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Published by on 2019-12-17

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Calm Reviews

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    Life changing

    I used to use Headspace for meditation (which is a fine app - especially if you’re just getting started) but Calm has helped me take things to a whole other level. The Headspace meditations were essentially all the same - there are maybe four variations but he cycles through those four and you get the same mix regardless of what series you’re working on (stress, anxiety, work performance, etc). I feel like the Calm meditations go much deeper and I’m noticing a huge difference in myself after switching over to Calm. Historically, I’m somewhat self critical and I have a higher than normal baseline for general anxiety (although I wouldn’t say that I have an anxiety disorder by any means). At times, these things make me impulsive or reactive in certain ways that I don’t like. I feel like I’m much more self aware after switching to Calm and I’m able to identify when I’m experiencing certain feelings and deal with them in a healthy way. Aside from that, I’m much more enthusiastic about my meditation practice and I’m meditating more often since I learn new skills every day rather than sitting through the same old boring meditation. Calm gives you a toolbox with multiple different tools that you can use in various situations. I love it and highly recommend it to anyone.

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    Worth so much more than I ever imagined

    This app has had an incredible impact on my mental health and overall quality of life. It has changed my perspectives and state-of-mind in ways that have been beneficial to every aspect of my everyday life and well-being, in a countless number of ways. By committing to the habit and genuine effort to a mere 10 minutes of meditation a day, I have observed a significant change to the way my brain works and handles day-to-day tasks and situations. I have gained peace-of-mind, appreciation, more quality and meaningful time spent with my family, the ability to approach things in ways that are more practical and productive and less stressful.... And this is just to name a few ways meditation has been useful and life-changing. My 10yo son insists on using it before bed every night in order to help him unwind and get a better night’s sleep. I use it for tension relief and to soothe migraines, or to calm myself down when I’m angry or upset. The mind is so powerful and can truly enhance one’s quality of life and well-being in ways you could never imagine possible. By obtaining a better mindset and maintaining the ways in which your brain works and thinks, you can come to realize what sort of impact it can make on your overall health, happiness and life.

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    Love This App!

    I am a lifelong insomniac. I spend most nights staring at the ceiling for an hour or more before I fall asleep if I do at all. This app has helped so much in getting myself into "sleep mode" and calming down & stopping my brain from rewinding the day or cycling through the next day's schedule. I occasionally listen to music but I mostly stick to the readings. My only request is to get Matthew McConaughey to do more readings! I have tried listening to others and they just don't work. I'd say my biggest complaint is they are all reading as though they are reading to an audience that's awake and aware. They are either too loud (even on the lowest setting) or reading with too much inflection which excites one rather than lulling one to sleep. MM knew his audience and his reading is in a very soft tone, his voice is calming and relaxing and he also seems to lower his voice as the story goes on, barely above a whisper by the end. All in all his is the perfect presentation and the only one I can fall asleep to! So please keep this story in rotation and if you can convince him to do more, please do! Otherwise I am content listening to the same story night after night.

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    Sleep Stories are AMAZING!

    This App is my absolutely favorite to use when I’m going to sleep. I got it solely for the sleep stories and I’m absolutely obsessed. It’s like being a kid again and getting a beautiful story read to you by a soothing voice. While I use the app mainly for sleep stories I’ve used the meditation, background music, and breathing exercise options on the app as well. I used to use Headspace for a lot of my meditation sessions but with Calm having so many additional features I switched over fairly quickly. The only problem I have with this app is that I can’t set up a playlist/cue of the stories I want to fall asleep to. Sometimes I can’t fall asleep right away so I have to go through the process of unlocking my phone, setting up another story, and trying to settle down once again just to set up another story to be read. It quickly becomes irritating, especially on nights when I can’t fall asleep easily and have to go through the process of setting up an additional three stories and eventually giving up in the end. So if that can somehow be added then it’ll get my full 5 stars. But having nights where I’m on and off my phone throughout the night definitely makes me feel frustrated enough to keep it at 4 stars.

