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Published by on 2021-11-16

** The #1 App for Prayer & Faith ** -Fox News ** The Digital Destination for
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Journal Pray is the #1 App for Daily Prayer, Bible Stories, Bible Bedtime
Stories, and Christian Meditation. Join millions of other Chri...

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    Confused by all the different subscriptions plans but I loved my free trial

    I feel like this app can help me get into a really really great groove with the entire Bible! For the first time, I may be able to read the entire Bible and actually understand the storyline of the Bible... I absolutely loved my free trial and I really want to make the commitment to purchase a subscription. The only thing is that there are SOO many options😭... & I don’t know what each option is truly offering. I’ve been trying to search around to see what each different option offers but I haven’t found anything to help me understand them. I don’t know what to choose and I’m tempted to just purchase the plan that cost the most... can anyone help direct me to a place where each subscription plan is simply and thoroughly explained please!!! I really want to commit to the right one for me, but I just need to know more about what I’m paying for. If there’s a page or a link that I’ve missed, can someone please direct me to it. Thank you

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    I am new to prayer The church that I have joined is the best. !!! I have looked for a church that didn’t have a doctrine that was in addition to the Bible’s teaching for over 50+ years. I have finally found it at Faith Hieghts Church in Grand Junction, Colorado. !!! Pastor John, his wife, and ALL of the congregation are very loving and friendly people. !!! He talks the Bible and nothing more or less. !!! Praying to God is the only way to survive in this day and age. !!! He answers all prayers, sometimes not in a way that is easy to understand but he is always RIGHT. !!! I got this Pray app to help me to understand the answers that the Lord gives us. !!! I do not do resolutions for the New Year, I do COMMITMENTS. !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Thank You, Lord for showing me the way. !!!

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    I want to reply to comments

    Can you add “@usernames” so we can reply in comments Also to be able to click on profiles by clicking usernames from anywhere. Other things: Change header picture Where you have the feed of thank yous, show each person only once or only 1 thank you button can show up within an hour from a person. I just want to thank for the prayer, not their comment too Have a separate like button and prayer button: I feel like some people just scroll and like every and to the person it looks like they prayed for them. Try to become more like Instagram but then this app is special because you can anonymously send out prayers and other people will pray for you. It’s nice getting prayed for by distant people because I feel like I can be more open. You should do a poll to see if people actually want their friends to be on the app or if they like it being people that they don’t know them. You have a whole section to get people to add their friends but the fake notification is annoying and cheapens the app. You need some new marketing techniques. You could pay famous Christian Instagram accounts to promote your app. Keep improving, this app will be really good!

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    Best customer service ever!

    I love this app, seriously. What makes it even better is whenever I send a question less than an hour,I get a reply. Once there was an issue with the app loading everything and I reached out and they informed me within 15 minutes of my message they were working on it. The second the issue was resolved to my amazement I had another message saying it was resolved, NO OTHER customer service have I ever received to go out of their way to communicate this way! I also cannot say how much I love listening to The sagas, I listen and read my bible after, as my appreciation has grown vastly due to this app! Love love love this app and their customer service thank you. !!

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    I can't express my appreciation

    I love these prayers, that opens my eyes to all priceless things always around me but l never see them and passing them as they all has to be around since they were and I never paid for them or even asked. Because He provided us before we know our needs. Our daily life with all the crucial things that make life proceed. Starting my days with prayers makes me aware of fantastic opportunities around me every day and the more appreciative individual who getts the best advantages from what He blessed me. Thank you sooooo much for this fantastic app. May God bless you 💐💐

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    Notifications are too much

    I really like the concept of this app and continue to use it because it keeps me connected to my community, but the notifications are driving me crazy. It is constantly giving notifications for other features in the app, so many that real notifications for prayer requests get lost. I have no problem with ads for upgraded features once I am in the app, but notifications should be for real activity only. Many times when I click on the app because there is a flag I can’t even see what it is for. I tried turning notifications off but then I only get texts for new posts not for updates or comments. I would really appreciate it if I could select the different types of notifications receive like many other apps offer.

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    Prayers are needed PLEASE

    I really do need prayers at this moment from all the saints. I’m having such a hard time right now. Since 2012 the current I have lost 14 family members. Had a son that was shot 12 times in LA. And just having a hard time dealing with my own life and lifestyle. I have no direction at the moment. I really do need your prayers for guidance, support, and asked that you continue in prayer for my family, and myself. Thank you for listening, understanding, your support, and your will to stand With me as God tell me or show me which way to go! Thank you

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    I regret downloading this app

    It would be nice if you offered SOME free features without having to sign up for anything (even a “free trial”). Except for a brief “sample” of the readings, nothing is available (all features are locked) unless you sign up for the free trial. I agree with another reviewer that the Bible itself should be free. For anyone wanting to read the Bible, check out the free Bible app from You Version with the Holy Bible icon- it’s free and fabulous. I understand this is a business, but for the goal of sharing the word of God (possibly with non-believers), please consider making the Bible itself free and a few of each of the different features free. Otherwise it looked like a nice app with a lot of features, but I deleted it once I found that nothing is free. Thank you.

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    I know that God does answer prayer

    My name is Joseph and I know that God answers prayers I was diagnosed with cancer once with throat cancer, the next time with skin cancer and the most recent time left lung cancer. And each time the healing power of God remove the cancerous. We must remember that God can do all things and he uses people as an extension of his hand’s he always put the right doctors ,nurses,and anesthesiologist in place to do what must be done to Secure your healing, remember Jesus tell’s the woman with the issue of blood by your faith you heal. And I always remember this. “(have faith and be healed)”.

