Quizlet: AI-powered Flashcards Reviews

Quizlet: AI-powered Flashcards Reviews

Published by on 2023-12-20

About: Quizlet is the easiest way to study, practice and become an expert in whatever
you’re learning. Create flashcards or find one to study from over 500 million
sets created by teachers and students.

About Quizlet

What is Quizlet? Quizlet is a study app that allows users to create and study flashcards, practice problems, and take practice tests. It offers a library of study materials from various subjects, including language learning, medicine, law, math, and social science. The app is available for download on both iOS and Android devices.



- Create flashcard sets

- Study flashcards created by other students and teachers

- Sort flashcards for quick review and practice recall

- Turn flashcards into formative assessment or an interactive classroom game

- Take a practice test to prepare for test day

- Use Learn to study with spaced repetition and smart grading

- Share flashcard sets with friends and classmates

- Study questions from past papers

- Learn from detailed, step-by-step textbook solutions

- Quizlet Plus subscription for textbook solutions, no ads, offline access, and premium features.

- Available on both iOS and Android devices.

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Key Benefits of Quizlet

- Helpful with studying

- Can be used on multiple devices

- Offers a variety of features such as Learn, Test, Quiz, and other flash cards

- Allows you to choose what type of questions you want on the test

23 Quizlet Reviews

4.8 out of 5


Love this app! Just a few recommendations...

Quizlet is so helpful with studying and I 100% recommend to anyone who has classes with lots of vocabulary and/or study guides and tests. I have multiple devices that I use to study (iPad, iPhone, Mac, etc.) and I have noticed that you can only move the terms up/down on the computer. I would prefer to be able to do this on all devices, especially when I’m on the go. When moving terms, you have to do it manually... I advice the programmers to add a feature where you can have a drop down page where you can move it to a specific place immediately, rather than having the ability to only move it manually. When you have two of the same term, this app let’s you know. I think it would be much more productive to shoes in setting if you want to be notified if you have two of the same terms, definitions, or completely duplicated information. I have mistaken the alert notifying me of duplicate terms for alerting me for multiple of the same exact thing. Of course, like I said before, I love Quizlet, and besides these tiny mishaps I recommend it to all looking for a productive study.


Learned it banner covers up the bottom of the flash card

Don’t use Quizlet if there are any long scientific words or definitions that you need to memorize. When studying the flash cards the bottom of the card will always say learned it with a little hand pointing right, or study again with a hand pointing left.
Embarrassingly for this app, this covers up the bottom of the flash card you are trying to study. So if you have a long enough definition, (which is super common for anyone in the STEM field, and most likely true for those outside of it) you won’t actually be able to use the whole flash card. If there was an option to change the font size of the flash card this would be easily resolved. I have no idea how they haven’t noticed or resolved this years ago considering how long this app has been around.
Pictures also cannot be added to both sides of a flash card which really would not be that hard to program. And if you are going to pay extra money to be able to add pictures you would think the advantage would be visually memorizing things, I.e. matching a complex equation with a plot. The picture also can’t be alone on the back of a flash card. If text is not added Quizlet will glitch and not even show the picture.

In conclusion don’t use Quizlet if you are studying STEM or anything with a long definitions. Also don’t pay to add pictures to the flash cards unless you only plan on adding a picture to one side.


Great app, but….

I love Quizlet and it has changed the trajectory of my studying. The one and only issue I have is that it is extremely cumbersome to find cards and edit them. I have one set with most of the words/vocabulary I have ever learned. It currently has 865 cards and I go through a quarter of the set every day to keep fresh. BUT if I find a typo, it is insanely difficult to find the card in the edit section and fix it. Additionally, I have accidentally created cards multiple times because I don’t see them while editing due to the random/crazy order. There is seemingly no key word search (let me know if I am wrong) and the cards are in the original order of entry. Sometimes I just don’t have the energy to enter everything related to a single term at once. So the result is random order. I have thought about upgrading and re-entering the set by re-sorting it in Excel, but there is no way (again that I can tell) to get the sets into a format and into a program that could sort even with copy/paste or some other draconian methodology. So I am not upgrading. Something as simple as a key word search or a way to edit or flag an erroneous card when one sees it while studying. Please help!! If anyone has solved this issue, please let me know.