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    Free features aren’t bad, but a few issues.

    I recently re-downloaded this app and like the free features (when I downloaded it years ago one of my favorite features was “Scenes,” so as long as I have access to those for free, this app will stay on my phone). However, it’s a bit annoying that I now have a “Daily Calm Perception” notification on my screen that is locked and that I can’t remove. I don’t purchase app subscriptions, though I would be more than willing to support this app by individually buying content I was interested in as one-time purchases). If you don’t plan on allowing users to buy content separately, can you please at least give us the option to only view non-subscription content if we wish (with no content we can’t access clogging up the screen)? I read another review stating that some of the music was available to non-subscribers. It all appears locked for me. Can you clarify please? Also, are all 7 days for any of the meditations unlocked for free users? I just listened to the first day of “7 Days of Calming Anxiety” but I don’t think I can listen to the second one (or even repeat day one w/o subscribing, which is a bit ridiculous IMO). Please consider alternative payment models in the future. I’d love to support the app, just not with a subscription.

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    helps u sleep, app needs options for personalization

    I have had this app for more than a year and have very much enjoyed listening to many stories, perfect for lulling you off to sleep. I enjoy/prefer non-fiction stories and have heard all offerings multiple times. I find the whispered stories super creepy… But maybe thats just me. I haven’t listened to any music selections. For the high subscription price though, the app should be nearly perfect, when in fact there are features missing. First, I wish that they would allow you to remove the stories that you don’t care for from the “playlist” so you wouldn’t have to sift through them each time you look for something you want to listen to. Additionally they are EXTRAORDINARILY SLOW to add new stories so consequently I have listened to the same “favorite” stories many many many times. I wish also that there were an option to list stories by “newest” so if they do add a new one it will readily be evident. The “nap” stories should not be listed with the “sleep” stories, since those have a “wake up” feature at the end. With a few minor tweaks to allow a user personalize their preferences and more frequent content updates, this app could be exceptional.

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    So effective, a help in healing, in finding peace

    I LOVE this ap. I had a near death experience (NDE) a little over a year ago. The emotional path that can follow was a little tough, as was seeing and feeling the imperfectness of being a human more intensely. Thanks to a few friends who had raved about meditation apps at a family reunion (not mine), I search and found this ap a few weeks after the NDE. I love the effective, short Daily Calm meditation (~10-12 minutes), so easy to fit in, so effective in creating a calming break for the mind which can bring at least a moment’s peace, and can also help bring a much longer peaceful perspective reset. There’s even a three minute emergency meditation, nighttime sleep meditations, specific areas of interest series as well as wonderful option of Master Classes. Check it out. My longest streak (it tracks this for you) was 27 day, just after the NDE, but some were just a day or two before I miss a day or two. Focusing on the breath ... your breath ... following it. So effective. And the reflections at the end, with the beautiful daily picture ... are daily gems. Thanks to Tamara Levitt, thanks to Daily Calm.

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    Grateful for this app

    Over the last 5 months, I’ve been on a journey of personal growth. There was a lot that I was complacent about in life and I was tired of it. At the beginning, I had heard from my brother about meditation and all the benefits of it. I was half-invested, not sure if I believed all the claims (I hadn’t read any studies). So, I tried it a couple of times, but hadn’t had that meditation where it clicked yet. After a couple months though, I did some more research and started to meditate more regularly. While I am finally feeling more comfortable meditating alone, Calm helped guide me the entire way. There have been so many days where the messages and techniques from Calm have been extremely impactful on my life. The creators of this app did an absolutely fantastic job. And that’s not to say that the ultimate goal is to only meditate by myself. After a couple of days of mediating on my own, I love to come back to a guided session of the 21 days of calm and hear a message/lesson again. All in all, I highly recommend using Calm if you want to learn great techniques of meditation and also be inspired to improve and grow as a person.

