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Published by on 2023-10-27

About: Expert-Designed, Kid-Powered, Playful Learning — Explore HOMER’s essential
early learning app made to help kids build the confidence they need for school
and life. Thoughtfully made educational games for kids aged 2-8.

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Developer: Homer Learning

E-Mail: [email protected]

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Reported Issues: 15 Comments

4.4 out of 5

By Gabrielle Garrett

4 months ago

I have tried to cancel this app multiple times and I am unable to do so. I also have sent them multiple emails to their support team to cancel and nothing is being done. I also have looked for a phone number to contact them and I see nothing. I will be reporting them to the better business bureau today. This is unacceptable for a business to run this way.

By Janel Johnson

11 months ago

Hi homer customer service! I would advise you to refund my money!IMMEDIATELY and promptly,I barely used the app . By the way the most boring app ever now I have abc mouse. I've been charged yesterday (May 25th,2023!) If you don't give my money back to my bank! I'm going to sue you and the company. You Have NO Right taking my money that I earned! How dare you!! Janel Johnson

By jerry

1 year ago

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By michelle livingston

1 year ago

I don't know who ordered this app but I was charged $9.99 that I don't have to spare!!!

By michelle livingston

1 year ago

I don't know who ordered this app but I was charged $9.99 that I don't have to spare!!!

By Emmalthia Eaton - Boehm

1 year ago

I have NEVER used this app in my life never even heard of it. I have been getting charged from here for almost a year. I will be contacting my bank and emailing this company for a full refund on every dime taken from me I accept a response or I will take this further.

By Peter Ivanoff

2 years ago

Dear Sir/Madam, I cancelled my subscription before the trial period to be over and continue to be charged. It has been 6 months and I am really really hopping you will take care and refund these charges and cancel the future charges! Thank you in advance. Peter

By Shelby Mills

2 years ago

I have NEVER used this app. Signed up for a free trial and cannot cancel. Please help me figure out how delete this charge and any future charges from my account. It should not be this difficult. Wish I would have read your terrible reviews first.

By David Carothers

2 years ago

I dont know how I got this App. I was purchasing ABC Mouse and ended up with this crap. Cant contact anyone to cancel it. Been in touch with ABC mouse who is investigating it. Cant sign in to it. Someone needs to contact me!!!

By Kara

2 years ago

Absolutely awful. I canceled my subscription before the deadline and still got charged. I’m so over it. Do not use homer.

By Suseon Bak

3 years ago

My son 4 year old has been doing Homer Reading path way. When I click to start it. It said It has something wrong. I renew the app however it’s still not working. Please let me know what to do

By Cassandra Lamb

3 years ago

I need to cancel my subsciption

By ldysnr

Just realized that I have been paying a monthly fee for two months for nothing

I first saw this app through a Carter’s shipment ad and installed it on my daughters iPad to try (There should be a trial period according to Carter’s ad, may be 2 or 3 months) We tried the entire day (because this would be her first app, so she insisted quite a lot) but this app was never opened so I found another one for my daughter. I had no idea how much this app or what would be the trial term, but since we tried all day that day and could not be successful, I just gave up. Today I realized that this app is making me pay a monthly fee of $9.99 since two months😳 We have never opened the app, never been able to use, even for once, and paid all those money! My suggestion to all future customers would be to go to their settings and cancel their subscriptions in case that they will face the same problem as we do. Apple chat support warned me that it is not enough to delete an app if it is a subscription even during the trial period. Sorry I am not an insider since I have never been able to use the app but I also don’t believe that I am the only person who faces a such problem so wanted to warn you all.

By Jennatrix967

Great App but too many bugs lately

We love this app so much, we’ve had it for almost 2 years now and my kiddo absolutely loves it and has learned so much and I love as a parent that it grows with their knowledge. So if you happen to have an intelligent child that learns at a higher level than their age group, it doesn’t stop or stunt their progress like other learning apps that keep them in their age groups regardless. The cons to this app is unfortunately as of late, now that their trying to “fix bugs”. My kiddo hasn’t been able to successfully get into his learning for the past 2 months and our annual plan is supposed to renew here soon so I’m not sure if to keep it or not as we haven’t been able to use it and has been starting to feel almost like a waste. :/ Please fix these issues as soon as possible, my kiddo has been working so hard on his learning outside of this app but with his adhd this has been the best method we’ve found so far that he can hyper focus with and stay up with his skills and not fall back.

By concha tu mare

Charging for education

I understand that this an application and the developers would like to get what they put in, but how sick is it that you will charge for education instead of investing in someone’s life free of charge just to have the satisfaction that someone learned through your work. I’ve been a teacher for a very long time for young learners. I still don’t like the idea that if I download a GAME it’s all free..I download EDUCATION oh, I have to pay. I don’t live in the states, I don’t make dollars, and I sure as HELL don’t think ANY parent should pay to teach their kid their ABCs. Here’s the thing, I’m not paying for an app that just tells me it’s great. You have subjected education to only those with affordable incomes that can benefit you. Even though I can’t be one of those parents for my kid, my kid deserves educational apps as well. And IM SO SICK of seeing that every child educational application has a fee. IM DONE with the greed of the world that they only see MONEY! I hope you rot with your app money.

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