WEBTOON: Comics Reviews

WEBTOON: Comics Reviews

Published by on 2021-06-28

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WEBTOON: Comics Reviews

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    Completed Webtoon Daily Pass

    I used to be very happy with the app until they added Daily Pass to some Completed Webtoons. I like to go back to some completed Webtoons and re read and not have to face a cliff hanger or wait for next episode. Due to the new Daily Pass, i can only read 2 episodes a day (besides the first 6 few ones). I really don't enjoy this cause I've already read these webtoons and would like to be able to read them over and over again. For example, Orange Marmalade is an amazing Webtoon and has 119 Episodes. I've already read this story at least 5 times if not more. I recently came back to re-read and by doing the math, i have to wait 2 months to finish. It's just a way for the company to make more money and i'm a "free to play" reader and i'd rather spend my money on webtoon merch. Could webtoon please either remove daily pass or at least make the daily pass make the episode free after use instead of the episode being unavailable after 14 days? I know i'm not the only one upset about this. I may only have been on Webtoon for 2 and half years, but i still love to read the older ones and re read the ones which have already been completed. It's also inconvenient because right now a series could be near completion and i can read all the released episodes (non fast pass) whenever i want but after the "grace period" i won't be able to. Please do something about this because i'm not the only one who is upset about this.

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    Ok, first, I gotta say, this is the best app ever! It’s suspenseful and dramatic and slice of life is mine in a nutshell! The comments aren’t rude, and you get to know how people felt about that episode! To creators: You truly are a wonder and inspiration. I had a good idea that maybe there can be a section in it so you can make your own comics! Here’s how it’ll go... The characters (human, animal, other) can either be made by your drawings or you can choose types of filters for them until they look like how you want (example: human: hair: a bunch of styles. Then choose the color. Now some extras if you want... now for the face! Make it REAL detailed. The backgrounds can be made like the characters, too. Weather. Time. Setting place.). The creations of the comic should be based on the genre. Blood details in horror. Love details in romance. Funny Easter eggs in comedy... you get the idea. When you finish with EVERYTHING, you should be able to title it and then come up with a nickname as your authors name. Also, if you’re making an animal, type in whatever animal, then add colors, textures, details, and lines to separate your colors (like, for a tail at the tip of it you could add a different color. Also, like, choose a spot on its body for it to be on. Back, head, face, stomach, tail, or just one color.). Please please PLEASE consider in your next update! Thanks!

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    What’s up with daily pass?

    I don’t understand what happened. I was with WEBTOON before all the fast/daily pass stuff and it was fine. Then came along fast pass. Okay besides that fact that you will have to wait 3 weeks if you fast pass all the episodes and the “FAST PASS GANG WHERE YOU AT??” comments, everything was fine. But then came along daily pass. I was going to reread Days of Hana when all of a sudden I scroll down a few episodes and I see this ridiculous thing called daily pass. And I get about 2 free episodes of the series a day. I moved on to see if Bastard had it as well (I never finished Bastard and I heard it was good so this genuinely upset me) and I saw the same thing. I now realize that I only get about 2 free daily pass thingies a day. So now it makes things frustrating because I can’t even binge read good WEBTOONs that are finished because of this ridiculous system. It’s discouraging for new readers to want to finish it because it will take them around 2 months to even finish an ALREADY FINISHED webtoon, and it’s not like there’s a system I noticed to get extra daily passes (I don’t even know what happens if you run out of passes because I never used them). The absolute only reason I even gave some stars was because of the fact that I really enjoy the webtoons on the app. Other than that it’s not as appealing as before and I will return the extra 2 stars if you realize daily pass just isn’t working and you take it away.

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    I love you but hate the new policy

    Webtoon is the best app that u can read amazing free comics the authors are incredible! And the so are the stories they wright and illustrate! I’ve always loved it ! And always will BUT -_- ugh we all know THE NEW RULE!!! okay I understand webtoon is 9+ but have you seen some of the comics? ;-; there clearly 18+ and the new rule is making it hard for some Authors to continue their story’s! And there having to go to Tapas(and some Authors can’t) and the readers are also getting extremely mad at this rule and eventually webtoon is not gonna have 5 stars but 1 all were asking is to plz change the rule ! And we’re all gonna end up happy and I know for a fact that webtoon knows about this problem and the angry readers like me writing this over and over again until eventually u fix this. and webtoon if u know about this why won’t u fix it? Is it because maybe some kids find the 18+ comics and the parents write an angry complain about it? (First that’s on the kids -_- if it says 18+ it’s 18+) and maybe why u won’t change the rule but hear me out just make webtoon 18+ and maybe it’s not that simple and that’s why u won’t change it... but I will give webtoon 5 starts if u change this and so will everyone else Love u and always will! -_- till u change the new rule Love a reader who wants this to change.

