YouTube Kids Reviews

YouTube Kids Reviews

Published by on 2021-11-03

A video app made just for kids YouTube Kids was created to give kids a more
contained environment filled with family-friendly videos on all different
topics, igniting your kids’ inner creativity and playfulness. Parents and
caregivers can guide the journey as your kids discover new and e...

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3. Is it Legit?
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YouTube Kids Reviews

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    Don’t expose your children to this!

    This is hands down the worst app ever for children/ toddlers. There is NO WAY that this app is monitored at all, like it claims to be when you setup a profile. There are so many examples I can personally give. A 20th Century Fox theme song that CLEARLY depicts a swastica. Then there is the video where Spider-Man shoots I believe Deadpool with what looks like a very real pistol (Glock 19 to be exact). Or, the finger family video where all of the I believe Spider-Man characters (again) are lined up, and are shooting each other in the head blood, death whole 9. And then you have channels like “Candyland”. A (what sounds to be an adult male) displaying gross amounts of candy on a table then exclaiming “So yummy in my tummy”. This is gross to me on so many levels. Then you have the subliminal messages in these kids videos, if you use the bar and scroll through some of the videos, you will catch an extremely brief image of something extremely creepy/ inappropriate. I do monitor what my children watch but it seems like after a week or so or after the app/device update all of the blocked videos magically appear. I uninstalled this app, it is toxic for children, I strongly suggest everyone steer clear. I have contacted you tube kids upward of 20 times but to no avail. Will be taking further action if something doesn’t change (for the poor kid who is being brainwashed).

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    This app is okay. It is good for little kids that are around toddle ages. The thing is, there are inappropriate videos. I don’t know what it’s called exactly but there’s a channel that looks and seems directed towards little kids but when you pay attention to it more it is disgusting. It’s this clay animation channel with characters from movies or shows; mainly Elsa from Frozen and Spider-Man. They don’t talk to it’s hard to comprehend what they’re really implying fully. They seem normal at first but then they show things like, the characters eating too much and getting very overweight, Spider-Man and Elsa flirting, characters killing each other...and the most unbelievable thing, characters getting impregnated. There’s so much more horrid stuff on that channel. Besides that everything I can tell on the app is appropriate, except some little curse words slip out. Apart from that is good. I know there’s settings on what age range there is but there really should be more tween videos for kids with protective parents. The posting it horrible though. When I used the app I was 11 or 10 and the uploading is horrible. There was only videos from months or even years earlier

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    A few more

    Except my niece who becomes startled and spooked very easily. Watched My little Pony: Friendship is Magic. Began to sing a chant about the “Angel of Darkness” aka Satan or Lucifer. I am a millennial so MLP seemed appropriate until I heard her sing this and had to deal with her running out of the room to avoid a creepy feeling in a dark room .I researched the Luna and Nightmare Pony and that series should come with a warning the concepts are very mature and are an antithesis to Christian beliefs. The words are too directly correlated to satanic worship words like spirit and dark angels, are inappropriate in Christian homes. I will preview and research every cartoon which is okay because I don’t want to make them just watch Super Book and Veggie Tales. I’m thankful that this channel made it possible for me to block certain shows and channels. I hope that words that are direct antithesis of a religious group at least come with a warning. I’m not Muslim but I wouldn’t let them watch anything that directly disparaged that faith, so that they can go to school and casually say offensive terms that are disparaging to another's religion.

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    Good, But Needs Better Monitoring

    On the outside, the seems like a fine app for the preschooler/elementary crowd. And most of the time, it is. There are many educational and do-it-yourself videos that children can access. My younger brother lives watching his “Up on the Housetop” (a Christmas song) video. However, also at children’s fingertips are a few less age-appropriate videos. These might satisfy the teenager or tween of protective parents, but they aren’t the best for the target age. Specifically, I recently found a clip of the “Bustopher Jones” scene from the musical Cats (you know, the Andrew Lloyd Webber musical that stars people in tight costumes slinking around the stage pretending to be cats). Okay for the (jr) high school crowd, but not quite what most parents want their five-year-olds to watch. Parents: you might want to preview videos you think your children would view. Developers: please try to monitor this better! I’m not saying to study every video that comes in, just the ones that look a little off-key. Thanks!

