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Published by on 2022-09-06

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Reported Issues: 89 Comments

By Murray Davis
Sep 21 2022

After downloading co ved images will not save

By PM Wiseman
Sep 18 2022

Worthless app and website. Receive error message "something went wrong, try again later." WTF? A multi million dollar company with two bit IT system! Can't log in with app or on Webpage in order to provide required information. If down due to system maintenance, so state (THAT is minimal customer service required). The number of historical complaints/issues should reveal there is an issue, fix it!

By Agnes
Sep 16 2022

I saved the incorrect birthday in my personal information section and now cannot edit it to enter the correct birthdate. Please advise how to edit and enter the correct birthdate.

By Alan Macro
Sep 14 2022

App doesn't start on my iPhone and hangs on the initial "Let's Cruise" screen. Tried restarting the app and restarting the phone with no success.

Have used the app successfully on previous cruises OK.

Phone is iPhone 12 Mini with up-to-date IOS. App is also up-to-date.

App is working OK on my wife's iPhone 2020 SE

By Mark Tomalak
Sep 13 2022

Every time I try to upload Covid or save it, it does not work

By Jean Racicot
Sep 13 2022

Je ne peux pas prendre ma photo. Le lorsque je touche l'appareil photo, ça m'envoie sur les photos dans mon téléphone.
Merci de m'aider.

By Jan Curran
Sep 08 2022

I cannot link my booking number.
Still no help after reporting this issue by phone 2 weeks ago.

By Briwring
Sep 04 2022

Cannot complete travel information re boarding time and emergency contact as save button remains grey

By Julian Brook
Sep 03 2022

The only way I can get out of the app is to turn my phone off. Seems to be no way to swipe or click out
Also now doesn’t come up with a link to wife’s details, now I’ve filled mine in
(And that was a nightmare)
Not an improvement
HELP please

By Lynn Shotton
Aug 31 2022

Your app will not accept my booking number please advise thankyyou

By Marianne
Aug 30 2022

Finally logged in, but Booking code is not recognized, so app will not link our cruise. Unable to proceed. Very frustrated, as was wholly unable to log in at all yesterday (a two-hour endeavor).

By Bernadette
Aug 28 2022

I had no problem setting up my account on the medallion app when we try to link my husband’s medallion to our boarding information nothing is happening will not allow to go into my preferences or link account

By Wendy
Aug 28 2022

Two things , tried to upload vaccination cards , says it still pending , can’t go forward , Alamo tried to look later to double check , app just says auto logging Can’t move forward from that

By Kathleen Calendar
Aug 27 2022

My app no longer shows me as green line. It freezes every time I try to access anything.

By Brenda Moreno
Aug 21 2022

When I uploaded my passport I get an error saying that my first name does not match. Booking name was Brenda
My passport shows my first and Middle together Brenda Ann

Ann is my middle so my passport is correct

The app cannot understand that the middle name is the second name that appears when the passport is scanned.

The app just spun saying loading and I had to kill it

By Carolyn I kaufman
Aug 18 2022

Your medallion app won't upload my covid vac proof

By Amy
Aug 12 2022

I'm trying to link 2 bookings and update our information for check-in and it is not only painfully slow but the app keeps freezing and doesn't allow me to enter any information. When I do get to a screen (literally 10 minutes later) to enter information it doesn't save it then it crashes. Ugh.

By Cynthia Hay
Aug 08 2022

Unable to complete personal nformation. Will not let me save. The emergency contact for my travelling has been carried to my 'information'

By Ray Green
Aug 05 2022

Showing up on a new Android phone, with a cruise that has been cancelled.

Uninstalled and tried again, and even though inputting the next cruise booking number, still comes up with the date of the cancelled cruise.

Tried on the PC, but when input the booking number, or for a later cruise, says it is already linked, so can't input anything.

By Alan Williams
Aug 03 2022

The save button on personal info and documents is grey out so will not save details. Therefore I can’t complete the check in process.

By Susan Hall
Aug 01 2022

I am unable to download my covid vaccination results onto the app. It keeps saying that these are pending and not acceptable.

By John Schofield
Jul 28 2022

Save screen is grey in personal information and won’t let me save

By Peter Hancock
Jul 28 2022

Previous message had wrong email address:
Unable to complete personal information and emergency contacts sections on medallion app! Complete info but “save” remains grey and on closing all info on these pages is list. Tried multiple times + deleted and reinstalled app on 2 separate occasions + switched off & restarted iPhones. Still no go!
Not a happy 80 yr old chappie!
Your help to a resolution required!

