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Published by on 2023-12-20

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Reported Issues: 8 Comments

4.8 out of 5

By Debbie Free

1 month ago

I cancelled my plan last year. I am still being charged $23 month and can't find anyone to talk with. Everytime I call the number I am hung up on - says error has occurred, probably because I have not been a member for over a year now. Will someone please help me!!

By norma berry

5 months ago

Good afternoon I have noticed in my bank account that you are taking out £22 per month, however I am not a member and haven’t been since January 2020 when I cancelled my subscription because of Covid. I believe that you owe me for about 7 months that you have taken withdrawal from my bank. Please review asap and let me know why you have started taking money from my account without my knowledge? I have informed my bank and they have said it’s not a direct debit but you’re withdrawing from my card every month. I await your response My details are Norma Berry 39a Rushford close Headcorn ASHFORD KENT TN27 9QD Norma Berry

By Virginia Chacon

7 months ago

I spoke with a very helpful representative on the phone this morning. She explained that I am not eligible for "Lifetime" even though I have met my goal weight. There are NO live meetings any place near me. Is this my fault, NO. Yet I am being denied "Lifetime, No Fee" status because there is no live meeting anywhere near me. I was offered to continue paying $10 a month when my plan expires the end of this month by waiting and finding another $10 offer. How is this even fair to people that do not have access to a live meeting to "weight in". We are trusted to log our weight in online but are not trusted to gain "Lifetime Status" utilizing the same process. Surely there has to be an alternative in this digital era to grant the same benefits to EVERYONE who is a Weight Watchers member. This type of discrimination is surely not accepted by all who do not have access to "live meetings". Please respond with an acceptable alternative. Thank you. Virginia Chacon

By Dottie

1 year ago

I signed up with a special in Jan, I believe. I have been charged and the money has come out of my bank account, but I do not have access to WW.

By Jolene kissner

2 years ago

I would like to cancel mt WW app. Please send me confirmation of cancellation or instructions on how to cancel my subscription. Thank you

By Colejaxmom

Used to love the app, but not so much anymore

Is this up last year with my husband and really liked it. Upon rejoining I found the app has changed and not all for the best. A lot of useful areas are hidden and take a lot of school to get to now. I feel like before it was easier to access things like sharing recipes or quick add The biggest loss of feature that I have is being able to share tracked items. This was SUPER useful for my husband and I as I would cook or prepare something and scan the items and then send them to him and vice versa. A lot of times I would scan an item and then throw it away but I could later share the tracked item with him from the app and he could then take and adjust it to fit the portion or serving size that he ate. Quick adding won’t make adjustments for serving size because it doesn’t calculate the exact nutritional facts- not to mention sharing items was much simpler and way more convenient. The loss of the share feature really destroyed the app for me. Sharing tracked items was the staple of our previous success and without it we’ve been doing a pretty lousy job of accurately tracking everything. I know the recipes can still be shared which is a little helpful but only covers maybe 5-10% of what we used to share with the app. I’m not sure why WW would remove such a useful feature and intentionally make it harder on people joining or working with a support partner ☹️

By AshConley

Rude Customer Service

My mom gifted me a year long subscription to help get into shape for when my husband gets home from the Navy. When I opened the app, it insisted on me only paying through iTunes and would not allow me to just put in card information like other apps. Because of this I had to add my moms card info into my iTunes account and set it up at primary. This is irritating because what ends up happening is either I’m paying for the subscription myself (with my card being primary), or she ends up paying for any apps/music subscription/anything already connected to my iTunes Pay (with her card), which is completely ridiculous in my opinion. I called customer service to see if there was a way I could just set a payment method for the app itself and not through any other accounts. The lady I talked to was very rude. Was cutting me off while I was talking, repeatedly told me that it was “not her problem,” and transferred me to iTunes who still were unable to help me because they can’t have cards in iTunes pay that are primary for only some things but not others. I still don’t have any resolution and I wish there was something I could do about this as it seems like it should have been an effortless thing to set up. Even if it is through iTunes pay, maybe have an option to “gift an account” so a different payment method could be used. Very disappointed and sad that I have to make this review without even having the opportunity to really try the program.

By Yohuallix

It’s getting better with each upgrade

I first became a WW member 3 years ago, and back then, the app was pretty nice. Unfortunately, my heart wasn’t in the right place and I ended up leaving the program a month later. I gave it a second chance a year ago, and I found the app to be better than the last time I used it, because they added the barcode reader and definitely made tracking easier. I left the program a few months later because I became pregnant, but came back as soon as I could, and I was totally amazed with the upgraded app. It has a way bigger library than it used to, and it’s even more user friendly. The only reason I didn’t gave it 5 stars is because sometimes it’s hard to find some items. For instance, the other day I was looking for “fresh strawberries” in the search engine because I wanted to track it, but because I was searching for other packaged snacks before that, the option list only offered stuff like “frozen strawberries”, “dried strawberries”, “strawberry cereal”, etc. I got tired of scrolling down looking for what I wanted, so I waited to track the strawberries later in the day. I know this could be solved if I save the items I want, so it’s easier for the search engine to figure out what I’m looking for, but sometimes I forget (yes, I suffer from “mommy-brain”). I don’t know if the problem can be fixed, but it would be great if it could.

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