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Published by on 2019-12-20

With Hulu you can watch thousands of TV shows and movies, exclusive Originals, past seasons, current episodes, and more. If you're an existing Hulu subscriber, you have the option to watch Live TV for sports, news, and can’t-miss events on the device of your choice. That means you can enjoy all yo...

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Hulu: Stream TV shows & movies Reviews

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    I love it but has some cons

    Okay, so this is a great app, and it has TONS of variety. But there is a. Few problems. One, after i watch something and close the app, it never saves it to ‘my stuff’. Even if i liked it, or watched it 24/7 like i did with my hero academia, it doesn’t got to my stuff. It does save to the episode that I’ve watched the show to though. Another con is that the fast forward and rewind button are different times. Now this annoys me for two reasons. One; i think they should be equal. And two; sometimes i just won’t catch what the character said, so I’ll just want to rewind about five seconds. Not THIRTY. And skipping ten seconds? I mean, if i wanted to skip over something, I would want the FAST FORWARD to be thirty seconds, not the rewind. This app works really well though, and I’m thankful for it to have such a variety. Like I mentioned before, you can like and dislike content so the recommended page is more of what you want, and if you didn’t like a show but still watched it you can dislike it so the app knows what you like and don't like. That’s about it, and. I love the overall basis of the app. ~Ava S.

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    Can I watch the show and not the commercial on repeat?

    This version has a pretty unfair feature. It used to be once I watched commercials once I could rewind and if it skipped over the commercial break it would just continue as if there wasn’t a commercial but now once if I have to audacity to use the rewind ten second button and it’s only been nine seconds since the last commercial I have to sit through another ninety seconds commercial break. I mean how long do you think it should take to watch a thirty minute program because forty-five to ninety minutes sounds kinda crazy especially since once a commercial starts i have no control over the app. I think you should make it so that once you have seen a commercial you can rewind and fast forward during a commercial. Because now i have no interest in seeing the grudge and that is Hulu’s fault because I have seen one ninety second clip so many times. That’s just an example. Please fix this problem. Just because I didn’t pay for ad-free doesn’t mean I should have to watch all the ads that every ad free customer isn’t watching. Oh and thanks I don’t have time to finish my show now.

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    Make it easier to switch plans!

    as a new user i of course decided to go with the cheaper plan to “try it out”. i haven’t even gotten thru the first episode of the show i was dying to watch and i’m already so over all of these ads! the option to upgrade isn’t even on the app.. i had to go log in on the web which again requires way more clicks than necessary.. although after reading reviews i guess it’s a good thing it’s not so easy because apparently you have to wait until your current subscription is cancelled which completes a month later!??? OMG! you’d think you would want to make your new subscribers experience the best.. again you should make it easier to upgrade or start everyone out with the BEST plan first.. and then give them the option to switch once the free trial ends.. just saying.. i don’t plan to cancel right away.. i guess i’ll leave it on during the free trial and use the app if i’m that desperate to watch an episode i’m willing to sit thru the same ads over and over every few minutes while trying to get thru an episode. best believe my subscription will be cancelled as soon as the trial is up! so disappointing! ugh!

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    Choose Wisely

    Whatever you do, pick the plan you want from the get go. Do not try to change your plan after the fact. It doesn’t work. You will have to cancel your subscription and wait for its termination date - one month later. I didn’t think I minded having ads and then it hits you with these gross 70 second ads. I can’t watch those every 5-8 minutes when I’m just trying to enjoy a show. So I tried to change to the Hulu(no ads) plan but it won’t let me until my old plan terminates. So I tried making another account. Didn’t work; it recognizes that you have another account and says, “would you like to sign in with this one?”. When you hit no it doesn’t go through with the new account and if you hit yes, you weren’t making a new account to begin with. I’ve had this app for maybe an hour and already a huge turnoff. 3/5: the video quality was good in the 5-8 minutes I could stand watching. But most everything else is maddening.

