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Published by on 2020-01-05

TikTok is THE destination for mobile videos. On TikTok, short-form videos are exciting, spontaneous, and genuine. Whether you’re a sports fanatic, a pet enthusiast, or just looking for a laugh, there’s something for everyone on TikTok. All you have to do is watch, engage with what you like, skip wha...

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Is Tiktok Saying "You're Tapping Too Fast, Take a Break"? Then You Should Read This.

I'm guessing that you've been using TikTok for a while now and this notification keeps coming up. So, you log onto the internet and type your question into the Google search box. Below, I'm going to show you two major easy steps to fix the "you're tapping too fast, take a break" problem.

First of all, the reason you get that notification is because TikTok implemented a new feature called "Digital Wellbeing" into their app. And you turned it on.

It serves the purpose of giving you the user, reminders to take short breaks and even block content that is totally abhorrent especially in case of a child using the app.

The Digital Wellbeing feature has a lot of benefits for you the user, asides the ones listed above. It helps you to monitor your usage of the app throughout the day. I guess somehow it's understandable why the software would think a bot is operating the app.

While this isn't a bad thing at all, it can be annoying. Sometimes, you might have a lot of free time and just want to watch and like videos that make you laugh or educate you. I understand that.

How to Fix TikTok's "Tapping Too Fast" Issue

Below are simple ways you can turn it off:

  1. Open the app. Once you do, you're going to find yourself on the "For You" page.
  2. Now log into your account. It's possible that you're logged in already but if you aren't, you can use your musical.ly account details to log in.
  3. Scroll to your profile page. You can click on the bottom right corner to do this.
  4. Now, click on the settings gear icon, after which you click on the Privacy button, then Settings. You can then scroll further down to the Digital Well Being option. It has an umbrella design by the left side.
  5. You'll be required to enter your existing password which you already created. After doing so, scroll to the bottom and click on the Turn Off Digital Wellbeing option.

After following the above directives, you won't have the time limits enabled or mode restricted.

It is important to realize that the "you're tapping too fast, take a break" notification is actually an anti-spam system set up by the app to monitor and restrict spambot activities.

If it keeps reoccurring, the best advice would be to restart the app. Also, you can try rebooting your phone or waiting a few hours before using the app again.

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TikTok - Make Your Day Reviews

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    Tik tok i good but there are some issues and annoying bugs about Tiktok there are also some glitches that does not help the users use tiktok some issues are very annoying and sometimes that causes people to delete the app because of these bugs and glitches but tiktok is a very good app besides those bugs and glitches it has funny content and live streamers. I think that the Tiktok community should help fix those errors in Tiktok that annoy users and sometimes on Tiktok random times Tiktok somehow does not let us post videos and logs accounts out and bans accounts these things make us very mad and wish for that to not have happened and sometimes hackers find a way to hack into our accounts and deletes or dies something to our accounts but besides that tiktok is a very good use of an app some filters are a little glitchy and filters may not work but i am glad that we get to save videos filters and sounds so we don’t have to spend a lot if time scrolling through content to find this specific sound or video. If Tiktok is Reading this I wish for Tiktok to help these issues that annoy users like me and others i would also like to this policy where when your on a video there is no “swipe up to see another video” because whenever that happens on a specific video your watching it just ruins the hole thing and it isn’t fun while that happens people are not enjoying all of these stuff because soon tiktok will get Annoying and the Tiktok staff will lose money.

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    Failing to respond to reports

    This is such a great app. I at first downloaded it as a joke (just as a lot of other people have) and as the time went by, I’ve actually enjoyed myself on this app. I’ve even blown up a couple of times, and now I’ve hit up to almost 900 fans! But that was more towards the beginning when I started using the app. For the past couple of months I have noticed a decrease on my growth and came to the conclusion that my content wasn’t being put on the for you page any more. There would be times where I would post two things back to back and they would end up having the same amount of views and likes, and not many, meaning that I was only showing up on the following page which is a lot less looked at than the for you page. I have reported this problem to the report section in the settings on the app and never got a response. I assumed it may not be a big deal and they’ll respond when they can, but that was 2-3 months ago. Every so often I check my email and TikTok to see if I have gotten a response and I have gotten nothing. I have reported about 4 times now leaving my email in the contact info box and have gotten nothing. I enjoy this app and I like making this kind of content and want more people to see it. But as the days go on with no sign of at least any closure on why this has been happening, my motivation lowers. Please fix this problem with response and please respond to me at least.

