Contact Quizlet: Learn with Flashcards

Contact Quizlet: Learn with Flashcards

Published by on 2022-09-19

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Listed below are our top recommendations on how to get in contact with Quizlet: Learn with Flashcards. We make eduacted guesses on the direct pages on their website to visit to get help with issues/problems like using their site/app, billings, pricing, usage, integrations and other issues. You can try any of the methods below to contact Quizlet: Learn with Flashcards. Discover which options are the fastest to get your customer service issues resolved..
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Reported Issues: 34 Comments

By Idaho Superhero geek 734562318

Learned it banner covers up the bottom of the flash card

Don’t use this app if there are any long scientific words or definitions that you need to memorize. When studying the flash cards the bottom of the card will always say learned it with a little hand pointing right, or study again with a hand pointing left. Embarrassingly for this app, this covers up the bottom of the flash card you are trying to study. So if you have a long enough definition, (which is super common for anyone in the STEM field, and most likely true for those outside of it) you won’t actually be able to use the whole flash card. If there was an option to change the font size of the flash card this would be easily resolved. I have no idea how they haven’t noticed or resolved this years ago considering how long this app has been around. Pictures also cannot be added to both sides of a flash card which really would not be that hard to program. And if you are going to pay extra money to be able to add pictures you would think the advantage would be visually memorizing things, I.e. matching a complex equation with a plot. The picture also can’t be alone on the back of a flash card. If text is not added the app will glitch and not even show the picture. In conclusion don’t use this app if you are studying STEM or anything with a long definitions. Also don’t pay to add pictures to the flash cards unless you only plan on adding a picture to one side.

By Emily Klingman

Terrible Update Issues- please change it back!!!

I am so upset. I have used this app for years since starting in medical school and have hundreds of flashcard sets. In the past few months, it has been glitchy but the recent update in the past month really destroyed it. My cards keep getting shuffled without me using the shuffle feature and it is wasting huge amounts of time to place them back in order, especially since there is no easy way to do this. Sometimes, cards are also not saved somehow. Again, I have been using this app for years so I know it has not always been this way. Also, the phone update made it so that you cannot turn your phone sideways to see the cards which makes cards with a lot of text on them difficult to read. You also used to be able to enlarge pictures and zoom in very well on your phone, but now you can’t do either. You also can’t go through the cards on your phone as easily as before by simply swiping left or right. The new system is much more complicated and annoying to use. The appearance of the cards also do not look as clean as they did before, by trying to make them look more like a stack of paper flashcards. I have relied on this app for a long time and recommended it to many people. Please please please change it back to how it was before!!!!!

By Sarahmaexxx

The update ruined everything

Please fix the app. I have relied on this app through nursing school. It is my everything when it comes to studying. The new update, which happened a couple of days ago, has made this app unreliable and defective. I’m so upset. Now, when I go to add to a set, and click add notecard, it doesn’t jump to the end and continue the set. Instead, it inserts it as like, card 3. Right at the beginning. I have to scroll through 200+ notecards to get to the end. It’s way too easy to accidentally DELETE a note card! Never to know what it was again. ALSO.. if I try to delete that random blank one that was inserted in the beginning, it shuffles the order of my notecards. The order they are in is very important in what I’m studying. Then I go to “set to original order” and it doesn’t change it back. They’re stuck. It’s touchy, finicky. ANOTHER EX- If I go to add a new notecard, I type whatever question I want into the front, click the “flip”, type the answer in the back, and if I flip it back to the front to add something, what I typed has disappeared. I now have to retype it all out. It’s like I have to save each and every notecard in fear they’ll delete or the text will go away. Please... I’m BEGGING you to save my college career by bringing the original this app back. Thank you

By Denise Gant
Sep 23 2022

Dear Quizlet Support,

I’m hoping you can assist with an issue that we, DLI Helpdesk, continue to have when we attempt to provide accounts with some of our students.

The issue is that they may already have a personal account but have been tasked by their respective departments to open an account specific to the DLIFLC with their email. That is the case here. Niloufar has a couple of accounts already associated with her email but they are personal. I have sent her the link to directly signup to DLIFLC but she cannot sign in.

We thought about deleting the other accounts so that they would not interfere, but if we do that she will lose years of work. Is there a way you can provide assistance to keep that from happening?

Please let us know at your earliest convenience as school is already underway.


