Fandango - Get Movie Tickets Reviews

Fandango - Get Movie Tickets Reviews

Published by on 2023-11-08

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About Fandango

What is Fandango?

Fandango is a movie ticketing app that allows users to browse movie showtimes, watch trailers, and purchase tickets to over 33,000 screens nationwide. The app is available on iOS devices, including iPhone, iPad, iMessage, and Apple Watch. With over 1.5 million 5-star reviews, Fandango is a popular choice for moviegoers.



- Buy movie tickets and skip the box office line with reserved seating

- Save time with Mobile Tickets using Apple Wallet or Apple Watch for easy, quick, and contactless entry

- Search today's showtimes across multiple theaters for selected time ranges

- Check available seats with Seat Map Preview feature

- Browse movies in theaters and coming soon, with Rotten Tomatoes scores and FanAlert email notifications

- Watch movie trailers and find the best seats or be notified when tickets go on sale

- Find nearby theaters and showtimes instantly, view all theater amenities, and save favorite theaters for easy access

- Set shortcuts with Siri to retrieve movie tickets, view specific movie times, and check theater locations

- Make and share movie plans with Fandango for iMessage, split payments with friends, and get paid back with PayPal or Venmo

- Easily refund or exchange tickets before the theater's deadline, with self-service refunds and exchanges available for guest users

- Join Fandango VIP+ for free and earn points with each ticket purchase, redeemable for a $5 reward towards movie tickets or streaming on demand on Vudu.

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Key Benefits of Fandango

- Offers the perfect context of all movies playing near you, those widely distributed and expected to be in theaters, and any “specials” theaters are running.

- Clean, consistent, and not inundated with overly space wasting, distraction causing advertisements.

- Exists for a very finite purpose; to allow you to buy a ticket to see a movie.

20 Fandango Reviews

4.9 out of 5


Broken and annoying

I recently purchased 2 tickets for Parasite knowing that there’s an exorbitant surcharge per ticket. The transaction process in Fandango is far from clean. Fandango hung when I tried to purchase, so I pressed the cancel button and went through the process again. It asked if was sure and I said yes. It then hung a second time, so I pressed cancel again figuring I’m going to either have to purchase at the theatre or online. I checked my credit card app first just to make sure the transaction(s) didn’t go through and to my surprise, both of them did!

Now I’m stuck with 4 tickets and 4 exorbitant surcharges when I only wanted 2 tickets. I tried to chat with support, but the queue was too long and I had to get going to the movie. I called support and was able to get an agent, but she would only refund the ticket price and not the surcharges because they were, “non-refundable.”

So let me get this straight - you charge an exorbitant surcharge, your app is broken and then you don’t refund? Ridiculous policies and horrible customer service. I will never be using this criminal outfit again. When Fandango hangs like that, why even offer a cancel button? When I hit cancel, it asked, “are you sure” and I said yes. Apparently it still goes through with the transaction and charges you anyway.



Loved this app... But after what happened to me recently deleting and buying from theater sites directly.. Bought 2 tickets for uncut gems for 10:30 pm for Friday night and something came up last min.. Since i always buy from Fandango you get a coupon 5 discount. So i used it for my movie tickets. When i knew we couldn't make it i went to " cant make it" to get my refund this app credit for another time i couldn't before i used my 5$ discount ... So only option was to talk to a agent... Well guess they were closed no agent available... So i couldn't reschedule or get my money back... So i woked up early Saturday morning to speak to an agent. Told them the situation and to my surprise he said he couldn't do anything because it was past the explain what happen and that i couldn't have done anything about it cayse they where offline no agents and he said he was sorry and that he was gonna forward it to corporate office.. Spend 30 dollars for nothing.. Got the email saying nothing they could do nor get me my refund...

If you planning to buy tickets for late shows and life unexpected events prevent you from going to the movies.. Goodluck getting your money or this app credit.... Buy from the theaters site instead... Ssve yourselfs the stress...


Tech issues with reserving and could be easier to see and compare showings

I wish there were a few less steps just to see what seats are available for a particular showing, just go to the seats available first to save on loading time when there are so many showings available sometimes for a particular movie that one has to go through to see if they are able to get they seats they want. A more streamlined way to see and compare different showings at one time would be fantastic!

Plus the living room skybox at the mall Cinetopia for instance is totally different than the Mill Plain location or at Progress Ridge, so I wish this app would notate that correctly instead of writing them the same.

I also had an issues where i reserved 3 seats and while i was trying sign in to pay the screen stalled. I had to cancel out and then when i went back to try to reserve those seats again, they were greyed out from me reserving them, even though I hadn’t finished the process and paid for them, so I couldn’t actually select them. That kind of thing is frustrating, but overall this app works ok most of the time....