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    Great, but needs some changes!!!

    Musically was great before the new update and in my opinion it still is amazing, but there are a few things that definitely keep me off of the app more. My number one thing is how the privates or drafts(as they are called now) are organized. After the update when you go to look at your privates you made before the update they go back to the top!!! And that may not bother some people but it definitely bothers me because I like to have them in order of when I made them, but they go back to the top. My number two thing is the way musically organized the privates so that you can’t just look at one musically then just scroll up to see the next one. Musically changes it so that you have to click a musically click on the picture of you in the musically in the top right corner then exit that picture and exit that musically area where it wants you to post it then go to the next one. It was just a lot more convenient before the update. And the last thing that really bugs me(besides the fact they have to fix major bugs in the app) is that musicallys bored where you can favorite sounds NEEDS WiFi to use it, so I’m still saving random musicallys to save sounds too!!!! I don’t have data so I have to save a random musically to save the sound as week as flagging it as a favorite, but It wouldn’t be so bad if it were easier to scroll through your privates then it is. Thank you for reading this if you did!!!!

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    Great App, some annoying features.

    First of all, I love this app. I get to express myself, and I get to have fun while doing it. You get to make friends, and make with duets with them, etc. This app has never given me any problems such as glitches, and deleting my tic toks. Second of all, I wish that once you deleted the app, and re-downloaded it, that you could have your drafts back. That would be nice. I’ve had the app for 3 years, and I lost a lot of memorable drafts. Third of all, I really hate the “Your Typing Too Fast” thing that pops up. I could be liking up a storm of peoples tic toks and then it will say “Slow down your typing too fast!” so I will wait for a couple minutes, and I try to like someone’s tic tok and then it STILL says that. I waited 10 minutes one time. I found a trick to just go to your fans and reload and it should stop, but we shouldn’t have to use a trick to fix something so we can like people’s tic toks. Lastly, lively. What is up with the “you can only go live if you have 1000 fans or more” thing? I feel like that’s not helpful at all, and a very unnecessary feature of the app. People should be able to express themselves without a certain number of fans. Also, I wish their was an alternative option to making coins, and giving people things like a drama queen. I miss the once a day add that would give you one coin if you watched it. Please fix these things!

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    I’m very frustrated

    This is the second time my account got deleted. I realized that both times it happened when trying to change my profile. What would happen is that I’d go to change something on my profile and when I go to click save it would say server unavailable. I don’t know what that means but it doesn’t have anything to do with my internet because both times my internet was completely fine. The worst part is that I don’t save most of my videos, because it takes up lots of space in my camera roll. Not only did I lose HUNDREDS of videos, but I had just hit 60 fans. That took 7 months to do and it’s all gone. I also had then and now vids in my drafts that I planed on doing, those are gone as well. This has not just happened to me but also most of my friends, 2 to 4 times. This is ridiculous and I would very much like a response as well as an explanation. So I wrote that review about 5 months and I haven’t changed my account since then, but now I have a different issue. I went to my notifications and it said the my internet was unstable. I thought that I may need to reboot my phone so that’s what I did, I restarted my phone and still it says my internet is unstable. This doesn’t have anything to do with my phone because all of my other apps are working, it is just this app. Can somebody please explain why it is doing this?

