Adobe Scan: Mobile PDF Scanner Reviews

Adobe Scan: Mobile PDF Scanner Reviews

Published by on 2020-12-18

Turn your device into a powerful, portable document scanner, complete with OCR
text recognition capabilities, with the free-to-use Adobe Scan app. Use the
Adobe Scan mobile document scanner to turn anything — receipts, notes,
documents, photos, business cards, whiteboards — into an Adob...

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Adobe Scan: Mobile PDF Scanner Reviews

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    Shocked and Awed!!!! Excellent tool!

    Incredibly handy, effective, and helpful. Take a moment how to learn how to use this app/software, and you won’t be disappointed. I’m not even super techy and it wasn’t hard to operate. I really could go on and on, but give it a try and you’ll definitely see yourself, especially if you’re a regular desktop to PC scanner. Ahhhhhmazing! If you don’t have access to a desktop scanner, or can’t get yours up and running, or on the go and can’t get to one and need to scan something, this is hands down one handy app. For personal or business use, it’s going to deliver. With this app on the go, you could literally work from the tailgate of your truck if you had to. It’s actually so cool and easy, it makes you want to scan stuff that you’d normally not, or put off. If you can hold your tablet or phone steady for pictures, then you can scan with this. Not to mention all the extra tools and features. As always, through the decades of use, Adobe continues to deliver and stay up on top of the technology game.

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    Great for anyone who wants to get paper to digital with as all Adobe tools.

    The software is free, more intricate than it may seem, easy to use, and is backed by the comittment of Adobe, Inc. Product continues to improve, and combined with Acrobat or other Adobe iPad Pro apps, just about as good for someone who preserves, categorizes, presents, and shares documents after easy editing and repesoitory in the Creative or Document clouds. In the end, its user choice, with some good alternatives, but this has long term potential and integration is important for ease of use and quality control. I always return to Adobe Scan after trying everything else new. The developers I believe, will maintain their pride in applying knowledge from so many areas within Adobe, that it will become a “Professional” Standard in not too long. Enjoy watching techology change at an accelerating pace. We are envisioning capabilities as though they will come to fuition in a year, but what we can only imagine now, is already very likely a reaity in the making all around us. Thanks Adobe. DDoherty

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    Office on the Run, in the Car, in Court or Anywhere!

    I work outside my physical office many days of the week and find this has been an awesome tool that I can use anywhere to document transactions, take pictures of signed documents, checks that I write, letters that I receive, or simply anything at all that I want to document for later records or proof of events. I can photograph flat objects like documents, any kind of paper, even 3-D items I want to remember. I can photograph people and/or places and just click the button and I have a PDF record of the transaction, the person(s), the place where something happened or even a scenic shot.i can access the PDF documents from the cloud wherever I am, and using Adobe Professional Version add text, images, diagrams, notes or even other images and then easily distribute by email to friends, family or colleagues. Makes the job of documenting business or pleasure a breeze! I highly recommend it for anyone who works in the field, out of the office, or from a home office.

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    Excellent for scanning and sending documents on a tight schedule

    From having used this app for a little while now, I have found it helpful and convenient for scanning and sending documents on the go. The app is very easy to use, and allows you to send files through most apps that one would need to access pdf files through (ex: gmail, google drive, yahoo mail, Evernote, and so forth). I really appreciate how it allows me to save the pdf files within the app, so that I can access them at anytime. Thus far, I have had no problems emailing the pdf files through my gmail app, and saving them to google drive. The app scans very well, allowing the documents to come out clear, bright, and easy to read. I have also found that it works well with faxing apps, allowing me to be able to fax documents on the go with ease. Highly recommend for those who are working, college students, and anyone who does not have time to scan and send documents via a printer. You will not be disappointed!

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    Adobe knows how to do it right

    Adobe Scan is by far the best mobile scanning app I’ve ever tried. Downloading and having this app on your phone essentially negates the need for you to own a traditional scanner in my opinion. The first time I tried the Adobe Scan app, I was genuinely astonished with how well the papers I scanned turned out. I’ve tried so many other “scanner” apps listed in the App Store, but every one has either been completely, or came with a catch that outweighed the apps value in my opinion, so when I found Adobe Scan, I was stoked! I definitely recommend at least trying Adobe Scan out. Now, of course if you need a higher than normal scanner for higher resolution, sharper scans, then of course an app isn’t going to be of help, but for a normal, everyday person—Adobe Scan is perfect, and believe it or not, but it’s actually pretty surprisingly handy to have a scanner in your pocket at all times too!