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    Commercial overload

    I really like the app but two things turn me off about it. The first is that when picking a show they play too many commercials. Once you pick a show they play 90 secs of commercials, then they play the opening credits for your show. Then they play another set of commercials before playing the show. Then they play 2 more sets of commercials during a show that is only 22-25 mins. After the show is over they play another set of commercials before and after closing credits. I know that it is only 90secs but this adds up and makes me disinterested in watching any shows. The other feature I dislike is that when trying to watch “live tv” even when you pick that option they will make you watch the show from the beginning. Then you have to fast forward to live tv, after watching commercials of course.....

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    Up next fiasco

    I don’t understand the algorithm behind the episodes listed in “up next”. It is so annoying to have to exit that list and go back to “my stuff” to watch another episode every single time that I cannot give more than two stars. They’re not even in “my stuff”, and why would anyone want to watch random episodes of different shows one after the other instead of watching consecutive episodes of a show? Who does that? But that’s not even the point. I would rather see the new episodes of the shows in “my stuff” in the “up next” list than a bunch of episodes of random shows. For instance, I see the option of adding individual episodes to a list called “my episodes”, which cannot be accessed anywhere. Basically a blackhole. Why not add the episodes in “my episodes” to “up next” and give users the ability to manage the “my episodes” list? Just a thought...

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    Make it worthwhile

    Cancelled my subscription and I don’t think I’ll be renewing it any time first issue is give us ALL the show instead of just HALF. Whoever thought it would be a good idea to give people a show they really like watching only season 7 or 8 then eventually season after that is stupid. What if they wanted to go back watch ENTIRE show because there might be things they missed? Didn’t think of that? It’s okay it’s obvious you didn’t from dry Hulu’s selection is like bone dry. You guys are worse then Netflix considering the only thing worth watching are old shows from my childhood and nothing else. Even with the “originals” there are only a few worth watching the only reason I got the app was to watch Archer at a decent price but there’s still NO update on top that the anime selection is terrible can’t ever find a new anime to watch so I rewatch old ones a million times on that either I’ll just use someone else’s subscription instead of waisting my money

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    New app design terrible

    I don't normally take time out day to simply bash apps on iTunes but this new app redesign was so freaking terrible I couldn't get the bad taste out of my mouth so here I am. Tiles really guys seriously and not just tiles poor and restrictive ways to view shows I can't just get a bunch of small icons like before that give me optimal information no I need to thumb through every single tile to see anything well I guess the days of me discovering new shows is over because even browsing your data base is a nightmare so on my iPad Pro 12.9 I see 4 tiles at a time where as before I would see like 20 or more on my old iPad 9.7 inch this is absurd I advise if you do not want to lose people just in the settings simply add a legacy mode switch to the UI so us who aren't mouth breathing idiots can enjoy browsing your selection. Ah I feel a bit better now we'll back to struggling through your terrible UI which will most likely lead to me cancelling my subscription

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    Newest update causes more problems

    Update: Down to one star. - Resume now never works. It always starts the episode back at the start, even on the same device. The thumbnail will show something like 70%, say “Resume,” but tapping will just start at the network logo and you get to scrub to try and find your spot. - Crashes in the background on TV OS every time it’s launched. - When you have Live TV with no commercials, about 50% of the time, the system will play the live on-demand version of a show instead of the no commercials version. Killing the app and restarting will re-roll for you. Update: New regressions. Do you all need help testing basics? - If you stop a show mid-stride, coming back to the interface shows the “resume” button and a progress bar at the right place. Tapping resume starts the show over. Happens about 90% of the time on TV and iPhone/iPad apps. The update again causes more usability bugs. - Links from the TV app no longer work again, and watch percentage is no longer updated back. Happens about 20% of the time. - Resume function no longer works. Stopping a video and resuming it later on Apple TV causes the video to start at the beginning about 50% of the time. Seems to work fine on iPad and iPhone. - App crashes when video is paused and the screen saver comes on or the screen locks. Happens about 30% of the time.

