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Published by on 2024-03-27

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Reported Issues: 41 Comments

By Dolly   9 months ago

System closes as soon as it opens

By Vila   9 months ago

Been trying to deposit my check all day and the app has been erroring out, only in the deposit screen. No other screen is erroring out. Then I waited a couple hours later and try to deposit my check again and it says that check number was already submitted. Funny, I usually get a feedback text to my phone saying that a deposit was submitted, but this time around, complete silence. I've never had issues doing mobile deposits before until today. What's the deal?

By Chris little   9 months ago

App opens but freezes and won’t work

By Steven Novak   11 months ago

I am continually having problems with the autocapture feature for check deposits. Each and every time I must resort to using manual capture after autocapture fails. My iPhone 14 Pro Max is updated. The app is updated. This has been happening for months. I'm tempted to move my money to another bank whose mobile app works properly!!!!

By Joye Ann Wood   1 year ago

I am getting a message that the system is down. I need to get on and pay bills. When will be back up?

By Joye Ann Wood   1 year ago

I am getting a message that the system is down. I need to get on and pay bills. When will be back up?

By Peggy Kearns   1 year ago

Error message displayed after entering user id and password: Value java.lang.String cannot be converted to JSONObject Cannot log in

By Zoe   1 year ago

Truist online banking is not working. Error states system not available. Does not work on the cell phone app and does not work at the office on the desk top through traditional internet.

By Dan MacDougald   1 year ago

Truist app says my username or pw is not valid, so I can sign in to make a deposit. However, the same username & pw works on the truist website.

By j.k.oxley   1 year ago

i keep having to call stay inside branches they say i never filled out a signature card i had to in january when they made me go into a local branch for a week everyday they are very wishy washy and they do not care about what you havve to do or your responsibilitys if they did there job right they woulddnt take it out on the customer

By Rhonda Garland   1 year ago

The photo capture is not working correctly on my IPhone

By Robert k McNeal   1 year ago

When i logon to my mobile app i get the following message: Truist isn't responding Close app Wait Send Feedback I have cleared the cache, deinstalled/reinstalled the mobile app. Same problem. My wife is having the same issue. I have tried to access the mobile account away from home and the same response. I need help.

By Bruce Gardner   1 year ago

When I try to do a mobile deposit, it says the back of the check isn't signed even though it clearly is. It also says the check number is "unavailable" even though it is plainly printed on the front of the check. I can sign in on my phone, but when I sign into the app on my desktop, after putting in my username and password it just gives me a blank screen.

By Walter D Huber   1 year ago

When you start the truist app a pop window appears asking if you want paperless billing. When you both selection buttons to left saying no to both YOU CAN NOT SAVE OR SKIP THE SCREEN. THEREFOR YOU CAN'T USE THE APP. This is the second occurrence in the last six months. Re: Apple IOS vir 16.3 iphone 12 pro max.

By Douglas Gordon   1 year ago

Keeps downloading same monthly statement but chose my other account.

By Glenn Beale   1 year ago

Truist has chosen to shut me out of ALL ACCESS to my online banking accounts. They state that under the guise of "security" the fraud department can force me to visit a "local branch" to prove that I am me. There are NO local branches of Truist in Brazil. Also these individuals were informed, weeks in advance, that I would be in Brazil. The response,or lack thereof, should prove interesting.

By Edwin Lynn Johnson   1 year ago

Truist App for IPhone and IPad show “Session Expired” and can not access Truist Account by App. Have deleted Truist App and reinstalled App. Still does not work. Have the most recent updates for both Iphone and IPad. Have no issues with other Apps. This is a very frustrating experience. Please advise.

By Danny Gant   1 year ago

I can not even get a login screen. Shows an error no matter how I try to get in.

By RAYMOND Lee NICHOLS   1 year ago


By David   1 year ago

Can’t capture a picture of check for deposit .

By Frederick Rice   1 year ago

The mobile deposit feature dismissing from my Trust app. I have used it many times in the past, but today, it Justus not there. If I reload the app, will I lose any of the current settings or links?

By Don Shepard   1 year ago

I can’t close out the app on my phone. Thanks

By Tony Simpson   1 year ago

Even since Truist took over from SunTrust the service quality has nosedived. The app is useless. Poor layout, buggy and frequently unavailable.

By Ryan Kossack   1 year ago

Mobile Deposit crashes EVERY time I try to take an image of the check. It's garbage and been happening for months.

By Richard L Lucia   1 year ago

I can not capture a picture on my trust app for mobile deposits

By D Mehta   1 year ago

The Truist phone app will not autocapture or allow me to manually capture a photo of my check. I have been unable to use the app's deposit feature.

By ALICE FERRELL   2 years ago

when i log in the app wont load it gives me jumbled letters

By Ruth   2 years ago

The truist app crashes every time I try to take a picture of a check for mobile deposits.

By Josephine Smith   2 years ago

I can not sign in very upset

By Joanna Farmer   2 years ago

Truist mobile app will not let me deposit.

By D Mehta   2 years ago

The app is not working for mobile deposit--it won't take a photo of the check and won't let me take a photo manually. So I can't deposit.

By Morris Mortensen   2 years ago

can't login. Repeated attempts. would set up new online account if I could see how to do it.

By Jean Waldron   2 years ago

I updated and sign agreement but not accept when I submit the agreement. Also could not view my account statement This was using my PC

By Wanda Ladd-Fulton Eller   2 years ago

Im not able to log into Truist businees account on line. It ask me to log in with Sun trust first which i did sometime back. One problem is i have a personal acct also with suntrust. I was using face id on the mobile app. i can get into my personal acct but not the business acct. How do i get help with using your telephone number does not resolve my issue, it just gets me going in circles. Terrible Bank transisition

By Daniel Morris   2 years ago

Can't login since the March 27, 2022 rebuild. App version 1.6.0. Freezes upon entry and only shows "loading" prior to crash. Deleted and reinstalled app. Turned phone off and back on. No change.

By Larry W Yarbrough   2 years ago

Can't login; it starts to login properly but then displays "Accounts & Cards" page and freezes.

By Stephanie Rogers   2 years ago

Keeps saying access denied on both my mobile app and on the direct website. So frustrating. I am going to be changing banks very soon. I was with Suntrust over 25 years. They are now charging me fees on all my accounts, having log in issues since the change. I am going to go to Chase. If you have your mortgage with them, they don't charge you any fees on accounts from what I am told.

By Linda Faucette   2 years ago

very slow, finally get to site, has taken my login twice, but no further. Mobile app states "access is currently unavailable.

By Michael D Gogarty   2 years ago

The Truist app for online banking doesn't start. I log in and after a couple of minutes the message can't reach server pops up. Frustrating.

By Ronald L Hampton   2 years ago

I was only able to log in to online banking once and that was after I was asked to changed my credentials. Since then my credentials don't work and when I try to renew them I get this message " Security verification is currently unavailable. Please call Truist online support for assistance." I have tried online support via phone for several days and have even scheduled a call back from the branch but no one answers or calls back.

By Stephen Foye   2 years ago

App will not work while using VPN.

Common dislikes about Truist app

- App crashes or does not open

- Accounts do not reflect an accurate accounting of transactions

- Past transactions are missing or daily balances are unrealistic

- Message that amount of check entered did not match the check photo

- No options to reach customer service through the main screen

- Glitches and crashes

- Mediocre app

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