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    An Amazing App

    I have been using this app for so long and I can safely say it’s one of the most amazing apps for reading comics out there. If you read a review saying that you have to pay to read, you don’t. They just added a coin shop to let people read the Webtoon faster. Basically, if you pay for a certain amount of coins, you can read some of the episodes faster. If not, you can wait the usual time and it will still update like normal. It’s a little bit hard to explain, but the bottom line is that you don’t have to pay to read the new episodes, it’s just an option to read them sooner. So, please don’t let those reviews deter you from getting this amazing app. It’s pretty much completely free if you’re willing to wait for the authors to update your favorite stories! In the meantime, explore the discover page and support new artists! It’s really an amazing app and you genuinely won’t regret it! You can even download your comics if you want to take them offline. I’ve never written a review before but this app is completely worth it. Check it out and support all the authors there! I promise, they really appreciate it and you get to read amazing new stories every single week. Anyways, sorry for ranting, but I highly highly highly recommend this amazing app!

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    For Sure Love WEBTOON but not the new policy

    WEBTOON is definitely the app I would go to for comics that I love reading (on a daily basis). The WEBTOON authors are absolutely amazing and so is the app itself. At first there doesn’t seem to be a problem with anything really. But the new policy for mature content is probably the main reason why I’m only giving this a 3-star rating. I feel as if it doesn’t seem fair for WEBTOON authors who love posting their comics on here feel less appreciated when their comics are taken down because of only a bit of NSFW content. Not only does it not seem fair it’s also not letting the readers enjoy the authors comics and stories. The readers won’t be able to look forward to the authors updates or comics because they were taken done for containing a bit of mature content. While, yes, it may be inappropriate for younger readers who have downloaded this app and wants to read/enjoy comics online. Doesn’t mean webtoons has to take down the whole comic because authors make sure either at the beginning (or towards the certain part of when the mature content is gonna start) of the update that there would contain mature content and to that extent the younger readers can skip the certain part and wouldn’t have to worry about looking at something not fit for their age. Besides all this I’m trying to clear the fact that the new policy is not right for the authors and readers who want to enjoy the content the authors post.

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    I love it! However....

    Welp, here I go re editing my review from before for a second time. I love webtoon. The content it puts out is phenomenal and the app itself I find easy to use. However, one pro I always had for webtoon over any other comic app was that you didn’t have to pay to read comics. I support the fast pass system(although my wallet hates me) because you’re paying to read ahead. Kind of like crunchy roll where you pay to have premium and are able to not have to wait for new episodes. But now there’s something I have an issue and that’s called “Daily Pass”. This makes it so you can no longer binge read completed series without having to pay. Take Girls of Wilds for example. I started reading that before daily pass was a thing, made it to episode 15 before life hit me hard and I needed to take a break from a lot of stuff. I come back and it STOPS me at episode 15 and I can’t go farther without paying coins or waiting for said Daily Pass. I think it’s ridiculous how they’ve changed. I’ve been reading webtoon for over 2 years and I loved being able to read completed comics without having to worry about breaking the bank between updates. Webtoons I love you but I feel like you’re really trying to milk readers of their money and that’s not a good thing. If anything it’s a slap in the face of the people who have supported you so much. You lost 2 stars from me.

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    Great, but just one thing..