Amazing study methods, helped so much

Before I had used this app, I had a really hard time remembering content and just generally studying. After I got introduced to it by a teacher of mine, I started using it for my language class in order to remember vocabulary and grammar structures. It really helped! With the help of this app and spaced repetition, I scored 100% on two of my language tests.
After a while I also used it for studying for a science assessment that was a huge weight on my grade (it was also 50 questions). I procrastinated until the evening before the test, and quickly made flash cards using this app. I studied them for a few hours, and the next day during the test, I got 100%.
What I really love about this app is their ‘Learn’ feature. It is structured in an efficient way and is an absolute asset when it comes to studying for wide-range content tests. Not to mention, they’ve also got other fun ways to review your flash cards! If you use their ‘Learn’ method along with spaces repetition, I can guarantee that you will score much higher on your tests! I would most definitely recommend Quizlet.


Great app, not loving the ads and the layout...

Regardless of the things I’m about to suggest, Quizlet is a literal life-saver. I don’t know anyone in my school who doesn’t use this app, and the Match game is so fun to play with my friends. There are a few things that would make it more convenient, though, First of all, I know adding advertisements “makes learning free” and stuff, but please don’t put an ad each time I finish a section in Learn Mode. Sometimes when I get one question wrong it’ll put that question in its own section and will keep repeating the same section a couple of times, and after I answer the question, it shows me an ad. You can skip the ads almost immediately, however, so it’s not really a huge problem...it’s just a minor annoyance. I also wish you could view your folders in a grid view rather than a list. I don’t really like how the home screen is set up... it shows your recent sets at the top, folders on the second row (which are not listed by most recent), and classes at the bottom. Could everything just be in one big grid view, like in Dropbox or PDF Expert? Anyway, keep doing what you do! It really helps make learning a bit more interesting!


Terrible Update Issues- please change it back!!!

I am so upset. I have used this app for years since starting in medical school and have hundreds of flashcard sets. In the past few months, it has been glitchy but the recent update in the past month really destroyed it. My cards keep getting shuffled without me using the shuffle feature and it is wasting huge amounts of time to place them back in order, especially since there is no easy way to do this. Sometimes, cards are also not saved somehow. Again, I have been using Quizlet for years so I know it has not always been this way. Also, the phone update made it so that you cannot turn your phone sideways to see the cards which makes cards with a lot of text on them difficult to read. You also used to be able to enlarge pictures and zoom in very well on your phone, but now you can’t do either. You also can’t go through the cards on your phone as easily as before by simply swiping left or right. The new system is much more complicated and annoying to use. The appearance of the cards also do not look as clean as they did before, by trying to make them look more like a stack of paper flashcards. I have relied on this app for a long time and recommended it to many people. Please please please change it back to how it was before!!!!!


Lack of Intuitive Options

Paying member here who switched to this app after having tried nearly every other flash card app on the market. I use it to help me remember a number of things for my job, or when prepping for meetings or even interviews. I've felt increasingly disappointed by this app's lack of intuitive personal options. It blows my mind that there is no FAVORITES button or option that takes you directly to the flashcard sets you want to practice. Instead you have to navigate all the way back to the home page and go digging through your account. This is a huge issue on mobile which is where most people spend an enormous amount of time. To exacerbate issues further, this app encourages you to add as many flashcard sets as you'd like. This is ideal, but it's COMPLETELY CANCELLED out by the inability to get to the specific different sets you need most, especially if they live in different folders (for example, by category or type). It would also be helpful if the Smart Scoring could ask you ahead of time what keywords to look for when you TYPE in the answer. Instead, it judges based on how exact of a text-match it is to the answer (despite their claim that it's not supposed to do that). BEWARE OF WHAT YOU'RE BUYING WHEN YOU GET this app.