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    One year, huge difference

    I picked up Daily Calm after I realized my insurance had such a high mental health deductible that it would effectively never cover weekly therapy sessions. So I looked for other ways to get through a really stressful series of major life events including the death of a family member. I thought I’d try meditation. I’ve been using this app to guide short mediation sessions about an average of four times a week for over a year and it’s genuinely helped me. I can honestly say I’ve gained a life skill that I use every day even when the app is closed - closing my eyes and focusing on the breath for a few seconds even while I’m on the train or in a waiting room or about to go to an intense meeting at the office. This app isn’t the only way to gain that skill by any means, but it’s the one I picked up and it’s been pretty great. If you’re going through a hard time, the other things that have helped me the most with the depression and anxiety are gardening, hiking, in-person tabletop gaming, and cannabis microdosing. Crazy sounding combo, I realize, but I’m in *such* a better place than I was a year ago. Thanks for helping, Daily Calm.

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    Elegant. Useful. Compelling.

    I’ve been using Calm for about two years now; It is hard to believe I’ve logged several hundred meditation sessions. My mind still wonders. A lot. AND: I’ve strengthened several key muscles: concentration, clarity, equanimity, friendliness (which I learned about from Jeff Warren’s incredible 30-day meditation course included in the app). I’ve recommended this app more than any other (I’ve tried, enjoyed, and positively reviewed several of the popular meditation apps), and I’ve heard from even occasional meditators that it has improved their skill and outlook. Another thing Jeff taught me: you don’t measure how effective/useful meditation is based on how many times your mind wanders when you sit, you look at how often and how smoothly you find yourself applying the concepts and activating the muscles you gain from sitting. The number of times I smile and notice something in a typical day is in the dozens. This app has definitely enriched my daily experience. It is worth trying, it is worth paying for, it is worth prioritizing in your life. (May you be happy; may you be strong; may you feel like you belong.)

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    I need Daily Calm every day

    Ever since I tried the free version of Daily Calm I knew it was exactly what I needed. I have used the premium subscription for a year now and Calm has more than met my expectations but exceeded them by far. Every morning I am in guided meditation with Tamara and then I do the gentle morning wake up stretches which have made a huge difference in the pain I used to have from my back issues. I do the chair stretches at work and the back care exercises when my lower back is hurting. I also listen to the sleep stories every night and fall asleep before half the story is over. These stories are so soothing and relaxing. And there are so many different stories and meditations to choose from. I can’t wait to delve into the talks given by experts regarding mindfulness and breaking bad habits, etc. I just wish I had more time to spend on Calm because I enjoy it so much. It has been worth every penny and i just renewed my subscription. Daily Calm is exactly what I need on a daily and nightly basis. I absolutely love it and look forward to another year with these wonderful people in this amazing app.

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    21days of Calm ... and so much more

    Do you experience any stress in your life? Or, perhaps your life is spinning out of control. Or, if not, you may find yourself somewhere in between. The Calm app does not solve life‘s problems but it does help reframe them to give us a better way of living with and living through our problems. One of the greatest features is the Daily Calm which is a 10+ minute meditation. This does not mean zoning out to some strange mantra and pursuing another mystical realm! Instead, the user is guided through various styles of mindfulness. At the conclusion, guidance is given on how to approach life or reframe our issues in order to better live life rather than life dominating you. If you do choose to subscribe, there are probably hundreds of targeted series (and growing)-/ everything from sleeping better to dealing with relationships with others, dealing with loss and even dealing with yourself. Using this app consistently (I use it frequently, not daily—I sometimes forget or get caught up in my business!) will surely help you not control your life but learn to not be controlled by your life.

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    Daily sessions to look forward to

    I never knew much about meditation until a mentor introduced me to the practice. It is exactly that, a practice. I found it difficult at first to stay focused but found that it came more easily the more I did it. I became hooked and noticed the positive impact it had on all aspects of my busy, hectic life. I knew I wanted to continue guided meditation and my mentor recommend finding an app that I liked. After trying free-trials of several apps I knew hands down this was the one for me. The selection of background sounds, and her soothing voice were exactly what I was looking for. The length of sessions are sufficient to fully relax and recharge yet not too cumbersome to fit into a busy schedule. I come to look forward to the sessions at the end of each day as my “me time.” I like that there are pre-programmed sessions aimed at specific topics or goals and there are daily sessions as well. The fact that the app keeps track of my progress helps to keep me motivated to never skip a day. I can’t say enough good things about this app, well worth every penny!! I am hooked.

