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Contact Simply Piano by JoyTunes

Published by on 2021-06-24

Simply Piano is a fast and fun way to learn piano, from beginner to pro. Works
with any piano or keyboard. Chosen as one of the best iPhone apps. - Tons of
fun songs like Imagine, Chandelier, All Of Me and Counting Stars, also J.S.

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Common Simply Piano by JoyTunes Issues

  • By Worst! App! EVER!

    High cost, poor performance

    Developers of this app should read this: I have recently subscribed to this app for 2 three month periods of about $45, but I am shocked to know that there are so many issues! I paid $90 in total for this app, and I was surprised to learn that it STILL can't recognize the keys I'm playing! The keys I am playing are the correct keys. However, for some reason the app can't recognize or sense them and then marks them wrong, and I am constantly made to do the practice mode even though it was the app's fault for not recognizing my notes! It's really hard to make any progress in this app, because it can't even recognize the correct notes being played! How am I supposed to improve my piano skills if the app won't let me progress? I'm just wasting my money and NOT even learning how to play! Another thing is that once you have completed the course, you should be able to go back to them and replay them EVEN if your subscription has expired! I shouldn't have to be charged just to replay the courses I already completed before the subscription period ended! That's ridiculous! The developer of this app shouldn't be charging so much to subscribe if there are all of these issues! These are very big cons! It honestly should be way cheaper, if not free!

  • By Jaimie Emily Rose

    Good app but w/ a MAJOR issue

    Giving this 2 stars (generously) for how great of an app it COULD be; if my issue were fixed it’d be 5 stars. The app showed its potential and was great until about halfway into the first lesson. My audio all registered fine at first, passed all their audio sync tests, no issues. Out of the blue it was no longer detecting that I was hitting notes. In the app when you fail a part of the song 3 times it sends you into a practice mode with a metronome. Don’t get me wrong it’s a nice feature when needed. HOWEVER, I didn’t need it making it SO FRUSTRATING to keep having to repeat this painfully slow practice mode. I even had my mom who has been playing piano for decades sit and try to play the simple song and it did the same thing! There is nothing I could do at this point; if you can’t pass the song you can’t move forward in the app. The funny thing was on the practice mode it registered all the notes just fine, then it would go back into the regular song and would glitch again. I had to delete the app and start using Yousician which is good but limits you to only 10 minutes per day unless you pay. I don’t like it as much as I did this app which is a shame. Hopefully, this can get fixed as I saw a few other people mention similar issues.

  • By Rabbid dogg1000

    Please Read

    Overall I think the app is an amazing idea and has so much potential, I know despite some difficulties I have already learned so much, but at 120 dollars a year for a premium membership the app should be flawless when it comes to functionality and unfortunately this is not even close to the case. I have just recently gotten my standard everyday piano tuned and I have followed every suggestion the app has given toward improving note recognition; I have tried lowering the volume on my device for minimal interference, playing with no background noise again for no interference, flipped my device, moved it as close to the piano as possible while still being in view while playing, made sure the microphone was not blocked, and I have even tried removing my phone case, all have had no success in improving the app’s ability to recognize notes. I have noticed that the app has a particularly difficult time recognizing the first G note after middle C especially while being played simultaneously with a left hand chord. I am extremely motivated toward learning piano and the app has already helped me so much in this goal but this annoyance is really hindering my progress. Please fix this issue as soon as possible.

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Reported Issues: 18 Comments

By Oleksandra Obriza
Jul 18 2021

Please cancel my subscription and stop charging me immediately! I haven't been using SimplyPiano for more than a year

By Richard Gyamfi
Jul 12 2021

£71.99 has been taken from my account today without my authorisation/approval. I need my money to be refunded as soon as possible.