By Peter Hancock
Jul 28 2022

Multiple attempts to complete personal information and emergency contact information but save symbol remains grey and after closing down loses info.
Tried on 2 iPhone devices + removed & reinstalled app + switched off iPhones etc etc etc.
Not a happy 80 year old crappie!!
Your advise & resolution required !

By Catherine Scaffidi
Jul 24 2022

I have not been able to download the app from Google Play. I have tried for 3 weeks now to now avail. It just keeps downloading and never downloads. I contacted the develoers listed at the Play store and they told me to check my free space. I have more than the 2 gb required. My phone is an LG6 running Android 9. Can you help me? Thank you.

By Lesley Keane
Jul 23 2022

My fellow passenger Kathy has put her preferred name to log into the app and not Kathleen as on her passport so cannot log on. How can this be resolved? She deleted the app and re-installed it but to no avail

By Mitchell
Jul 22 2022

My information won’t save on the app

By Darla Fenneman
Jul 20 2022

Everything on my Medallion app works except when I click on the dining for reservations I get endless loading but nothing ever comes up

Jul 19 2022

I cannot upload photos for a cruise starting August 12th
I cannot enter numbers of postcode for payment method credit card entry
My upload of covid vaccination proof still says "waiting approval" after a month
I am running a Samsung phone but have also tried on a windows pc

By Linda Wegley
Jul 18 2022

My husband's (John Wegley) info is on the app but I have totally disappeared.
Also I was trying to upload his covid shot record but it wouldn't take it by file or camera. Very frustrating!
Booking # 3CDDDL

By Pablo
Jul 17 2022

Cannot save personal information, cannot scan documents, cannot upload a credit card….. the worst app in the world. I am currently using IPhone 11

By Margery Morton
Jul 17 2022

Unable to update address details specifically postcode. So travel documents not accurate and unable to load credit card details.

By Susan Watkins
Jul 12 2022

The save screen is grey and won't let me save details, upload documents or save my companions photo or documents, I have deleted the app and reloaded to no avail, are we able to bring all our documents for boarding

By Keith Greaves
Jul 10 2022

Can't download photos of me and my wife on the app .Also cannot put our COVID vaccination certificate info on the app .can we show the actual paper certificates when we board .can you please help thanks

By Tammy Weston
Jul 08 2022

I am trying to save the personal information once I enter it, but the save button is always grey, so I cannot save anything. What do I need to get it to save the information?

By John Lonas
Jul 08 2022

My booking and ship was changed to another ship and booking number. Medallion App stills has the old booking and ship. I deleted the App from my Iphone and i-cloud and re-installed. It still comes back with the old information. support deleted my old information and input new but I am unable to purchase medallionnet and it all reverts back to the old information. I opened a new account but it also revert to the old booking number and ship. Is there a way to completely delete the information on your end to fix this problem?

By Ann Bouchard
Jul 07 2022

I entered the wrong birthdate and it won't let me edit the information. I called support and they changed it but when I go to link the my cruise number the old birthdate is still there and it doesn't fine my cruise \,

By Daniela Eaton
Jul 05 2022

My personal information appears to be incomplete.
When i complete the info, i cannot click save.

By Cindy Ferris
Jun 30 2022

I'm putting all my information in so I can get in a faster line. But it won't allow me to save it, it is gray. Can't click on it

By Alan
Jun 24 2022

Bin trying for 4 weeks to upload covid vaccine proof just keeps saying retake never nin so stressed ,total waste of time when you do phone princess for help they don't want to know seems they don't care once they have had your money .

By Bernie Beirth
Jun 23 2022

I can't upload my covid cert

By Joseph Moss
Jun 23 2022

Why is my COVID pass still pending 3 days before the sailing date ?

By René Rupping
Jun 22 2022

Booking number 3NHJ7J.
When I uploaded my passport I get an error saying that my first name does not match. Booking name Rene
Passport name RENÉ
My partner has same problem.
Booking name Glynis
Middle name. Barbara
Surname Salzer.
How can I fix the error.
Thank you.

By Charles
Jun 18 2022

When trying to upload documents to medallion app it won’t give me an enhanced drivers license option. (Only passport option). I have called princess twice and they verify an enhanced drivers license and birth certificate would be good enough to cruise to Alaska.