this app has many cool features about it! I downloaded Quizlet and put in my Spanish flash cards. this app offers a Learn (to learn the flash cards), Test, Quiz as well as other flash cards. You also get to choice what you want on the test. Ex: True or false, Written and or multiple choice. You can play around with these. this app also tracks your score and progress which is amazing. One last thing is that you can share flash cards with anybody through links! This is very helpful if you want to switch devices. Oh, I forgot to mention if you put in something similar to the answer in learn you have choose to choose if it’s correct or not. All of these are very helpful! If I had to say any new features I may have want is an email and or text message if you have questions when using a teachers flash cards. Also zoom trivia with friends would be nice. Like, if you partners with zoom or FaceTime or something and they’ll be flash cards each person has to do. I think it would be a cool way to study but this app is already amazing, just to go over the top, you know.


Quizlet is the best!

I’ve been using this app for three years now and I have always been able to count on it to study for my tests and quizzes. You can even make your own study sets if there isn’t a set already made for you to study. I sometimes go one quiz let for fun, and I look up random quizzes to test my iq and it’s just really fun and reliable to use. You can make your own account and make quizzes for others to use to, not just for you. There is this app go and premium this app that you can pay for to get extra fun things to do on this app! I love using this app sooooooooooooooo much and I would definitely recommend you to use it because it’s just super helpful and makes studying for tests and quizzes REALLY fun!!!!!!@!@!! Love y’all and thanks for reading this. Whoever is reading this is a really beautiful person and you deserve to be loved and cared for. You are special in your own unique way and you should love yourself for that. Sending love to those who read this and hope that you get and enjoy using this app! Love you beautiful people!!! 🤪🥰😘


Amazing Great for Studying!!!

First of all Quizlet is amazing! So what I did was an experiment with Quizlet . Well for starters I am a Sophomore in High-school, and I have been using Quizlet since 8th grade. So, for the experiment, every other test I used Quizlet and the others I didn’t. I noticed that when I used my normal notes I did ok on the test, but I knew I could surely do better. On tests I did not use Quizlet to study for, I would make around a high “C” or low “B”. While when I studied using Quizlet I would make a high “B” to an “A”. I know that some of you are thinking why would a 10th grader take this risk for their grade in classes, but at my school you can retake every test you take once. You can only retake if you have lower than a 89% and that is the highest “B” possible. So it wasn’t a big risk because the day I would get my grades back, the same night I would go home a study again but using Quiz-let. And I would more than likely get an “A”. So I really recommend Quizlet. Every since I started using Quizlet , I became an all “A” student and that occasional one “B”.


The update ruined everything

Please fix Quizlet . I have relied on this app through nursing school. It is my everything when it comes to studying. The new update, which happened a couple of days ago, has made this app unreliable and defective. I’m so upset. Now, when I go to add to a set, and click add notecard, it doesn’t jump to the end and continue the set. Instead, it inserts it as like, card 3. Right at the beginning. I have to scroll through 200+ notecards to get to the end. It’s way too easy to accidentally DELETE a note card! Never to know what it was again. ALSO.. if I try to delete that random blank one that was inserted in the beginning, it shuffles the order of my notecards. The order they are in is very important in what I’m studying. Then I go to “set to original order” and it doesn’t change it back. They’re stuck. It’s touchy, finicky. ANOTHER EX- If I go to add a new notecard, I type whatever question I want into the front, click the “flip”, type the answer in the back, and if I flip it back to the front to add something, what I typed has disappeared. I now have to retype it all out. It’s like I have to save each and every notecard in fear they’ll delete or the text will go away. Please... I’m BEGGING you to save my college career by bringing the original this app back. Thank you


Great app for studying

Quizlet has been great in helping me study for my State Board test. It helps me to save time and money from having to write it out on index cards which is good for the planet as well. Win win! Also, because it’s on my phone, I have the convenience of studying from anywhere even if it’s just for a few mins. I absolutely love Quizlet so far. The only thing I would ask the developers to change would be to add an “edit option button” while the users are going through the flash cards mode. Just in case we spelled something wrong or didn’t word things probably, it will give the user the option to correct that card versus going back out to the study set screen and then and then that will give you the option to edit and then searching for the card that you want to correct. It’s not easy searching through a study set that has over 50+ terms. It would just be more convenient for the user. Other than that, it’s an awesome app!


