like banning people pages should not be a option especially when we over 10k followers we work hard to build our pages and we don’t intentionally try to hurt or harm anyone but then people really say a lot of mean things to us when we are live I had people wish death on my kids and me call me trans sexual and I’m a girl and we not suppose to defend our peace or ourselves but they can come on our live and say rude and mean things to us I have been blocked for someone calling me the N word and it really hurts cause I wanna turn this into a career and I’m being held back by fake pages and crazy rude people please help us creators who are there for what it is have some type of peace other than that I love it thumbs up


The app is astounding, but...

I love TikTok; it is one of my favorite apps. However, TikTok randomly asked me to confirm my age, for some reason (which wouldn’t normally bother me because I had already confirmed it before), so I confirmed my age. I put in my real date of birth (I’m 13 years old) and TikTok made my account private, made it to where people are unable to duet, stitch, or download my videos, and I can neither send nor receive messages. I completely understand that TikTok doesn’t want young children to get access to the app and post videos with their face or make unintelligent choices, but I have not done anything against TikTok’s policies or spread any negative energy. I am unable to send videos and messages to my friends or receive videos and messages from my friends. This has also happened to one of my old friends; someone reported him for being under the age limit (he is 13 years old) and TikTok private’s his account. I completely understand if you want people who are 13 years of age or younger to have privacy and not share personal information, but it doesn’t make sense that there are only some people (around 13 years old) that are being forced to have their accounts private’s when others do not also have to go through this. Thank you for taking the time to read this (I will change my star-rating to a 5/5 stars if this issue is fixed).


Definitely A Great App But.....

Okay, here’s my review. This APP IS WONDERFUL. But there are some down sides to it. So, I deleted this app once but I wanted it back so I can use it on my spare time. So I just got it back and apparently I can’t get back into my old account. I saved all the data but the password doesn’t work. I’ve tried a bunch of times. It’s probably a bug. Anyways, my second “but” is that even if you don’t want an account and your trust trying out the app, don’t pull up the pop-up that says “SIGN UP” or “LOGIN IN”. I honestly don’t want an account for many reasons. Bullying, mean comments, inappropriate things, ext. At this time-period, you don’t have anywhere to be, or anything to do besides hang with your roommates (roommate), family members, or yourself. Trust me, it’s tough. But at this point social-media is our life now to figure out things and to learn more. (This probably has nothing to do but I’m trying to give ideas and my opinions). Sometimes I try to not open this app up because I don’t want to see the pop-up where it says to “SIGN IN” or to “LOGIN IN”. Please don’t get me wrong but this app is incredible because I use it on other devices. But this device I use daily needs this app! Thanks for letting me share my review. Hope it’s well enough for ideas. Stay safe! Happy Holidays!!! -Your fellow TikTok Fan.


Ok Social Media App for sharing video

The app could definitely use better customer support. If you own the right to audio material and it is flagged as copy written by mistake the audio will be removed and appealing the decision usually does not result in the mistake being corrected. Terms of service are often violated due to inexplicable mistakes on behalf of whatever algorithm TikTok uses to filter content. The app has a problem with illegal content that is harmful to minors surfacing and being widely shared before it is reported and taken down. There is a problem with the algorithm favoring White content creators over Black content creators. When you report racist material that targets African Americans it is usually not removed or addressed but if you make a video addressing aforementioned racist content as an African American content creator your response is often taken down due to violating the exact terms of service you are trying to bring attention to. Overall the app has potential but the racism on the platform and content that is dangerous to minors means that users need to be monitored by parents or guardians if they are not adults. Hopefully there will be a similar app with a much better algorithm that will surface in the near future and replace this one making TikTok obsolete.


Great app but I have a suggestion/issue

I enjoy using TikTok I’m already at 4K and it is fun to use but the issue is and Ik it may be a need sometimes but I want unfollowing to not be a thing anymore it takes away a lot of confidence for me to be able to make videos and I’m being unfollowed for no reason even if I post or if I say I’m taking a break and when I say I’m taking a break bc somethings going on I’m being serious and people unfollowing me for it makes me feel like they don’t care that something’s going on.I am really tired of it and it makes me feel like I’m not good enough anymore and if I lose enough confidence I’ll end up not being able to make videos for other people anymore. I don’t even make offensive videos or anything I hate it when I reload my page my followers went down once or twice and there isn’t even a reason why I need to be unfollowed and it does honestly make me upset I really hope it’ll stop being a thing I like entertaining people but if they keep unfollowing it’ll take away confidence and there won’t be anything new on my page. :/ but otherwise fun to use I would recommend getting if you are bored but beware time flies by really fast when using so if you have somewhere to go I would be careful lol 😅.