Denise Gant
Technical Systems Trainer
Educational Technology Support Services
Office of the Deputy Chief of Staff for Information Technology
Defense Language Institute Foreign Language Center
Lintech Global, Inc. Contractor
Email: [email protected]

By Melissa Stefan
May 26 2022

I didnt sign up or this service and have a charge on my credit card April 26, 2022. Please refund me and cancel this mistaken subscription.

By Lisa Zachry
Mar 04 2022

I deleted my Quizlet account but I also need to cancel my subscription.

By Dan Hallahan
Dec 20 2021

Retired in June and no longer use quizlet. I was automatically billed $34.99 in November. My quizlet teacher email was [email protected] Please take my name off of your billing and active list

By Amy Considine
Nov 08 2021

I cannot input my new credit card information. The form will not take it. It says it is wrong. What do i do??

By Steve
Oct 22 2021

I'm told you can't bill me and that I should "click below" to update my billing method. However, there is nothing "below" to "click". How in the world can I ensure that the method has been updated. I think it is going through Amazon and there is zero issue with payments from there, so at least try again. Please get back to me asap.

By Susan Weikers
Sep 19 2021

CANCEL my subscription unable to access my account PLEASE CONFIRM

Jun 17 2021


By Risikat Sanusi
Jun 16 2021

Please cancel my subscription. I have sent multiple email. Please cancel my subscription.

By Muddnluvnit
May 19 2021

This place is nothing but a SCAM! DO NOT DO THE 7 DAY SUPPOSEDLY TRIAL. That’s how they scam you in and then when you cancel they steal your money cause that’s exactly what it is stealing. I did not give you permission to take that money I CANCELLED YOUR CRAPPY SITE. I even took a screen shot of where it says I would not be charged and that it would be canceled. But yet here we are $47.88 gone because you people are scam artist and thieves. I want my money back or I’m reporting you because from the looks of it I’m not the only one you’ve scammed out of it.

By LaTonya Boston
Mar 21 2021

I have deleted my account but forgot to cancel subscription please help cancel my subscription

By Danielle Liberio
Dec 03 2020

I need to cancel my subscription now. Please help me cancel this. Thanks

By Ayala Shahaf
Nov 30 2020

Good morning,
I paid for upgrade with 40%.

I need the receipt and a proof of payment.

Please contact me ASAP.

thank you and have a great day,

By Nathan
Nov 27 2020

Do not buy a subscription through quizlet. They will steal your money even if you cancel your auto renewal or even cancel a free week. I was billed a full year even after I cancelled everything. Will never recommend this site you are better off anywhere else.

By siavash Roohanifar
Nov 13 2020

I would like to check on my subscriptio expiration date but I am unable to since I had changed my name several time and How can I talk to some by phone about this issues!

By Sarah Hutchins
Nov 04 2020

A couple of days ago my teenage daughter (in high school) was charged $45.45 for a subscription that she did not sign up for. One of her classes in high school does use Quizlet, but the free edition. We are shocked that somehow they got her bank account information and charged her account. I have contacted the company (onyl by e-mail because that is all we could find) and we are still waiting to hear back from them. Now we are forced to dispute this with our bank and cancel her bank card. I am appaled that they are taking advantage of high school students in public school who have to use this for a class.

By Donald Helms
Nov 02 2020

My wife and I are senior citizens and have no children under 35. Our bank account was just charged $47.88 from Quizlet, which we have never heard from. Looks like this is common by this company. Almost impossible to contact you. Our bank has been notified. You need to either be honesty or be shut down. Refund this charge immediately.

By Deanna Talton
Oct 31 2020

I have been charged $47.33 for a Quizlet subscription. I do not even have a Quizlet account. I cannot find an actual phone number to call about this issue. Please refund the $47.33 immediately.

By Johanna Pichlmayer
Oct 30 2020

Dear Sirs and Madames,
I am canceling my subscription to Quizlet, which will expire on November 14, 2020
At the same time, I hereby revoke the direct debit authorization granted to you to debit the costs of the subscription. Please send me a written confirmation of my termination and its effectiveness in the coming days.