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    Here’s a review !🥰

    I enjoy this app a lot and all the thing that you have added is wonderful! The only problem is when you report someone, it doesn’t do much. I think that you should be able to report someone and they would not be able to go on with doing the same thing they did, though thankfully- more than one person has to report the user, but indeed I have an idea you could add! The person should be active on their account at least 3 days so the same person does not report them with different accounts they are making. I suggest this app for many people that should be at least 10, basically double digits due to multiple swears that are allowed on this app. Maybe more edit options like, example; Camera swinging from on direction to the original video. This app is definitely absolutely perfect for people who enjoy making videos for others to see and enjoy! Though maybe make accounts get to the for you page more since its uncommon people search up a hashtag and find your video. Though I absolutely can’t stand this app, it’s amazing! And for another suggestion you should definitely add, make notifications for people messaging you and not allow spam if that is already added to the app, I suggest this app for you if you are looking forward to getting it! Enjoy 😊

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    My content got randomly deleted???

    Hello TikTok, I have always enjoyed this app. It’s fun and shows that creativity has no limits. Hours and hours of work go into this app and it shows. I am not except from this. I had a heathy account that grew to 13.4 followers... I enjoyed this app and had drafts and ideas saved up on the app and in my notepad... and then today about an hour ago while going through notifications I was booted out. I thought nothing of it and logged back in only to be met with a COMPLETELY wiped account. Drafts, 213 videos, all my followers, anyone I was following... they were all gone without an explanation. I spent COUNTLESS hours on this app.... and I finally felt like I was going somewhere as a creator. I want to continue creating on this app... but this has left me hurt and confused. I didn’t do anything to prompt this and hope this is just a glitch... I don’t think I’ll use the app again if it isn’t and will encourage others to avoid it as well if this can just happen without warning at any time. What’s the point of creating to get this as a result? Please tell me this is a glitch or something that can be resolved.... i want my friends, relationships, and work back.... thank you for your time. PLEASE RESPOND TO THIS

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    Good app but there are some issues. One issue is that when you are on the for you page you will go to like the video but it will say can’t like this video has been deleted. That is a problem because someone thought they deleted a video but people can still watch it but just not like it. Another issue is that you can see WHATEVER on the for you page. It can be very inappropriate too. A lot of kids are younger then 12 and on this and seeing people smoking and things that are not very good. They should limit the for you page to only appropriate things for younger kids and not just what is popular. Another issue is that people are commenting very mean things on peoples videos. I know there is way to turn off comments, but what if someone wants to tell that influencer something. They can’t because they cannot comment and they can’t individually message them because that person may not follow them back. One more issue is that people under then 12 are going on this app. They ask for your birthdays but it is very easy to just create a different birthday. So they should do something to make the app appropriate for 12 and younger or just have an update on security. And musically was WAYYY better then tick tock is. You could talk to people and there was not as many glitches. I really hope that the tick tick team can fix those glitches.

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    It’s ok. Not the best

    This is the most used app on my phone and I love it! Thank you! But wait a second! It’s good but there’s one problem! THERE IS THE SAME CATEGORY EVERYDAY ON MY FOR YOU PAGE!!!!😡😡😡 it’s annoying! They show me dogs on every page I find. They use their dogs for likes and fans. But they r being mean to their dogs. And I see enough dogs! ENOUGH!!!! I selected dogs in my interests and MANY more!!!! But also the dogs are the only ones popping up. I’m really annoyed and I’m so angry that my for you is just dogs!!!! Now because of you, my favorite animal I’d dogs. Now I’m starting to lose my opinion. But wait! It’s still my favorite! But start making my for you page funny. Other people’s for you page is mixed up with a BUNCH of different categories. Especially my sister had this phone, and she had a MUCH different for you page. But she considered it junk. Right?! But it’s better compared to mine! But hey, she got a new phone and signed into her original account! Right???! Because different accounts have different for you page!!! But no matter what a account I make, it’s full of dogs.😡 nobody has dogs every time they enter it!!!! Ok, let’s move on. It’s a cool app, but try harder for me. If you fix this mistake, I won’t have to write a review ever again. Deal?! Just sayin! Best regards, sksksas.