    This app is amazing, and I love all of the comics. All of the stories are unique and different in their own way. I love it.. buuuut... there’s this new thing that’s called a “Webtoon Policy,” and you can only read if you’re 18 or older.. which I understand, but what if you ARE 18 years or older? I’ve read some of the comments on one of the comics I was reading, and they said “This episode isn’t even inappropriate.” I’ve missed like 10 episodes because of this “Webtoon Policy.” Before I knew this, I was reading all of my comics thinking that I wasn’t missing anything, and the author was just remonding you that the comic has inappropriate language or something, but today was the day (after about a year and a half.. I think) that I figured out that I was missing out on episodes because of a Webtoon Policy. I even tried switching to one of my other accounts, and I still couldn’t read a bunch of episodes. I didn’t get this app to miss out on books I love to read. Something I don’t understand is.. why can some of the people reading the book see it, but some of them can’t? It makes no sense and is NOT fair. Webtoon, I love the app, but please fix this problem. If you can’t fix it, just please get rid of the “Webtoon Policy” and ask the authors to warn the readers that the content might be inappropriate. Thank you 🙂

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    Have some/time to read more…

    I love this app, because sometimes I get tire or fall asleep on a book📖 in front of my hands, by just reading some boring words, but that’s ok for me or for others... BUT~ the most that I like to read is this app, because u could c those images n texts, also u read with others by doing a voice over or by yrself or little by little read on yr mind by pretending; like hearing dffnt voice of a person. It’s like u watch of a cartoons or movie shows n then u catch some other person voice by hear of what their voice sound like, n then while u r reading this webtoon story, u may hear another voice of a dffnt person in yr mind,…while u still reading. Sometimes I read this app for my little brother; for bedtime, cause he like it too. Also u could comments n likes, or download some single page of the stories, or others. ❗️Almost forgot to say something else, when u r done reading the hole story’s n u want to read next, u have to wait for few days, if u don’t want to wait, u must buy some coins n then use those coins to pay for the next story. I like to wait, cuz I have some time to do other things, when the day comes n the new update story page came out, I have time to read more! *・゜゚・*:.。..。.:*・'(*゚▽゚*)'・*:.。. .。.:*・゜゚・*

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    Please Read

    I was looking through the comments and many people are complaining about the New policy. For new people looking to download: basically the new policy just bans any inappropriate content since the app is supposed to be for 9+. Which is pretty dumb since most comics have cuss words in them. I happen to work at a daycare that have kids of all ages, and let me just say that 9 year olds are NOT innocent. (Trust me. They know things that they probably shouldn’t know yet.) While it is true that i think the New Policy is a bit questionable, it does not affect that much. The comics are still great. The authors love doing what they do. There is always something new to read every single day. I have been reading Webtoon for a couple of years now and it is probably one of the best apps I have ever downloaded. It gave me one hell of a rollercoaster ride. I laughed with Benny. I cried and ate Marmalade. My heart pounded with Shin-Ae. I gushed over Lumine. I got angry with Daniel. I signed the petition for John to stop gelling his hair. I fangirled over Baam. I get hungry with Lucy. I played the game with Dongtae. And I even shouted at my phone many times over the amount of cliffhangers that practically kill you. This platform leaves you with so many emotions. I definitely recommend downloading it.

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    It’s Great

    What I love about Webtoon is the stories you will find not to mention the authors. Most authors tried to interact with their readers as much as they can, whether it’s Uru-Chan who keeps us update at the end of each episode for UnOrdinary or Sandra who post fan arts her fans make on her Supersonic Girl Webtoon. There are really kind people on Webtoon. Then you have authors like Shen and Fishball who answer questions asked by their readers. There are really kind people on Webtoon. At times, even the readers can be supportive. When an author is hurt or ill and mentions it, in the comments section the common comments is “Don’t worry about it. Get well soon!” Other then the people, the stories are amazing. There are talented people on Webtoon. There are many things learn from different Webtoons. I find myself looking the funny moments in Webtoons. I also like how Webtoon gives others a chance to create their own Webtoon. It’s also known as Discover, and there you can find works done by inspired people. And they are actually read by the same viewers. It’s a good start to share your story. There’s a lot of collaboration in Webtoon which I like. It shows you how close the Authors are.

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    I’ve heard of the policy.

