MedallionClass Reviews

MedallionClass Reviews

Published by on 2022-09-06

The MedallionClass app puts everything at your fingertips – On-demand
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Was this app ever tested?

The this app app is hands down the worst app I’ve used for any cruise lines I’ve traveled with (4 so far). MedallionClass hangs, throws blank screen, throws random errors and don’t try to use the <Back> navigation because you guess it, it’ll hang MedallionClass . It would not have been so maddening if they didn’t remove the options to check in via their website. I’m unable to finish the Travel Document stage nor select a departure group. When I make a dining reservation, MedallionClass shows a table for 4 on one screen but after I select it, it confirms I’ve booked a table for 2. I’m on the phone with Support now. The lady is very kind and helped me complete some steps MedallionClass keeps crashing on. But even she couldn’t book the departure group because that could only be done via MedallionClass . She contacted technical support right on the spot. Thankfully, they were able to book the departure group for me and fixed the underlying issues that prevented me from entering my passport info. The entire call (on hold + talking to support + technical support) took 1.5 hours. Net-net, Princess Cruise Line, you hired the right people to man your phone lines. Your technical support team seems effective but you must do better with your app. What I experienced does not reflect the good reputation you’ve built for your cruise line. I literally wished I had booked with another company. I sincerely hope I’ll have better result when I’m physically on your ship.


Lots of crashing, activities timeline is a massive battery drainer

I know a lot of cruise goers aren’t tech savvy and I can only imagine how much of a nightmare MedallionClass is for them, but as someone who’s very tech savvy it’s still difficult to use due to the constant freezing and crashing. After reading other recent reviews I’m happy that I at least was able to get my boarding information input successfully, but when I’m navigating through MedallionClass I frequently experience frozen loading windows that end up requiring closing and reopening MedallionClass , and whenever I go into the activities timeline my phone starts to heat up and my phone’s battery starts draining rapidly. I’m sure this is related to being on an older iPhone 8, but it’s on the latest iOS version and I’ve only experienced one other app that caused a similar issue, I’m fairly sure it’s the ship graphic that causes this and either removing that or at least giving an option to view a more basic version of the timeline would really help people using older phones. It’s pretty baffling to me that so much of the cruise experience is handled through an app that is as poorly designed as this one, Princess really needs to acknowledge and make improvements based on other recent reviews, not sure how they can expect people to keep booking cruises with them when they’re required to use this poorly designed app for so much of the process.


Worst App Ever (tried to) Use

MedallionClass is an absolute mess. We’ve used several cruising apps and this one is hands down the most frustrating. We can’t get past the initial page in order to upload our documents and complete the MANDATORY items. I was told by a Live Chat person that this is a “known issue” and we will need to be prepared to check in at the pier, the old fashioned way. Totally defeats the purpose of aiming for a smooth and safe embarkation. Common sense would be to allow passengers to check in on the website instead of a useless app that they don’t care to fix. BTW, we have newer Apple devices and we even tried it on an iPad. I made a call and spoke to a live person in technical support and she said she could see that our birthdates on the back end were off by one day, she tried to fix but it kept reverting back. She escalated me to another person, and all he could do was ask me if I had read the step-by-step instructions on all the things available on MedallionClass , and downplayed the issue by saying “well, it’s technology and there is nothing I can do.” We cruise quite a bit and this experience has definitely changed our view of Princess. The useless app and their lack of concern to fix it is ridiculous. If they know some people can’t use MedallionClass , why not offer access to do so on their website?


When Will This App Be Fixed?

This is our first and last Princess cruise. It’s simply too stressful and time consuming to use this non-functioning app. I wouldn’t even give it one star, but I had no choice. Months after my original review and emails requesting help from the developers, MedallionClass hasn’t changed. MedallionClass is so frustrating, I would cancel my cruise if I knew I could get all our money back. Original: My Princess Medallion app is not working properly. I’ve spent hours trying to input info that is required and only managed to get a few items through. The opening page keeps flashing and returning to the top of the page. MedallionClass says I can upload a photo to the security photo, but it doesn’t give me the option. I did manage to get a profile picture loaded by selecting change photo. I don’t see where I can do that for my security photo. Neither profile nor security photos will accommodate uploading a photo of my husband who is traveling with me. MedallionClass crashes when my husband and I try to agree to the cruise contract and COVID-19 risk forms and upload travel documents. I was going to wait a few more days to try again after you’ve fixed the problems, but I discovered in MedallionClass Store that these problems have been happening to people for months. When can I expect to be able to use this REQUIRED app?


