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Published by on 2022-09-21

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Reported Issues: 64 Comments

By Justin R Ritter
Nov 20 2022

Hello there, I have recently been experiencing issues with the messenger kids app. First off, whenever someone calls me on the app, my phone will vibrate pretty consistently as if someone is calling me, however no icon appears anywhere on the phone to click on in order to join the video chat. In addition, my son and I like to play games. When we do so, we leave the messenger kids app running so that we can still talk to each other. The second issue I face recently is that the speaker switches to the earpiece speaker instead of the speakerphone speaker. During our game, I had to ask my son about 30 times what he was saying because it was so faint. He also experienced the same thing on his end, and extremely faint voice because of the relocation of audio route. Please advise, thank you

By arianna moon
Oct 06 2022

Trying to approve requests and get this message every time:

This page isn’t available. The link you followed may be broken or the page may have been removed

By Kevin Senn
Oct 03 2022

Same as everyone else. Stuck in an infinite login loop.

By John
Oct 02 2022

I try to authorize my daughter's new device and when I try to log in it finds my account and asks for the password. I enter the password and then it loops back to asking for my facebook account.

By Kim
Oct 01 2022

My child was talking to her friends on kids messenger when she suddenly got booted out. When i tried to sign her back in it won't let me authorize the account. It finds my Facebook with the email i provide but when i put in my password it thinks for a second and then kicks me back to the provide your email page. This happened on september 30th 2022

By Alex
Oct 01 2022

can not log onto messenger kids at all. Every time I put in my facebook password it bounces back to the screen asking for my password again and again

By Tine Rigg
Sep 29 2022

I can not log onto messenger kids at all. Every time I put in my password it bounces back to the screen asking for my password again and again

By Michelle Henderson
Sep 28 2022

I am having the same problem Justin and Brittany are
having. It won't let me authorize the device. I already tried uninstalling and then reinstalling. At first it was just doing this on our tablet but now it's doing the same thing on our Chromebook. This started Sunday Sept 25, 2022.

By Justin
Sep 26 2022

I am having the same issue that looks to have started around September 23rd with my child being logged out of Messenger Kids. I tried to log back in and it tells me that I need to "Authorize Device" and returns me to the previous screen each time I try to log in. I have cleared the cache, uninstalled and reinstalled, restarted phone. Uninstalled Messenger, Facebook, and Messenger Kids and then reinstalled all of them and logged back into FB and Messenger and still cannot log back into Messenger Kids. There is a problem that has no solution as of now.

By Brittany
Sep 26 2022

It suddenly stopped working and said I needed to Authorize. I can't Login or Authorize . If I enter my password or temporary password it sends me back to the beginning. I have tried different devices, and reinstalling. It's been 3 days now.

By Treesong
Sep 25 2022

I seem to be having the same issue as the previous commenter. When I uninstall and reinstall, it asks me to authorize the device. I receive and enter the authorization code. But then it brings me back to the login screen. So I can't access the app at all beyond the login screen.

By Brandi Brown
Sep 25 2022


By Janna Patrick
Sep 23 2022

I am having issues authorizing Kid Messenger through facebook. Originally I could get into all the accounts, except one child. It would say "logging out" but go right back to the back page. So I uninstalled and reinstalled the app but when it gets to "Authorize device" I put in the one - time password and hits authorize device it would go briefly to the Confirm your a parent or guardian page but then jump right back to the Authorize device page. So I can't even get into the app at all.

By Denise
Sep 23 2022

I tried to sign up for messenger kids for my daughter using my new facebook account. It said "account creation failure, please try again". How to fix? I have a lot of friends already on my new account. What's happening?

By Bree
Aug 31 2022

People can’t hear me

By Chris Bowes
Aug 30 2022

I try to add my son and it just says something went wrong…

By Savannah Myers
Aug 27 2022

When I try to approve an adult to talk to my child on messenger kids it says “ An error occurred. Please try again later” please help me fix this

By Cory N Schmaltz
Aug 27 2022

“ The operation couldn’t be completed. bad URL

By Reanna-Dawn Sanders
Aug 24 2022

Won't let me create a kids acc

By Reanna-Dawn Sanders
Aug 24 2022

Won't let me create a kids acc

Aug 22 2022

I want to accept an invite to my grandchilds messenger. When I try to click and connect to send a accept request to my daughter in law then click send I get a message "we are having trouble unable to send please try again". This has happened 15 times at least

By Kiko
Aug 18 2022

It won't send my texts through

By Sarah L Gagnon
Aug 17 2022

My daughter tries to call out on messenger kids and the person on the receiving end cannot see her, it just has a continuous loading thing

By Katie
Aug 17 2022

My daughter and her friend can't see each other on video call. They can only hear each other and see themselves. We've tried with other friends and family, nothing. We made sure the video is selected on and have deleted and reinstalled the app. Still not working. This is day 2 now.

By Duane Mundell
Aug 17 2022

My daughter's and my sons video will not display to other person only voice. I tried on my phone using my son's account to do video with my daughter. The same thing happened on both of our ends. Could not see each other just ourselves. Video is selected on so its not that. What is happening and how do I fix it? Thanks

By Katelin Treece
Aug 16 2022

I was playing roblox with my friend and we were talking on messenger kids and about 20 seconds it hangs up

By Lyn
Aug 16 2022

Every time my daughter tries to call someone it says call dropped she gets to see the other person sometimes for maybe 2 seconds and then it drops. No sound comes through either

By Lyn
Aug 16 2022

Every time my daughter tries to call someone it says call dropped she gets to see the other person sometimes for maybe 2 seconds and then it drops. No sound comes through either

By Amara whipple
Aug 12 2022

I am trying to add an account for one of my children and it keeps telling me "something went wrong"

By Susan
Aug 08 2022

The games not working

By Clayton Scott
Jul 29 2022

It's typing in random letters when my kid texts

By Katrina Murphy
Jul 29 2022

Everytime my kid tries to play a game or feature that tells her to tap it doesn't respond to any taps. There are no issues with her touch screen outside of the app. She was able to play games on her old tablet but not her new one.