Sehr geehrte Damen und Herren,
Hiermit kündige ich mein Abonnement für Quizlet.Das Abo läuft am 14. November 2020 ab
Zeitgleich widerrufe ich hiermit die Ihnen erteilte Einzugsermächtigung zur Abbuchung der Kosten für das Abonnement. Bitte lassen Sie mir in den kommenden Tagen eine schriftliche Bestätigung meiner Kündigung und deren Wirksamkeit zukommen.

Best wishes
Johanna Pichlmayer

By Nikita N Milton
Oct 29 2020

Does anyone have a way to contact them for a refund?!

By Landrie Elstad
Oct 28 2020

Applause to you for making it impossible to contact and cancel a subscription! I tried to cancel my subscription before the 7-day trial was up and there was no option for me to and no indication that I was even in the middle of a 7 day trial. Now that I have been charged the almost $50, I have the option to cancel. I want my money back because I tried to cancel and your website didn't let me until after you got my money. Please refund!!

By Marianna Soltani
Oct 26 2020

Morning, My name is Marianna Soltani and I had not wanted a subscription to QUIZLET. On October 20, 2020, I was charged $47.88 as an annual subscription that I did not want. I had canceled during the trial period but apparently, it did not effectively apply. Please refund the total of $47.88 back to my original form of payment ending in 7296. Please send a confirmation e-mail when done. Thank you.

By Karol O'Neill
Oct 21 2020

I used it once during the trial, but it didn't work well for me. Now I feel like they trapped me into a subscription that I don't want, and there is no way to contact them to cancel and get a refund. Very unsettling business practices.

By Valerie Olson
Oct 20 2020

Your company info (phone number or contact info) is nearly IMPOSSIBLE to find. VERY FRUSTRATING!!!!! I've had a subscription as a teacher for years that I've paid for myself. I finally convinced my school (Bemidji Middle School) to buy 10 teacher subscriptions but they want to use my school email. Will this erase my old tests I've already created and I wanted to get credit for getting 9 more teachers to sign up for Quizlet. I love Quizlet but finding help on this situation is difficult. My username is OlsonGeo4
Valerie Olson
[email protected] is my personal email but my school on is [email protected]

By HELP Education Services Sdn Bhd
Oct 19 2020

Dear Quizlet team, 

Understand from our Ed Tech team that the subscription is now already expired. 
We would appreciate if you could advise us on the payment method so that we could expedite the payment as soon as possible to avoid any impact on the teaching and learning for the school.

Your kind assistance for the above matter is highly appreciated. Thank you.

Jessica Wong 

Tel. + 60 3 7809 7000|   
HELP Education Services Sdn Bhd (802643-A) c/o HELP International School
No. 2 Persiaran Cakerawala, Subang Bestari Seksyen U4, 
40150, Shah Alam, Selangor, Malaysia

By Sarah
Oct 15 2020

I have used quizlet for years, sometimes for free and sometimes with paid account. I recently purchased accounts for me and two colleagues, and am horrified with the ads that are showing up for students! Not appropriate!! I will hesitate to use it now. Please fix this problem!! This should be safe for students to use at school if you are marketing accounts for teachers!!

By Julie
Oct 14 2020

I purchased the teacher edition of quizlet because on the free one, my students were starting to get inappropriate advertisements. I upgraded to get rid of the ads, however, they are still there!!

By Mary Kerr
Sep 17 2020

I am being charged and never requested quizlet at all, would like a way to remove it from my account.

By Sharon Hourihan
Sep 02 2020

I am a parent, teacher, and active in my children’s school community. I am horrified by the Quizlet email today that promoted the NYT’s 1619 Project. This writing is complete revisionist history being pushed by anti-American propagandists. And then to push the idea of white privilege? I’m from a family of immigrants. I’m a first generation American. My husband is an immigrant. There is no white privilege in my family or in my community. I’m surrounded by hard working people who do their best everyday for their families and neighbors. The only white elites I see are the Washington D.C. politicians who get to send their privileged children to private schools.
I will make sure I share your disgraceful email with my school community and local school superintendent.
I would like a response to this email and an explanation for your company’s politically slanted ideals.

By Carol Elias
Aug 30 2020

I agree with all the above users. This is the most difficult subscrption to cancel that I have ever had. Will never use there products again. A big scam. Stay away. You cannot get in touch with a live person. There are no customer service phone numbers listed anywhere.

By Daniel Lockhart/D_J85
Aug 26 2020

I am having trouble canceling my subscription. please cancel all subscriptions.

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