Worst App of All Time

Without a doubt the worst app of all time! I can’t believe that a cruise line makes something like MedallionClass so pivotal, yet can’t even make it a functioning app at all! I would give this a zero star review if I could. MedallionClass needs massive bug fixes. One day out of three months I was able to log in and enter a few documents, then CRASH and I lose it all and it won’t even let me back into the same screen with the constant “Link Booking” even though I already have on multiple occasions… followed with the response from MedallionClass of “this booking has already been claimed”. The call lines have been little to no help and have made things worse at times. However, the people are friendly on the phone, but the transferring and hold times are out of this world. I can easily say before going on this cruise that I will never do another with this cruise line. All in all, if you as a cruise line (if you call yourself that), want to make every person use an app, at least make it one that actually works! Instead of a legitimate 7% success rate, let’s at least shoot for 65%! Come on now! EVERYONE READING THIS PLEASE TAKE MY ADVICE AND DON’T BOOK WITH THIS CRUISE LINE UNTIL HONEST AND RECENT REVIEWS IMPROVE! Extremely disappointed so far and won’t be back even if I was paid!


a Princess Problem!

Arguably one of the most troublesome apps ever created! Moving off the web based program, in my opinion, was a mistake reflecting on Princess. Trying to use the Medallion app becomes an exercise in futility. The screen goes blank continuously with no way to return to the previous entry. This occurs in multiple steps attempting to answer each request. The only answer is to quit and attempt again at a later date. Even eliminating MedallionClass and downloading again, only results in repeating the same troubles. Note: app download is on an iPhone and an iPad using IOS15.1 Contacting Princess direct results in a minimum of an hour+ wait time for an agent. Only then to be forwarded to the ‘tech’ department for another hold time of over 58 minutes only to be told to “try and download (?) MedallionClass again!?!? We are trying our best to work within the system by following what Princess has instructed. We are not new to cruising, as we are presently in the Platinum category. After consulting with our travel agent, she has suggested maybe considering other cruise lines as a possible alternative. I write this hoping that Princess can regain our confidence as one of the premier cruise cruise lines.


Terrible app

Without a doubt, the worst app I have experienced. MedallionClass has not worked properly since June 28, 2021. I have called repeatedly for support. Technical support has been impossible. Initially I was told there were limited problems for very few passengers. The problem would be corrected in 48 hours. That was nine months ago. In February 2022 I was told by a Medallion technical support person there were so many tickets being submitted to correct problems the system was overloaded. I was told technical support was working on known problems for those who had upcoming cruises in ten days or less. I received an email from Medallion support a week before my cruise that my account had been corrected. After testing for both my wife and me, logging on with an email account and a booking confirmation number, on iPhone and iPad and laptop I am worse off now than a week ago. Most screens go completely white or tell me I do not have a Journey. If I try to link a booking number, MedallionClass tells me I am already linked. My cruise is in four days, and I can’t complete required screens. We have two other cruises for which I can’t complete some or any information. If I could give zero stars for MedallionClass I would.


This app is the worst app I’ve ever used

Look! If you plan to make an app a significant part of your cruise ships, you need to actually hire developers and support that have had actual work experience building and maintaining apps. MedallionClass, from what I understand, has been around for years now. Why doesn’t it work then???? Don’t tell anyone to call and make them sit on the phone with support for HOURS, only to get NO WHERE. I haven’t even been on a cruise yet, but I’m almost dreading it with this disaster. Nothing is working currently. With every update, something else stops working. All of my passport info has been deleted. The medallion ordering isn’t working. Before it showed my cart as having way too many lanyards, that I didn’t add. Charging me for the extras too. With NO WAY to delete the items or empty the cart. Now I can’t even see anything because it’s glitching. Yes, I’ve uninstalled, reinstalled, rebooted, NOTHING works. You need to get rid of your tech team and stop hiring people with NO experience and hire some real talent. Throwing a manual at someone that has never done a software or developer job in their life and telling them to use google to figure it out ISN’T WORKING!!!!!!! Your CUSTOMERS are getting fed up and frustrated.


