Peacock TV: Stream TV & Movies Reviews

Peacock TV: Stream TV & Movies Reviews

Published by on 2023-12-05

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About Peacock TV

What is Peacock TV? Peacock is a streaming service from NBCUniversal that offers a wide range of movies, TV shows, live news, and sports. It has a free version and two paid versions, Peacock Premium and Peacock Premium Plus, that offer more content and features. The app is available only in the United States and its territories.



- Instant access to hundreds of movies from major Hollywood studios such as Universal, DreamWorks Animation, and Focus Features.

- Thousands of hours of TV series, including full seasons of buzzworthy faves, bingeworthy classics, and current-season NBC hits.

- Peacock Channels – playing your favorite entertainment, 24-7. Scroll less and watch more with the SNL Vault, Fallon Tonight, NBC Sports on Peacock, WWE, NBC News NOW, TODAY All Day, True Crime, and Dateline 24/7.

- A daily dose of live news with the best of NBC News, CNBC, MSNBC, and E! News – plus Late Night, SNL and more.

- Hit Spanish-language TV shows and news from Telemundo.

- Up to 6 personal profiles to optimize your viewing experience.

- Peacock Premium ($4.99/month) offers an all-access pass to everything Peacock has to offer, including new movies, full seasons of exclusive premium TV, and live sports and events.

- Peacock Premium Plus ($9.99/month) offers everything included in Peacock Premium as well as ad-free streaming and the ability to download titles to your mobile device.

- Exclusive Peacock Originals, including Bel-Air, Below Deck Down Under, The Resort, Girls5eva, Dr. Death, Vampire Academy, Love Island, The Real Housewives Ultimate Girls Trip, and more.

- More live sports, including exclusive Premier League soccer matches, football, golf, MLB Sunday Leadoff, and IndyCar.

- The streaming home for your Bravo faves, including The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, Top Chef, and more.

- Current-season NBC hits like the One Chicago franchise, The Voice, Law & Order: SVU, Young Rock, and Grand Crew.

- Unlimited access to the entire library of Kids and Family entertainment.

- Nielsen proprietary measurement software that allows you to contribute to market research.

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Key Benefits of Peacock TV

- An astounding number of shows available at no recurring cost

- Reasonable with consumers

- Surprised by some of the titles and shows available

- Ads play at the beginning of the show, allowing for an ad-free experience

- Abundant free content

33 Peacock TV Reviews

4.6 out of 5


App Functionality Needs Major Improvement

I absolutely LOVE the content on Peacock. It’s very quickly becoming my favorite streaming application. That being said, the functionality of PeacockTV can be terrible. I have tried PeacockTV on MANY different data sources: Wi-Fi, Verizon Wireless, Visible Wireless, Straight Talk Wireless, Personal Hotspot, etc., & it takes FOREVER to load no matter what source I use. When opening PeacockTV , it’ll sometimes say that “There was a problem loading the Peacock app. Try again” or I’ll go to watch a video & it will take a very long time to load or it’ll just boot me back out to the main menu altogether, which is just frustrating. When I pause a movie/show & my screen goes dark or to sleep, it’s very difficult to restart video. When I open my phone/tablet to restart video, it’ll have the Play, Rewind, Fast Forward buttons on screen with a black background, then it has to load until it shows a paused picture of the video I’m watching & displays the Play button again, & I then have to press Play again. However, if my screen goes dark again before it’s finished loading, I have to do it all over again, with the black background on the screen. I would LOVE to see an update to fix the double “Play” issue, but also the buffering issue. I still recommend PeacockTV to everyone I know though! Thank so much!


Terrible tvOS app

If I could avoid using peacock, I would, but there are too many good shows. However, it is still a painfully bad experience. On iOS/iPadOS there is no Picture in Picture support, which is very annoying, and sometimes the audio breaks and I have to exit the thing I’m watching and reopen it. That is annoying, but not too bad. tvOS is the real problem. It works terribly with the new Siri remote. Normally you can go back or forward ten seconds, but with the new Siri remote there is no way to do that. Clicking the forward and back buttons will bring up an orange symbol to go back or forward 10 seconds, but it won’t do anything, and it won’t go away until you tap somewhere else on the remote. If I had this problem in any other app, it would be slightly annoying, but I would just use the normal method of swiping (or rotating with the new circle gesture on the new Siri remote) to get where I need to go. Not only does peacock not support the new circle gesture, the swiping is terrible. This is probably the biggest problem with peacock. Tiny finger movements that would get me forward or back 4 seconds or so in the Apple TV app do nothing. But as soon as I start swiping my finger enough for peacock to react, it moves too fast for me to get even close to what I want. I can end up full minutes away from my target. This has been a problem with the old and new Siri remote, and it needs to be fixed.


