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JustUseApp helps you discover the truth about software vendors and take control of how you spend on them.


Justuseapp helps you stay safe on the Internet. Make the best informed decisions about apps you use.

Software Insights
We use machine learning and crowdsourced reviews from thousands of users, to extract insights and to generate reports which can tell you with high accuracy, whether to use an app or not.
Uncensored Reviews
Read uncensored reviews from real users. Report your own frustrations by leaving reviews. See the experiences of other users before you buy any software.
How Safe is that app?
Is an App a scam? Is it safe or legit? Will it sell your data? Discover how safe or legit an App is with our Safety and Legitimacy scores - the first of its kind in the software industry.
Report issues or Delete data
JustUseApp exposes the contact details of software vendors so you can get in touch with them - to report any issues or problems you encounter, to delete your data or account and to cancel subscriptions.
Expense Debit Cards
Our Expense Cards puts the control in your hands when you buy software online - one-time purchases or subscriptions. You decide who can charge your card and how much and you can deactivate a card at any time.
Subscriptions Management
Manage your subscriptions with Justuseapp. Lots of Apps make it so easy to Subscribe but a nightmare to Cancel. We will send you timely reminders to make sure an unplanned payment never happens again.

Track Expenses

The most popular complaint from Justuseapp users is that they are unaware of automated charges until they check their Bank statements, usually months after the charges began. Start managing your personal or business expenses and bills with Justuseapp:

Save Money
Justuseapp will collate the software vendors you pay for and show you ways to save on your bills - either by recommending annual plans or reminding you to cancel altogether.
Track free trial & paid subscriptions
Monitor recurring subscriptions so you can cancel on time. Check monthly expenses at a glance. Personal or Company-wide.
Get timely Bill re-payment reminders
Our constant reminders will make sure you never forget when a recurring payment is due, so you can cancel in time.
Organize Bills with Spaces
Get more organized in your financial life. Spaces helps you group your subscriptions by category. Create Spaces for apps, streaming, gyms, cable, etc.

Manage Spend with Expense Cards

Stay safe online when you make purchases with our Debit Cards for managing spend. Here is why you need this:

Control Expenses
Protect your business from unauthorized charges - Issue cards to yourself or employees, Cancel or pause a card at any time, set spending limits, create cards in seconds with no activation required, and deactivate your cards whenever you want.
Eliminate leakages
Our virtual cards are the best way to eliminate automatic renewals for subscriptions or expenses you forget about. Save hundreds of dollars per year.
Buy software with peace of mind
It's easy to use and gives you great security by protecting card details from a variety of software, service providers, etc. Never be charged or debited again without you or your finance dept.'s permission.
Insulate your business from Online fraud
Instead of using your regular business card to buy software on an untrusted website, you can now use your Expense card so that if something strange happens to that card, it won't affect your Business.

Ready to get started?

Take control of your Apps, Payments and Finances - Track expenses, Bills, Subscriptions and get an Expense Card for online payments when you signup.

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