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    Tik tok is an amazing app I do think there should be a rule on bullying,harassment,impersonating,etc. but overall 4 years ago today it’s kinda like I’ve been excepted into a loving , respecting and overall great community and family tik tok has improved my social life and my self confidence and of course your going to get hate through Time but that’s just apart of life you have to roll through the punches before you can be successful but even then your still gonna get hate once in a while but that’s just because people are jealous because they can be you or apart of your life I’ve posted this on my tik tok a lot so now I’m gonna say this to everyone reading this “don’t Chang who you are for anyone or any reason your perfect just the way you are it doesn’t matter if your white, black, Hispanic,etc. it doesn’t matter about your hair it doesn’t matter if you have a mental illness or if your older or younger poor or rich over weight or skinny you belong and have the same values as anyone else yes there’s net worth but to be honest that doesn’t mean a thing I thought a long time ago it meant everything but I’m more mature and I know better and you do too just remember to enjoy life and roll with the punches Ava “

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    Please bring back musically

    Hi, I’m Alanna my user is sunset_idk I just wanted to say how I don’t like the update. The update that I’m talking about is that update where the name got changed to tik tok and the background for peoples accounts where different colors and now it’s just plain old white. I have a question developers, have you seen how much bad reports that you have got for the new update? Me and my friends hate the new update. I’m sorry if I’m being a little mean I don’t mean it. But developers can you please bring back musically!!! It will make my day!!!! How I want it back is remember when you guys had it like when you click on someones account, and it had a pinkish reddish and some yellow colors in it? If yes can you please bring it back?? And where when you clicked on the plus button to create an original sound it said slideshow or original sound? If yes then can you bring that back please? And another thing I wanna ask for back it when it was called musically may you please bring that back? 2 more things! May you please bring back where when you wanna make a musically that you want nobody to see can you please make drafts back to private??? Please! And the last thing was the musically symbol like the pinkish circle around sgigaly lines??? I hope you see this, love you bye♥️

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    Duet Glitches

    hi, my name is makenzie hill. And i’m having some problems with the duets. For example when i want to make a duet with my favorite Creator Jayden Croes, i’ll make the duet then when i look to see how it turned out, it’s like the video will be fine for a bit then it’s like mine goes faster or something, and not in sync in Jayden’s like how i first made it. I noticed it only happens when, i do duets with someone who has a lot of transitions in it. But still, can you fix it, because i’m known for making in sync videos with my favorite creator Jayden Croes, and when i make them on sync it’s like my video will go ahead of his therefore messing the video up, and i keep redoing it but it still happens. next i would love you to add a feature were because i like doing duets with Jayden, he has videos were he records with no hands, and then sets the timers to a certain point for it to end. why, is it that if you want to do a duet with that person you can’t hear were they stopped it at and the second they stopped the music at??? but if you don’t duet the video you can here the sound, and the second but if you duet the video you don’t??? i really hope you fix it because i really love making videos with him❤️ thank you.

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    Good and Bad😬

    I love Tik Tok! I believe it’s a great platform of social media, but there are some things I absolutely hate about this app!! First, “Take a break you’re tapping too fast” is super annoying! You’re just forcing people who have downloaded your app to go off of it, and that’s how you loose users! I have been logged out for 5 hours and it still tells me I’m tapping too fast! You should put a setting where people can put a time limit or limit for liking if they want. Please change that! Also, I have had some trouble logging in to my second account, I would put the password and everything, and it would log me in to my personal account. I had to close the app just to log into another account! Lastly, I wish you didn’t have to get 1000 followers to go live! I have worked so hard just to get to 87 Followers and I would like to be able to chat live with my followers regardless of the amount I have! Also, my friend that had recently got to 1000 followers got reported for going live for THREE seconds! You should be able to look through the whole live, and THEN see if the report/s describe the live! Since you run the app you should be able to rewatch everyone’s live-streams! Pls take this into consideration, and fix these problems! Thank you for your time❤️