Amazing study app

I bought the premium for $12 for a year because I knew how many Flashcards I used. I love flashcards. Buying the premium included so many other things that I really enjoy. You should really get Quizlet if you make a lot of flashcards to study. The service also turns your cards into different varieties of questions that are very helpful to test your knowledge like multiple choice and fill in the blank. The premium also has a night setting which is great too.

I have two complaints which are very frustrating. The syncing of Quizlet between devices. I have added flash cards, appropriately exited and saved the flash cards, and exited Quizlet on my iPad. The next day I tried reviewing the flash cards on my iPhone this app app and half of the terms disappeared. Now I have to re-read 20 pages to find the terms I put down. Be mindful of this potential issue!

My second complaint is editing the flash cards on my iPhone. Whenever I try editing a sentence it only lets me edit one word before it send me to the very end of the sentence. So I have to go back and forth by adding one letter and space at a time when editing words in a sentence. It is so annoying and very frustrating!


Update Issues

I updated to iPad OS today and this app is glitching.. I’m bummed.. I love Quizlet for the Flashcards but... I was trying to add more cards earlier and instead of being able to push tab to go to the next box I have to reach up and flip the card then once done putting the definition in I have to reach up and press done which takes me back to the list then to start another card i have to press the plus sign at the bottom of the screen.. It was way to easy to move through input sections with the tab key.. I’m baffled as to why you would change that to a much more complicated entry process.. AND once I’ve done all that and got my information in the way I would like it and get through anther card or two I look up to see that the program is duplicating my definition in the term box all on it’s own.. after having to go back and correct 5 or more of them I’m throwing up my hands.. i don’t have time to fiddle with a faulty complicated app.. I loved this app until these changes were made and I pay for the subscription but I won’t be doing that anymore.. I hope you guys get these things lined out soon, but if the entry process will remain the same I’ll gladly take my money elsewhere...


Quizlet Makes Studying Easier and More Effective

this app is part of the reason I am able to maintain a 4.0 college gpa! I find that simply the act of creating my flash card sets familiarizes me with the material enough that I will only have to review it a few times before the test. Flash card sets are a great way to organize the information that is actually important for the test and by having it on an app, you can look over flash cards anytime you have five minutes! I love that I can add photos to note cards! The only thing I wish is that I could put the photo on the “term”side instead of the “definition” side so that when I am studying my flash cards by term, I am shown the photo and prompted to give the indicated answer.
I also wish you could have more than one diagram per study set and that there was a way to study multiple sets combined together or to bulk-edit the notecards, such as splitting one set into two separate sets by simply checking the cards you wanted to “transfer” to a new set.


Unethical for...

this app makes it difficult to cancel a subscription, and the company minimizes visibility in finding how to cancel. I haven't owned a subscription service that is so difficult to cancel. I will say at least an email reminder is sent that my subscription will auto-renew. (Maybe that’s mandated?) That is where making it intuitive ends. There’s no link to manage your subscription nor go to this app in the email. Ok, I’ll let that go to the possibility that the makers of the email aren’t great at their job. So i perform the next step to open my this app app on my phone and enter into my account settings. I click on the very small fine print (nice play) at the bottom to cancel my subscription service. But wait, I’m not able to cancel my subscription. The message is hyperlinked, however, it brings me to the this app help center. I type in cancel subscription, but then it says I need to go to where I paid for Quizlet . (I.e. google play, apple, or this app). The journey to cancel doesn’t end there, but my time writing this review does. Shrewd play this app. Very shrewd indeed...


