Contact ShutEye: Sleep Tracker

Contact ShutEye: Sleep Tracker

Published by on 2022-09-29

Have trouble sleeping? Sleep better with ShutEye's relaxing sounds and sleep
tracker. When you lay in bed after a hectic day, does sleep seem just out of
reach? ShutEye is here to help. Sleep is one of our most basic needs, yet, in

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Reported Issues: 33 Comments

By zoshrhett

Terrible customer service for the monthly cost

I listened to all the sounds from the night after my first night. From a recording at 4:45am I heard two men whispering in the background and you could hear one of them saying “did you put it in the bag?” And the other said “yea”. Im a single woman living alone. Once I heard it the next day I called the cops and they did a full swoop of my house and confirmed they heard voices in the recording. Being that I heard the sound the next day there was not much the police could do and suggested I reach out to the app to see if they could send me a longer version or the recording etc.. I sent an email to the apps customer service. I heard nothing for 3 days and emailed them again. I then got a response after a week saying “thank you we will pass along your feedback”. I wasn’t giving feedback I was inquiring about my safety and well being and asking for their help as I was fearful someone broke in. For an app that costs $40 a month I’d expect the customer service to be helpful and not robotic and disregard all requests. Is a shame bc I actually enjoyed the app but don’t want to promote or give money to a service that doesn’t care about their users well being

By BMS82216


I’d like to know how it thinks I’m asleep when I’m up moving around carrying my phone with me. There needs to be a way to say “no I didn’t fall asleep in 17 minutes, I’m 43 and have never fallen asleep in 17 minutes, even when I haven’t slept at all the night before because I have raging insomnia.” At first I thought it was tracking my husband who falls asleep in seconds, but nope. We slept in separate rooms for a week. How am I asleep when I’m adjusting the phone volume or switching to a different recording to play? There’s no way to leave feedback when you wake up about how you slept or anything, just the three stupid emojis. Waste of money. After their response is like to update. Says if I don’t make much noise moving around it won’t register it. Let me clarify. I live in a house with 6 children. It is NEVER quiet. How much noise do I have to make? “Call the cops bcuz there’s an intruder” noise? Seriously. And again, I’m playing games on the phone the app is running on…yet I’m sleeping. The phone is being moved around…yet I’m sleeping. And apparently I sleep drive, cuz we went to the gas station once. Whatever. This app is pointless.

By mrbrown188

Wish I could get my money back!

Going to beg Apple to refund me as this app doesn’t work right. I hate that it doesn’t have AutoSleep but when I did the way you have to start this app like I’m back in the first iPhone days. The database is wrong or it doesn’t even record anything. So I guess I’m dead or this app just has bugs. I use another sleep app called Pillow and when I check that app for the same night it shows me all the correct info and I didn’t even have to tell the app that I’m going to sleep. For one week I compared the two b apps and 2 out of 7 days it showed me some data but was still not correct and pillow was 6 out of 7. The one day pillow showed that I slept for 6 hours when I slept for 9 hours. So it was a little off but that same day this app said I only was asleep for 30 mins. lol ok Apple I hope that since you have a trillion dollars give me a refund this app is kinda of ripoff.

By Virginia A Estrada
Jan 20 2023

I downloaded Shuteye on my phone for a free trial and was charged for it. I want to cancel and refund back to my account please.

By Kristie Mays
Dec 19 2022

Don't give you an option to cancel this is a ripe off for sure I will just cancel my payment method.

By Barbara
Dec 16 2022

I was charged for a year which was supposed to be monthly nevertheless the app doesn’t allow me to cancel. I would like my account canceled

By Barbara
Dec 16 2022

I was charged for a year which was supposed to be monthly nevertheless the app doesn’t allow me to cancel. I would like my account canceled

By kathy Brandt
Dec 12 2022

Your app doesn’t work and neither does your refund instructions so don’t send me another link to click on to follow because it doesn’t work, Nor don’t send me to a page that brings up where I got to put my credit card information in to get help because that is ridiculous. Your customer service is the worst I’ve experienced in a long time.I’m asking you to refund my money immediately So I don’t have to start contacting Consumer Fraud department And have my credit card company fight with you I’m getting my refund. kathy Brandt 701-866-4725 [email protected]

By Joseph Hutnyak
Dec 10 2022

what a pos this app is. it has locked up my daughter's phone

By Christine kelly Cravey
Oct 31 2022

Please cancel my subscription. I have tried since I was told it was a free app. 59.99 please return it!!