By NanaD26
Jul 24 2022

Another grandparent here who can't play a game with grandchildren. I tap the screen where indicated but it doesn't do anything like it used to. I can choose games to play, but it just sits there prompting me to tap the screen, but when I do, nothing happens. It works on my grandchild's end. It doesn't matter who called who. They are using an iPad, I'm using an Android...but that was never a problem before. May have started happening with Messenger Kid app update? Is there a solution to this? If so, where can I find it? I've tried force-stopping the app and restarting my phone. Tried uninstalling and reinstalling the app. Permissions have been given for use of phone, access to media, video, etc.

By Chloe
Jul 23 2022

When I try to go on messenger kids i can't when i go on tabs i can't or reload it is not leting me

By Anne-Marie Schunk
Jul 17 2022

I have created kids messenger for my oldest two who I have since upgraded and deleted. I am trying to create one for my youngest now and it keeps saying error please try again later.

By Jennifer Vannest
Jul 17 2022

My friends daughter and my daughter have been messaging and video chatting everyday for about a month. All of a sudden my friends daughter can’t send a message to my daughter or video chat with her. However, my daughter can send messages and video chat with her friend and her friend receives them all. Is something wrong on her friends end that won’t allow her messages send?

By Sharon Tines
Jul 15 2022

When I try to touch the screen while playing a game on messenger kids, I tap where the finger points me to and tap like I used to, but it has stopped allowing me to choose anything to play. It just sits there promoting me to tap the screen, but when I do, nothing happens, even though it's working on my granddaughter's screen.

By Netta
Jul 12 2022

Games not working. Touch screen not regeristering during game mode.

By Cat
Jul 10 2022

So when I go to my video thing where it SHOULD say video and camera there, it doesn’t have that. Idk what to do

By Kahley
Jul 08 2022

Everytime my kid tries to play a game or feature that tells her to tap it doesn't respond to any taps. There are no issues with her touch screen outside of the app.

By Kay Hayes
Jul 08 2022

Every time I try and create an account for my child it say "something went workng"

By Zendaya Musgrove
Jul 07 2022

Every time I try to create a account for my kid it keeps say “Something went wrong please try again”. How do I fix it?

By Kendall
Jul 06 2022

Whenever I call anybody the app freezes! A message pops up saying, "Messenger Kids, isn't working.". Then I have to close out the app, just for same thing to happen again!

By Madi
Jun 29 2022

My messenger kids is frozen and it won’t work

By Skye Hiser
Jun 26 2022

Error when approving

By Cameron
Jun 26 2022

Every time I send a video it always seems to stretch really long is it a problem from the app or a problem with my device I’m confused.

By Vanessa A
Jun 25 2022

When k try to create a child’s account, it says Unable to create account, try again. I only get as far as putting in my child’s Info. And kid messenger is not listed in my own personal settings to manage an account either. Why is nothing being done about these issues. :/

By Madelyn Morgan
Jun 25 2022

My messages won’t send on messenger kids and my mom did nothing to it it won’t let me send it to Cash Beal that’s all.

By Harrison
Jun 22 2022

I can’t call anyone

By Michael Little
Jun 21 2022

When I try to call someone it just logged me out

By Eli
Jun 20 2022

When I try to create an account it says "account creation failure, please try again" I tried again and I keep getting the same message. How do I fix this?

By wendy
Jun 16 2022

My kid is stuck on the screen on messager kids please help.

By Meghan VanBeek
Jun 16 2022

Based on what I am finding via a Google search, I am guessing both of my kids' accounts got deleted, but I don't know why? One rarely used her account. I cannot create an account - error says "user may not create an account" or some similar; if I try to access parent controls thru an old manage msg in my own Messenger account, the screen is just cut off and gray so you can't even read the error note... so irritating. If the accounts were deleted, I - as the parental control account - should have been notified about why, and given a heads up...

By Kimberly
Jun 15 2022

Everytime I try to create my childs account it says “Account Creation Failure, something went wrong while we were creating your child account please try again.” How do I fix it?

By Noah
Jun 14 2022

My kid was trying to play pledge planet but it just went to where you can see your face.

By Annonymous
Jun 13 2022

Error when approving friend request

By Amelia
Jun 11 2022

It not letting my child call people

By Kaitlin leslie
Jun 07 2022

Hi I'm trying to make a kids messenger account for my kids on my new account seeing my other account i used to have had it but it got hacked

By Anonymous
Jun 01 2022

The app won't let me send messages to others. It keeps saying "unable to send" but won't tell me why. I've restarted the app and even my device but it still won't work. Yes I've checked my connection, yes I checked for updates, and yes I've look for the reason why it isn't working. No answers yet. Also I feel as though they need to add more content for gifs and such. There is no rainbow, pride, gay, or even a rainbow heart anywhere. It's hard to celebrate pride month if I can't send any pride gifs or stickers. I hope that has nothing to do with the fact I can't send pride month related messages. I hope this helps.

By Charity Trotter
May 25 2022

I’m receiving and error when trying to approve a request.

By Jon winslow
May 21 2022

Don’t show pics of contacts and try to use says network error

By grace
May 06 2022

for some reason its not letting me meassage my friends and has this exclimation mark next to everything I send

By Yusaa Myst
Apr 26 2022

Everytime I try to create my childs account it says “Something went wrong, Please try again.” How do I fix it?

By Heather C Rowell
Mar 10 2022

Our app is freezing and not allowing me to chat.

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