Constant changes in quality and content

I am a day 1 user, waited months for PeacockTV at first never had any issues in my Apple TV or iPhone but now it’s constant errors. Most recent is just solid black screen with an outline of the channel schedule instead of puss in boots error screen occasionally. They also took away the office channel quietly a couple of days ago. Changed the reality tv “in it to win it” channel (that had huge variety in programming) into deal or no deal for over a week non stop 24/7. Just rename the channel already after nearly 250 episodes straight it’s officially the deal or no deal channel! I assumed okay maybe after they play each episode in the series I will get to see something new, sadly they just stared over from episode 1 again. Same episodes of kitchen nightmares (season 1) have been playing non stop for 5 days when it’s KN evening time block and the profit season 1. This didn’t used to be the case! There would be a mix of several seasons. I was thinking about subscribing but these are pretty major and sudden changes that make no sense. They were also what I used PeacockTV for 99% of the time. Went from being my #1 app to deleting and resubscribing to CBS all access who instead of taking away content added over 200 season of different shows last week.


Peacock TV?! Yeah right.

So they bought out WWE Network, they segment the shows and present it like garbage in comparison to the previous app and then I try to watch a show, whilst containing as much rage as possible only to find disappointment. PeacockTV DOESNT SUPPORT HDMI PORTING! How can you have “TV” in your name AND NOT SUPPORT A WELL KNOWN AND QUITE COMMON TV STREAMING DEVICE?! “Peacock IPhone/Android” should be the name, otherwise it’s just false advertisement - if I can’t stream to my TV, this is the biggest digital wooden nickel situation I’ve ever found myself in. This is horrible. If you’re going to buy out the main streaming service to something that has a full blown culture behind the profession, then do your best to support it or otherwise give it to someone who has the gaul or even the slightest intention to do so. I’ll tell you one thing, my family can’t watch a cell phone together and it’s unreasonable to expect something so asinine. For such a selection of material to watch, I honestly can’t believe in 2021 this is an issue. Peacock “TV” - false. This is frankly pathetic and I won’t be renewing my subscription, hopefully someone who cares will do some justice to this completely ridiculous fumbling and vague handling of the term “TV” - television, as in NOT A PHONE. At best they’ll fix it because people had to complain, at worst WWE will have to stay with them and they’ll find some other way to be completely dysfunctional with an appropriate requisite. Dense.


Clunky, slow app. Not gonna pay just for the Office.

I love The Office. And Parks & Rec. But there are just way too many steaming services now and paying for all of them to watch one or two shows is just ridiculous. So I’m not paying for this one. The free content on Peacock is abundant, but it’s mostly shows that no one wants to watch or that you can watch for free on the Hallmark Channel or wherever they now show Murder She Wrote. Not exactly cutting edge programming. If this was an excellent app, I might have been interested. But it is clunky to operate, not very intuitive, and slow. So. Slow. It can take 5+ minutes to search for, find, and start playing a show. All while I’m watching those little rainbow dots go in circles. And PeacockTV freezes and crashes a lot. Not usually during a show, but definitely a lot while navigating PeacockTV and searching. We have super fast internet (more than a gig in speed to our house) and have no problem getting Netflix or Prime to load fast. Even CBS All Access is faster. Personally, I hope we will soon see consolidation in this space so we can see our favorite shows without having to subscribe to a dozen different services. And as those apps compete against each other, Peacock will not be a winner. NBC, you gave it a try. Now I hope you will license your best shows to Netflix and let us watch while you earn royalties for doing nothing.


Add Picture in Picture, audio descriptions & autoplay cancel.

Add Picture in Picture, audio descriptions & autoplay cancel.
I really want to love PeacockTV. I even paid for the commercial free version, because I love NBC so much. The content is great. Unfortunately, PeacockTV is lacking in several accessibility features. Additionally, it needs different user profiles, so that I can have a watchlist that I don’t share with the rest of my family. It will not allow me to do picture in picture, which means my shows are interrupted each time I open a message to reply. I am very disappointed that there are not audio descriptions available for most shows. People with low vision or blindness, this limits access to some great television. Finally, I have tried to work out how to cancel autoplay as a default, but I can’t seem to do it. If I do not physically tap the screen before an episode ends, PeacockTV will automatically play the next episode. This is especially frustrating if I fall asleep watching a show, only to wake up with a whole season over.

Again, I really do want to love PeacockTV. Every other streaming service I have allows for picture in picture, as well as autoplay camel, and most have audio descriptions. I hope peacock gets these features soon!


Deleting content out of no where.

I had been using Peacock for a while now to watch some older content. After seeing some advertisements about older shows such as Twilight and fifty shades of gray and Harry Potter, i decided to purchase a subscription. I was very thrilled to rewatch all these for many platforms don't have all these together. I started Twilight yesterday and continued watching in the next day for there is 4-5 different movies to the series. But today in the middle of watching it I peacock kicked me off the platform and rebooted itself and I could no longer FIND twilight in the search bar or my most recently watched. It literally disappeared. I checked it on the tv because I have a roku connection to the same peacock account as well and I could no longer find it. I am very disappointed and annoyed due to the fact that I just signed up 3 days ago for the peacock subscription and now these shows that were advertised are magically gone. Before signing up the subscription indicated that I will have access to all content with ads since I only paid for the 4.99 subscription.
What is going on? Why did twilight disappear from your content and also there's absolutely no way I could get a hold of customer service for you only provide a robot that's doesn't lead you anywhere.