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    Its ok

    I like how it is designed so kids can not watch things that they should not be watching but there is something’s I do not like about it. The way the ask for there age to know what they should be watch yeah I like that but somethings the thing that are Appropriate are not even on the app. I would like to customize what I like to watch that are appropriate. Second I hate the noise that they do when you slide left or right. It is so annoying and I hate it. I would like to put something different then that. Third I would like if it did have more options of youtubers that are appropriate. Yeah some yourubers do not post appropriate stuff but once in a while the do post something that is appropriate. Like for example Mrbeast, he may done stuff that is not appropriate but he did make a huge impact to the world. He set a goal to rise money to plant 20 mill one trees and he has done that before 2020 even started so I would like if some of mrbeast’s content is on there Thank you

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    Quite A Few Mistakes

    I like this app but there are some mistakes that need to be fixed. For example, there are videos in this app that have curse words in them, like the Gossip Girl music video. Another mistake is the Try Again button for the No Connection thing.........IS FAKE! I tried so many times but nothing happened. Speaking of No Connection, this app is so bad at connecting to the internet. Some of the videos in this app teach kids things that they shouldn’t know at all! One more thing, the YTkids app is really bad at searching for channels. Thank you for noticing these issues. This review is from a 10 year old so if this stuff is normal, oh well! 😉 P.S. I Read some reviews and noticed that hackers have been messing around with the app and GES (my school) has been effected by the rude and inappropriate vids. Channels I recommend are: DanTDM, LDShadowlady, It’s Jojo Siwa, stacyplays, Every Education Channel but The Things, Little Kelly, Littl Carly, etc.

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    Don’t recommend this app

    For one we downloaded this app because it’s titled you tube kids and well the content here should be suitable for children. With that being said my kid is 4 yrs old now and if you don’t have kids of yourself you wouldn’t understand that kids learn and do a lot of what these “child safe cartoons” show like burning each other with fire launchers, cutting each other several devious actions that my kid talks and repeats. For example my boy says if he doesn’t like something he is gonna hit it and burn it and I started looking at some cartoons that he was viewing blocked the content and well there is more like it. Which is hard to know what some cartoons consist of unless you see it all but i guess long story short my kid picked up on tantrums and things of that sort that some cartoons would do. I just think it’s not all kid friendly I wouldn’t recommend this app if you’re intention is to download it and forget it in the sense that you are gonna trust the content on here and let your child browse through some content you might not approve of.

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    why are you removing videos?

    so when i first got the app it was good but then i found channels a really loved and then for whatever reason they were deleted i get why because this is made for kids that are too young to watch normal YT but if your going to keep deleting the content for older kids to replace it with stuff that is made for like 4-8 is just terrible because of that i never really watch any thing because this was the only way i could watch stuff and the things i thought were entertaining disappeared so i even got so annoyed over it that i deleted the app and got it again this app is adding some entertainment to the app over time but they only added a few videos i thought were entertaining i will change my rating if you add more videos for older people like 9-13 or when you think most people would stop watching this but in the end i think this app could use some major improvements to the amount of entertaining videos aka gaming videos in my opinion and the overwhelming of shows made for younger kids

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    Let me first say am a kid and I get it parents want kids to be safe on the internet but really really!!!! I hate this app so much for starters you can’t watch full episodes for example let’s say you’re on a road trip and you want to see a full episode of Adventure time you click into the app look it up but the only thing you’re going to see are some clips I don’t want clips darn it!!! Secondly Fnaf is aloud... Do I even have to say it? Do I?! Does anyone over there at google know what fnaf is about?!!! No? Ok I’ll explain it! To put it this way... fnaf is a horror game basically this man killed children stuffed them into robots and now they Hunt the pizzeria where they were killed Now tell me google dose that even sound remotely kid friendly!? Lastly I would like to talk about the settings. Okay so when you download the app it asks you what type of videos the app should play (am 11) but when you pick all ages it still has abc 123 videos on it! So in the next update could you add a 10-12 setting? It would help us older kids who have to be with this app Thanks for reading sorry it’s so long!

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    Ha- no!

    Well, I have used this in a probable span of two years and it’s only gone downhill. The content on here that I was relieved that I found, has been taken off for NO REASON. There might not even be anything wrong with the video. All of the really good nightcore music has been removed. Now all I’m left with is kids bop sucky standards. You only present the covers of songs that I would genuinely rather listen to the actual thing. YES, I GET IT EVERY LIVING PERSON CAN PLAY THIS SONG ON A DIGITAL PIANO, but let’s all just oppose the idea of an actual song. Yes, I understand the fact that this is a 4+ application, but this is just repetitive, tedious and just annoying. It’s every single day, that more of my beloved stuff is repealed. It’s not even censoring, there’s still an abundance of WAY worse stuff, this is just invasive. But nope. My perfectly fine array of music is gone. The audio quality is gradually depleting every time I click on this app. AND UGH THE 30 SECOND INTRO! WHAT VIDEO STREAMING THING NEEDS AN INTRO. So thanks I appreciate it. I know this probably will be overlooked so.. bye bye YTK ✌🏼

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    I love the app, but my mom told me something scary.

