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Published by on 2022-09-08


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Reported Issues: 84 Comments

By Fred Sisbarro
Sep 02 2022

I have not been able to schedule posts in advance for the past two days. I receive a message stating "We are having issues processing your request." Please advise how to correct.

By Karen
Aug 25 2022

Possibility to choose thumbnails has gone?

By Dominique Hornido
Aug 14 2022

I cant use the app anymore, my facebook account keeps crashing and error warnings pops out. It''s annoying, this is what we use at work and I cant do any work because of this. Please fix ASAP, I MIGHT LOSE MY JOB BECAUSE OF THIS.

By Clair Whyman
Aug 12 2022

Business suite won't allow me to reply to comments. When I click reply I get the loading screen and thats it. I've deleted and reinstalled 3 times and no better.

By Rhonda Baker
Jul 21 2022

Trying to just make a post not an ad. I tried to make a video using a photo added text, logo and action but when it loaded it just put up map of our business.

By Shelley Donaho
Jul 17 2022

Getting repetitive notifications every minute for the past 3 hours from the same person

By Shaunette Koenig
Jul 05 2022

I have been getting calls from customers telling me that they have messaged me days and weeks ago asking why I am not responding. I have no new messages in my inbox from them. They are showing the automatic response from my page on their side but i am not seeing anything here I need a fix!

By Ashley Marie Dutton
Jul 03 2022

Business suite is telling me I don't have an account but I've had a page for 4 years with no issues

By Sandra Butler
Jul 01 2022

Can not open my INBOX to answer customer

By Anna Dolan
Jun 26 2022

Messages not coming into our Business Suite and noticifications missing also

By Kim
Jun 21 2022

I had the issue of it not opening and I’ve just deleted and reinstalled the app and it’s working perfectly now so do try that

Jun 21 2022

My business suite app keeps crashing every seconds when launched how do I fix please

By Tiffany Renee
Jun 21 2022

Why cant my page any longer view my customers contact card

By John
Jun 21 2022

App keeps crashing. Website too.

By chris c
Jun 20 2022

It won't open, closes instantly whenever I click it

By Ian Mitchell
Jun 20 2022

App keeps crashing on iPhone 13 Pro Max. Every time i try to tap on the app to open it it will open for 1second and closes. Tried to update it and restarted the iPhone numerous times. Nothing is working. Please assist

By Jake
Jun 20 2022

All this thing does this crash all day

By Sandra Opara
Jun 20 2022

Every time I open my business app it crashes after a few seconds...

By Kelly-Louise Turner
Jun 20 2022

Every time I click the app it opens then crashes and shuts down ?
How can I fix this
The app is up to date and I’ve turned my phone off twice and reinstalled still the same .

By Catherine Lloyd
Jun 19 2022

It won’t open

By Barry Whitfield
Jun 18 2022

Hi every time I open my business app it crashes after a few seconds. I’m using a iPhone X and the software is up to date. Can u please tell me if there is a fix for this thanks

By Ann Robertson
Jun 15 2022

When I tap on app for Business Suite it comes in for a couple of seconds then disappears

By Fahim
Jun 11 2022

I do not get any notifications, messages,comments specially i have to always go into the app and refresh. I have restarted the phone, and unstalled and installed the app again. But no positive results. Also i cannot attach photos by searching from the Albums.

By Shane Palmer
Jun 10 2022

It keeps notify me of the same message, even though it has been read

By Josh
Jun 10 2022

Installed the latest app update on my ipad and when trying to login get the following error:

The operation couldn't be completed. AsyncSocketException: connect failed (immediately), type = socket not open, errno = 65 (No route to host)

Yet, have zero problems connecting via the app on my phone (ios) or logging in via the website.

By Michele Emslie
Jun 09 2022

There are a lot of problems with this app which I have put up with since you changed it. Nothing has been done to solve the problems even after having reported them.
The latest today is that it continuously keeps sending me read messages just like it’s on a loop. It is driving me crazy!!
I have sent a report in already and nothing has been done about it.
I have turned my phone off and left it off and turn it back on again I have tried every single thing possible and cannot get rid of these messages that keep on repeating and repeating and repeating….. Please help.

By Ann-Marie Walker
Jun 09 2022

When I search for a person in messages, Business Suite states no person can be found. We run a tattoo studio and rely on being able to refer back to a message thread to find client info and design ideas stored in the message thread. The app is becoming unusable.

By Holly Saunders
Jun 08 2022

When I put a name in the search bar, no one can be found. Not one contact. Total nightmare. Please help! Thanks.