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    $5.99 for ads and terrible stream quality

    This app has great content to be able to stream. But I hate that this app has prioritized ads over streaming connection. The app lags out almost 1/5 times I’m trying to watch something after an ad plays. I would say it might me my WiFi or data connection but Netflix doesn’t have this issue at all. All ads play perfectly but the content when streaming times out all the time. I pay $5.99 for tv like experience with all this content and the only real experience I’m getting is ads that I’m apparently paying for. I’m ending my subscription because this company puts advertising over quality of streaming which is what I had hoped to pay for. I don’t mind ads here and there. But I don’t want to watch ads every time because the app crashed on the streaming connection with pop up errors because only ads work. The app never crashes during an advertisement. Why is that?

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    Please fix....

    I don’t write reviews but enough is enough. Please back to the old interface but this one is horrible. FF/RW, HORRIBLE! Whenever I “start watching” a show like Will and Grace, I’ll watch two or three episode and I’ll close the app. When I go back in to pick up where I left off, not only is the show not at the top of my stuff (it’s at the bottom) but it doesn’t save my progress, so I don’t know with episode to start with... The updates are ruining this app... The app was working fine until y’all started “fixing” it. AND ANOTHER THING, sometimes the next episode won’t play unless I come completely out of the show and go back in and then I have to remember which episode it is... I see all of these reviews that go back months, why are we still having these same issues months later... I like your service but will not continue to pay for a service that has been jinky for MONTHS, not days or weeks but MONTHS. PLEASE DO BETTER!

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    Swipe to fast forward has got to gooooo

    I'm the kind of person who touches their screen constantly while watching a show, whether it's to check the time or to wipe a smudge or see how far along in the show I am. With your "swipe anywhere on the screen to go forward or backwards" function, I am constantly being forced to watch and rewatch extra ads, and to try and re-find wherever I was in the show before my accidental swipe. Please consider reinstating the setup with the bar at the bottom that had the button where I had to be very intentional with my tapping in order to change location in the playing time. This will make using your platform much easier on my mental health, and on my phone that gets hurled across the room every time I shoot forward 10 minutes in an episode of The Mindy Project and get stuck with an extra 120 seconds of Chevy commercials. I beg you.

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    It WAS a good app!

    I’ve been using it for a year now and had no major issues. I pay for the Hulu+live tv and like how I can watch tv on my phone, laptop or actual tv. (Very handy during football and basketball season) Thought ever since it got updated (Sept. 2019) it’s been having major issues. The app completely exits from itself in the middle of a show, or the screen would go dark with a loading bar. Only to pop back up rewinding itself 20 seconds, playing then going dark again. Getting stuck in an annoying endless loop. I really like the app but if that is is the kind of service I’m going to keep having, especially paying $45/month. I might as well go back to my satellite provider. Now I don’t want to sound like I’m ranting but I ACTUALLY like this app and if it doesn’t improve soon, I’m going to have to part ways with it. So for now enjoy the 2 STARS.

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    Every time I try to open the app on my phone, it says "something is wrong: try again." Extremely frustrating. I've tried reinstalling and updating it, and it's the same problem. It won't work. Update: the previous problem has gone away, but with the new update, I accidentally fast forward my show probably about ten times in each sitting somehow. Its extremely easy to do. I end up watching extra commercials because of this, and then when I try to find my spot again, I have to sit through a second set of commercials if I click multiple times looking for the right scene. It adds a LOT of commercials to my viewing time. I also have similar concerns to others reviews, as it used to be easy to find my shows and find new things I'd be interested in, but now it's not as intuitive, and it's more difficult to quickly find things.

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    You Really Need To Let People Take Screenshots

    Obviously whoever added the feature which makes the screen completely black every time you take a screenshot has little to no experience with the internet. No content pirate has ever thought “ah, yes, i will capture this movie frame by frame and then splice these frames together, then record the audio separately and dub it over my newly spliced video and hope it syncs up”. That’s ludicrous. The inability to take screenshots not only serves no purpose for the actual creators of the movies or TV shows, it’s also a great hinderance to people who produce content like fanart and fan theories who would typically use such screenshots as references. By not allowing screenshots, you are actually turning legitimate customers of your content towards illegal streaming sites because This Is The Only Way To Take Screenshots Of Our Favourite Shows And Movies. No one wins. It’s frankly kind of bizarre that anyone ever thought this was a good idea.

Is Hulu: Stream TV shows & movies Safe?