Unfair enforcement of rules and notification suggestion

I’ve had tik tok for over a year now and have racked up a good amount of accounts I follow. I hardly ever get notifications for the accounts I want to stay in touch with. I suggest making push notifications more customizable as in being able to get all new video notifications from certain accounts. This would also help content creators as well because it would allow their content to be seen more. We are all struggling in this pandemic and I feel this would be a great help for smaller creators in the creator fund. Another problem is how you enforce your rules. I’ve seen countless high follower count, young, fit women showing off more than what should be shown, as there are children on this app, while smaller creators are having their videos taken down with showing less than what the more popular creators are showing off. It is completely unfair and unjust. On one of the pages I follow, one of their videos was taken down for nudity, with showing an appropriate one-piece swimsuit, while there are other videos with much more shown off are still up. If you are going to be strict about the rules at least apply them to ALL creators and not just the smaller creators please.


Review Erased?

I did submit a review and I never did see it pop up on here and then I looked again and saw it was gone. I have been waiting a couple days now since my life was banned. The reason they banned me was far from the truth as I do not drink and I do not smoke and I do not have any artillery. It seems that you were guilty until proven innocent and they really don’t respond to you whenever you submit anything to support and asked to know why or what happened so you know what it was. People can have a vendetta against you or they can feel threatened and then just report you and then you’re just shut down. This happened to me two Sundays ago and then it was removed and seeing that nothing was done on my part and then sure enough another week rolls around and on another Sunday the same thing happened and now it has taken days on the appeal. There needs to be a better process and I don’t think that it’s fair. I do think that TikTok is an excellent platform but they really need to work on customer service and personal interaction. I do agree with one review that I saw on here, where they said that they believe that if they don’t like you for whatever reason whether it is personal parents or whether you’re able to entertain the executives; or whether you’re able to bring in money, then this happens quite often until you are completely banned forever. What is society. What a horrible society.


Community guidelines.

I enjoy scrolling though TikTok. It’s fun and gives me something to do. But I enjoy posting edits I create. I had posted a video, with a single photo of a gun. It took it down for “minor safety” for this I understand. As I look young for my age. And you could not see my dad. But in the state I live in I am above age l have been shooting with my dad for about 2 years now. And have posted a few videos with me shooting. After this video got taken down I reposted it. And made another one with me shooting and that only. This was in December 2021. It has not been taken down since. Then 2 days ago I got I made another video with me and my friend. And got taken down for “minor safety” now both my friend and my dad suggested that it was due to the last 2 photos being in our bathing suits. And I agreed. Although I had zoomed in for that reason. To where it almost looks like a regular shirt or a tank top. I ended up getting temporarily banned from posting. I then saw I could post again. And so I reposted the video. It got taken down again. I can’t post till tomorrow. I plan on reposting it. If it gets taken down again I’ll repost it again. I’m not going to take down my art because “TikTok says shoulders are not allowed” this isn’t elementary. So stop. I still enjoy TikTok but this is getting annoying. I hope TikTok can fix their community guidelines.


Tik tok is the best social media app period!!!

Tik tok is so authentic to the point that it started to make Instagram look bad. Everyone on Instagram always tries to be perfect and fit into society so they can be accepted and not feel alone or like a misfit. Whereas TikTok shows the REAL side. People looking however they looking. Saying whatever they feeling with out out it becoming an unsafe social environment(aka bullying etc). It’s a safe place for me to have fun laugh and share the joy with my family and friends. additionally it’s even more informative than any other social media platform for example at first I was a little confused about what is going on between Ukraine and Russia and Instagram mislead me into thinking America was going into war with Russia through memes, videos etc however I was able to learn more than I ever did through 30 second accurate and precise tik tok videos and even help my friends understand better and correct any misconceptions. I feel as though social media needs more of the real side to people instead of creating a false narrative of what we as regular human beings should abide by in order to be considered apart of the norm I can only speak for myself but I feel as though a lot of people would relate Peace and love


Honestly helped my mental health

This might sound silly but the FYP really is for YOU. Once I realized I was in a bad headspace and started working on myself as a person all together, I got on positive side of tiktok. So many down to earth people making content that not only helps me but others. So many comments “I needed this today” I know most people see tiktok as some dancing joking app but it genuinely has helped me feel less alone, gave me more ideas to further myself mentally, emotionally, spiritually. I feel more in touch with my true self than I ever have and I am honestly so grateful for this platform. The fact I am able to see every day people just like me talk about their vulnerable moments and that I am able to share content that I create. Yes it can be hard sometimes to get off the app because there is so much content that is wonderful to see but I believe there is an option to put a limit for yourself so you don’t spend too much of your day on here. I never thought I’d be writing a review for any app but I really do wanna put it out there this app is not just for jokes or dancing, although if you’re interested in that stuff I’m positive it’s on there for you. There’s something for everyone on Tiktok regardless of who you are.



