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Published by on 2023-08-07

About: Zoho CRM empowers a global network of over 250,000 businesses in over 180
countries. It helps businesses engage with customers, convert more leads, and
grow their revenue by closing more deals.

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Listed below are our top recommendations on how to get in contact with Zoho CRM - Sales & Marketing. We make eduacted guesses on the direct pages on their website to visit to get help with issues/problems like using their site/app, billings, pricing, usage, integrations and other issues. You can try any of the methods below to contact Zoho CRM - Sales & Marketing. Discover which options are the fastest to get your customer service issues resolved..
The following contact options are available: Pricing Information, Support, General Help, and Press Information/New Coverage (to guage reputation).

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Contact e-Mail: [email protected]

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Developer: Zoho Corporation

E-Mail: [email protected]

Website: Visit Zoho CRM Website

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Developer: Zoho Corporation

E-Mail: [email protected]

Website: Visit Zoho Corporation Website

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Reported Issues: 3 Comments

4.4 out of 5


Broken on iphone X

The developers have placed the search icon in the "horn" area of the iPhone X's notched screen, but failed to hide the phone's default reception/battery display; instead, they overlay each other. This makes the search icon nonfunctional and renders the entire app basically unusable. It is a very obvious problem and makes me wonder what other aspects of the app's programming are also substandard. Also, the search function itself—on phones where it even works at all—is, shall we say, quirky. By which I mean, it is badly implemented and often cannot find the record I'm looking for unless it's phrased just right. Finally, it has a really obnoxious tendency to reset itself to its home screen if I leave the app even for a moment. This is very annoying especially if I'm trying to transcribe information from a record into another app, such as for instance if I'n trying to find a customer's contact info and copy it into an email. Overall I would say the app gives an impression of having been made by amateurs, except that would be an insult to the many fine programs made by amateur programmers. Instead, I'd say it gives an impression of having been made by incompetents.

By CheJua

Email functionality- invoices module not working , etc.....

Since the last update 2 w ago, when trying to send an email to a contact thru “invoices”, module will not automatically populate the contact’s email address (having to select manually the correct email is very difficult when you over 3k contacts with multiple emails with one address already set as default). App is constantly throwing an error message of some kind (I’ve sent the error log so many times that I’ve lost count) App is not populating field which already has a predetermined value (this has always worked fine until 2w or so ago)

By nathan.coons

Big fan of zoho but this one needs help

I’m an avid Zoho user and one of the reasons I like them is they listen and are quick to fix things. So - I’m giving this app the worst review because it’s gotta change. Top issues: 1) I can’t figure out how to mark a scheduled call as complete on the mobile app. It drives me nuts. I’m on the go a lot so this is catastrophic. 2) The voice memo feature for a completed call should automatically save the memo onto the completed call. Somehow my voice memos are not saved to the call record and I get an ‘invalid record’ error upon each save attempt. Plain text records work fine by there is an issue with voice memos. Those are my two biggest gripes. There are more but for the day to day I just can’t get past those things. I love the concepts that this company comes up with and their responsiveness and I am really looking forward to the next release of this app so they can wow me again. Thanks.

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  4. If you are a Zoho CRM - Sales & Marketing customer and are running into a problem, Justuseapp might not be the fastest and most effective way for you to solve the problem but at least you can warn others off using Zoho CRM - Sales & Marketing.

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