No English Audio

Watching Yellowstone Season 3 Episode 5 and all of a sudden it switches to Spanish Audio. I attempt to go into closed captioned and make sure English subtitles and English Audio is selected and there is no English available. I go to the previous episode and see English audio is available. I go to the episode 6 and no English audio is available. I go out of Yellowstone and select BelAir and it plays English. I select another title and it plays English. I unplug the TV for 60 seconds, I then unplug the modem and routers, I delete the Peacock app and reinstall. I attempt to contact Peacock customer service and there are more than 99+ customers in front of me and then so get kicked out of que telling me no agents are available. I saved the transcript. I took screenshots of the issues. I have been troubleshooting for over an hour and a half. It does the same thing on all devices. I have a headache and I need to go trudge through the snow and cold now to take care of our own animals. Not a fan Peacock right now. Fix your glitch and when this stuff happens, you should be sending emails to your customers letting them know what’s going on and posting it on your website. We would like a free month for the aggravation and less than adequate customer service. Thank you.


Rather clunky app

I am late getting PeacockTV . But after having it for about 4 months I am surprised by how poorly PeacockTV is designed and works. Take searches, very slow, and doesn’t automatically load suggestions as you type. Also, It is the slowest app on my iPad to open and load, I almost think it crashed with just those 6 dots floating. But then PeacockTV loads, only to take a long time to switch to another screen, like when browse is selected or opening settings. One would expect a better user interface and faster app coming out of an entertainment/tech company. Feels like PeacockTV isn’t a priority. Would be nice if it allowed for multiple “users” like spouse and kids as we like different shows. Lastly, they should re-think commercials. I’m not against commercials and like them if it means affordable subscriptions. But the commercials are too long. It’s not the good old days of network tv. They should redesign how commercials work for the modern age. Right now I just look at my phone during commercials. So, my conclusion is that it’s an app to go to when there is a show you want to watch, ie: Yellowstone, but not an app you GO TO to find something to watch. Good luck. You’re behind the eight ball and other apps are doing this a lot better.


Best of any streaming services

I love PeacockTV — I watch something from it every day. There are an astounding number of shows available at no recurring cost to me (I wait through 45 seconds of ads during a show’s normal commercial break). Other streaming services (cough cough Disney, CBS, etc. cough cough) have nearly everything trapped behind a paywall, and honestly I can’t afford 6 dollars here, 5 dollars there, every single month, to four or five streaming services. Frankly I do not want to sign up not only due to budget but from principle: when the writing hit the wall with companies pulling shows from Netflix to move them to their own premium streaming services, I said then that I wouldn’t sign up for multiple premium services because I saw it as the companies’ greed. And I don’t have to with Peacock, because they make so much available while being so reasonable with their consumers. So because of their model, this is one streaming service where I actually would sign up for premium just to support them.


I wish I could give this app less than 1 star

PeacockTV is a complete cash grab. They decided to split up Premier League coverage between Peacock and NBCSN. So now you need two different subscriptions to watch games. To make it worse, you can’t stream from your iPad or iPhone to your television. It’s just completely baffling to me why they’re making it harder to watch these games. I remember being so pleased with NBCSN’s coverage of the premier league when they first started a few years ago. Now, I can’t wait for another network to pick up the deal. The constant division of all these apps you need just to watch your games/shows is exhausting for the consumer. I’m sure in a few years NBC will come out with yet another app requiring another monthly subscription. “Download Peacock 1 to watch the first half of this soccer game, and make sure to download Peacock 2 to watch the second half!!! Each one is only $7.99/month!!! Post match coverage will be on NBCSN Gold, so make sure you’re subscribed to that as well, which is on top of your subscription to NBC Sports!” Meanwhile NBC is wondering why people pirate everything online. I know I’m just a lowly consumer, but I think if you make it easier to watch what we want, that’s how you gain customer loyalty. NBC is doing the opposite of this. Thanks NBC. Very cool.


Love/Hate Relationship

Let me start by saying you guys have a fantastic library of shows and movies to choose from, and that was the main reason I started a subscription.
However, please try to work on fixing all of the bugs and just chaotic disasters that are your streaming service…
I’ve been patient and I’ve given you time because I knew you were new to the streaming scene, but myself and many other people have paid you guys money every month since you started for a while now…so please…FIX THE BUGS!
About the only device PeacockTV works fine on is my phone, ANYTHING else and it’s unwatchable. If I started a movie on my phone earlier in the day and then decide to watch later on my PS4 your app has noooooo idea how to pick up where I left off. And you can forget about fast forwarding to where I was…PeacockTV will nearly freeze my entire system until I force close it.
I never write reviews, I always read them and think people are obnoxious and have too much time on their hands, but maybe I finally understand that your voice needs to be heard sometimes. I love your app! Just make it less buggy! I’ll keep funding y’all in the meantime, but help a fan a veteran fan of The Office out!