No. Hulu: Stream TV shows & movies does not seem very safe to us. This is based on our NLP (Natural language processing) analysis of over 1,208,656 User Reviews sourced from the Appstore and the appstore cumulative rating of 4.5/5. Justuseapp Safety Score for Hulu: Stream TV shows & movies Is 20/100.

Is Hulu: Stream TV shows & movies Legit?

No. Hulu: Stream TV shows & movies does not seem legit based on our analysis. This conclusion was arrived at by running over 1,208,656 Hulu: Stream TV shows & movies User Reviews through our NLP machine learning process to determine if users believe the app is legitimate or not. Based on this, Justuseapp Legitimacy Score for Hulu: Stream TV shows & movies Is 10/100.

Is Hulu: Stream TV shows & movies not working?

Hulu: Stream TV shows & movies works most of the time. If it is not working for you, we recommend you excersise some patience and retry later or Contact Support.

Twitter Reviews for Hulu: Stream TV shows & movies

@StatMom @coldwarmth1 @yumcoconutmilk One great reason not to watch it on Hulu is that it is not on Hulu.

@Varruca @Caissie @LouisPeitzman @emilynussbaum @hulu_support @Roku Sooo—it’s not just me??? I really was confused why 90 day fiancé wanted me to see so many hairlines—

@RokuSupport @rock_hawk Hey Jeff! Saw your tweet! We'd like to gather more information about the issue you're running into. Does the issue only occur on Hulu or all channels on your Roku device? What was the error message when attempted to stream the channel? We'd like to take a closer look!

@missewill To be clear: I’m not “attacking” Hulu. I would just hate for the seriousness of this moment and movement to get lost in symbolic (and sometimes silly) overcorrections. Impact on real lives should be the measure of any change worthy of a PR push.

@hulu_support @adventuresofl2 Hi! Are the captions not appearing? What device are you streaming on? For now, we recommend clearing the app cache: to refresh things! We'll be on the lookout for your response!

@hulu_support @Caissie Our apologies, Caissie! Based on the behavior you're describing, this is a known issue our team is looking into. While no ETA to provide yet, we'll certainly share your report w/ the right team. For now, we suggest trying: Thank you for your patience!

@muzkmuzkmuzk @JoshYTsui try telekenesis (korean film) bad boys 2020 and king of staten island were both good (not sure if netflix/hulu) also if parasite try BURNING (hardcore, artsy) and DRUG KING (similar to parasite. epic, and hardcore)

@VenjiDaily @mar_sunshinex Yes, for sure!We got a little bit of family life for Lake, but I would love to see what Felix and Benji's' families are like. I think because they are the most happiest,they could have the most dramatic stories that we havent seen. hankfully @hulu gives us longer eps! @BrianTanen

@MarcusCrox @dc20willsave They are going to put it on Hulu next to Love, Victor...

@alpha_tiffany @sarahschauer My Hero Acadamia is on Hulu and is a great start if you’re looking for easy to digest but still awesome anime. It’s not too overwhelming (content wise) though it does have 4 seasons. Two big ones that I liked as a new anime watcher were Attack on Titan and Death Note

@gallopingael @Sniff009 My TV starts on that station before I switch to whatever app I'm going to stream from (Netflix, Xfinity, Hulu, Amazon Prime, etc). I always stop when Classic Concentration is on.

@iamadilq A great listen for anyone who watched Ramy on Hulu, whether you enjoyed it or not. It gives a lot of insight into the artist behind the work and helps you think about the show through a more nuanced lens. Shout out to @_iamalik,@spilledchai_ and the entire @AmerSubmitter team

@hulu_support @glitterbIing Hiya! If you're still looking for something new to watch, we'd love to lend a hand. If you'd like, let us know which genre you're in the mood for and we'll take this from there. For now, you can always try: to help with a few ideas!

@HeyGeek @LouisPeitzman @shoshpd @13bbird @emilynussbaum I was able to log in to the HBO Max app using the gmail account of my YouTube TV subscription where I added HBO Max as an add-on because the YTTV app couldn't access the Max extras. idk if you can try that with your Hulu account maybe? but yeah, their partner app strategy sucks

@hulu_support @plainsimplicity Hulu here — perhaps we can help! Just to clarify, if subscribed to our HBO Max add-on, you'll be able to access HBO Max content directly through the HBO Max app. For a list of supported HBO Max devices, visit:!