Love it!! Great way to study!

I love this app because it allows me to study and create sets for all of my exams and tests in school. It’s perfect because I can label diagrams and create flash cards to help me remember certain terms. I like to use this app as a “study guide” whenever I’m putting terms into a set so that I can review everything I’ll need to know for a upcoming test. This is really ideal during finals week 😂😅📚, although I would only recommend one thing. I think that it would be even more helpful if there were a couple more ways to learn my terms. I was thinking that there could be a writing feature where you can use your finger to draw/write the answers out so that they can stick in your brain a bit more. Maybe you could also have the ability to draw (I know that you could upload a picture, but..) an image on the flash card to help you remember the term a bit more. Overall it really is a great app 👍🏻 to study 📖 with whether you are on the go or just at home.


Best Study App

I don’t usually write reviews, but Quizlet has changed my life. I currently self study Japanese with Genki, and for each lesson there is a list of vocabulary. I used to write flash cards by hand, but that wasted paper and was very time consuming. Then I discovered this app.
The actual review:
I love how you can make flash card decks for free, and you can change the language. I also enjoy learning with learn and the other methods. It makes studying so much more fun. Mostly, Quizlet is free but you have the option to buy the no ads, and the study offline, add pictures and more all in one subscription but I haven’t done that because it already has all I need without it. My only request would be to have all the features that are on computers on mobile as well. Other then that, this is the best study app you can get for flash cards and I definitely recommend it for anyone who needs to use flash cards and learn vocabulary.


Amazing App!

WOW! Quizlet helped me so much to study and helps me retain it! First of all the notifications always helped me get on tracks and remind me not to get distracted. Second of all, the starring option helped me so much in helping me memorize it. Even though it’s a little tedious, but in the end you’ll always get the hang of it. And third of all, I absolutely love how it gives you short chunks of questions for the learn option and how it gives you positive messages.
Even though it was great and my rating remains as a 5 star, I highly do suggest that you might want to put some positive messages if you’re doing really bad in a question segment. Second of all, I really like the meteorite game on the Web version but I am disappointed it’s not here. Lastly, I really want to see that you can copy and paste a document and it automatically creates a set, like in the Web Version. Anyways, I really like Quizlet and I hope you follow through on my suggestions!


I LOVE this app, it’s so amazing!

I’ve had this app for my whole entire school career, and it has saved my grades on sooo many occasions. Especially in anatomy, Spanish and medical terminology. Having this app allowed me to study efficiently and effectively. And also for having it for so long, allowed me to see Quizlet grow. It’s enhanced algorithm allowed me to barely type a medical term and it would automatically show up in suggestions, then when I selected the definition, it too automatically had three variations of the definition without me barley even having to type a thing. This perk allowed me to build multiple sets in a breeze, and left me more time to study. There’s just so much more but I don’t want this review to go on forever. So I would highly suggest Quizlet for anyone who needs to study a lot and to do it efficiently, even if you pay for the premium feature, it’s so helpful for when you’d need a picture or any other effect, the very few bucks you’d spend are 100% worth it!



I do not kid you, Quizlet IS A LIFESAVER WITH SPANISH JUST 40 MINUTES AND YOU MEMORIZE 20 WORDS ( I used the learn and write function) I have never ever studied before and only got Quizlet for the fun of it. I think the most exiting bit for me is that when you finally complete a set it says 100% complete and the satisfaction is there coolest thing is, this app is right, I am 100% on those words! Of course in order to remember for a long time you have to come back and restudy which I do but I do the practice tests. It’s one of the options. And I usually get 100% on them and if I’m missing a word or two, 5 minutes of ‘studying’ and it’s engraved in my memory :) thank you so much for Quizlet I never studied due to the fact that if I spell something wrong I could blame it on the lighting or my brain but on this app they tell you if u did it correctly or not and I really like that it does all the study sheets and stuff like that for you so you can get to what really mattersstudying.