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    Love, love, love!!

    I absolutely love this app. I’m a Christian and a senior in college. Previous meditation experiences have made me so uncomfortable because they ask me to recite something or meditate on something that goes against my religion. This app doesn’t do that! Also, I struggle with the epidemic in out world of Hurry Sickness (google it. It’s a thing.) I do too much, say yes to too much, worry myself, stress myself out, and don’t give myself quiet time. This app reminds me to care for my heart and brain. I meditate daily, every morning using the daily calm. I then do a timed meditation and spend time in prayer and meditating on my God. Starting my day like this makes me so prepared to deal with the hurry of life. I also do at least one other meditation throughout the day. I love the sleep meditations. I haven’t tried the stories yet, and I’ve been using this app for several months. I think I’ll focus too much on the voice and story to fall asleep. So! I just do a guided sleep meditation. I have no requests for how to fix this app. The price is reasonable and I’ve had no issues with the app. 10/10 recommended!!!

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    Helped Me Through A Crises

    My father died March 4, 2019, of vascular dementia and Parkinsonism. This app got me through a year of grief and anxiety - the likes of which I had never experienced- so deep was our hurt watching our father die so slowly and losing him bit-by-bit over time. His sickness was made more stressful because my parents live in another state and I was driving 12-hours every weekend to get to them. Plus, I was in grad school, working full-time and had (still do) very involved children in both high school and college. Beginning last summer, the grief and worry was becoming so great that I couldn’t breathe. My mind was racing so fast, I couldn’t sleep. Even using prescriptions to sleep and relax, I knew I needed more help so went online, really, sort of desperate. I found “Calm.” I didn’t miss many days meditating after that. The sleep stories replaced my prescription meds for sleep (eventually), and Calm was an anchor as the end for Dad got closer and when he died. As a college professor, I recommend it now to all my students. I see Calm as an essential part of my healthy life.

Is Calm Safe?

Yes. Calm is very safe to use. This is based on our NLP (Natural language processing) analysis of over 686,330 User Reviews sourced from the Appstore and the appstore cumulative rating of 5/5. Justuseapp Safety Score for Calm Is 100/100.

Is Calm Legit?

Yes. Calm is a totally legit app. This conclusion was arrived at by running over 686,330 Calm User Reviews through our NLP machine learning process to determine if users believe the app is legitimate or not. Based on this, Justuseapp Legitimacy Score for Calm Is 90/100.

Is Calm not working?

Calm works most of the time. If it is not working for you, we recommend you excersise some patience and retry later or Contact Support.

Twitter Reviews for Calm

@ESO_at_JHSPH Free access to a premium account on the @calm meditation app for all Hopkins affiliates.

@haillieparker I have listened to the same @calm sleep story about the Trans-Siberian Railway everysingle night for the last 6mos (!!!) until last night. The Harry Styles story/experience was so amazing that I may not return to the train and tbh the feeling is similar to a light break up

@louisisgoldxn @calm I only painted and went to town and bought hair dye and put it on and it’s watermelon sugar colours obvis and yea it’s not enough I need to live my day like it’s the lasttt😹

@Hayley_1220 @calm I love harryyy styles say hi to him for me

@thinkitate @anandc @calm @TamaraLevitt Oak is my go to app for meditation. It's free also. I have been doing mantra meditation and it's a game changer. To improve streaks, a 10 PM reminder has worked for me. If I skipped meditation during the day, I try to complete a 10 mins session before sleep.

@Headspace @hapfieverafter @calm Yes, this was a known issue, which is now resolved. To see details go here:

@JulieSLalonde @sassymonkey @calm Yesssssssssss I also live to Alan Sklar and Eric Braa A LOT. I love me some deep voices!

