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Published by on 2023-12-15

About: ** Best of 2018 Award Winner ** — Apple ** 2017 App of the Year ** —
Apple ** Happiest App in the World ** — Center for Humane Technology Calm is
the #1 app for Sleep, Meditation and Relaxation. Sleep better, relieve stress,
lower anxiety and refocus your attention.

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Reported Issues: 11 Comments

4.8 out of 5

By David

4 months ago

i got an email from "noreply@redacted". First, is that really calm communicating with me? The email sats terms if service have changed, that i am a registered user but may or may not have an active subscription to Calm. i did not agree to a paid or free subscription or a premium one. This email, purportedly from calm, addresses me as Jack" but that is not my name. In any case, if by opening your podcast app, calm automatically enrolled me for a subscription, i want to cancel it immediately. I tried following the online instructions but never found a 'Manage my subscriptions" option. Can you help?

By Pam Loeckle

1 year ago

I would like to cancel my subscription and be reimbursed.

By julie

1 year ago

I cannot seem to get an answer through you support. I was charged $69.99 for premium on my renewal. I did not have, nor do I want premium. I don't understand why Calm automatically bills this way. Isn't there a a lower fee?

By julie

1 year ago

I cannot seem to get an answer through you support. I was charged $69.99 for premium on my renewal. I did not have, nor do I want premium. I don't understand why Calm automatically bills this way. Isn't there a a lower fee?

By Janette Stott

1 year ago

I would like to unsubscribe , I deleted the app do I need to do anything else. Thanks

By Lydia A Ortega Vega

2 years ago

Nesecito hacer la cancelación de mi inspcion .

By Barbara Ecker

3 years ago

PLEASE help me return my Calm app to english as ot had neen a few months ago, I have tried to correct this, but to no avail, I need help. I cannot read Korean or Japanese

By Caroline Terrell

3 years ago

I need to contact somebody about re-instating my Calm App which I have paid for which has been deleted when during a re-boot of my repaired phone.

By Apelli0727

App is in accessible for blind user, buttons unlabeled

Hello, I really like the content on your app and it has really helped me to develop my practice. However because of the issues described in the title I probably will no longer subscribe to calm next year. I am blind, and use the screen reader voiceover. I can play the videos for the content well enough with play pause, fastforward but the biggest barrier I am facing is that the mountains which you tap on in the for you tab to bring up the settings are unlabeled. I was trying to turn off the babbling Brook sound, accessible apps need to have text labels to accompany any clickable items. I would love to resubscribe once you have resolved these issues, buttons for the mood check-in feature are also unlabeled or nonexistent. The box breathing technique does not speak anything aloud or refresh on its own. A better way to accomplish that might be to use a metronome with 44 times signature. I am happy to speak to a developer more about my feedback and suggestions for how to resolve these issues, but I think that especially since healthcare providers are starting to recommend your service to their users, many of them who use Medicaid and Medicare and are disabled the app absolutely should be more accessible. Thank you for your timely consideration and namaste. I look forward to working with you in making the meditation community more inclusive.

By straea

Not great for the chronically ill

I downloaded this app when Apple recommended it. I have tried several guided meditation apps and am always open to the possibility of finding another one to add to my options for meditating alone. I could not open the app the first time without agreeing to be charged a subscription at the end of a one-week free trial. The app then asked me a few questions to try to determine what to recommend — how familiar I am with meditation, how often I meditate, and what I’d like to focus on in guided meditation. It then recommended I try a one-week course on stress. I figured I would give it a try, but I did not make it 60 seconds into the very first lesson before the person leading the meditation falsely claimed that a variety of physical chronic illnesses are *caused by* stress, the same utter garbage that some people claimed to me way back when I was diagnosed over 20 years ago. I immediately stopped the course but decided to try something else before giving up on the app. I tried a few of the daily meditations, but like another recent reviewer, I found the style of the person who always leads them doesn’t really mesh with my style. Then I had an anxiety attack and only later realized that I had forgotten this app was on my phone when doing things to calm myself. At that point I finally deleted it.

By a ds42gme

Pls read

Dear calm, I have had your app since my middle school years. I’ve got to say, your app was AMAZING with 15 sleep stories and 2 and 1/2 meditations, this wasn’t a problem for me because I also use headspace. Yes, they're your competition but I wasn't choosing sides. Anyways, over time you guys added feature that you really focused on for 2 weeks at a time and just gave up on it. Next, you decreased the amount of sleep stories which was ha a huge problem for me because I was NOT getting enough sleep to keep my grades up. It got so bad that I stole my mother's phone just to sleep (she Had the Premium subscription). So I was like, ”ok, I'll just use headspace ONLY for sleep and calm for meditation. Then, you took away the 7 days of calm AKA: YOUR MAIN TRIAL AND ONLY TRIAL MEDITATION LEFT after you premiumfied the 7 days of something (forgot). I mean like BRU, I have other options. I started using headspace which is a great alternative if you don't have much money. I recommend bringing back some stuff from premium and reduce the price. To counteract this, put one 15 second ad at the beginning. Of every session of meditation for people without premium. Therefore, there is more than one reason to get it and it's CHEAPER. That's a win-win situation. I hope you come to the right decision. Whatever it is, I probably wouldn't stop using the app. Thank you for your time.

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