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    Creepy Ads

    It’s a little creepy that the only ads this app runs on Facebook are of attractive teenage girls. The one with the cheerleader was super entertaining because she was a good dancer and it was a good song but now it’s just getting weird that that’s the only type of video I see in a sponsored post. I can’t possibly be the only one that thinks this. Mix it up a little, otherwise no one will take this app seriously, and also I just wonder who’s picking these videos to begin with. ^^adding to my review: a couple months later and it still seems very similar! The sponsored Facebook ads are annoying and creepy because it’s, again, only teenage girls in the ads. I looked in the comments to see if anyone agrees with me and what I did notice was just a bunch of creepy comments - for ex, “the look you get when you stick it in the wrong hole” “she needs to take her meds” and other comments like she’s annoying but hot, she’s cute, etc etc. I don’t think I saw more than one other comment that was not similar to the aforementioned comments. On top of that, this looks like an underage girl! I understand that this company can not control the comments people post on their ads but it DOES show the kind of creeps these ads are attracting, and I am not at all surprised. I have literally never hated an app that I haven't even used so much! And I’m so confused who in their right mind is running this ad campaign. 🤮

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    i have 40k in tiktok, which i know isn’t insane but i’m friends with a lot of big creators that feel the same way. the way lives and the following feed works is dumb. i have a friend with almost 300k followers and he usually has 50-60 followers in his live at a time. i have 40k and i only get 10-15 in a live. are people not getting live notifications or are they not showing up for people? if the only way for a person to join your live is to go to their notification screen (which most people probably hardly ever check because most people don’t make videos) then no one is viewing the lives. and the following page irritates me too, just make the most recent post the top of your feed and scroll!! i’m following 150-ish people and i see the same 4-5 people on my following page and no one else. at least give people the option to either have a following page where it’s their “most viewed” or whatever person at the top or in plain old chronological order, how i think it should be. other than that i truly do love this app i just think it needs a lot of small adjustments (i also think the new update where you see the amount of views a video got is dumb, just let them see the likes and let us keep our views to ourself)

Is TikTok - Make Your Day Safe?

No. TikTok - Make Your Day does not seem very safe to us. This is based on our NLP (Natural language processing) analysis of over 3,018,642 User Reviews sourced from the Appstore and the appstore cumulative rating of 4.5/5. Justuseapp Safety Score for TikTok - Make Your Day Is 20/100.

Is TikTok - Make Your Day Legit?

No. TikTok - Make Your Day does not seem legit based on our analysis. This conclusion was arrived at by running over 3,018,642 TikTok - Make Your Day User Reviews through our NLP machine learning process to determine if users believe the app is legitimate or not. Based on this, Justuseapp Legitimacy Score for TikTok - Make Your Day Is 10/100.

Is TikTok - Make Your Day not working?

TikTok - Make Your Day works most of the time. If it is not working for you, we recommend you excersise some patience and retry later or Contact Support.

Twitter Reviews for TikTok - Make Your Day

@YATEN6 @PMOIndia @narendramodi @BJP4India @AmitShah Sir please don't lift ban on @tiktok @ABPNews @ndtv @aajtak @TimesNow @IndianExpress @republic @Republic_Bharat TikTok distances from Beijing in response to India app ban @moneycontrolcom https://t.co/66exsT9ItF

@savlilegal @BorisJohnson @realDonaldTrump @EmmanuelMacron @RussianEmbassy @KremlinRussia_E @EUCouncil @POTUS @10DowningStreet @tiktok_us @tiktok_uk @TikTok_it @tiktok @tiktokin @CNN @narendramodi @PMOIndia Why is @Google @sundarpichai @Apple @tim_cook allowing their platform for #TikTok APPS to collect so much user data & more importantly, under clauses, one clause states that #Beijing can ask any user data or all user data that operates via any #Chinese APP incl. TIK TOK, ZOOM???

@jarrodmckenna I’m running a workshop on how not to @tiktok: https://t.co/71JqUljFjP #activismwillmakeyoudo

@KeinonPierre 🗣 To whoever is in charge of enforcing the “community guidelines” on @tiktok @TikTokSupport you consistently remove my content yet you allow other creators to post sexualized content on your platform. It’s okay to post thirst traps, but not real content?