    Now, I consider myself to be fairly new to WEBTOON, but not to where I haven’t heard of the policy. The policy where comics that have NSFW content in it aren’t allowed to be posted in WEBTOON. I think it’s pretty ridiculous (but that’s my own opinion) because that means that some WEBTOON creators are forced to keep their hard work contained because of NSFW content. Instead of overall getting rid of NSFW content, maybe something could be installed to categorize age restrictions, or something of the sort. It could maybe be something that parents install, OR maybe something that is installed on it’s own! I’m sure a lot of WEBTOON creators are angry that this has happened...but let’s just hope that this can be resolved. Now, with that to the side, I was addicted from the start when I got this app. The first few times I saw ads for it, I just ignored them. I would maybe stare at an ad for a few seconds, considering to download it, but then move on. But...when I found the ad and finally clicked on it...I decided to download the app! And I’m so glad I did, too! My favorite series right now include Lumine, Blue Chair, True Beauty, and a lot more! I have read a ton of little skits along with dramatic plot stories. Overall, besides the new policy, I’m really grateful I decided to download WEBTOON.

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    I Would’ve Given It Five Star, But...

    I saw an add about webtoon. I saw the story was about Greek mythology. I was so excited, because I love to read about Greek mythology.. I’m basically a geek when it comes to that stuff. So I thought why not get the app and look at it? I found this really a amazing story, that I read till 11:00pm, and I woke up this morning to read it. I wasn’t signed in, (probably because I’m still 11) and it got to a part when the boy said “I.. I..” to the girl and then I thought, HE LIKES HER!! YAY!! So then I try to turn to the next page, but then it says I have to sign in?! WHAT? I would’ve given it a five star, but I want that fixed immediately. To me, there’s no reason I shouldn’t be able to read the rest of the story unless I sign in. This, is very sad to me. I may delete the app, unless they fix that problem. Maybe the app can say, you need to sign in if you want to give story ideas, or something like that. But I don’t think it’s necessary for me to have to sign in to see the rest of the story, ESPECIALLY on a cliff hanger like that! I love this app, besides that problem. To some, it isn’t a problem, and I know this helps the community.. but it’s kinda annoying, being a kid without an email address, or a password. This app is definitely recommended if you are an adult, or a teenager.

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    Great app! Except two things...

    So I’ve been using Webtoon for two, three years now. It’s a fantastic app, it’s amazing to see other people’s art and stories, and how well put together they are! The app itself is fantastic and has a great team that not only support readers, but authors/artists themselves. However, a recent update was the “fast pass” I have never purchased one, because frankly, it’s a waste of money. I feel that it’s slightly annoying, and it doesn’t feel like old Webtoon anymore. The app could have improved if they didn’t add it, or would take it out. It’s a real annoyance when other apps do this, because not everyone is able to collaborate anymore with everyone else, and the person who posted a comment for a comic that was supposed to go on July 3rd gets to see it on June 12th, thus making the reply section useless. It’s a ridiculous feature, and the app was perfectly fine without it. I also really dislike the new “daily pass”. Why would you make a good app have a daily pass? I can’t enjoy the completed titles I like now. What’s gonna happen next, I have to pay to read the newest episode? I have to pay for EVERYTHING, and it’s really not great. I recommend getting the app, but if you don’t wanna pay the worlds worth of money, don’t get it.

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    New policy

    Honestly WEBTOON is a great app and I enjoy all the stories on there. Well, that was before WEBTOON’s new NSFW policy. The new policy is ruining my reading experience because authors are having chapters and episodes taken down and it’s not fair. It’s the responsibility of the reader to not read obviously mature content and if a warning is needed then WEBTOON should have a policy where authors have a warning in the description. It’s not reasonable to take down content and force authors to heavily censor their work when it’s the reader’s choice whether to read the mature content or not and it’s negatively affecting other people’s reading experience, people who enjoy the NSFW content. Instead of ruining people’s reading experience with this new policy, I suggest just having a mandatory mature content warning in the description or adding a choice for authors to have a mature content warning to the app. And if an author does not add the warning but still has mature content then you may take down the content or suspend their account or story until they do. This way everyone knows what they’re in for when reading a story and cannot complain about not knowing while also not ruining other readers’ experience. Please consider this idea because no one, including myself, is liking this new policy and it needs to be either removed or replaced with something better to give people the best reading experience.

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Yes. WEBTOON: Comics is a totally legit app. This conclusion was arrived at by running over 47,494 WEBTOON: Comics User Reviews through our NLP machine learning process to determine if users believe the app is legitimate or not. Based on this, Justuseapp Legitimacy Score for WEBTOON: Comics Is 51.3/100.

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