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    Staying Connected

    Prayer is one of the gifts God has given us that links all of God’s Family together.; with each other and with Him. The Pray App is a means for us to connect at a deeper level with each other that transcends age, generational diversity, clock time, distance, and distractions. I can be in NJ or TX or CO and still connect in Pray with my church family. I can be working the late shift and share time in Prayer while others sleep - and the prayers continue to be shared. Thank you for creating an App that leverages Technology to the Glory of the God that created us. Rachel Weiss

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    Pray App has helped with my walk with the Lord

    I use this app to keep me encouraged. The Bible says we are to pray without ceasing and this app allows me to do so as it sends me daily prayers I can read. I can also write my own prayers and read other peoples prayers. The best part about this app... the bedtime bible stories! At night when I need to unwind I put these bible stories on and drift off to sleep listening to the word of God. I give this app 4 stars I believe it will be a 5 star app when they update with more bible bedtime stories.

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    My cousin connie

    Dear prayer family: Please pray that my cousin connie is totally healed thru Jesus Christ’s name I pray that my cousin is healed. Lord we need a miracle for my cousin. She is too good too young and her family needs her. We need her. She has touched so many lives during her lifetime. She is beautiful on the inside and out. Please dear Lord spare her life. Give her the right doctors who will give her the right treatment to heal her completely. Thank you Lord for this healing. Thank you Jesus Christ I pray with all my might to heal her. Thank you my Lord and savior AMEN🙏❤️🙏❤️

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    I was excited to try it

    I love the entire concept of this app but once I downloaded it everything was locked unless I signed up for the free trial. I only have access to one prayer but none of the content. It would be a good idea to allow us to listen to a few of the items to get a feel for the app and if we want to commit to signing up. I have no problem paying for an app I find useful (and this one looks awesome!) without first signing up for a free seven day trial. Other apps that are similar unlock some content so we can get a handle on if we want the commitment or not. Instead, when apps do this, I just delete the app from my phone.

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    This app has revolutionized my personal prayer life. Plus, it has turned our 2000+ member body into a close, intimate group. It's a newer app so yes, it has some growing pains. I have left feedback multiple times and they are rapidly responsive. Once they even called me personally to make sure they understood my feedback and to teach me how to use the app (it wasn't an app problem, it was a user problem!) Please encourage your church leadership to introduce and support the use of this app in your church.

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    I love the concept, but needs tweaks

    I really like the app overall, except it really bothers me when the app gives our community daily ‘prayers’ that aren’t even Scripture-based or real petitions, they’re just inspirational quotes and nice sayings. That’s not the same as prayer, and I don’t want to pretend it is. I would like for the app to pull the daily prayers for my community of Southeastern University from a source that is only real prayers and Scriptures. Also, the streak leaderboard brings out people’s competition in unnecessary ways I feel, though individual streaks can be motivating.

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Is Prayer, Sleep, Bible Safe?

Yes. Prayer, Sleep, Bible is very safe to use. This is based on our NLP (Natural language processing) analysis of over 71,296 User Reviews sourced from the Appstore and the appstore cumulative rating of 4.7/5 . Justuseapp Safety Score for Prayer, Sleep, Bible Is 50.2/100.

Is Prayer, Sleep, Bible Legit?

Yes. Prayer, Sleep, Bible is a totally legit app. This conclusion was arrived at by running over 71,296 Prayer, Sleep, Bible User Reviews through our NLP machine learning process to determine if users believe the app is legitimate or not. Based on this, Justuseapp Legitimacy Score for Prayer, Sleep, Bible Is 50.2/100.

Is Prayer, Sleep, Bible not working? Prayer, Sleep, Bible works most of the time. If it is not working for you, we recommend you excersise some patience and retry later or Contact Support.

Reported Issues: 7 Comments

By Juanita McDonald
Aug 18 2021

I've been trying to cancel this for two months .Please reimburse me for the 2 months $6.40 each.

By Celine woodward
Mar 01 2021

I was charged 69.99 I do not remember ordering this and would like it off my Apple Card.

By Khristine
Feb 15 2021

Had purchase and cancelation as all the others I have been charged twice the 2nd charge higher than the first reach out to Google they say I must contact pray which I have and yet to hear back . Total sham when using the free trial I highly recommend to family and friends but other double charge and no human contact to resolve matter on any level, ie google, pray or paypal i no longer recommend or refer any one to use

Feb 14 2021

My 24 hours to cancel is almost up and I have not been able to find a way to cancel. It is disgraceful that a service devoted to prayer traps people in this way. Please help me to get out.

By Trevor W
Oct 18 2020

Did the free trial through Google. Didn't want to pay the $49.99. Cancelled in plenty of time. Credit Card was charged the fee anyway. Followed the directions to get refund from Google. Google was very responsive and it was determined Google did not charge me the annual fee. Pray com charged me. Reached out to Pray com weekly for over a month. Got one response from Matt/Matthew with directions to get refund from Google which I had explained in my initial contact was already done and it was determined PRAY COM processed the charge. Have sent them photos of the Google cancellation of the Free Trial, the line item on my CC statement cleary showing PRAY COM listed. Been nothing but silence from these folks of 'Christian integrity'. I see others have been having financial issues also. At this point I have to assume they have stolen my money

By Andrew evans
Sep 18 2020

Please refund my cc charge , I don’t want it and gave plenty of notice before FREE trial was up, please stop the run around, this has gone on too long

By John
Aug 27 2020

I love the free pray radio and free daily prayers. the subscription audio bedtime bible stories and the shows about Jesus are great for new Christians.

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