@iJoshRichardson @JulietteReilly_ Try the @calm app. It helps me reduce stress and makes it easier to sleep. 💕☺️

@stylessisternyc @sarahthesinger @calm Same. I was going to cancel the free trial after listening to Harry’s story but I’m keeping the app. Been using it every morning and night. And Harry’s story is soooo nice 😴✨💫#calm

@dalstonEDU "We shall not cease from exploration, and the end of all our exploring will be to arrive where we started and know the place for the first time." - T.S. Eliot #DailyCalm #shoshin via @TamaraLevitt @calm #breathe #be #blossom ☀️❤️🌳🌎🌍🌏

@suetthatsme @JamesMelville Hey @calm Forget Harry Styles on your app. I want this man to read me stories at bedtime.

@EneTihut @ellyloveszarry_ Objection your honor. As a matter of fact I might sue @calm &Sir @Harry_Styles cuz I was promised to be lulled to sleep, not have all my senses tantalized, awoken & caressed only to be left wet & wide awake!That's no damn sleep story, that's a violation!🤣You know who loved it?😉

@Zoella Us sleeping soundly all week after listening to the @Harry_Styles story on @Calm app 💤 #Dreamwithharry 📸 : Toby_biny

@inaralovesNiall Please consider our request @NiallOfficial & @calm Niall has one of the best voices & accents ever to exist! I would listen to this all day long if it happened! 🥺💖 #NiallDoASleepStory #DreamWithNiall

@Sparkiegirl44 @calm I have a failsafe way for you to add more members for your app. Add @SamHeughan to your list of bedtime story tellers. It would be fantastic.

@sed8mee @trickyorgana Get to the @calm app and let @Harry_Styles lul you to sleep 😴 💫

@20Valencia02 I was listening to #DreamWithHarry last night and it did the opposite of what it was supposed to do 😂 Harry's voice was too comforting that I was paranoid the whole time that there was gonna be a jump scare so I couldn't fall asleep (I watched it on YouTube not on the @calm app)

@alex_phillips98 Can’t seem to fall asleep so I’m just going to listen to Dream With Me narrated by @Harry_Styles on the @calm app.

@Allthelovealwa1 @HSHQ @calm I love u so so so much my love!!❤️❤️ I need to hear your voice, this is perfect!!❤️❤️ Thank u so much babe!!❤️❤️ I’m so proud of u!!❤️❤️ Listening to #FINELINE everyday, its a masterpiece!!👏👏❤️❤️ Lovelove❤️❤️ @Harry_Styles @HSHQ @calm #DreamWithHarry

@ACNH_cazville @calm app is about to come on, ninite everyone ✨

@flickerhigh so i was listening to @calm & @5SOS collabs and got the urge to draw something... so i tried realistic again and i think i did ok. interact with this tweet if you wanna see it!! it's not 5sos tho fair warning

@Crismoraess28 @MikeAdamOnAir Its not a song, but I'm listening "Dream with you" from @Harry_Styles to @calm

@aleah_dal Petition for @Harry_Styles to do more on the @calm app

@itsemilyonair I just listened to a snippet of the @Harry_Styles story for the @calm app for research purposes for my show and... I feel things. Oofff. Yes.

@amandareid Harry Styles reads a bedtime "story" on the @calm app that is 100% about fantasy/wish fulfillment. "Come sit next to me by the fire..."

@quirkstie @Coffaye__ @HSHQ @calm I might not be able to fall asleep bc I’ll just be kilig all night long 😫


@ETCanada Get ready for sweet dreams thanks to @Harry_Styles and @calm🌙✨ The "Adore You" singer has teamed up with the app where he narrates the 30-minute sleep story #DreamWithMe☁

@Zoella Us sleeping soundly all week after listening to the @Harry_Styles story on @Calm app 💤 #Dreamwithharry 📸 : Toby_biny

@DeirdreKrenz @HSHQ @calm Omg. I’ve had Calm awhile and mostly have rain or water, crickets, an owl, as I go to sleep. I love Harry, but I think I’d just giggle to hear. Will try it tonight, though!

