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Published by on 2022-09-13

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Reported Issues: 46 Comments

By Charles Thrift
Dec 10 2022

Fly Delta app will not add boarding passes to Apple wallet

By Sonia
Oct 21 2022

I can not install the app on my android tablet., from Google Play Store

By Clive searight
Oct 12 2022

Trying to book hotel on app and I can’t

By Clive searight
Oct 10 2022

Trying to book a hotel on the app and it will not let me please advise

By Robin Dischert
Sep 16 2022

I cannot lookup my current trip -not allowing me to enter confirmation number or any other fields. Im flying tomorrow and cannot use this app on iphone 8plus

By Susan Vandenberg
Sep 15 2022

App won't update my number of miles. Says app has updated "never", but it updated my flight! Number of miles is correct on Delta's website, just not in the app.

By DorineBrown
Aug 24 2022

The Delta App has always allowed me to modify flights. It has not worked in 2 weeks. I always use Delta to make my flights not another site.

By Deanna
Aug 17 2022

I try to book a round trip flight on the delta app. I select an outbound flight but the system does not then go to the return flights selections. I am using my iPad. Now what.

By David Wittliff
Aug 10 2022

iPhone app opens for 2 seconds and crashes, removed and reinstalled twice with no impact

By Bernard Bissonnettr
Aug 10 2022

Try to book flight and the information comes uo that i am not flying. Try to change settings but iy still cones up rhat i am not flying?????

By Charles Fredrickson
Aug 09 2022

iOS App starts then crashes. I have deleted and reinstalled several times with a hard restart each time. Started after most recent update from Delta and Apple.

By Nick Park
Aug 07 2022

App repeatedly crashes 3 seconds after I enter my Skymiles number and password. Basically it is now unusable.

By Allison Peckham
Aug 07 2022

I have an iphone and the Delta app hasn't been working for weeks. It opens and then closes immediately. I have uninstalled and reinstalled and I have turned the phone off and then on. Anyone find something that works?

By Barbara Bailey Kosloski
Aug 06 2022

I am unable to use the app - it opens and then closes immediately. I have deleted, re-downloaded and rebooted my phone.

By Ron Peeler
Aug 03 2022

Using an iPhone. App was working fine but a couple days ago it started crashing when I open it. Deleted and reinstalled app a few times - still crashes.

By William Strother
Jul 31 2022

Never problems before until now. The fly delta app closes right after open it.Tried everything.Nothing works?????

By Brewer
Jul 29 2022

I’m trying to book a flight and i put the payment in and as soon as i click book flight, it says “we are sorry but we are unable to process this request” i need to get a flight home within the next 2 days and this isn’t helping

By Richard kluttz
Jul 27 2022

When downloading delta app it does not install the app on my phone / instead it only gives me the option to just open / so I have Togo to apple App Store to open the delta app every time I need to use it / there is no icon on my iPhone max oro 13

By Sue evans
Jul 26 2022

The app was working fine a few days ago. Now it closes as soon as I open it. I have deleted the app and downloaded it again but still getting issue. I’m using an iphone

By Michael Berghoef
Jul 25 2022

"My Trips" doesn't load my trips. Last week it worked great. Now have to log in to it everytime and then usually get an error message.

By Tammy
Jul 25 2022

Trying to upload COVID-19 vaccine record for international flight but every time I click "Submit" it says "Whoops! We’re sorry, but we are currently having website difficulties. If the issue persists and you are unable to complete Delta FlyReady, please arrive at the airport early on your day of travel with all your required travel documents."

By Anthony E.
Jul 24 2022

The Delta App isn't working again. I think it as to do with my android updates. Errors seem to coincide. That would make sense when I see that half the people can use the app and the other half can't. They are either on a different operating system or didn't schedule their update yet.

By David LaFazia
Jul 22 2022

I’m glad it’s not just me - each time I open the App, it closes completely after three seconds.

By Crystal Furman
Jul 18 2022

I can only get so far with booking a flight and then I get "sorry we are having troubles" and that's that. I've updated the app, uninstalled and reinstalled (after which I was able to get one step closer, but still got the error), restarted my phone, closed it and reopened it. Ended up having to book on my computer. What's up Delta?

By William Hinson
Jul 12 2022

I can't download the fly delta app

By Jessica Bennett
Jul 03 2022

Cannot install FlySelta app

By Patricia Sparby
Jun 13 2022

Can not get "Dec" as my passport validation month...arrow won't move past "Oct"

By Mary Thiemmel
Jun 12 2022

Can t use the app to get my boarding pass on my phone

By Rakeeb
Jun 11 2022

Was able to login...selected my outgoing flight...when I try to book my return flight...I'm getting error saying..
Sorry...App is having difficulties...

By Anamaria
Jun 10 2022

Can’t check in on the site or delta app does not work. So frustrating!
Unacceptable for a company this big.

By Solomon Liss
Jun 08 2022

Delta app has not worked for months. Always says there are "technical " problems. Can only access my trips thru the web site. How can this be corrected?

By Birgit
Jun 06 2022

Passport is validated and got email from Delta that confirmed/verified the vaccination status from Delta!
app shows error: ".... unable to digitally validate your trips requirements...."

Complete waste of time

By T.J. Martin
Jun 03 2022

The app crashes every time I open it

By Billy Letbetter
May 31 2022

The app will not load boarding passes.

By Edy
May 28 2022

Every time I try to log in - the delta app it says "the app is having technical difficulties please try again later".

By Craig Berling
May 27 2022

Every time I try and book a flight thought the delta app it says "the app is having technical difficulties please try again later".

By Cierra
May 24 2022

Both my boyfriend and I have started using the app but then it crashed randomly (at the airport) and wouldn’t allow us to use our logins.

By Todd Scott
May 22 2022

When trying to bring my boarding pass up, it just says “failed to update” and doesn’t let me.

By Mike Turner
May 18 2022

Delta App still showing Sky versus Comfort Plus..

By Yves
May 13 2022

The PAY button does not work. It is not red and not activated. Can anybody help?

By Katie Mascio
May 09 2022

It tells me Oops something went wrong when trying to log in via the app.

By Jack
May 03 2022

The Find My Trip function does not update. It used to work fine and stopped updating in February while traveling from LAX to ATL. It has not worked at all since then.

By Jill
May 02 2022

Delta fly app just went blank… again

By Tammy Jones
Apr 30 2022

Using the App, I went in and changed all my seat selections to the same seat on each flight. I changed them all to 21A. When I went back in today, they didn’t change and now the flights are full.

By Sharon
Apr 24 2022

I have tried unsuccessfully to check delta fly ready for 2 upcoming international flights

By Vickie L Taylor
Apr 19 2022

Fly Delta App and sky miles keep giving me a pop up message to use my user name as my password. When I click on forgot user name, I get a message that I need to enter an email, but then a message that my email is not valid.

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