Horrible app and customer service

I booked an Alaska Cruisetour back in July2021. I was informed about two weeks ago, our ship has changed. Things have literally been a cluster since…. And now MedallionClass . MedallionClass won’t link my booking number to my account for me use. It tells me my name doesn’t match my booking number. When I initially contacted customer support for the issue, they were quick to respond asking for additional information. Two days and another e-mail later, I get a response, “ Please note that support is prioritized by sail date. Not to worry… we’ll have you ready to sail in plenty of time ahead of your August 2023 voyage. We appreciate your patience while we investigate.” They invite you to get on and use MedallionClass and then tell you, you are not important enough at this time. I understand I have time, but I am traveling with a group and want to get things going. I had read some other reviews and it sounds like MedallionClass is a problem. I think they need to spend some time fixing MedallionClass if that is what we are expected to utilize for the trip! So far disappointed with Princess, hope the cruise goes better….if we keep the booking.


Massive disappointment

We booked our cruise on Nov3 our cruise starts Feb 5 and we have been trying since Nov 3 to get all our information into the system to no avail. Between my wife and I we have spent many many hours on the phone waiting to speak to someone, no answers to live chat, even sent booking number and other info to these tech folks and of course never an answer. This is the worst application I have ever run across, the worst customer service, and the most incompetent IT team running it. If your IT team in almost three months can’t fix an app then you either need to get rid of MedallionClass or get rid of the IT team and hire some folks whO know what they are doing. We are leaving on a cruise unable to make dinner reservations, unable to get green boarding status due to unable to put in our information. My wife and I are truly unhappy and anyone we can sometimes get on the phone are very sorry but nothing they can do. Heck they even created a ticket number (8285) of course that really does not matter because no one seems to be able to fix it. Probable will never sail again on this Cruise line, at least Viking has their stuff together.


Princess should be ashamed of this garbage

Princess should be embarrassed! Absolute garbage app! We have three cruises booked directly through Princess. Attempted to use MedallionClass as directed to complete our pre cruise information. Nope! No go. Tried reentering the information every which way - nope. Tried deleting MedallionClass and reloading. Nope. Waited a few days… ah! An update to MedallionClass ! Yay! Did the update and tried again. Nope! Deleted MedallionClass and reloaded and tried again. Nope. Waited on the phone for over an hour to speak with someone at Princess regarding the issue. They went through all of the obvious with me. No resolution. After almost an hour on the phone I was told my issue was being escalated to “CMS.” “Okay… so what should I expect from CMS” asked. I was told to expect an Email. When? “Well it could take up to ten days.” Well ten days has come and gone. No email from CMS. The Email I have received from Princess, “Emergency notification. Download the medallion app to complete all required check in items.” I think I may scream. I need a vacation to recover from getting ready for my vacation. Come on Princess get your act together. This should never have gone live.


Needs improvement! Not VPN Friendly

Worked well for cruise preparation. The problems started on day one of the cruise. MedallionClass appears to use the WAN IP to determine if you’re on the ship. That’s fine for the casual user who doesn’t mind a public wireless network. However, users that prefer a more secure connection using a VPN will find that they’re reported as being off-ship. Why is that important? Because Princess i doing away with paper! Princess Patter is no longer delivered to cabins. It’s only available at the (always crowded) Guest Services Desk upon request. You won’t find the daily events listing on TV. The only place you can find it is on MedallionClass . But, if you’re listed as being off-ship, you can’t access it. Nor can you access your ship’s account as an example. Another issue relates to dining room reservations. You’re likely to get “An error occurred!” That means a reservation is not available at the time you requested. How about a list of times that a reservation is available rather than having to start over and guess???



MedallionClass is terrible. I have been trying to fill in my information since June. It is one day before my cruise and it still doesn’t work properly. I have spent over 8 hrs trying to fill in my information, of course they able to input my credit card information with no problem. I have called their toll free #, waited 55 minutes and then the person answering us can’t help me. Now I try and scroll the to input info and the screen flashes and sends me back to the top Hopefully the the cruise is good because if its not I will not be back Tom Once one the boat the tech team on board resolved the constant flashing and made app useable by calling Miami Tech center MedallionClass did work some but not completely. Make MedallionClass simple instead of trying to cram everything on it causing alot of anger and frustration on the people who are trying to enjoy a vacation. And then to top it off you have Princess sending you emails to fill out your information on MedallionClass or if you don’t it could cause you long waits to get on the boat or possible trip cancellation