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    Edge-finding and focussing (spelling intentional) capability less than perfect

    I chose to ignore Adobe’s prompting that I upgrade to AdobeScan from the scanning feature included with the Adobe PDF app for a while, because when I’d tried it, it had “grabbed” the document it was supposed to scan as if on some sort of fast-forward setting and estimated the location of the document’s edges incorrectly. It also didn’t take enough time to get a properly-focussed (spelling intentional) image. I’d realized that I needed to figure out how to perform the scan manually, in order to get it precise enough, or find another scanning app. During a later attempt, I was relieved when I was prompted to disable the psychotic-seeming autoscan setting — imagine a coworker coming to your desk and frantically dishevelling a neat pile of paper documents sitting on it while you watch — which I’d never chosen to activate to begin with. With that setting shut off, however, the app still doesn’t “find” the document’s edges as precisely as I’d like. It gives you the option of adjusting its placement of them yourself; however, I preferred the scanning feature of the Adobe PDF app to this separate, supposedly-superior Adobe Scan app.

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    Simple and brilliant

    I had just about given up trying to find a “free” scanner that would actually work and was actually free. I had tried so many others that would fail in one way or another. One was so fussy about recording an image that it was almost impossible to make a scan. It kept telling me to move closer even though the page already filled the screen; then it told me to hold still, and refused to take the picture. Another managed to make an image but then refused to let me do anything with it until I “upgraded to pro.” Finally, I discovered the Adobe scanner. What a difference! Producing a clear image was fast and easy. I made a series of scans of the first page, and found that I could leaf through them quickly, deleting all but the best. Then sending off the resulting scan by email was a snap. This app kills the competition; it isn’t even close.

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    Adobe Scan is a Winner!

    This is one of my favorite apps I use to save any document or receipt I want to have on hand and available to refer to in the future. I have tried several different scanning apps and Adobe Scan is by far the best scanning app available. My documents, receipts, photos, etc. come out perfect every time! Adobe really goes above and beyond when it comes to making their apps user friendly while also providing as many options as possible for the customer’s convenience. This is why this app is my “go to” when I need to scan in snd preserve a document, receipt, etc. I am never disappointed with the final product. Thank you for taking the time to think of the customer and going that extra mile when developing the apps you have available on the market so far. I will continue to look for Adobe products first for all of my project needs!

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    Love this app!

    Being a business person on the go, I’m not always near a copier or printer to be able to scan documents. This app has been life saving. I also try to upload everything into cloud based storage systems and drives for clients so the ability to take a picture, have it converted into a .pdf for less storage space is a Godsend. I now use it daily and love how I cannot only upload to where I want it to go but I can also email and text the docs immediately. Quality is as good as the camera on your phone. It will pick up colors although the letting the app choose the parameters of what you want on the document can be frustrating if there are lines that separate sections. But that is very minor and can be fixed by just moving the phone closer or farther away. I even have other colleagues using this app now because of the convenience.

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    Adobe rocks!

    This app really saved me big time! I’m impressed with how easy it is to use.. I was in a hurry so I didn’t even look to see if it has a tutorial! I am the process of trying to get my son enrolled in school where there is serious competition.. so little things like an unreadable, blurry or cut off document can mean you lose your spot.. this happened to me and if I hadn’t found this appt Adobe so that I could quickly scan and upload the was a legal sized document, so trying to take a picture was almost impossible! I have an iPhone 6, it took about 3 minutes to download and open , and another two for me to figure it out and get both pages flawless and emailed out to the school! 5 minutes!!!! M so thankful as we would have lost our place of I’d had to go out and find somewhere to help. So thank adobe!!!

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    Adobe Scan review

    Too soon to tell. The program keeps shutting down while scanning. I don’t yet know if the OCR function works, nor have I had time to figure out how to turn off auto scan. I’ll have a better idea once I’ve had a chance to use this app for more than 10 min or have just scanned only 5 pages. I would have waited to comment except an annoying pop-up showed up on the screen asking me to review the app right in the middle of when I was trying to save a pdf, so if my document wasn’t saved, I’ll feel even more annoyed than I was with this app only 10 mins ago. If I may make a suggestion it would be to please wait a little while longer to ask for a review and figure out a way to do it during a moment when there isn’t any scanning saving activity going on. Most people don’t want to stop and review an app when they’re in the middle of using it, especially apps that replace often used office machinery and tasky work like activities. Thx.

