Soundly Reduce Snoring. Reviews

Soundly Reduce Snoring. Reviews

Published by on 2021-01-20

"I don't wake up with cotton mouth or headaches anymore." "I wasn't even
incredibly consistent with the use of the app and I've noticed improvements. I
felt like my improvements were evident within two weeks of using the application
- even when missing a couple days." "Over the course...

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Soundly Reduce Snoring. Reviews

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    The game itself is Absolute garbage..I hate this app

    The idea of working out your tongue and throat is great and seems to be working. I am not snoring near as much as I was. But the game itself is garbage. The characters only respond to naw or ahhhh, but not to knee. It does better with HHEEE...or neeet, or needin...but even then will lock up and just not move. It’s very frustrating not to ever be able to get past level 1. And I am exaggerating the knee. And my family sure knows I’m saying knee cuz they hear me all over the house. I’m giving a 2 because it is helping but the game doesn’t work and deserves a zero.

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    Fun app, has great potential

    I downloaded this, to see if it would help Siri, and Tina ToyotaEntune, since neither one understands me very well. Although I have severe sleep apnea, I have never snored. I was only able to use this app for 3 days. It is deceptive advertising to say this is a free app with “in app purchases”. In order to use it for more than 3 days, you have to pay $9.99/month or $99/year. I gave 2 stars that would have been 4 stars, if this had truly been a free app. You get a demonstration for 3 days before purchase is more accurate.

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    Really works

    This app greatly reduced my snoring, to the point where it no longer bothers my spouse. I have found that I have to keep using it to avoid lapsing back into my old habits - a fact that, while annoying, provides further evidence of its efficacy. I also suspect that it reduces my (mild) sleep apnea, improving quality of sleep and mental acuity. Quite amazing...

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    Costs money???

    I was very excited to get and try this app, but then I learned it costs money... I’d rather have an option to enable ads and get a subscription for free. If you could add this change, then maybe I would consider trying it again. For now, I’ll rate three stars for potential, and I understand how it could cost money, but if I wanted to, I could just say “nee” and “naw” all I wanted and that would work just as well.

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    Fun and seems helpful.

    After many months, I still find it fun and entertaining. There is plenty of variety to the game. My snoring is less frequent and not as loud. I do not have any way to be certain but it feels helpful. I have not had surgery or made any other structural or specific environmental changes.

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    Good idea, horrible cost!

    Good idea backed by research and a nice motivational tracker to help you stick with the program... but $30 per year to track how many “knee/naws” I say daily? Plenty of more comprehensive and complex healthy and lifestyle apps are so much less. Even the hidden lowest cost of $18/year is too much! And why do I need a friggin LOGIN for this? C’mon - if you are doing this as part of the UofM health study, then you can pay ME for my data! App should be a stand-alone, one time unlock for maybe $5 with IAP and NO LOGIN!

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    Excellent app that needs an update

    I’ve had trouble sleeping through the night and was diagnosed with mild sleep apathy. When this first started, I was employed as mathematics instructor who taught year round. Because of the numerous lectures, and not having any breaks so my voice could recover, I developed nodes on my larynx and my airway weakened. I’ve since left teaching and have recovered somewhat, but after coming across this app, I’ve noticed a definite improvement in my ability to project my voice and sleep. The primary drawback with the is that once you complete the therapy by completing world 7, you are always at 100% for the day, so you’ve no idea how much exercise you need to do. This should be an easy fix, but I submitted an email a couple of weeks ago and received just an auto reply. Hopefully I will receive a human response or at the very least an update. Update from February 4, 2019: I initially received an auto reply from Brian Krohn, the CEO on January 3, 2019 from my initial email, stating he would follow shortly. At this point, I have not heard anything from him or anyone in his company. Perhaps he and his team have abandoned the project to move on to something else. If I ever receive any type of contact, I will let you know. Update from February 22, 2019 Yesterday I downloaded an update, but I’m still having the same issue, with no word from Brian Krohn. I’ve no idea what they fixed. As you can see, many updates simply state “bug fixes.” I will keep you updated.

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    I’ve been using Soundly since it’s Beta stage. The exercises have definitely strengthened my throat muscles. According to my wife, my snoring is greatly reduced at night. Thank you Soundly for developing this great program.

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    I don’t normally like doing this

    The app is actually good but I’m giving a one star review because there’s a serious bug where once you unlock all the characters you can’t do the multitask mode anymore. The author of the app never responds to support requests so I’m forced to give 1 star because I’m paying for an app I can’t use and I’m not receiving any support.

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    Beware. Before downloading, know that the “free” app is only a demo version that you can’t use after three days. From there, as of 21 May 2019, they try to gouge $9.99 a month for continued access. This is amazingly deceptive as there is no mention of this anywhere prior to downloading. I will never know whether or not the app works for reducing snoring because I refuse to be extorted.

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    Not working anymore

    This app was working fine, perhaps was improving my snoring but too early to tell, then this last week it shuts off when I have played for 35 seconds. All the time. I've rebooted, not sure what else to do. I've paid for it, can't figure out how to contact the seller, need this fixed or my money back!

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    Had great potential

    It had great potential but it only let me use it for 3 days free until it said I had to pay to continue. Come on, $100 a year to say Knee and naw? It’s ridiculous. Claims they want to help people when all it is is another money hoarding corporation.

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    Snoring reduced

    I have been faithful in my daily exercise and have reduced snoring to mild ... most nights are under 5 minutes.

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    Fun and helpful

    The game is pretty fun for being a therapy. Occasionally, I would forget I was doing a therapy and then I would remember I was helping reducing my snoring!

  • By first

    It was a whole lot of fun at first but then it said continue tomorrow so i set a timer and then at the exact time tried it again. I had to pay a $30 subscription which is not worth it and is too expensive. Overall 👎👎👎👎👎👎.

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Is Soundly Reduce Snoring. Safe?

Yes. Soundly Reduce Snoring. is quiet safe to use but use with caution. This is based on our NLP (Natural language processing) analysis of over 458 User Reviews sourced from the Appstore and the appstore cumulative rating of 4.4/5 . Justuseapp Safety Score for Soundly Reduce Snoring. Is 23.3/100.

Is Soundly Reduce Snoring. Legit?

Yes. Soundly Reduce Snoring. is legit, but not 100% legit to us. This conclusion was arrived at by running over 458 Soundly Reduce Snoring. User Reviews through our NLP machine learning process to determine if users believe the app is legitimate or not. Based on this, Justuseapp Legitimacy Score for Soundly Reduce Snoring. Is 23.3/100.

Is Soundly Reduce Snoring. not working?

Soundly Reduce Snoring. works most of the time. If it is not working for you, we recommend you excersise some patience and retry later or Contact Support.

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