Absolute garbage

PeacockTV design is terrible. They really try to force their stupid feed concept on you, and make finding specific programs or checking what’s playing at a certain time (live sports) a frustrating experience. All of that earns PeacockTV a single star rating. Regarding the service itself, I sincerely hope that it either fails or NBC loses/sells the rights to Premier League broadcasting. They have nearly ruined the ability to enjoy my favorite sport, and I find my favorite team in that sport to constantly be thrown on the Peacock premium service. Good job NBC executives, you’ve messed with my ability to watch a game I love without paying $5 a month for an otherwise awful service that is completely unworthy of subscription. You are the worst, NBC. UPDATE: I broke down and started paying this year so I could watch more games. Amazingly (or not), this terrible service and it’s live sports component do not offer the ability to pause, rewind or record. I could see no record option because extended data storage can become complex, but creating a buffer around an event’s schedule times to allow pause, resume, rewind and fast forward is pretty standard stuff. Once again, PeacockTV and service as a whole are awful. Still a 1-star experience.


Decent streaming service, TERRIBLE app

The streaming service itself is decent, but this review is for PeacockTV specifically (both iPad and Apple TV). For some annoying reason, PeacockTV uses its own player rather than the iOS one, which means you can’t use any of the iOS features such as Picture in Picture or AirPlay. When I have a keyboard connected, I can’t use the space bar to play or pause like I can in pretty much every other streaming app. If I pause the video and use another app and then come back, it can often take up to 15 seconds for the video to load again before I can play.

My biggest complaint with PeacockTV /service is when auto playing the next episode, about 70% of the time the next episode will start somewhere in the middle and I have to manually rewind it back to the beginning. It’s a good thing I’m only re-watching a show I’ve already seen multiple times before so nothing gets spoiled for me, but if I were watching a new show and had something spoiled because of this bug, I would be very upset.

All things considered, once I finish watching the show I’m currently watching, I’ll be canceling my Peacock subscription. The content available to stream does not outweigh the numerous annoyances and complaints I have with the apps.


Streaming is decent

The streaming is okay. Haven’t had issues. I have issues with them imposing PeacockTV on us in order to watch the Premier League. How is it that so far we’ve HAD to stream to watch the champions of England play 2 of the top teams? The biggest games should be available on TV where the majority of people already pay to watch the EPL. Putting them on the Peacock app is pretty upsetting and likely an attempt to boost their subscriptions to justify putting more big games on PeacockTV after NBCSB Gold failed.

Additionally, I can’t even use air play because it’s restricted and there’s no app for my 2019 samsung tv. Having a toddler and crawler, we keep wires hidden and out of reach. So, airplay alike is a must. But if I want to watch this on the tv, I have to bring wires out and end up spending half the time keeping the kids from grabbing the wires or pushing buttons on the laptop.

Pretty big waste of money if you ask me. They pay insane amounts to win contracts to get the rights to the games but then want us to pay additional for the big matches in addition to the main channel that’s supposed to show the best games. ....It’s like if I pay for HBO but then forced to pay extra for Game of Thrones...oh, and I wouldn’t easily be able to watch it on my tv.


Charging me extra…

Dear peacock first of all it’s very difficult to find help using PeacockTV I looked for a contact customer service or anything of that nature of contact us button and it seems to be very hard to access from PeacockTV at least I couldn’t find it Secondly I pay extra to not have to watch commercials bad as I’m sitting here watching my program I keep getting interrupted every few minutes by a commercial how does this happen I am paying not to have to watch commercials maybe you need to look into this I figure writing a review is the only way to get your attention and that probably won’t work either- I am still having shows with commercials and I pay for ad free - cannot figure out how to contact help - one show was called All of Me - the other was called Eat Up - Girl on fire was another - I have been paying for ad free shows since opening my peacock account and I have always had commercials this is not right - I cannot figure out how to contact help and cannot get help with this - the help category on PeacockTV only helps with parental controls - I need help - I should get what I pay for - can a developer contact me thru my sign up email please?


Great titles for a great price

Surprised by some of the titles and shows I have found on here that I can no longer find on other streaming services I have paid over 3x a month for! Cheapest subscription has ads, and initially had them playing periodically throughout the shows as you watch which was like having cable all over again(ads interrupting the climax of a movie ruins the experience) and I planned on ending my subscription after one month. HOWEVER, just recently(i suppose most recent update) they have begun to show all of the ads immediately at the beginning of the show and then allowing you to watch the rest ad free. I love this new implementation, allows me to pay for the cheaper subscription and still enjoy full movies after a single 180 sec ad break in the beginning. I will definitely be continuing my subscription moving forward.