By Dennis Collier
Jun 28 2021

there is a 99.99 payment coming out of our checking that is unauthorized DO NOT TAKE THAT MONEY it was not authorized by me or my wife DO NOT TAKE THAT MONEY

By Shumei Ren
Dec 26 2020

I applied simple piano yesterday, please cancel and refund to me since it is too easy for me. thanks


By Rick nadeau
Oct 14 2020

Poor ,poor ,poor you have done nothing to fix the system ! Customer service. Extremely poor to non existent this is undoubtedly a get the money first deal with the bullshit later system of sales ( according to all the negative reviews , don’t know where you got a5 3/4 rating from , there’s not a positive review in the bunch ! ) to need an acoustic piano/ guitar to use the system instead of just plugging in electrically is totally ridiculous- doesn’t take into account living situations of your customers maybe they can’t play out loud ( doesn’t work right anyway) And need to practice silently practicing something correctly a million times and being stopped to correct or not recognized is a deterrent not a Learning experience You should check out your competition they are way ahead of you - have already signed up w/ them and will not be renewing with this horrible app - Hope you enjoy your money it will be short lived and it will kick you in the pants later - this is not sour grapes this is bigger than that .fix it!

By Ryan Barber
Oct 07 2020

I have been wrongfully charged 95.99 for your app and need to remedy it asap. I'm beyond confused as even by accident I couldn't have even come close to paying for this. Please help

By Michael Terry
Sep 26 2020

I would like to cancel my joy tune free trial. My name is Michael Terry and I started 4 days ago and would like to end before the seven day free trial period ends

By Pilar Rodriguez
Sep 17 2020

I have paid for a three month course of simply piano but the app doesn´t identify me as a subscriber.

By Francisco Esparza
Sep 10 2020

I feel credit needs to be given when credit is due. Like some of you, I had technical difficulties but, the fault was 100% mine and not SimplyPiano. I had the same issues with SimplyPiano recognizing my chords but, once I bought the cables from Walmart, ($16.00), to connect my Yamaha piano to my tablet, all the frustrations went away. SimplyPiano is a great application and we as reasonable people should understand the multiple variables that have nothing to do with SimplyPiano but are outside their control such as internet access, keyboard compatibility, cable connections and most of all, the dedication we give to make our dreams, a reality.

By Nora Lozano
Sep 07 2020

There is no option anywhere to cancel this app. The advice online to go to settings and do it there don't give the cancel option. So, please cancel my subscription under Nora Lozano.

By Franco Mazza
Sep 07 2020

Hello, SimplyPiano developers. How are you?

If you read this comment, I just wanna highlight how poor and horrific your advertising campaigns are. How bad you produce ads, how treacherous is the acting by every single one of your so called “actors”. Your ads make no sense, are stupid, and I could just imagine the app would be worse. My personal recommendation for you is please, stop paying way too much to YouTube to reproduce your disgusting advertises and go make something else. I am tired of seeing

By virginia b Johnson
Aug 28 2020

Having major problems trying to get started. Please do not Bill my account.

By Bronwyn Schopferer
Aug 25 2020

I don’t know how I have subscribed to you, last year we took a two week trial and cancelled. You still charged me and have charged me again today. I’m out around £150 now. I don’t have you in my iTunes to cancel. Please can someone let me know if why you can just go into my account twice. You can see I only did the 2 week trial.

By Lori Taylor
Aug 20 2020

Every day when I open my app, it says “update,” but it does nothing when I hit the update button. After turning my iPad off and on several times. it will play for a while, then just kicks me out of a song in the middle of it. At this exact moment, it won’t open at all. Need to speak with a real person.

By Katie
Aug 13 2020

Hi! I have been using the app for a long time and I really enjoy it! I ran into an issue where it is no longer recognizing my notes specifically the lower C, G and F notes. I've tried just about everything for it to recognize the notes and all the recommendations from the app, I even tried contacting through the app. Nothing is working and I keep having the same problems. Thanks you!

By jerry fong
Aug 10 2020

the account is not able cancel, please advise. i been change since may 2020

By Y Cai
Aug 09 2020


I have been having this same issues since I began over 2+ months ago. It is happening constantly now which prevents me to move forward. The app can’t recognize the correct note middle D more often than it can. It thinks I didn’t play. So I kept hitting it over 20 times or so before it gets it, then it happens again the next same note... I waited a couple days to resume the practice, it keeps happening... At this point, I gave up trying or I will break my piano key or drive my. neighbors’ crazy. I can’t proceed to next lessen. What should I do?

By Carly Brown
Aug 07 2020

I wanted to talk with someone about a double charge on my account. We are just wanting one account to practice piano and we were charged twice. I would love if you could help with this. Thanks so much. Carly Brown

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