By Francis Fouque
Jun 08 2022


When im looking to find a customer in my messages it doesn’t work!
Im writing the name of my customer and they find it.

Thank you

By Asif iqbal
Jun 08 2022

I was downloading meta business suite again and again but i still recieve message (some common problem,try again later or see some common ways)i tried so many times and i tried every way but i cant ,please help me please

By Alex
Jun 07 2022

Ridiculous. For weeks my posts have been cross-posting to other accounts, making running multiple social media pages a nightmare. For a company to have so much stake in peoples’ small businesses, it’s a shame to see them not solving any of these issues. Fix this!

By Petra
Jun 03 2022

I cannot plan anymore, I plan but it disappears into thin air...

By Julie
Jun 02 2022

My posts are not saving or scheduling. I go through the regular process but when completed, it doesn't show in the planner and it doesn't post. A few days ago there was a long delay to show up in the planner and did post later but now nothing at all!

By Graeme Gove
Jun 02 2022

I'm creating scheduled posts in the suite but they do not appear in the planner, but do get posted at the time. What id going on???

By Mike
Jun 02 2022

Business suite is posting on wrong accounts. Facebook needs to come out with a press release as some businesses will have a serious issue because of this.

By Joke
Jun 02 2022

I have a lot of problems with the planner. My posts are planned on the wrong accounts. I have more than 10 accounts, so this is a real problem and I am not able to delete the posts on the planner. I have been in contact with Facebook, but they are not doing much to fix it. It has been going on since Saturday 26/5. Now I cannot even login on my app because of an error.

By Halee Yates
Jun 01 2022

All of my scheduled content is not showing up and if it does it shows up under the wrong account. They’re all mixed up or not showing up in my scheduled planner at all. Please help!

By Eveline Raap
Jun 01 2022

Posts are not showing up on the planner. Please fix this a.s.ap. I have tried several times and now I have no way of knowing if they will post on the right time or if there are now more posts in the planner than there need to be.

By Jure
Jun 01 2022

The app is posting my scheduled posts on wrong pages, it started saturday. This is really bad.

By Rachel
May 31 2022

My posts are not saving or scheduling. The either disappear completely, or when I go to edit them all the pictures and text are gone.

By Sandra
May 31 2022

when planning posts, they do not appear, or when they appear, they do not appear on another account…

By BlackCat
May 31 2022

Inbox is empty. Messages not showing.

By Amy
May 31 2022

Scheduling not working, posting to different accounts, I have several that I look after and its been going on for over a week now

By Lenneke van Hooijdonk
May 31 2022

Planner doesn't work properly. New posts made in planner seem to upload but are not visible and sometimes do post unexpectedly on time (while not visible in planner) and sometimes dissapear completely

By srdjan
May 31 2022

I work from PC. I'm having issues scheduling this morning. I create a post, set the scheduled time & click post & then noting appears on the scheduling calendar. impossible to schedule on Meta Business Suite. Once I schedule nothing appears in the calendar, I tried several times with several accounts and pages. Scheduling posts and they are not showing up. They just disappear. Have tried several times on desktop & on phone app. Never had this issue. As I can see, publish in a real time does not working too

By Cristina Cristea
May 31 2022

publishing at wrong accounts. all profiles mixed

By alexandra
May 31 2022

publishing at wrong accounts. all profiles mixed and can't delete the wrong scheduled posts.

By Emma Strachan
May 31 2022

Post scheduling not working, they just disappear. Or are posting to a different client account! Have logged in and out and refreshed but no difference. Is everyone else still experiencing this?

By Cat
May 30 2022

Every time I try to schedule a post, it goes onto a different account instead.

By Trinity Skys
May 30 2022

Set up to do live sale today and yet another feature either not working properly or shut down on Meta here is a list of some issues Facebook support is not helping with
Payouts not showing been this way for months. ( How can one do business with us and not show the revenue being produced and what is owed properly)
Customers charge back for product received customers are able to fraud your store and no support. (Had a few of these out of selling to well over 500 orders in a matter of months but I have fought back and won must)
Offers not syncing
Facebook not syncing properly with our direct website
Many Features not working
Not honoring fulfillment times
I can go on and on
Support with Facebook is a dead end. I provide so much support and work in our store I literally fulfill the job of 10-15 ppl as one individual Facebook has a paid team. I wish I could clone my self and help ya but they got to pay me my worth period.

By Jenna Potts
May 30 2022

I am also experiencing this issue. I schedule a post and it just disappears.