Garbage Service for Football Fans

I signed up for peacock as a way to watch the “best” matches in the premier league. Over the past 3 months, I’ve barely been able to watch any. The only matches shown are the lower league dwellers. Why pay for games I don’t even want to watch? What happened by showing all the mouth watering games of the prem? Unfortunately without cable or an alternate cable service there is no way to only watch the premier league. ESPN crushed it with their low cost service of serie a, bundesliga, European qualifiers, etc. but NBC can’t seem to put aside its greed. Although NBC’s prem coverage is arguably the best coverage of all leagues in the US. ALSO, let’s talk about the technical aspect of peacock. Firstly it doesn’t work on my chrome cast which is a huge bummer, either I need to start up my PS4, laptop, or I’m stuck on handheld. Secondly it buffers like a madman. Ultimately this is not the solution. The premier access app was much better. Keep football separate from all the nbc nonsense no1 wants to watch. People will gladly pay 5-10 bucks for an all encompassing premier league only app. At least I would, just cut the fat and give people what they want. Till next time nbc. Just dumped your app and service as it serves no point in my life.


Worst streaming app

Ok so is 2020 and you create a streaming app that cannot be casted to a smart tv. Is it me or is that not just dumb. I might have expected this 10 or maybe 5 years ago but in 2020 if you are making a streaming app you better make sure it can cast to a tv. My tv does not get the peacock app so it would have been nice to just air play it. It’s not preferable but it works. But you crated a streaming app that cannot do this. What kind of stupid are your programmers that thought “hey let’s create a streaming app that cannot be casted. There’s a brilliant idea”.

Also PeacockTV navigation is kinda clunky. I do like one of the original shows but I hate watching it on my phone. For the first few episode I kinda was able to make it cast but when I tried last night i could only connect the sound. One again. What a dumb move at not adding the ability to cast to smart TVs. Why is this not a thing. Hell even the dumbest cable app have figured out the value of allowing there content to be casted. But the big nbc universal company cannot get this one small thing right. You are loosing the streaming war my friends and all because you where to dumb yo not add one feature that allows people to watch your shows on there big TVs.


Olympic coverage with peacock free and premium

I downloaded peacock when it first came out and loved it! It was great for watching shows like Dateline and stuff and I recently decided to get peacock premium due to the Tokyo olympics as the free version didn’t have what I thought the premium version would (live coverage of the events).

When upgrading I found that nothing changed with PeacockTV itself and the Olympic coverage remained the same. PeacockTV on my phone or even my streaming box did not change and did not offer any additional items other than letting me rewatch things like the opening ceremony which was hidden behind the premium paywall. The Olympic section on peacock is confusing and horribly designed. There is no way to find the events and their times or schedule and whether or not they would be streamed on peacock or a different service (live nbcsports). The live coverage on the channel section is also bad because they only do highlights which is not what I want to watch, I want to see the full coverage of the events.

I feel scammed after enduring all of the ads saying that premium was the ultimate way to watch olympics sports coverage is false. I wish I could get my money back for paying for premium.


Limited Watchability Terrible

I like the new Peacock Streaming Service content, but the limits on how and where you can watch are too great to make it enjoyable. I downloaded PeacockTV and thought I would first try the ad-based free version. I also subscribed to Apple TV+ in order to create more watching options. I was so wrong. I can watch it on my iPhone but I can not mirror it to my Apple TV box which is an earlier model. Very disappointing. No support across Apple platforms no matter what the generation of Apple device is sad. I also can’t watch the Peacock Service through Apple TV+ on a Fire Stick or Roku. Both these block the Peacock feed within the Apple TV+ app. This unwillingness to share programming from one streaming device company to the next only hurts the customer. I will be dumping Apple TV+ and also the Peacock app until they can make it more user friendly and accessible on whatever TV or device I choose to be using.


Excellent Content, Easy to Use

Peacock has a lot of great features and excellent content. Any cord cutter will find value in PeacockTV, and loading it into your Apple TV. The channel line up feature is a great way to watch the news or your favorites when you don’t know what to actually play on demand.

Other users have pointed out the poor layout of PeacockTV , and I do agree that is the improvement point required for a four star review. The endless scroll of the listed channels is brutal. The notation of the feather for premium content is a good way to show users what other great is available without shoving it down their throats or tricking them.

Streaming platforms are tough and I thought Peacock would not have a successful launch. Looking forward to other reviews. I’m a fan.


Needs work

Biggest issue I have is that your watchlist is a part of the browse tab. It’s nearly impossible to find. The watchlist should have its own tab. It needs to be quickly accessible instead of having to dig through other content.

Other big issue is the paywall. For $4.99, you unlock nearly everything but have to deal with commercials. For $9.99, you get some extras but there are still commercials on some things (which they claim are required). Kinda dumb. But there is a 1 week trial for free.