Ps. I don’t consider doing sets on this app ‘studying’ because studying is boring and stressful quiz let us like a game because of the nifty function that tells u ur progress in the set. So I usually do some... learning. Yeah learning when I’m at the doctors office waiting on a line and various things



I know there are a lot of reviews on Quizlet already, and all of them are proving that Quizlet is so great, but I just needed to make sure that it was known that Quizlet makes my life SOOOOOO much easier and I can not even believe how fast I am learning my vocab. I’ve only had Quizlet for about two days and I’m obsessed. I’m normally on the go, going to school, going somewhere else, going home, and I do that again and again every day but I never seem to find enough time to make flash cards. Quizlet is so helpful when you are busy, you can make the cards and study on the go! Another reason why I love this is because being very young, I find anything more interesting if it is electronic. Also, typing is so much faster when I can do it just like texting. Also, you don’t need help to study and it’s fun with the games they have on the computer version. I want to thank the makers of Quizlet so much for making my life easier for free. No one these days makes anything free that is actually helpful, so thank you again to the makers of Quizlet. Anyways, download this! I promise you will definitely not regret it.


This app is a lifesaver

this app rocks! I use it to study for all my exams, and the best part is that you don’t have to lug around a bunch of flashcards everywhere. You can make your own study sets, look at other people that are studying the same thing, and you can invite people you know to join your class. You can share your flashcards and study them together. My friends and I have been doing that—we have a class, and we divide up the flashcard-making and then share them so we don’t have to make a gazillion flashcards. Also, if you’re really competitive (which I definitely am) they have some really fun and cool games to help you practice, and you can try to beat your friends’ score. The “Learn” setting is really effective; it focuses on the things you need to practice and also introduces newer cards. Quizlet is basically everything you need to ace your exams and tests all in one place. No more taking binders, folders, backpacks, and index card boxes to the library for me!😂


Great with one glaring, obnoxious (and easily fixed) flaw

this app is a life-saver for studying, especially when in a crunch and you need to get terms down really fast. Quizlet is simple and works really quickly and well. this app Plus appears to be well worth the money, although I haven’t tried it so I don’t know. I like how it’s an option but the company doesn’t shove it down your throat all the time *coughGooglecough*
But it has own glaring and super annoying flaw: the “I made a typo!” in Learn mode button is tiny!! It’s so easy to miss, and if you do miss it, there’s no going back — the algorithm thinks you don’t know that card for the rest of that Learn cycle. I really hate this, because it’s a huge waste of my time to go over a card that I know but just typed wrong. And it’d be a really easy fix; just use the same button as the “Check it” button and size it down a bit. The old Learn didn’t have this problem, just saying.
And quick suggestion: it’d be really nice if we could follow other users to know when they made a new set.


Simply the BEST flashcard app.

I tried out several flash card apps, and it's almost ridiculous how much better this one was than the others. It's very easy to keep the cards organized and edited. I love the fact that I can log into the website to create and modify the cards, and then access and edit them from anywhere with Quizlet . The program even detected the languages that I was typing in on each side of the card for me, and offers the special symbols for each language to easily insert as I type! The cards can be randomized and it's easy to switch to testing from one side of the card to the other. You can even generate quizzes and games based upon your card sets! This is just a wonderful, easy-to-use study aid that I highly recommend if you're looking for a good mobile flashcard app.

Update: I’ve recently upgraded to this app Plus, and I wish I’d done so a long time ago! So many useful features, especially long term learning!


4 stars Quizlet is great!

Let’s just say that this app has made me a great student. It helps the most in subjects that you have to memorize things for a test a.k.a science and history. The match feature is great because it’s super quick and you can compete against classmates. Another feature that is great is the learn feature because it determines what things you need to study and what you don’t. The best thing on this app is how simple it is to make a “set.” You can literally search any topic at all and it will come up. Then you just press copy and your done! You can also make your own sets! The things that I don’t like about this app is when your using the test feature spelling counts so if you get the answer right but spell it wrong you get it wrong. They should add a spelling doesn’t count setting because I rarely use it for spelling/grammar tests. Overall Quizlet is great because you can share your sets, use all your sets for finals, make a set in a minute and it is super easy to make an account! I will bow down to the this app gods.