Bad App, Bad Customer Service

Fandango repeatedly crashed when I attempted to pay for the movie. I am talking dozens of times. When I finally got it working by first updating iOS (brand new update so the old one still should have had support) and then updating Fandango (brand new update, so the old app also should have had support), I forgot *this one time and this one time only* to change the date from the default date of the same day (yesterday) to the correct date (today). I found this out when I got a message asking me how the movie was last night, at which point customer service was unavailable. Today I told customer service all of this and they (to their credit, politely) told me that they would not issue an exchange for the correct date. I told them that if they did not that I would write this review, placing the blame for the problem primarily on the coders making Fandango , but also criticizing their exchange policy, and never use this app again. She said she was sorry but that was how it was, and we wished one another good day. Is any amount of convenience is worth paying twice for your movie even one time? This could have happened to anyone, and if you use Fandango it will eventually happen to you. Don't do it.


Can’t buy a ticket for a movie that just started

First critique—in a recent update a notification prompt was introduced that prompts the user to turn on notifications. The responses are Maybe Later and an affirmative choice. Then the notification blocks the screen again with the same prompt multiple times in a day. Where’s the “Stop showing this” checkbox?

Second critique - I admit it, I run late to movies sometimes. Or decide at the last minute I’d rather go to a movie than stay in. If the showtime is passed even 1 minute, the film showtime might still display, but a ticket can not be bought for it. Maybe studios prefer this since it ensures their trailers are seen, but I’m often willing to go to a movie 10 minutes late, if I could skip the line with the convenience this app advertises. It doesn’t seem to be possible though, even though my local AMC and Regal will usually sell tickets for shows that have already begun (unless sold out) with no problems.

this app is only convenient if you plan ahead, and if I plan ahead I usually have time to get to the ticket box anyway.


My attempt to buy a single ticket for Star Wars

I used both the website and Fandango in my attempt to buy a ticket for the Last Jedi. To my surprise, I even found a coupon for my ticket that took $5 off. The website successfully applied the coupon and I was feeling pretty good with myself until I found that the spot where I had filled in my billing information had disappeared, leaving only the spots for using a this app gift card, AMC gift card, or a promotion. I was forced to then go to the this app website and buy a gift card, all while my ticket hold period was running out. After buying a gift card I then applied it to my checkout page and it said it also had been successfully applied. However, when I hit the “Complete My Order” button, nothing happened. I even tried the “MasterPass” button to no avail. Once my ticket hold period had expired I ended up losing the seat next to my friends and could only find one at the very front in the nosebleed section (this is a 3D IMAX showing by the way). Pretty disappointed with this whole experience. It’s doubtful I will be using this app again in the foreseeable future.


I’d like this if I needed it.

The only reason I used this service is because someone gifted me a couple of gift cards.
I don’t understand why or how this app is relevant anymore. Why is there a surcharge in order to use this service when I can use the different movie club apps and pay nothing but the price of the ticket.
this app has jumped the shark and if you are still using this service you are a dinosaur.
The only way I’d use this service is if It offered some sort of advantage over using the movie theaters apps. Seriously who wants to pay more when they don’t have to!? Just ask yourself that question this app and maybe you can save face. Offer me something to use your service! Show some appreciation for your customers by helping them save some money!
I just paid a surcharge that was almost the full price of a movie ticket when I could have avoided paying this by using my movie club app. And those apps save me money on other service that the theater provides. Not to mention they have a points system that rewards me for my loyalty. So that adds up to some saving and free movies from time to time!


No hint about "Apple Pay promotion ended due before the promotion date due to exhausted supplies"

I recieved an email from Apple Pay saying that I could get $5 off for purchasing a ticket from this app (offer valid till Jan. 2) and I purchased a movie ticket using my Apple Pay through this app app on Dec. 30, 2017. I thought the promotion would automatically apply after my purchase but have not got the $5 off since my purchase. By contacting their customer service, I got the reply that the Apple Pay promotion has ended before the promotion date due to supplies becoming exhausted. While the promotion term did state "While supplies last", I did not receive any hint from Fandango when I made the purchase. I feel totally unsatisfied with this purchase experience and feel like being scammed. Really bad user experience with Fandango and even terrible livechat customer service (which ended up closing my chat upon my complaint)! I would prefer to purchase at the cinema since I also needed to pay the convenience fee to this app. This was my first and last time using the this app app to buy movie tickets. Deleting it...


Won’t accept my money.