@narrtrek Pompeo says the US is 'certainly looking at' banning @TikTok and other apps from #China. (Banned in India.) https://t.co/htCcyeK31q In case you don't know about @TikToc it's an app to record you doing stupid stuff (or crime). https://t.co/9kbWgg2xRT

@flagship_social [email protected]'s latest feature, #InstagramReels, is launching soon in response to @tiktok's surging popularity among GenZ and #millennials. https://t.co/QDtqLlMgw4 https://t.co/7ClvBvqFOH

@therocksoutshow New episode of the podcast is now up. We talk about the app that’s trending now on @tiktok and it’s taking people to bizarre places and freaking me out. Also music from @lizzymcalpine and @littlehurtofficial and Kyle’s Top 5 albums. Link in bio and will be on Spotify in a bit. https://t.co/rWy55PJQLL

@Kimthepig1 Uhhh I dont know why tiktok is becoming a bad situation. Like the goverment of china is spying on everyone like chillllll uhh I'm not going to be deleting @tiktok but if I keep getting logged out of @Roblox I will be sure to delete @tiktok .

@DehennaDavison Really insightful & interesting discussion yesterday with @tiktok. Great to hear what steps are being taken to ensure users are kept safe, how we as policymakers can support this, & how other MPs & I can engage with new audiences. I look forward to working together again soon! https://t.co/BwmD4vrG7k

@BibzMibz only one feature is keeping @tiktok away from becoming the main competitor of @OnlyFans - allowing the ladies to receive #crypto for their "revealing" videos...

@slyguyi69 @DickRitchie73 @no_silenced @tiktok It will prevent a lot of hate posting. That app promotes easy ability for people to post horrific garbage on the fly and it’s causing society to crumble. We have enough hate in this country, we don’t need tools to help it along.

@hajihoonmein Check out this @PTAofficialpk we are The Gamers & we won The Tournament Prizes & insvest there & Tell Us about @tiktok You Didn’t see Anything There That What People are doing . Tiktok is cancer Why you Are not going to Ban Tiktok In pakistan . #NOBANPUBG https://t.co/QSTz7VKfE6 https://t.co/AAnKQofdXe

@wearesuperb [Most read in June] According to @TikTok’s brand creator Josh Tucker: “To be successful brands will need to be authentic to the platform with natively created content, and I believe an influencer approach will be the key to early success.” https://t.co/Fpxemd1YWz #tiktok https://t.co/8YZBlUFtlh

@damon_speaks The love on @tiktok is so amazing. It’s the start of the second day and I have 146 followers. Only 854 to go 🤟🏾🤪. #tiktok #craycray #followyourintuition #letsseewhathappens #letsgetit #goodmorning https://t.co/n1sBmzheLz

@SocialEspionage @tiktok to quit Hong Kong over sweeping national security law TikTok, the popular short video app, has announced it would exit the Hong Kong market within days, after Beijing imposed a national security law https://t.co/bdWQzTckIH #TikTok #HongKong @SCMPNews

@k3vk4 @d1rtydan @poyo_cybord If you think @tiktok is a #Malware, take a look at the shit @WhatsApp & @Facebook do. Not to mention that @NSAGov actually installed it's #Govware on @Cisco equipment that already used @NIST's #backdoored #Dual_EC_DRBG and neither anyone of them nor @StateDept ever apologized!

@MustacheBurt @IngrahamAngle @FoxNews @tiktok We reviewed your report We found that the reported content doesn't violate our Community Guidelines. We understand that you may not want to see this type of content, and you have the option to block the account that posted it. 2020-07-02 08:22:47 https://t.co/wj53QMgKqr

@ePresenceME Do you #Love @Instragram filters on your videos? Want to use them on @TikTok? Here is how: How To Use Instagram Filters To Create TikTok Videos https://t.co/DVG28u9byt #ePresence #TikTok #Instagram #Filters #Video

@BusinessGypsy I’m big sad. 😭🖤 I said good-bye to @tiktok today. 😢 I love #tiktok as a #socialmedia platform, but due to recent events surrounding the Chinese Government, #HongKong, India banning it & the myriad of privacy issues associated with the app, I had to leave. 🥺 #riptiktok

@manas_ind @thesuniljain @ByteDance @tiktok @narendramodi @rsprasad @UCBrowser @BigoLiveIn @IshaanGera @RishiKala If government and media let you think app ban will hurt china, joke is on us.. Jump compare their economy size and app valuations. China is a manufacturing hub and we need years to catch up. Also, India had big user share, But in terms of revenue India was not even top 5!