It’s perfect ✨ there are some people who DJ cosplay, people who do history, people who do science things! There’s lots of fun stuff, my mom is on the burlesque side of tiktok, she doesn’t go on it a lot but I think some things make her happy which makes me happy! So, there is one disappointing thing, that is live’s. You can’t go live unless your sixteen and have 1000 followers. And sometimes if you see someone’s profile which is live and you click on it, it has already ended. Also there are adds but you can scroll away from them so I don’t think they’re a big deal. There are people from all over the world and make lots of different types of content, it’s so easy to watch a lot of tiktok but you can’t sit at on your phone forever lol. It used to be a struggle to get off of tiktok because I was addicted but I’ve gotten over that struggle. Oh, there’s another thing I find annoying, every once in a while there will be a video made by tiktok and it’s things like “hold up, you’ve been scrolling for way to long” etc. and they can get annoying. That’s pretty much it. There’s emo tiktok there’s slime tiktok there’s gacha tiktok there’s plant tiktok there’s animal tiktok etc. HAVE FUN WATCHING IF YOU DECIDE TO GET TIKTOK!!! Have a great day/night/afternoon/morning!! BYEEE


People are amazing

I discovered TikTok during quarantine…. At first I watched “funny videos” about puppies. But it very quickly became a tool to learn. Political events, BLM, covid etc. I feel like it was the first time I could understand and see what people were actually going through. It helped me navigate my emotions and figure out how I could contribute to the world… our country…. My neighbors. It’s taught me what truth looks like and how untruthful the powers that be are. My grout lines are immaculate, I fixed my dryer, learned a ton of new recipes,learned that I’m not the only one fascinated with zit popping. I watched soooo many people become their creative selves, become stronger, teach and most importantly grow. I believe that TikTok has created a true sense of community….at least the start of one. I’m still bothered that the mediators take down content from creators simply because haters report it. There has got to be a better way for you guys to see what true bullying is. Please don’t silence the people that are trying to make the world better, educate us and respectfully show us our truth….science based truth…. Historical truth…. Social truth. They are the ones that will make this world a better place for all of us…. And the earth. I am so thankful for the platform.❤️🌞🌎

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Is TikTok Safe?

Yes. TikTok is very safe to use. This is based on our NLP (Natural language processing) analysis of over 12,273,060 User Reviews sourced from the Appstore and the appstore cumulative rating of 4.8/5 . Justuseapp Safety Score for TikTok Is 47.0/100.

Is TikTok Legit?

Yes. TikTok is a totally legit app. This conclusion was arrived at by running over 12,273,060 TikTok User Reviews through our NLP machine learning process to determine if users believe the app is legitimate or not. Based on this, Justuseapp Legitimacy Score for TikTok Is 47.0/100.

Is TikTok not working?

TikTok works most of the time. If it is not working for you, we recommend you excersise some patience and retry later or Contact Support.

Reported Issues: 6 Comments

By Charly Sherrill
Nov 16 2021

Hi I have been using TikTok for over a year now, I love the app its fun its a way you get to see funny things and meet new friends on this app. I started using this app for my small business about 3 mouths, I started going live and it was fun to show off my small business and more but then I started to get banned from going live. I would appeal the report and then they would say we found that your live did go against are guidelines and I was like how please tell me how. But TikTok would let little girls on this app shake their asses and run half naked on this app TikTok will let bullies and grown man talk to little girls on this app let grown men do what they want on this app but someone who is trying to make her small business grow they want to repost and banned me. This is something that TikTok has to work on. Because this is just crazy that someone can do anything on this app with out getting banned or anything else.

By Hassan
Apr 10 2021

Your taping so fast take a break

By @ahad_ali_18
Feb 02 2021

Hi good day!My tik took account unable to like please help me. Thank you

By Gianna
Oct 08 2020

It says I have been commenting too fast, but it has been like that for the last 12 hours. And so I dont know what to do now.

By Nathaniel Kuhns
Aug 28 2020

Tiktok I've been on your app for 5 or 6 months and why do I have a tapping too fast thing on the top of my screen I can't like. TIKTOK I'M NOT A BOT

By Howard
Aug 18 2020

It keeps saying I am typing too fast. How do I remedy this?

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