How to get Grasshopper Virtual Phone System free trial

How to get Grasshopper for Free - No Credit Card Required

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Last updated: 2021-05-24

What is Grasshopper?

Grasshopper is a cloud-based phone app modeled for small enterprises. 

It has phoning components like extensions and call interchange but isn't an authentic collective communications app that incorporates call service with email and video conferencing.



Grasshopper concentrates its services largely on phoning.  All Grasshopper plans have the same set of features:

  • Customers can phone anyone from their smartphone or computer already in use. Calls made through Grasshopper’s mobile or desktop apps indicate the business number, not the user’s phone number
  • Pre-recorded messages customers will hear as soon as they call your business.
  • Call forwarding enables incoming calls to be delivered to many phones so that you never miss a call. Dispatching can be designed to include hourly, daily, weekly, and vacation schedules as the case may be.
  • Voicemail transcription which helps users convert their voicemails to text so your messages can be read on a computer or smartphone.
  • Other important phone calling features such as choosing or introducing a local business phone number, blocking undesirable calls, and transferring calls (complete with hold music) 

With the necessities of the smallest of companies its preference, Grasshopper gives a virtual phone system that offers pre-recorded greetings. Another feature is the call forwarding and an instant response feature that automatically responds to missed calls.  Grasshopper depends on solid internet and cell phone network connections.

In contrast to some different business phone services, Grasshopper is not equipped with email and video conferencing capacities. Although it does offer video and audio conferencing, as well as screen sharing, via a third party.

Its low monthly fee pattern supersedes the per-user monthly charge that is more common among business phone service providers. While its biggest plan includes just five phone numbers, Grasshopper enables you to add more numbers for an additional $10 per number, plus additional extensions.


How long is Grasshopper Free Trial?

The Grasshopper app is absolutely free, with no charges or in-app purchases whatsoever. This means that beginners and intermediaries can learn all there is to know about basic and intermediary coding.



Pricing Plans: How much does Grasshopper cost per month?

Grasshopper proffers three plans, along with a free seven-day trial. 

All plans comprise at least one business phone number with at least three extensions, plus mobile and desktop apps, VoIP and Wi-Fi phoning, texting, call forwarding, faxing and voicemails. Also including custom greetings, call transfers, 24/7 tech support, phone reports, and more. 

Monthly fees start at a flat rate of $26 when paid annually and increase up to a flat rate of $89 when paid monthly for Grasshopper’s top level plan.


  • Solo: The Solo schedule delivers what its name implies, giving service to solo entrepreneurs or people working a side hustle. At $26 per month, billed yearly, the plan provides one phone number and three extensions that can forward to any number you choose – or directly to you.
  • Partner: Grasshopper maintains that this is their most outstanding alternative. The Partner plan is developed for enterprises with up to three employees. It comes with three phone numbers, plus six extensions. The plan amounts to $44 monthly when paid yearly.
  • Small Business: The Small Business agenda gives greater call-routing flexibility for larger small businesses. With a flat monthly fee of $80 when billed annually ($89 if paid monthly), the plan is Grasshopper’s most costly, but it delivers up to five phone numbers and unlimited extensions.


Which Plan is the Best for my business?

Grasshopper commences at $29 per month for the Solo package, or $26 monthly when billed annually. This package includes one phone number and three extensions. 

Businesses that need extra numbers should contemplate using the Partner option, which gives three different numbers for $49 per month or $44 per month if billed annually. 

Companies with more workers may want to opt for the Small Business plan, which offers five different phone numbers and unlimited extensions.  It costs $89 monthly, or $80 per month if charged yearly. More phone numbers can be added for a price. Changes to service plans can be made at any time. Upgrades take effect instantly, and downgrades are indicated in the next billing cycle.

While most business phone services in our rating tax for every user you add, Grasshopper only charges a flat fee monthly for the service. For small companies that need only a few numbers and extensions, Grasshopper can be considerably less expensive than its competitors. 

When tallying your expenses, bear in mind that for any plan you’ll have  to pay for your own phone service from a third-party provider.


How to get the Grasshopper Free Trial

  1. Go to
  2. Click on the “Start Free Trial” button
  3. Follow the instructions.

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How To Cancel Grasshopper Free Trial.

  1. Call Grasshopper customer service at 1-833-851-8340 , a toll-free line.
  2. Ask the agent to cancel your Grasshopper account.
  3. Remind them to send you a confirmation email.

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