By Jeffrey Bendon
Jun 17 2022

tried to upload Covid pass. we are not young but usually manage these things. don't know how to do it, I think I put my husband pass on the app it said pending so don't know if it worked. although our passes are on our phones I printed the passes off. can't do mine. the health app won't let me finished did my husbands. There must be a easier way of checking in.

By Betty Moore
Jun 16 2022

Photo of my vax card will not upload. Error message “pending” It has been “pending” for 4 days.

By Donna Brumlow
Jun 12 2022

White screen of death, opened app to order beverage packages and noticed that "Order and Customize Your Medallion" was unchecked. I have a receipt for it. Went in to find out why and screen went blank and white. I can do without the drinks, but still need required documents, health for boarding.

By Donna
Jun 11 2022

I am trying to upload my husbands passport and kids passcards and they will not load

By Evelyn Duran Arboleda
Jun 09 2022

The last part to complete my requirements is the photo...not working for me.

By Todd Wood
Jun 08 2022

The app just keeps saying there is a problem and to try again later. It lets me on the app but can’t do anything once I’m on.

By Arthur France
Jun 05 2022

I installed the Medallion Net app before boarding no issues. Now I am on board the Caribbean Princess. The Medallion app opens. However app says loading but never completes process?

By Yuan Ren
Jun 05 2022

Cannot link my booking, the error is No booking number found

By pauline laybourne
Jun 04 2022

It’s not allowing me to enter personal info.

By Frank and Barbara Mitchell
Jun 04 2022

I have spent 2 hours trying to get the app to load my info? Why will it not take my full name as given on the passport? Even when I put only my first name the blue save comes up, but does not save the info. This app makes me not want to cruise with Princess. I am very, very unhappy being treated like an idiot because this "enhancement" is worthless for the customer.

By Alison Conard
Jun 01 2022

Not able to download app. Keep receiving message that it will download later.

By Peter Martinson
May 31 2022

Expected to be able to take a security photo and can't. Tried to download an existing photo. Can't do this successfully. Saved photes do not appear in my profile. App extremely slow and crashes regularly. Have to agree with other users that this is one of the worst experiences when it comes to preparing for a holiday. So much for relaxation. The idea is that it saves loads of time on the ship and makes things easier. Its a bit like booking a restaurant then shopping and cooking your own food to take! Upgraded wearables but app would not accept payment. It is a pain to navigate and certainly not fit for purpose.

By Bev nesbitt
May 31 2022

Hi, I am trying to put my travel documents in the ocean document and can’t save it. I have tried doing it manually and scanning but to no avail. Please advise what I can do. Thanks Bev

By Mary Wood
May 30 2022

When I try to scan passport it doesn’t work.
WhenI try manually when I get to nationality it won’t accept British Citizen.

By Robin Baldwin
May 29 2022

Won't load wearable page to order my items.

By Thomas Kane
May 26 2022

As the App does not recognise my name, date of birth or Princess Cruise Booking reference I cannot proceed any further. Their Help Desk lady in UK couldn't login with my details. At their suggestion I tried logging in on the Princess.Com site with same details. It didn't recognise anything again.

By William Brislen
May 25 2022

Can not save personal information. Save button stays gray. Can not get to green line.

By Lori Conley
May 23 2022

Cannot save changes to Personal Information.

By michael david hull
May 23 2022

this must be one of the worst apps ever struggled with just about all of the info it wanted been trying for over a month to add a photo it either crashes or says try again later i have now given up on it they will have to take our pics when we get to the port if your going to use this high tec you should make sure it works properly

By Susan Brusch
May 23 2022

The medallion class app does not work. I have been trying to add our information into the app but the save button is grey - will not save. Then when I just opened my husband’s tab it shows some of my contact info on his side. The app will not load onto my iPad or open on my laptop for the web version. Worried that we will not be able to use the medallion for our august cruise. Help

By Anthony Talbot
May 23 2022

I am trying to fill out the Travel document section. After scanning my passport and filling in the details, I press SAVE. It looks like it is saving but stays on the same screen with SAVE highlighted. If I try anything else, all information is lost.

By John Lally
May 22 2022

Repeatedly tried to take security photo with no success. In addition I cant find the photo anywhere.
Tried to photo my vaccination certificates, same result.
This ranks as one of the slowest unfriendly apps I have ever seen!!

By Betsy Seitz
May 22 2022

I cannt get my health status to open and boarding times .

By Juha Makipaa
May 18 2022

Tried to log in for two weeks. Always get message try again later Unable to login. Please try again later..