Other than that, it’s ok. You get 1 free episode of their original content (rest are behind the paywall). Feel like they should do 2-3 free to make people more interested in potentially subscribing. Showtime content is also behind the paywall.


SCAM!!! 😡😡😡😡

So I got this and I was thinking that my kids can watch their favorite movie the was no longer on anything else. So I go into PeacockTV a sign in and when I found the movie I HAD TO PAY FOR IT!!!! In the add, I watched it specifically said that ” Any movie you can watch for free!!” and I was happy, but when I saw that I immediately deleted PeacockTV and I'm so mad and my kids are disappointed I do not recommend PeacockTV unless you want to pay money every month for your kids to watch something. Also, there are no kid movies and all adult movies and barely any kid's movies. Otherwise, PeacockTV is kind of nice if you're an adult but I do not recommend this to kids, but I hated how it did this to my kids. And one more this when you get out of PeacockTV to do something and go back in it brings you back like 2 minutes!!! Please fix these or include them in your add!! 😡😡


Promising But Needs UI Improvements (Apple TV)

I fail to understand in this day and age the arrogance of an organization the size of NBC-Comcast in thinking that they can design a better UI for controlling playback that the countless other steaming apps. There is no shame in making your UI mirror the same actions as other apps. I as a user should not have to a spend time trying to figure out how to rewind, fast forward, etc a streaming app when the other streaming apps are intuitive to the point where it was a see less experience when I started using them. Disney+ : No problem when I started using it. HBO Max : No problem when I started using it. Peacock : Writes a review to call out the issue and seriously wonders if NBC has heard the terms “usability study” and “human computer interaction”.


Good Content, Needs User Profiles

I like the content Peacock has to offer, but the fact that it doesn’t have user profiles is an issue. It needs that urgently. It also needs 4K (for compatible shows and devices) and mobile downloads. To the issue of user profiles, once they do get released, there’s going to be a bunch of content on one person’s profile that the whole family had watched for the past month (or however long it takes for them to release this feature). So there also needs to be a way to edit watch history as well.


Its eeh

It’s not that impressive, the content is lacking and the interface is horrible and confusing. I get that I won’t be perfect seeing that it’s free, but come on it can at least be better. As for the content, it’s also not great it does have good shows but not as many as one would think. Their originals are also not impressive, but it’s new so I’ll let it slide. But the tiers are completely pointless. It free but you can’t watch all the shows and movies it offers. If you pay you get those very few movies and shows available and if you get the top tier you get no ads. But there aren’t even that many ads so the tiers are pointless. Please do better


Tough To Like

It seems that peacock’s ONLY appeal is the library of shows and movies, which are difficult to find and watch. I downloaded PeacockTV this morning and was stunned by the lack of thought put into the user interface. Very little clarity on when live events will actually air, or how to play them. Certain channels worked without issue (the office for example) but others wouldn’t play at all. I tried both trial subscriptions and found nothing changed. Ended up watching the premier league on my old NBC Sports Gold which defeats the purpose of this new app. Please revisit the presentation and take a look at how FUBO TV does their interface for inspiration.


Horrible Livestream Broadcast

I tried watching an EPL live soccer game and it was extremely frustrating and a very poor experience. The streaming would frequently freeze and restart with delay. I would get a goal notification and two minutes later see it happen. At times the video would freeze by sound was working. Several times I had to close and reopen PeacockTV to unfreeze. And finally with 10 minutes left I couldn’t open the stream no matter how many times I tapped the program.
It’s a shame they removed the EPL games from NBCSN network to make it exclusive for peacock.
I will watch the rest of season on a European broadcast using my VPN.
I would never pay for this poor quality service.



I pre bought this streaming subscription for a free app, and already felt dumb for that. Then on launch day I realize we can only watch from our phones. My house has 5 iPhones, 3 fire tablets, 4 roku TVs 2 fire sticks and a 2012 Vizio, and we can’t watch PeacockTV. I bought a cast app to get my iPhone to cast to my tv and peacock still wouldn’t cast, everything else from my phone did, until I opened peacock. We used a HDMI cord from the tv to to a laptop and got an error message. We knew our living room tv was old, we had no clue it was a 2012 until trying PeacockTV. Now I feel like I need to buy a different tv or a Apple TV box to watch a free app that I paid for. Thanks for making me feel stupid peacock.


Great content; lousy UI

Four stars for content. Unfortunately, the UI is frustrating. First of all, while scrolling I keep accidentally playing a video. Said video then appears in Continue Watching. Second, there is no way to remove an item from Continue Watching. Third, Watchlist and Continue Watching get lost in the layout. Put them on their own tab. Fourth, the infinite scroll in the channel list is annoying. Without colors or channel numbers (and because of infinite scrolling), it is hard to see where the list starts and ends.