It always gives the “ Sorry, we were unable to process your order.” message, right at the very end after wasting my time, every single time. It doesn’t accept my PayPal or credit cards that work every day everywhere else. No explanation why. What’s even worse is that it then gives you the middle finger by going all the way back to the start, so you have to go through the whole process again right from the beginning. But does it actually forget you? No, it thinks the seat I couldn’t buy has been bought, so even if I was to get to get this piece of garbage working after multiple attempts (not that multiple attempts have ever made it work), then there’s a good chance you can’t sit in the seat you want near your friends.
A ticket buying app that won’t let you buy a ticket is worse than trash right? Because trash doesn’t waste your time like this.
Get the AMC app and use their deal. Never had a problem with that app because that company has the good sense to accept my credit card.


Understanding Reserved Seating

Understanding Reserved Seating is difficult as it needs a pop up telling you that there are no seats available at the requested time for the requested movie. Instead a customer awkwardly attempts to purchase seating when none is available and in reality a customer has to switch movie times until they see a different layout and can purchase a reserved seat for the different time. A simple pop up window saying “No reserved seating is available for this requested showing time.” Then give options to select either to exit, or select a different movie time with available reserved seating would make it so much easier for the customer to find a time where reserved seats are available.

That’s why I have given Fandango only 3 stars. If this pop up were to show up, it would make Fandango more user friendly and make the purchasing process quick and easy to use.


Frustrating but works

It seems to me that every time they update it, it gets worse. First, the option to scan your credit card instead of typing it all in has never worked. Ever. It signifies when your card is in the right position but won’t scan it once it is. It just sits there and does nothing. Second, I can not for the life of me figure out how to add tickets to my Apple Wallet. I’ve googled it. I’ve read reviews to see if someone else explained it. And I’ve read Apple Walllet’s little guide to adding passes and tickets but no luck. There was a button that said “Add” in the top right but now that it’s updated I can’t find it. I’ve spend many minutes staring at the screen looking for the option. Apple says that this app is a compatible app too so I’m not sure. Like I said though, after a few minutes of frustration with basic functions that less developed apps can do with ease, it’ll work and you’ll get your tickets. And that’s all that matters, right?


Not user friendly

Regrettably we received a this app gift card. As a first time user, I chose my seats but somehow they were switched at purchase. So instead of getting my selected seats, I received different seats!!! I didn’t discover this until my family arrived at the theater, sat where i thought we should sit, got shuffled around, and ended up in the lobby where the manager used my credit card to discover our actual seats. Much to our disappointment, time elapsed and once the movie started, there was no hope for a refund.

No movie experience is worth such frustration. I call customer service who responded three hours later. In my frustration, I shouted expletives with the customer service lady. She said that she would talk to corporate. I hung up before I could say more that I’d regret.

It boils down to my lack of understanding of how to redeem a movie gift card. I’d recommend you purchase at the window or get someone who knows what they are doing. In my anger, I can’t endorse this app. Try Regal or another online movie app.


Refuses to fix their error and they charge me for it.

I ordered tickets to a movie through Fandango but plans changed and I couldn’t make it. They give you the option to refund your ticket for credit if you are a VIP member, which I signed up for, but they at refusing to refund my ticket. I initiated the refund well before the showtime and they told me it was being processed. THIS IS A LIE. After waiting hours for online chat support, they are telling me that it is too late to refund the ticket even though I submit my request well before the cutoff (keep in mind, this was after at least a week of my emails being ignored). As someone who has previously spent hundreds of dollars through Fandango, that is not acceptable. I will be deleting my account and will be buying my tickets at the theatre in person from now on because I don’t trust this company. If you are someone who prioritizes customer service and not being screwed out of your money by a highly profitable tech conglomerate, Fandango is not for you.


Never buy their gift cards

I bought a digital gift card to give as a present, my experience with any other digital gift card I’ve bought from other institutions is that you should have your digital gift card within minutes not with this app. They say it usually takes 20mins but it can take up to 6 hours. Well 7 hours later I called customer service and they couldn’t provide me the info. They put me on hold then came back with a lame excuse saying that it was under security review which is a bunch of bull. I requested a refund and they said they don’t give refunds. I had to buy a different gift and now I’m stuck with a $100 gift I may never use.


No Refunds OR Exchanges

I have completely lost all respect for the website! I lost out on $37 because I tried to go see Pet cemetery Thursday night, It was the night before it came out so yes the tickets were higher than usual. I went to the Marcus Movie theater in Chicago heights with my mom, boyfriend and my son whom is only 1 year old and cannot walk. They didn’t let me in because I had my son with me and the movie was rated R. Since when do movie theaters do that now ? Anyway I end up not getting in the theater to see the movie at all and having to go home. I called this app just to see if they could give me some type of credit back or refund for the money I’ve spent. Nope not a dime, they told me there wasn’t anything they could do because the movie had already started. I couldn’t even get credit added back to my account and I have a VIP account with them. I even spoke with a manager! I guess that’s their new policy or something because I’ve never heard of that policy in the past! I’m so upset with them !