    Okay, I was in my mom’s car, and she said “Can I show you this?” and she showed me a picture of an unfriendly person who glitches into videos and tells people what to do. (Which the things she were saying were super bad!!) like once I heard a story from my mom reguarding the glitched in scary person, who tells the girl (Who is some 5 year old girl) to cut her hair. So she absolutely cut ALL of her hair. This unfriendly kid virus is named Momo. As what I said her name was but in the car I said “Momo?” and I told the entire story about me watching a Minecraft monster school video and how the teacher was kidnaped by a weird grandpa and asked where Grandma and “Momo” were. Please YT kids, be aware about this. But if it is gone, still be very careful! Don’t let Momo invade into this system of yours. Along with everything else. Good luck!

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    Please give the search bar some actual use

    I am of twelve years of age, and use this app almost everyday. I don’t really have much of a problem with it; it provides all the youtubers I like. However, I do have one problem with it...the search bar isn’t great for searching specific topics. For example one time I tried searching up a specific song that I listened to one time on the app, so the app obviously has the video I want to search up, but when I searched it up, it told me to try and search for something else. I would really like the developers to let the search bar be able to search up something specific, because then otherwise I would have to constantly dig through my recommended videos for whatever specific video I want to watch. Other than that the app is fine.

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    Low security standard

    I’ve had the app before but we’ve had to delete it because my parents said that even if they delete all of the bad videos or block them it’s not working because people are hacking in and putting in inappropriate and scary videos for children. And so we just feel like this app needs to have a higher security standard and then I think the app would be a little bit more Secure for everyone. but it’s at Lowe security standards right now and there just not protective of what they have on the app. and that is very disappointing and some of my friends said that they had had to delete the app because the same thing has been happening to them and their parents I told them the same thing! If you’re going to have this app be careful of The low security and dad videos. Oh and all the mothers out there be careful of what your kids watch too! 🙂

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    Yes but no

    I love how there are many different shows and channels for baby’s and kids. I am 11 and still use this app. 🙃 It has so many fun things you can let your kids watch and don’t have to worry about them getting to addicted to it. You can set a time limit on the app so they don’t stay on it to long. 😱This app is highly recommend from me🥳and hopefully many, many different other people. You should really get this app, it is so great. But there is one thing that really gets on my nerves. 😡😡😡And that is when it’s says I’m not connected to the internet. So I look in settings and it’s says I am connected.🤔🤔 I look at the top of the screen and I have 4 bars.🤔🤔 I don’t know how to fix it but now this app is just really useless sometimes.📱 Y’all people that own this app really need to take a look at this because I’m literally going to delete the app.📱❌

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    Well it’s ok but..

    Ok I got banned from regular YT. So my mom made me and my sister watch YT kids for a change. It’s not the worst thing but it’s definitely not the best. One thing that bugs me is that there is this YTer names lotdotzip, and my sister loves him. So I decided to watch him to but then I have none of the same videos as her. I don’t know if it’s the app or just my phone. But I still am a bit upset. Another reason why I think this is not the best is because it takes out videos a lot. I was watching grace’s world and there was a rapster video. So I watched it. But then the next day, they took it away. I was really upset on that. I also would recommend some other YTers(oh by the way YT means YouTub). I still know some that are kid friendly that you could consider adding. So like I said it’s not the worst but it’s definitely not the best. Creators, I would love if u could fix these! Thank you.

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Is YouTube Kids Safe?

Yes. YouTube Kids is very safe to use. This is based on our NLP (Natural language processing) analysis of over 1,579,763 User Reviews sourced from the Appstore and the appstore cumulative rating of 4.7/5 . Justuseapp Safety Score for YouTube Kids Is 44.3/100.

Is YouTube Kids Legit?

Yes. YouTube Kids is a totally legit app. This conclusion was arrived at by running over 1,579,763 YouTube Kids User Reviews through our NLP machine learning process to determine if users believe the app is legitimate or not. Based on this, Justuseapp Legitimacy Score for YouTube Kids Is 44.3/100.

Is YouTube Kids not working?

YouTube Kids works most of the time. If it is not working for you, we recommend you excersise some patience and retry later or Contact Support.

Reported Issues: 1 Comments

By Rica Jahja
Oct 17 2020

I couldn’t load any video

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