Simple but yet a long way to go

I watch the premier league games on PeacockTV and I watch them with AirPods on. Every time this disconnects, the game pauses and it does not have a play button anywhere on PeacockTV to resume. So i have to close and start from scratch every time. Also if you switch apps to text and then try to open PeacockTV back up, it kicks you back to the main menu, even if you never closed PeacockTV. Other than that, it looks nice and I like the idea of switching to any game I want. (Games that show off air aren’t really off air, their menus don’t update quick enough to tell you a match has started).


Incredible content! How is this free?

I can’t believe that all of my favorite content is finally free! From all of the timeless classics I loved growing up (Saved by the Bell!!) to iconic shows like 30 Rock (my fave), Peacock has so much to watch.

I can’t wait to dive into all of this content. I have tons to get through even before The Office drops in 2021!

I’ve been so excited for PeacockTV to release (saw the advertisements everywhere) and it does not disappoint. I literally can’t not watch.


It’s a new app

Peacock is actually pretty good for a free streaming app that isn’t even a week old, yes the display could use some touch ups and it would be nice to have multiple profiles under the same account, but these are small details that can be updated in the future. Many people are complaining about its features but it hasn’t even received its first major update. I think it’s quality for how new it is.


You have a problem...

So I started watching with The Capture.
I use subtitles when I watch as I have a hearing issue. The problem I’m referring to is with the subtitles. I don’t know yet if it’s a system wide problem, but the subtitles have about a 2 second lag behind the spoken word.... very, very distracting. Please look into this. There’s no way I’m going to pay for a subscription if this is an ongoing issue. When this gets resolved I will give it the 5 stars I think it deserves.

Danny Cain   1 year ago

Charged for Peacock TV; we don’t subscribe to it, it’s garbage.

M Foulkes   1 year ago

The Peacock app is absolute trash app on Android. Why does it default to audio description for every program? It is 100% not a setting in my TV as no other streamer does it...Netflix doesn't, Prime doesn't, Hulu doesn't, Disney doesn't but Peacock 100% of the time defaults to audio description which is annoying as hell to keep having to go out of the program, change back to English audio several times a day. I have read in many reddits that NBC and Peacock are well aware of the issue yet offer no solution.

cornczech   1 year ago

I enjoyed watching free content on Peacock enough that I signed up for the deal ($1.99 a month x 12 months). HUGE MISTAKE!!! Suddenly the ap crashed on my Sony TV and I couldn't watch ANYTHING. Just the day before, I was able to watch Peacock for FREE, but as soon as I signed up for "premium", the APP CRASHED!!! To "speak" to someone (online chat) took a 45-minute wait. When I got hold of someone, they told me it was a known issue and was being worked on. When I asked when an anticipated fix would be - the guy told me they had NO idea and to just use my PHONE. I NEVER watch movies on my phone. I immediately cancelled the service (the same day I ordered it) and I am STILLL waiting for the refund (Money taken from a CC that I haven't even activated yet! TERRIBLE SERVICE!

Ruben Cervantes   1 year ago

It is a scam just to hook you up and pay I signed up for Peacock free service. There are an extremely short number of movies and shows (I don’t think exceed 50, I may be wrong). For everything else, you must pay for a subscription. I tried to delete my account; THERE’S NO WAY. Searched for instructions on the site and they tell you how, but nothing works. It all goes in circles. Links for “Contact” don’t work either; they go nowhere. Unless you are ready for a monthly payment, don’t get even close to these people

Super PeaCocked   2 years ago

Super Bowl Scam!! Peacock and their "owner" NBC are crooked, manipulaters. Old west "medicine men". after searching internet for days pre super bowl for ways to watch on TV FREE, like i have for past 50yrs. Remember when TV was free and commercials paid for it? Rabbit ears and tinfoil. When cable was introduced NO commercials was why you paid for it. Now basic is $80, premium $200-?? FOR WHAT?? 60 min program is 30 -40min commercial every 3 min.... Anyway I reluctantly pay Peacock for premium for Super Bowl assuming best coverage by way of NBC network. I got NO streaming of ANY channel from them, a pic of kitten "somethings wrong try later" NO Super Bowl No customer service agents chat or phone No info beyond FAQ wich is really to occupy you. Ive left Messages where possible canceled subscription 30min. after signing up and had to make a dispute with CC for $5.42. Its the principal, I paide those **&^^^%%&&&$$##@@%^&* so i could fill out info endlessly, wich they will sell and profit from, while they sold me water in a medicine bottle. PLEASE,PLEASE, DO Not support them or affiliate's, and related. No support =No money = No network. Liars and thieves Rank top ten Problems, says so in commandments. lol Tar and feather owner with Peacock feathers. Corporate world wont stop unless we tell them. Please be part of the solution and not the problem, small actions by all lead to big results for all. I sincerely apologies for my rant, cabin fever and using Super Bowl and Olympics for profit crosses a line. Again my apologies, dont let them get away with it, morals and ethical behavior are the only currency you take with you. Stay Healthy everyone

Jen2323   2 years ago

With a company as large and profitable as CBS, you’d think they’d have a Customer Service Phone Number you could call for help. Every other reputable company has humans that can help you, not CBS, all they offer is bots who only help waste your time by having you digitally chase your tail. I’m starting to side with the reviewer that started off saying “SCAM!!!!”