@bibaskumar31 Tiktok is a platform where people get chance to waste ther valuable time so request @nepalgovernment to remove @tiktok in Nepal too. #bandtiktokinNepal #TikTok

@puneetsl @neha_aks @tiktok @YouTube Tik-Tok and YoutTube are not equivalent. For YouTube, you actually need to work on a video and the chances of it being picked by "YT algo" are unfathomably low. Tik-Tok no efforts and million views. We need a homegrown app to carbon copy TT to satisfy the hunger for stupidity.

@JohnBasham REMINDER: JAN 2020- The U.S. @DeptofDefense Has Blocked Access to the @TikTok App Amid A Pentagon Warning of Spying... The Department of Defense advised military personnel to REMOVE the CHINESE-owned APP from GOVERNMENT-issued & PERSONAL SMARTPHONES! https://t.co/wsu3Oqo0qp

@MESSSIAHCOMPLEX @IamMayorKun @tiktok @mayorkun No, I'm not giving over my data to the Chinese government. Read the Privacy Policy again, and then decide whether TikTok is the best place. https://t.co/CxgZbPxdR8

@Darkkni22165876 @tiktok This girl was giving black to the Prime Minister of our country, when our soldiers were martyred at the border, then Chinse did not give any street https://t.co/x6kFcqVDQq

@RilleyJacob The IGTV preview is automatic to share to my story if I try to do it from my mom’s iPhone 11, but mine is an 8+ & even with the app being up-to-date it still doesn’t work. I think it’s a feature like @Facebook how it takes time for some people to get it...the same w/ @TikTok...

@Wombat32 Anyone working for me is expressly forbidden from installing @tiktok on any device brought to work, including personal devices. TikTok is nothing but a Chinese run data-mining company with covert surveillance capability. https://t.co/GVm3xPXyKf

@kiree13 @MiguelandHolly @MiguelFuller @RadioHolly @ScottTavlin @tiktok I just love you guys! I’m giving it to Scotty this week! 💚

@Krishnaa_tweets [email protected] is set to announce Reels -- another app that functions like China's @TikTok @Facebook https://t.co/LWNFRMArvf

@joo16 @Dhruv14mahar @tiktok Right though it was such a fun app ..hope our Indian apps match up to it soon 😊😊

@MichaelMonheim [email protected] is the latest and greatest #branding tool for your company. Measuring campaigns on the hottest #socialmedia platform of 2020 is difficult -- but not impossible. @tashkala for @PRWeekUS shares how to tell if your new campaign actually works. #GenZ https://t.co/lpaNpm3ZpC

@dinkypinkygirly @DehennaDavison @tiktok @alexrawle At the moment, far too many security concerns on this app, incl. what data they harvest, the ease with which their messaging etc enables children to be contacted. It'll continue to be a no from me.

@Shaughn_A2 #Trump Says He’s Considering a Ban on @TikTok in the #USA. Are the #ChinaBackers up in arms about this yet? https://t.co/j7fYct9Ys1 https://t.co/LODdgmYmYu

@RealAndrewX1 Destroy him, #TikTok. Take this MFing MFer down. #Trump trying to use @TikTok as a distraction is SO Trump. He thinks these kids are dumb like #MAGAts and they are NOT. They are are incredible. Inspiring. https://t.co/kcZvwdarDU

@lincoln_chang I'll not trust @tiktok because they can still claim that they haven't given any info to #CCP if the info "steal" by #CCPChina from them. When great firewall can extends to #HongKong, what else can't happen. https://t.co/btPS7tXxJk