By Danielle Gaston
Oct 24 2022

Please REFUND my $64. This said free app in android. I canceled but for a year. REFUND money now. This is insane

By Kayla VanDunk
Oct 04 2022

Please refund me my money !! 64$$ I tried to cancel it said canceled & still charged me !!

By Joyce Taaffe
Sep 21 2022

I just now inadvertently signed up for the Sleep Tracker app. I do NOT want the app and I don't want to be charged! Please delete whatever account might be started for me. I just made the mistake less than an hour ago and haven't been able to find a way to cancel other than this way.

CANCEL my account!!!!!! Do not charge me for a subscription.

By Angela Prouty
Sep 20 2022

I am requesting to cancel my subscription. I was charged for a year and would have only done monthly. I did go into iTunes to cancel further charges but would like full refund and cancellation of app please.

By Jackline
Jul 01 2022

I cancelled my subscriptiom but got billed. Reverse ASAp

By Susan Call
May 19 2022

You charged me the annual subscription price and not the monthly, please refund my account.

By Leonidas Nelson
May 15 2022

Please cancel my subscription now. I would like a refund.

By Aliyu Mala
Mar 17 2022

I wish to cancel my subscription
Pls can it be done before I get charged for it

By Alicia Tiller
Feb 04 2022

Please cancel my shut eye free trial. I have sent 3 emails AS THERE IS NO WAY TO CANCEL ON THW WEBSITE. I need it cancelled immediately!!!!

By Juan Vidal jr
Jan 29 2022

Please cancel my subscription I’ve tried but you still charged me. That’s not right

By Katherine Greer
Jan 24 2022

I want to cancel my subscription but there is no place to do it on the app. Please cancel immediately!

By Eunice Fdawi
Jan 11 2022

I canceled my tryout subscription before the 7 days, and I see I still got charged. I demand my money back immediately!!

By Judy Green
Nov 30 2021

I have emailed you my requestvyo cancel my subscription rip toon and have not heard from you. None of the contact sites you list work. Cancel my subscription and stop acting like a fraud.

By Janice
Nov 05 2021

I want a refund and they won’t answer me! I really do not believe they think this is worth almost $100,00 because it is nothing like they advertise! I want my money back I do not use it or want it!

By Colleen Zelenka
Oct 30 2021

Please cancel my Shuteye subscription ASAP! I do not want to be billed on November 1, 2021. I would appreciate verification from you that my account is cancelled. I will report you if I am billed and from looking at the previous posts you do not refund anyone even with your so called “free 7 day trial offer”. Why don’t you have a phone number?

By Margaret Zurn
Oct 25 2021

I am having trouble canceling and getting my refund. Please return my money.

By Ernest Jones
Oct 06 2021

I have tried to cancel my 7 day trial subscription with shut eye as how to do such but is still showing active under my subscriptions on my I phone. Please me rectify my mistake. I am 83 years old and do not understand shut eye

By Liz Pase
Oct 05 2021

I was charged for a subscription I canceled before the next renewal and would like a refund. I’ve emailed you guys twice

By Denise Kidd
Aug 26 2021

They have taken an unauthorised payment from my bank , I did not subscribe to this

By Jesse
Jun 19 2021

Hi there,

I would like a refund, I have canceled my subscription within 7 days a while back, and I have been billed for it $109.99 as I have updated my account settings. This app did not satisfy. I would like contact for a refund ASAP!.

By Linda Baxter
Mar 31 2021

I had cancelled this shut eye subscription on time so I would not be billed. I am not very computer savvy so it was a struggle to work my way through this program. I was still billed $63.59. I would appreciate a refund as this program does me no good. I am on a fixed income and I cannot afford to pay this. Thank you.

By Melissa Henderson
Mar 12 2021

I downloaded the app to try the 7-day trial and wasn’t very impressed and I didn’t cancel on the 7th day soon enough so I was charged 65.99, which I had no consent for that happening. I then contacted Apple billing about the issue and didn’t receive a solution. I demand a full refund

By Alyssa Comar
Mar 11 2021

Please cancel my subscription 269-200-6009.

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