ToryC   2 years ago

Really horrible application design; worst I have seen. As a software tester by profession, I would fail this on many many levels. One - no way to prevent a new show from starting automatically, A random choice that I did not pick. Then it’s stuck in watch now. No way to remove it. Two - most recent episodes do not register as having been watched and continue to appear in watch now. Three - often cannot escape the show you just watched. Four - paying for medium subscription which assures you very few ads. This is totally untrue. I am removing this application and canceling my account. NBC does not seem to care that this is extremely bad design. This is especially shameful considering the source. A huge damage to NBC’s reputation. I have been watching for over two months now and nothing has changed despite all the complaints. I contacted Peacock by phone to report this, and the application from the customer service person was that this has been the general feedback across-the-board.

Teresa Gross   2 years ago

The worst coverage of Olympic gymnastics I have ever seen. In team qualifier event we saw the dutch do really poorly. But missed most of USA perform. What is your f…g problem!! And then we can’t see it live unless we pay. Only can see replay 24 hours later damn ripoff

Kjones   2 years ago

Soooooo limited. I have Dish and they did not allow a download. Had to subscribe to UtubeTv to get NBCsportsBayArea to get SF Giants Games and after paying extra per month BIG TIME for that I'm very disappointed that you are after even more $$ from me and still wanting more

Linda Joules   2 years ago

I have tried throughout the movie clicking on cc subtitles but it comes on saying English Subtitles on my screen as if it's on , but no Subtitles show up.

Bri   3 years ago

When I first downloaded the Peacock app to watch without a subscription I saw that they had seasons 3 - 9 of The Office Superfan Episodes so that's when I decided that I would go ahead and pay for the monthly fee. Once I actually did the monthly subscription they only had season 3 of the Superfan episodes. I then read in the description that they were planning on adding more seasons in March. It is now April and there is still only 1 season of the Office Superfan episodes which is honestly very disappointing!! The MAIN REASON why I subscribed to Peacock was to be able to watch the Office and the Superfan episodes but I've waited all this time now and still nothing. I've decided not to renew my subscription now because I feel like I was played. How is it that all the seasons were on there before I subscribed and when I did subscribe they took all of them off but 1 season?!? Ridiculous!!!!!

PV   3 years ago

I decided to try peacock TV for one free week. One whole day I was able to watch anything on their channel. Because I have a fire stick, I had to go to extra lengths to download their app onto my TV. After that first day nothing will load for their channel. I have tried everything. Unplugged my router, unplugged my TV my fire stick, reloaded the app, etc. To no avail. I can watch it fine on my Apple phone. But not on my fire stick TV or My Roku. I read where it said you could get peacock TV on Roku but obviously not the version of Roku that I have. So I’m canceling the free subscription, so I don’t get charged. Hopefully when they get these issues figured out with allowing them to have the app on other platforms, then possibly I will get a subscription.

Jeff   3 years ago

This app is terrible for a simple reason. There is no rewind for love events. Come on. It’s a massive corporation with billions of dollars and they can’t build an app with this functionality. Plus they won’t even let you start a game or show until well after it is over. This is 2020, not 2010. It’s absurd. A game at 2:00 pm finishing at 4:00 pm still can’t be viewed at 5:30 pm. These are money grabbing power mongers.

Is Peacock TV Safe?

Yes. Peacock TV: Stream TV & Movies is quiet safe to use but use with caution. This is based on our NLP (Natural language processing) analysis of over 2,087,145 User Reviews sourced from the Appstore and the appstore cumulative rating of 4.6/5 . Justuseapp Safety Score for Peacock TV Is 38.3/100.

Is Peacock TV Legit?

Yes. Peacock TV: Stream TV & Movies is legit, but not 100% legit to us. This conclusion was arrived at by running over 2,087,145 Peacock TV: Stream TV & Movies User Reviews through our NLP machine learning process to determine if users believe the app is legitimate or not. Based on this, Justuseapp Legitimacy Score for Peacock TV Is 67.2/100..

Is Peacock TV: Stream TV & Movies not working?

Peacock TV: Stream TV & Movies works most of the time. If it is not working for you, we recommend you excersise some patience and retry later or Contact Support.

Pricing Information

**Pricing data is based on average subscription prices reported by users..

Peacock offers three subscription tiers:

1. Peacock Free: This is the basic, free version of the app that includes limited content with ads.

2. Peacock Premium: This tier costs $4.99/month and provides access to all content on the app, including exclusive originals, live sports, and ad-supported content.

3. Peacock Premium Plus: This tier costs $9.99/month and includes all the benefits of Peacock Premium, as well as ad-free streaming and the ability to download content for offline viewing. However, some content may still contain ads due to streaming rights.

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