@thegoodlemon 𝙄𝙨 𝙞𝙩 𝙩𝙞𝙢𝙚 𝙩𝙤 𝙜𝙚𝙩 𝙤𝙣 𝙏𝙞𝙠𝙏𝙤𝙠? @TikTok recently shared a short guide (https://t.co/7AJ10Gp1dO) on how to create content for their app. We dive a little deeper & share our TGL insight on this shiny new app on our Instagram. https://t.co/pVKCnd16gu #socialmedia https://t.co/oxMld4cE3q

@MookoMedia India's ban of @TikTok over political issues looks like it can cost more than just a good chunk of their users. A good story to follow as the stress between the two countries grows more tense. https://t.co/K7mODKoQ8r #tiktok #india #china #bytedance #ban #mobile #adtech #mooko

@KrishVerma786 @sharmarekha @tiktok @PMOIndia @narendramodi Modi has only shown his drama banning app if he was so smart he would bann all product + food + restro too n pple too has to take dat prayers not to buy china product . wish modi could motivate our childern too make indian own app rather than allowing making $$ other countries

@jammingjazzper @RevanAxel @tiktok Guess I have no reason not to delete tiktok from my phone then. It’ll free up more time to sleep.

@pariwashahmad @FarhanRavian @PUBG @PTAofficialpk @tiktok The problem is that we have all kinds of firearms in homes & the elders do not care to keep such stuff out of the reach of children which often leads to damage

@MolonLa37784438 @DickRitchie73 @MountainMommaQ @no_silenced @tiktok Why do you have to keep pointing out ‘not just’ in this case? We ALL know that ALL social media is SOMEHOW involved w pervasive pedophilia. For Pete’s Sake! REJOICE that one less will be operational in OUR COUNTRY.

@OpenOur3y3s @ENVPamela @jmhansler @mkraju @SecPompeo Unless @tiktok is ready to cut ties and moved its headquarter out of Beijing, #ccp is getting a copy of every single user profile and info. The Indians, Australians banned it. Y should we not? https://t.co/VxUl36YtI7

@pourush_jayesh @Salilacharya @tiktok Bhaiya ..but this app is like a addiction without even a single benefit to the users.Bas time pass karne ke liye use aata hai and it's not good for our youth.

@MullickKapil SHOULD NOT CHINESE APPS GET BANNED BY OTHER COUNTRIES AS WELL ? THATS EASIEST THING TO DO TO CONTAIN PREDATORY CHINA @POTUS @tiktok @AlibabaB2B @JeffBezos @KremlinRussia_E @usnews @ChinaNews01 @PMOIndia @GauravAryaFans @AngelaMerkeICDU @TaiwanNews886 @VietnamNewsVNS

@TanaRoseMusic This was a lot funnier in my head at 3 in the morning 😂🎵🎶 Just uploaded another video on @tiktok 🎬📲 Help me get to 10k by following @tanarosemusic on the app 🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹 • • • • #joke #jokes #la #joking #lmao #hilarious #funnypictures #haha #laugh #humor #laughing https://t.co/pinAHUdYWh

@I_the_Boz Okay @TikTok your sneaky app should know by now that I only send stuff to one person. How dare you bring up my whole contact list, that’s just insulting to my social life. #fuckchina #BLM #BreonnaTalyor

@admcollingwood @DehennaDavison @tiktok @alexrawle Extremely little, I suspect. The idea that the CCP would not have its tentacles involved is absurd. Once you have accepted that, anything else is just window dressing, I'm sad to say.

@du_mass92 Good to know @tiktok doesn't feel that threats towards police officers violated community standards. You're trash and your app is trash 🖕🖕🖕 https://t.co/crKGPzRjKi

@aTrumplican2020 @realDonaldTrump Taking down @TikTok Without a damn good reason would be Extremely Stupid. TikTok is how Social media USED to be and should be. I get BLM vids, Gun vids, PRO MAGA, Anti-Dem vids ect. on new account w/o history DO NOT DELETE #TikTok #tiktokersareoverparty

@namentertainers Stuck at home? Work from home w/@TikTok! The #1 app in the world is looking for #entertainers to teach & share their talents through a special education fund. Please email [email protected] with your company info & social media to connect & apply! #tiktok #learnontiktok https://t.co/xtPR9yneDo