This helps a lot!

I started using Quizlet ever since one of my teachers showed us the website. Quizlet does help me a lot, it has helped me study and actually pass a whole lot of my tests. This is the only time I actually ever took the time and studied. I never studied up until now. I hate having to look through my notes and trying to make myself memorize things and having Quizlet makes things a whole lot easier and a bit more fun. I love the fact that after you study it gives you a practice test to see how well you improved from the beginning. Also how it has different types of answering methods as in, typing, true or false, and clicking on the right answer. Overall, I am most likely going to use this all through high school :) if you think you want to use Quizlet, please do!

If you’re like me and hate studying and just like copying stuff instead, just get Quizlet. It helps a lot and is super worth the time :)


Update ideas- a message to the app creators

I love this app so much and I use it on the regular for my graduate pharmacy program. It has reshaped how I “learn” my exam material. Quotations on the learn because the learn feature of this app is so incredible. Last year I took the leap and became a this app plus member. So worth it! I appreciated the updates recently that provided the highlight feature with the three shades of colors.

I have always struggled with the fact that this app is not bullet friendly. I really think that a future update should provide users the ability to add bullets to the definition box, so that terms with multiple definitions can be adequately added to the flash card. It would be great if this option allowed for numbers and bullets. Many times I am memorizing terms with 4 distinct definitions and I am forced to manually add them in as 1), 2) 3). It is very frustrating to me so any additional bullet option, however minimal, would be much appreciated.

Another thing that I really have always wanted was more color options. In real life I like to use colorful flash cards because it helps me better my ability to categorize the information. The addition of the three colors has been so impactful to me for that reason. What I wish for the future of this app is more customizable features. I would love to be able to change the color of the font and the color of the actual card.

Thanks for a great app!!!

Francisco Medrano   2 years ago

Hi, I signed up with the 7 days free trial and I was charged for $29.99 on March 25th. I want to cancel it because, I never could not find the answers of my questions when I try searching them up and nothing came up.

Sabrina Kröhnert   2 years ago

Hi :) I love to study with Quizlet. Since I am studying for Uni (Bio and Environmental engineering) it would help so much, if there was an option for raising up or putting numbers and letters on the bottom, especially for more complex topics. Easy example: H2O I am hoping this will be an option soon.

Terebus   2 years ago

Quizlet acquired the website Slader.com which was used by students across the world to share and discuss textbook answers. The answers were written by students for students all for free. Quizlet swooped in, bought out Slader and is now charging for all the work that was done for free by generous people. It's frankly disgusting and everyone should stay far away from Quizlet.

Is Quizlet Safe?

Yes. Quizlet: AI-powered Flashcards is very safe to use. This is based on our NLP (Natural language processing) analysis of over 757,083 User Reviews sourced from the Appstore and the appstore cumulative rating of 4.8/5 . Justuseapp Safety Score for Quizlet Is 49.3/100.

Is Quizlet Legit?

Yes. Quizlet: AI-powered Flashcards is a totally legit app. This conclusion was arrived at by running over 757,083 Quizlet: AI-powered Flashcards User Reviews through our NLP machine learning process to determine if users believe the app is legitimate or not. Based on this, Justuseapp Legitimacy Score for Quizlet Is 66.4/100..

Is Quizlet: AI-powered Flashcards not working?

Quizlet: AI-powered Flashcards works most of the time. If it is not working for you, we recommend you excersise some patience and retry later or Contact Support.

Pricing Information

**Pricing data is based on average subscription prices reported by Justuseapp.com users..

Quizlet Plus

- Monthly subscription: $11.99/month

- Annual subscription: $47.88/year (equivalent to $3.99/month)

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