By Jackie
May 30 2022

Scheduling posts and they are not showing up. They just disappear. Have tried on desktop & on phone app. Never had this issue. Schedule posts all the time now I cannot

By Gary Ball
May 30 2022

will post facebook posts but gives error in instagram post and wont post. have logged in and out of both programs several times and no change

By Lucio
May 30 2022

Impossible to schedule on Meta Business Suite. Once I schedule nothing appears in the calendar, I tried several times with several accounts and pages

By Joao Brites
May 29 2022

I've the same problem since 2, 3 days. I schedule a post and it just disappears... anyone with the same problem?

By Ellen White
May 29 2022

Our Meta account is posting to the wrong Instagram accounts and we manage about 20 different business within the business app

By Stephanie Roth
May 28 2022

When scheduling a post for a client it is actually posting to a completely different clients Instagram. Posting totally fine with Facebook. The issues are with Instagram. It started after Facebook forced me to complete the two step security process.

By Gus
May 27 2022

I can’t schedule or post either, everything works up until I actually schedule or post. Then absolutely nothing happens!

By Lisa
May 27 2022

My scheduled posts are moved to different accounts. Please advise. This is a nightmare

By Johanna
May 27 2022

scehduling not working... i schedule a post and it just disappears

By Georgia Smith
May 27 2022

When I go to save a post as a draft, it's not showing up in my drafts. Why is this?

By Justine
May 26 2022

Every time I schedule a post, it routes to the wrong account which is a nightmare for a social media manager!!

By Kirstie Pirie
May 26 2022

Scheduled posts not working correctly and routing to the wrong page although not showing on scheduled posts. Showing them in Creator studio but cannot edit or delete them from there. Infuriating!

By Kris Dubas
May 24 2022

When I create a post for Schneider’s Hardware it will not post. The issue started Friday May 20.

By Karin
May 24 2022

Can’t even login to the business suite app on my phone. “Sorry an unexpected error occurred. Please try again later. Error code: 10”. This has been going on for the past 3 days. I’m so over it!

By Fred Rosa
May 24 2022

I can't schedule posts or stories. It's driving me nuts.

By chiara
May 24 2022

I'm having issues scheduling. I create a post, set the scheduled time & click post & then noting appears on the scheduling calendar.

By truthvision media
May 24 2022

my meta business suite planner is not showing scheduled posts

By David Sullivan
May 24 2022

I'm having issues scheduling this morning. I create a post, set the scheduled time & click post & then noting appears on the scheduling calendar.

By Gary
May 23 2022

Video upload shows complete but it doesn't post. Deleted app, cleared cache etc and still nothing. It will post words but not videos at the moment for some reason.

By Liz Mackie
May 22 2022

I can’t schedule anything on Business Suite. I’ve tried removing & reinstalling the app but it hasn’t helped

By Jasmine
May 22 2022

I am able to schedule a post and story, however, I can not edit it. I can't add text, crop, add stickers, anything.

By Laurie O'Brien
May 19 2022

Can't post, or schedule a post

By Hanna Järvinen
May 17 2022

Tried to do several things (schedule stories, adding reels etc.). Doesn't work... once again. So frustrating.

By Chris Snip
May 14 2022

The app freezes as soon as I added content, pictures and tags… then it stops; only remedy is to reinstall….

By David Monaghan
May 10 2022

Always crashing
Something went wrong

By Sherif Mohsen
May 07 2022

I always get "Something went wrong. Please try again."
Can't interact with anything on the screen nor seeing my messages or notifications

May 06 2022

I am unable to access business suite.. I keep getting an error message.. I am unable to access my messages on my business pages...

By Jacqui Walsh
May 06 2022

Constantly freezing and crashing after I upload the photo and written content. I loose all work and have to delete app, reinstall and start all over again. Thinking I need to use a different platform.

By Chelsi Wilson
May 05 2022

Every time I try to add a location to a post the app freezes and crashes. I’ve tried erasing the app. Resetting my phone. Etc. nothing fixes it. This has been a 3 day problem.

By Kim Van der Kiste
May 05 2022

For the last few days it freezes in the app . It also crashes if you try to add location from the button

By Chris Waters
May 04 2022

When I try to make a post from the app, it freezes and I have to start all over. Very annoying. I tried to delete the app and reinstall it but that doesn’t work

By Aimee
May 02 2022

I am unable to create posts in my planner or from my post and stories tab. Is anyone else having a problem with this? It is super frustrating. Is anyone else having this problem? Any help would be appreciated.

By deanna todd
May 01 2022

i downloaded the app it wont link my facebook to it and other stuff when i log in on my computer it works but not on my phone i am uninstalled and reinstalled and still same issues , help me

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