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    A very useful app !

    Up front, I’m giving this app four stars only because the scan process is not as streamlined as I would like it to be (the scan can be a little frustrating when it does not get the entire page). OTHER THAN THAT. This is a useful technology that is highly efficient in creating PDF documents that used to take one scan per page on a slow printer. So I’m very happy that I found this app and I do highly recommend it. I used this app with a 12 page medical document today, I am really happy that I didn’t have to scan twelve pages; one by one on a traditional scanner. It cut my documentation time down by about twenty minutes !. I got this done in 10 minutes with the app!. Adobe could improve on the apps process of “hover” technology in which sometimes the app takes a photo too soon and results in a cut off doc photo. After a few delete / re shoot - I got it done.

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    No more half finished notebooks and scraps of paper!

    I journal a lot, and make plans and lists for what I want to do with my life. Unfortunately I do this with any spare notebook or piece of paper and so then I have a hard time throwing things away because they feel like important documentation of major turning points in my life. I like rediscovering them to see how far I’ve come, but they left my place cluttered. I’ve never had such an easy practical way of securely archiving all these various scraps. The pics with my phone are shockingly clear and the apt makes it easy to control the edges and make multi-page documents so it’s easy for me to make collections of writings and pictures. Reading my hand-written scrawl in odd form is actually easy and enjoyable. Thank you for making it easy to de clutter while still hanging on to every memory!

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    actual scanning is great but bugs remain

    I couldn’t get any scans to save when I first installed this despite closing the app, reauthing—all sorts of stuff. Now, weeks later, it works fine. Maybe it needed a phone restart? Who knows. The other major bug is that it appears to not have a notion of folder hierarchy in Google Drive beyond one level. Hard to say if this is Adobe’s fault or Apple’s, because Drive integration appears to only be available via the iOS “share” menu. It’d be nice to have new docs sent to a preferred cloud provider automatically rather than just Adobe’s—the share workflow is clunky—but perhaps this is best filed under “don’t hate the player, hate the game”. Otherwise this app does a nice job of border detection, OCRing and sane defaults for leveling colors etc. No watermarks in the free edition! And the upsells seem to be for other adobe apps, not for features. In this respect it compares favorably to CamScanner (though the capture process is perhaps a bit slower).

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    I’m Impressed!

    I had to scan and send a copy of my lease to a company within two days of downloading this app and surprisingly, it worked perfectly! Quick, intuitive, and straightforward. Most importantly, the final version of the scanned document looked legit, as if scanned with a large, high-end machine. Very, very impressed, as I was concerned the final PDF would look wonky or have skewed alignment. Not the case at all. My only feedback for improvement would be for Adobe to combine this app with the main Adobe app as well as with the Fill & Sign App. Storage on my phone isn’t an issue but having one app that does three major tasks would be the most ideal scenario. Either way, this app works well for what it advertises. I hope the quality is maintained. For now and after using it with excellent results, 5-stars.

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Is Adobe Scan: Mobile PDF Scanner Safe?

Yes. Adobe Scan: Mobile PDF Scanner is very safe to use. This is based on our NLP (Natural language processing) analysis of over 544,773 User Reviews sourced from the Appstore and the appstore cumulative rating of 4.9/5 . Justuseapp Safety Score for Adobe Scan: Mobile PDF Scanner Is 52.5/100.

Is Adobe Scan: Mobile PDF Scanner Legit?

Yes. Adobe Scan: Mobile PDF Scanner is a totally legit app. This conclusion was arrived at by running over 544,773 Adobe Scan: Mobile PDF Scanner User Reviews through our NLP machine learning process to determine if users believe the app is legitimate or not. Based on this, Justuseapp Legitimacy Score for Adobe Scan: Mobile PDF Scanner Is 52.5/100.

Is Adobe Scan: Mobile PDF Scanner not working?

Adobe Scan: Mobile PDF Scanner works most of the time. If it is not working for you, we recommend you excersise some patience and retry later or Contact Support.

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