@foolcurly Can we talk about this? @Harry_Styles reading us a story to makes us fall asleep. I think it’s the best thing ever!!! Thank you so much @calm for this opportunity, we love it!! Now I’m going back to sleep while listening to this, even if it’s 11h am.

@eashleyvickers @calm I've been using your app for a few months now and I love everything about it but Harry Styles reading a story for me to fall asleep to is the icing on the cake 🥰

@_FemalePharaoh If the @calm app got Blair Underwood to read bedtime stories on there they could get my money. Because that man’s voice is golden 😻✨

@BridgetEBarry Hi @MattBellassai I just need to know that you know that Harry Styles narrates a 40 min sleepytime story in the @calm app called Dream With Me. Ok my work here is done bye.

@heartnortheast This week @Harry_Styles made his debut on the @calm app, but we had a few ideas to make it even more relaxing... 🛌😴 #DreamWithMe 🎙@emil_franchi

@GeorgieEmilyyy So last night I go onto my @calm app and I see @Harry_Styles has a sleep story on there... well I have no idea how it ended as it sent me straight to sleep but my god that guy has a voice 😍

@pabl0godoy So, if would tell me months ago that @Harry_Styles would partner with the @calm app to tell a bedtime story, and that I would listen to it & actually fall asleep like a baby, you would have been right. 😁

@TheVenusMagz [email protected]_Styles Lends His Voice to New @calm App Story A 30-minute feature designed to help users relax and fall asleep.

@becca_emily24 So the @calm app has now put on a sleep story narrated by @Harry_Styles and with his voice I’m not sure if it’s supposed to be relaxing or arousing but either way- job well done 👍🏻 👏🏻 found my new sleep story for the next year 😏😍

@LivHankin @HSHQ @calm i actually signed up for a free trial for this and i love it... i know this is suppose to calm you down but like i can’t when i listen to it. love you with all my heart xx

@inaralovesNiall Please consider our request @NiallOfficial & @calm Niall has one of the best voices & accents ever to exist! I would listen to this all day long if it happened! 🥺💖 #NiallDoASleepStory #DreamWithNiall

@mariaannesf @brittany_broski Using my @calm app to find my elusive sleep, and...just spent 10 minutes searching for this tweet. Download the app, it’s great! You’re welcome! 😉😷

@Heliecopter @calm why do you not reply to emails. You make it almost impossible to make contact

@TheRealPhilBla1 @carlradke @calm Cuz they been playing that commercial last ,funny,Come on Carl...Go to God, one baby step at a time u will become the man u want to be, speaking from experience. I love you brodog:);) #MoreGod We all need emotion, social,financial, spiritual, physical and mental health #Balance

@carrythewaves_ Would like to add that i'm sure that isn't the @calm app because i already tried it once and never helped me, maybe is because @Harry_Styles's voice is so calmy and dreamy.

@JitikaParekh @HSHQ @calm Okay... downloaded this app just to listen his voice ❤️❤️!!

@RealLiz_Khalifa i need cillian murphy to read a story on the @calm app in his voice and then another story in tommy shelby’s voice.

@inaralovesNiall Please consider our request @NiallOfficial & @calm Niall has one of the best voices & accents ever to exist! I would listen to this all day long if it happened! 🥺💖

@flickerofgold @Calm We at BeckInara, would like to formally request that Niall Horan please do a sleep story. He has the most soothing voice & dreamy accent, & we believe it would help many to have a peaceful sleep. Please consider our request! Thank you! #NiallDoASleepStory #DreamWithNiall

@BrookeCullison The @calm app really robbed me of $70 with this new @Harry_Styles bedtime story, but I'm not even mad. They clearly looked at their user demos and found an excellent #brandpartner to fill in the gap. Where's their #masterclass? 👏