@lipstickghoulie @missnorajean Yes, I will gladly take any recommendations, thank you!! I’ve seen people suggesting Oh my Ghost and Strong Girl Bong-soon so I was planning to see if they’re on Hulu next but beyond that, I have no idea what is good and what’s not, lol. I am ready for the rabbit hole. 😂😂

@Kevin_clb @hulu_support all this buffering and unable to load is getting aggravating. This issue just started. What is going on?

@friendlyghoul everyone please help I’m not going to any barbecues so what should I watch on either Hulu, Disney+, or netflix???

@ReignOfApril They actually went out of their way to make it clear that it was NOT blackface. Come on, @hulu. There are other ways to show you support Black folks.

@LouisPeitzman @shoshpd @13bbird @emilynussbaum I was going to consider canceling that and just getting it as a Hulu add-on, but it doesn't matter. You still can't watch HBO Max original series on the Roku with the Hulu add-on, only through the HBO Max app itself.

@hulu_support @Honey_Bew_Child Hulu here! We're always working to bring more shows to Hulu, so we'll forward this request to see Girlfriends added to our service in the future. In the meantime, check: for updates!

@shadowcatsd [email protected] @hulu_support Once again your shitty fucking service has failed to record TWO scheduled live programs. You need to stop advertising that you have a cloud DVR service: it clearly does not work. I’m done.

@im_fun_sized So I’m watching Love Victor on Hulu and a girl is trying to lie about dating a guy at Georgia Tech. Said he was on a lacrosse scholarship 😂

@hulu_support @roxaefiction Oh no — we'd hate to lose you! We're sorry to hear you're not a fan of our new interface. Is there anything specific you don't like? We're always working to improve, so we appreciate any input. We'll keep an eye out for feedback here!

@PoseOnFX You won't find any reads here, sis - we're here to LOVE one another and give back! Join your #PoseFX family for a night you won't want to miss. Stream it at 10p ET / 7pm PT on or catch us on @FXNetworks, @FreeformTV or @hulu.

@hulu_support @lil_kk_ Hulu here! We're sorry for the trouble! If you let us know the make/model of the device you're streaming on and if you're watching live or on-demand content, we'd be happy to take a closer look. For now, we recommend working through: and see if that helps.

@FelderNick @hulu_support 53807. Feed coming from WMTV Ch 15 I did reboot and it appears to not have materially improved.

@hulu_support @shadowcatsd Our sincere apologies for the continued frustration — rest assured, we'll definitely continue to share your experience with the right team here for review. Please let us know if we can assist you with anything else for now!

@dottedlinegirl If you would like to watch a less problematic production that actually celebrates how immigrants get the job done in America may I heartily recommend Padma Lakshmi’s “Taste the Nation” series on Hulu

@AlexandriaOkami @sarahschauer Good classics are Gurren Lagan, the art is popular. It's also on Hulu. A good way to help you find shows you may like, you can search the genre, shoujo=young teen girls Shonen= boy/action Josei= older female audience Etc. I recommend you don't go for the gritty stuff first

@PlasticShroud Hulu feature elevator pitch: Playlists Let me add episodes of shows to my playlist, like all my favorite 4th of July episodes, or Wedding episodes, or Halloween episodes, or emotional gutpunch episodes, etc. Then hit play on random.

@plainsimplicity @hulu_support Thank you for reaching out . I want to access hbo max on my tv thru the hulu app ( HBO apps are not available on LG devices ) but all I get on hulu are the normal HBO programs not hbo max .

@_phree23 My super busy week is finally over and I don’t want to think about law for the rest of the weekend, pls recommend either your fav stand up comedy OR trashiest reality show on Netflix or Hulu

@hulu_support @Tony__T_ Hi, Tony. We'll share the feedback with our team here. In the meantime, we'd recommend streaming on a different device (if possible) while our team works to get to the bottom of the behavior. Thank you for your patience!