My Baby Heart Rate Recorder Reviews

My Baby Heart Rate Recorder Reviews

Published by on 2021-03-11

Do you agree that there’s nothing quite like hearing your baby’s heartbeat
for the first time? Well, this app allows future parents to listen to their
baby’s heart rate and then share it with their friends via all major social
networks that support video sharing. Don’t worry there are no...

Table of Contents:
1. Reviews
2. Is it Safe?
3. Is it Legit?
4. App not working?
5. Report Issue

My Baby Heart Rate Recorder Reviews

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    it actually works

    depending on baby’s position it can be very faint but 6 out of 10 tries today it worked great. tried my own heart first then baby’s and i was amazed. make sure your phone case is taken off and airplane mode is ON! it works better when baby is not moving so there’s less noise of baby swishing up the amniotic fluid. also obviously do it when you have a very quiet room to sit in. i’m mid 32nd week and being able to hear his heartbeat whenever i want is awesome. when you listen to the recording turn all of the volume adjustments/options all the way up and make sure your phone volume is turned all the way up. i have an iphone 8 idk if having a newer phone makes a difference but overall i was very pleasantly surprised with this app!

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    Love it!

    I am 14w and it worked just fine. If you want to keep it free keep airplane mode “off”. It says “on” but then it makes you pay. turn volume all the way up. Take phone out of phone case. Do not save recordings to your phone gallery because it will make you pay. Choose the other option. I have iPhone. I did it in a silent area of my home. I’m very excited about this. I gave 4 stars only because I want to see if it keeps working for weeks to come. I highly recommend it only for use to hear your baby in between regular doctor visits.

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    Why this is a great free app!

    This app is so great! Although I’m only 12 weeks now, and know I will not find a heartbeat with the app anytime soon, I find this app SO COMFORTING in the fact that I can LISTEN TO MY BABY MOVING. I can hear what sounds like small kicks and shuffling and JUST KNOW it’s my baby moving! For the best results possible I sit in a silent environment and record while being very still, amplify the sound once the recording is over and you can hear the movement within my womb! It’s magical!!

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    Please let your OB help you keep your baby safe

    I am a Maternal Fetal Medicine specialist and while I appreciate the thrill of hearing your baby’s heart beat please don’t let apps like this be a substitute for proper evaluation or monitoring. I would rather receive a middle of the night phone call for someone who presented to labor and delivery for decreased fetal movement and had a normal heart beat than to have a stillborn because someone suggested you use an app to listen to your baby’s heart beat (it’s not as easy to find and know what you are hearing as you may think). If you have decreased fetal movement, please call your doctor or go directly to labor and delivery (if at the appropriate gestational age) to be properly evaluated.

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    I have had this app downloaded since I was 10 weeks pregnant. I am now 26 weeks. The doctors have found a heart beat since week 7. At 10 weeks I couldn’t hear anything with this app so I gave it the benefit of the doubt and just keep checking every few weeks or so as the baby would get bigger and still, nothing. So I tried again today and spent about 30 min-hour trying to find a heart beat. I know baby is ok but I was hoping this app would be kind of fun to be able to listen to the baby between doctor appointments. Still nothing. So I was curious and tried to find my own heart beat and nothing. Waste of time and excitement.

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    Impossible for an app to pick up a heartbeat.

    I saw this and was curious, I am currently 36 weeks and at my doctors they can always instantly find a very clear, very loud heartbeat. I was both excited and disappointed when I heard the results of my recordings, a small repeated thud was being produced but nothing else. Then I got curious and in a completely quiet room, I sat my phone on the floor and recorded for 10 seconds. I guess my floor has a heartbeat suddenly.😂 Fake as hell, will give literally anything a heartbeat. Then when I asked my doctor about such an app, he said it is medically impossible for a phone to detect a baby’s heartbeat!! Don’t download any app that claims this.