May 17 2022

I have been trying since March to link my cruise in the medallion app. I have called Princess Support about 9 times. Today I was told to check back in a month. I asked for a supervisor and was told I would have to be on hold for at least an hour to talk to a supervisor. I ask if the supervisor could call me back and I was told an infactic NO!

By Carol Hamblin
May 14 2022

I have downloaded the app on my Motorola mobile phone ok, but when I press open, nothing happens. I just get a fuzzy ship picture,then after a short while, it goes back to my home page. How can I open it to allow me to input information for my cruise. The app won't load on our home computer either. It's windows 7. Help!

By Karen Champley
May 14 2022

Cannot upload security photo, says try again later

By Amy Allison Grano
May 14 2022

this is quite possibly the worst app ever created. I've been trying to upload our security photos for over an hour. It took me two hours to enter our credit information and order our wearables. It took 45 minutes to enter passport info and update personal info. It crashes, it stalls, it randomly shuts down. This is over several weeks time. Get it sorted.

By Fernand R Rivard
May 11 2022

App will not accept my Florida enhanced drivers license. Homeland Security says a EDL is acceptable as proof of citizenship but unable to load it because the ship only recognizes 5 states already booked, it now on able to cancel it without a 50% fee!!!!!!! and still not get to go.

By Stephen Jory
May 05 2022

Can't enter in dates. The months and dates flash up and quickly disappears.

By Michael Krasky
May 05 2022

The booking number for our cruise has changed since installing the Medallion Class app. I cannot figure out how to update the app with our new booking number.

By Ed Kyzer
May 02 2022

unable to find place to upload vaccine status, and other required info>

By Rita burrow
Apr 30 2022

Can't enter in dates. The months and dates flash up and quickly disappears

By Raymond Guthrie
Apr 28 2022

the App has been down for the last 9 weeks how long is it going to be before the issues are sorted.

By Julie Elliott O'Neal
Apr 26 2022

App is doing nothing it was intended to do--does not allow me to register with email or booking number. Very frustrating.

By Pauline Marks
Apr 26 2022

Have ‘white screen of death’ so cannot complete my personal details

By Lynda Peach
Apr 25 2022

Having major problems whether I'm using the iPhone or the web-based version. On the web version, I can't link my booking number. Can't link the booking number on the iPhone app either. Without that, you don't get very far. On the iPhone I edited my Personal Info & Documents. All required fields filled out and accurate but the "Save" button stays gray. Can't save. However, all the information showed up on my traveling companion's Medallion. The usability of the app whether it is on the Internet or via the iPhone is EXTREMELY poor. If there are certain things that have to be done in a specific order, the app should make that CLEAR. I'm not a happy camper right now.

By arnold wong
Apr 19 2022

Very poor app. Inconsistent and does does not work with android smart phones. It does okay with my wife Iphone. We'll see how it works once on board. This app need a lot of work to make it useable. Can't load my photograph on it. Frustrating to use and had have customer service help with it. Even she had troubles.

By Bret Gove
Apr 13 2022

I am unable to link my booking number to my medallion app

By Janine Payne
Apr 12 2022

This has got too be the worst app I have ever tried too use. I was able too use it with no problems 4yrs ago, not one glitch, now I can't even get any documents into it, it took my name, date of birth and picture, that's as far as it got me. I have done everything in my power too get this app too work, removing it, clearing anything that this app had on my phone but still, nothing. Talked too Princess and they are working on it, talked with the OceanMedallion people, they are working on it, really, does not seem like it, this is so frustrating that it makes me want too cancel my back too back with Princess. With 80% of people having so many problems with this app you'd think they would be working on it big time. such a waste of my time

By Anthony Jones
Mar 12 2022

Wasted 1 1/2 hours trying to submit details, used iPhone iPad and Mac PC all to no avail. Couldn't log in with password had to use book ref. Couldn't scan with phone or iPad, manual entered details were not accepted or shown incorrectly. Not very good to say the least.

By Margaret Ann
Mar 10 2022

Won’t let me get past birthday
Says server problems to try later

By Daniel Dobos
Mar 08 2022

Can't upload security photos

By Jon Desjardins
Feb 27 2022

Medalian app won't let me add my enhanced drivers license state. I'm from. Arizona. I add it in and it won't take. Won't let me save. This is under required documents section

By Wanda Cuce
Feb 24 2022

Cannot log n to put my reservation number in

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