Inadequate & antiquated refund and customer service system

App is great for purchasing tickets, but you better be 100% sure of your purchase. A friend of mine couldn’t make the time and I needed a refund to change for another showing and it’s nearly impossible to do so from Fandango . I didn’t even want a refund to my credit card, just as this app credits to make a new purchase or simply just change the showing time. Waited for their “chat” service for an hour. Can’t review much on that because I never got to chat with somebody. I kept getting pushed back on their waitlist and if your on mobile you can’t leave the page even to reply a text message, They’ll loose the connection and send you back to the last spot on the waitlist. Total nightmare of an app. I’m not an old person, I can use tech just fine. Fandango just isn’t modernized to handle issues! At the end of the day this app is just a 3rd party middleman. I’ll be using Regal and AMC app for all my purchases from now on.



Fandango works fine but the company, itself, is terrible. I called to get a refund before my movie time at 12:30pm. They said that my wait time would be 5 minutes. After staying on hold for 10 minutes, I chose the option for them to call me back. While I was waiting on the call back, I chose the option to get my refund online. Online option did not let me do it so I called again because by this time it was almost 12:50 and still no call back. I proceeded to wait again, over 5 minutes and still no one answered. I waited at least 30 minutes this time before I chose the call back option. I still have not received a call or a refund. I spoke with Supervisor Frank Tillman and I was told that they cannot find my phone records, so I cannot get a refund. However I have a screenshot confirming that I put the request in before time but they say that it doesn’t matter because they have no phone records. Needless to say, I will never purchase from this app again.


First and last time using fandango

I personally don’t go for movies often, but decided to purchase tickets through this app for convenience. The experience was the complete opposite. There weren’t any seats available in the theater so I asked for a refund from this app who then referred me back to the theater since they claimed they can’t refund me. I was already told to contact this app by the theater staff so I felt like I was being tossed back and forth, let alone I couldn’t speak to a rep unless I made an account and it’s only through chat and I was in queue for 20 minutes. Which by the way if your movie started after while you’re waiting they’ll claim it’s past the showing time so no refund for you. I wish I could post pictures of my chat with rep Crystal since they don’t give you options to receive copies of chats I had to screen shot it. Although they claim not to give refunds the dialogue insinuated they can. Anyway not returning ever again this is why streaming is so much better.


Great experience for chains, with a speed bump or three

this app is an interesting app, I consider it a “utility” app in that it serves a specific purpose: You want to see a movie, it offers that with the perfect context of all movies playing near you, those widely distributed and expected to be in theaters, and any “specials” theaters are running.

“Convenience fees” for something that cuts out the need for human intervention are dubious at best, but interstitial ads on top of that while browsing are just… bizarre.

Considering how tightly bound this app is to only the titans of movie theater chains, some of these feel like a dishonest cash grab. However, there is no competition, there is no comparison, and to be fair, the presentation of Fandango is clean, consistent, and not inundated with overly space wasting, distraction causing advertisements (aside from the very occasional interstitial ad, which still boggles my mind).

I would like to see NO advertising, interstitials especially. Fandango exists for a very finite purpose; to allow you to buy a ticket to see a movie, the purpose is well defined and the most likely alternative (buying in person) still means money goes to the theater anyway.

Wanna see a movie? Unless it’s at a boutique theater, you can’t go wrong with using this app to decide.


Would be 5 but bad experience (read on)

I would've put 5 for their great customer service but because this is their app their app has issues, I tried to select the closest location to buy tickets to but for some reason it had favorited a location 50 miles from me which I have never even looked at and definitely never favorited it. So instead of buying tickets to the one 3 miles away it bought tickets for 30 minutes later to the location 50 miles away which I didnt notice till there was 15 minutes left so I did the return but by the time the return finished it was passed the time the movie started at the location that I had already gotten to so I had to buy the tickets for an hour later and now I have to wait an hour to see the movie.

Is Fandango Safe?

Yes. Fandango - Get Movie Tickets is very safe to use. This is based on our NLP (Natural language processing) analysis of over 2,129,079 User Reviews sourced from the Appstore and the appstore cumulative rating of 4.9/5 . Justuseapp Safety Score for Fandango Is 42.5/100.

Is Fandango Legit?

Yes. Fandango - Get Movie Tickets is a totally legit app. This conclusion was arrived at by running over 2,129,079 Fandango - Get Movie Tickets User Reviews through our NLP machine learning process to determine if users believe the app is legitimate or not. Based on this, Justuseapp Legitimacy Score for Fandango Is 63.1/100..

Is Fandango - Get Movie Tickets not working?

Fandango - Get Movie Tickets works most of the time. If it is not working for you, we recommend you excersise some patience and retry later or Contact Support.

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