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    Online but app claims I’m offline and wants me to pay to unlock offline

    I’m currently on line. I literally just downloaded from the App Store. But when I opened and attempted to record I get an error messaging saying I’m offline and must be connected to the Internet. OR it can take me to the shop to unlock the “offline” feature for $1.99. It’s a scam. I’m not offline. You’re just having people download the app for free and then lying to them in order to get you to pay them $1.99. No thanks. Deleting. I’d rather pay $1.99 upfront to another app knowing what I’m buying than getting lied to.

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    Terrible idea! Please call your doctor instead!

    I am an OB doctor, and while I love the idea of not having to get up in the middle of the night and leave my family to come in and see you to check on your baby if you are not feeling movement or are otherwise concerned— I would MUCH rather have the chance to save a baby in trouble than find out a few days later that you have been FALSELY reassured by this app turning some static in to something that sounds like maybe a heartbeat! Please, ladies, do NOT use this if you are worried— let us (your health care team) help!!!

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    This app actually works (assuming you have internet access). Unlike other similar apps that require you pay to record more than 5 seconds or requires additional hardware, this app picked up my babies (22 weeks) heart beat. To verify this wasn't fake, I tried on my husband's belly and got nothing (as expected), as well as other locations on my belly. An actual doppler verified the location.

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    I'm a real person and this worked!

    Hi there! 27 weeks and I was looking at all these Doppler apps for free plus ones you had to pay for. My husband and I just spent the last 30 minutes playing with this app. We listed to each other's heart rates that were totally different as well as our growing baby girl and it was a ton of fun. Thanks! Becky .Idaho

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    Definitely works!

    The only issues I have with it is that I can't use my cellular data and I have to be connected to wifi in order for it to work and that it is on the low side unless you get a good angle of your little one. But once you get the right position, I have to say it's AMAZING. I tried it on my heart as well and got better results I think because my heart is stronger and I know where my heart is making the angle a whole lot easier.

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    Works, but ads are too much

    I’m 39 weeks pregnant and got a great heartbeat. However, the ads are loud and last at least 5 seconds each and pop up continuously between times it allows you to record. But, in the end if you need to be reassured baby is okay it can find a heartbeat. It didn’t every time for me, but it definitely can.

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    Says I'm not connected to wifi

    Update: It would be nice if the creator of this app could actually FIX the issue of not being able to use it DESPITE being connected to WiFi like it asks instead of IGNORING this review. Obviously the creator could care less and just wants to make a quick buck off people. DONT GET THIS APP!!!! I seriously loved this app until suddenly it just stopped working saying I wasn't connected to wifi when I am. I've tried deleting it and re downloading to no avail. Really stinks because I liked this app the best.

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    I’m 12 weeks and it picked up on the heartbeat. It also picks up on slight movements, so you definitely gotta know how to distinguish a heartbeat from a movement. Completely satisfied with being able to hear my little ones heartbeat! Now I can listen when ever I want to hear it.

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    Really disappointed that the app doesn’t provide you with a notification to put your phone on airplane mode before using it!! I used it 3-4 times without my phone on airplane mode against my stomach and am now super paranoid I hurt my baby! They only provide this information in the app stuff under information. I’m sure many women, like myself, do not read all that before downloading and using. You would expect the directions to be on the app itself when you open it.

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Is My Baby Heart Rate Recorder Safe?

Yes. My Baby Heart Rate Recorder is very safe to use. This is based on our NLP (Natural language processing) analysis of over 1,190 User Reviews sourced from the Appstore and the appstore cumulative rating of 2.9/5 . Justuseapp Safety Score for My Baby Heart Rate Recorder Is 43.4/100.

Is My Baby Heart Rate Recorder Legit?

Yes. My Baby Heart Rate Recorder is a totally legit app. This conclusion was arrived at by running over 1,190 My Baby Heart Rate Recorder User Reviews through our NLP machine learning process to determine if users believe the app is legitimate or not. Based on this, Justuseapp Legitimacy Score for My Baby Heart Rate Recorder Is 43.4/100.

Is My Baby Heart Rate Recorder not working?

My Baby Heart Rate Recorder works most of the time. If it is not working for you, we recommend you excersise some patience and retry later or Contact Support.

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