Two cruises of frustration

We used the Medallion for a cruise in December and I’m trying to use it again for a cruise this summer. I have to wonder if this was tested at Al before being rolled out. Here are just a few bug examples: 1. When I add a credit card, if you have multiple trips picked you can’t have an authorized user for more than just the cruise you add the card for payment. So this means each time you take a cruise, even if your credit card hasn’t changed, you have to delete the card to add an authorized user. There is no “edit” feature. 2. Trying to add flights that connect to the cruise destination. I kept getting errors and finally figured out MedallionClass only wants the last leg that gets you into the departure city inward and the first leg outward. It would have been simple to add this detail, but instead I had to submit with errors. And there is no way to edit something you submitted, so you have to start over- annoying. 3. Trying to order the medallion wearable and our cruise that’s just 90 days away isn’t showing up. But our cruise in 2023 is… On my partner’s phone the medallion screen is just showing up blank- no buttons no text. On mine, I just get the 2023 trip. Even after trying to select it from the menu and from the travel checklist. Overall if I could do this on a laptop I would. MedallionClass is so very frustrating and it drives me nuts. I can’t believe that a large firm like Princess has rolled this out with so many bugs.


I wanted to love it

I want to love it, but it stopped working halfway through the cruise. It got us onboard the ship OK, but its functionality quickly declined. Dinner reservations were difficult and required multiple attempts. Halfway into the cruise MedallionClass stopped working entirely and just said “Loading”. Other passengers were not able to use MedallionClass at all. You can’t reload MedallionClass while at sea without purchasing an Internet plan and there is no technical assistance while at sea. MedallionClass is good for the activities calendar, until it stopped working. Good thing we requested a paper Patter otherwise we would not know what was going on.


Simply unusable

I have a cruise in just a few weeks. It departs on December 4th. I have found your app to be barely, and I do mean barely useable. Sometimes it loads, sometimes it doesn’t. Sometimes in the middle of attempting to complete my travel checklist, it will “boot” me out, and say that I have no upcoming reservations, which I most certainly do have. When MedallionClass DOES load, it shows my wife and I, but I can’t even complete selecting our medallions, or completing the document checklist. Perhaps there is maintenance on your servers this evening. I certainly hope that is the case, but I am VERY concerned MedallionClass is buggy and will be more a cause of aggravation than a source of delight on our cruise. Both my wife and I use iPhone 13 Pro, running both the latest version of your app. I even trekked deleting MedallionClass , restarting my iPhone and reinstalling it…all to no avail. We have gigabit internet where we live with a WiFi 6 router and 5G. The issue occurs on cellular and on WiFi. Please contact me as soon as possible to troubleshoot these issues.


Why is checklist MANDATORY on this crap app?!!

Princess needs to allow passengers to submit REQUIRED cruise paperwork through their website— MedallionClass is crap!! I’ve been suffering through issues after issues for over 4 weeks now and I STILL cannot upload my travel documents. I’ve called this app Support over 6x times, opened Online Chat 2x times, and based on support advice, I removed and re-downloaded MedallionClass (twice), downloaded MedallionClass on a different device (once), and was told to login on a computer and to constantly clear browser cookies and refresh screen. I’ve tried all ineffective solutions, waited and spoke on numerous phone calls and overall wasted my time while my anxiety continues to escalate as my travel date is now less than 7 days away. Four weeks ago, I could not find my booking on MedallionClass . When I tried to link it, it says it is already linked. Then my booking# showed up in my Profile but I still cannot access my paperwork. Then I was able to access my paperwork BUT none of my cabin mates (my children) are linked under the booking so I cannot access their profiles to submit paperwork for them. Also, the information I submit for myself (cc info, emergency contact, etc) do not get saved/updated and the screen glitches/freezes so when I refresh the screen, it continues to say: “Something went wrong. Try again later”. Do us all a favor and give MedallionClass the sea burial it deserves.


Needs improvement

In theory, it’s a great idea but in actuality, it has so many flaws I don’t even know where to start. Completely unreliable and I’m one of the lucky ones because I have an iPhone, and maybe the ocean medallion gods were with me but I was able to accomplish every necessary task before checking in and after all that they never even checked the boarding pass or anythingDue to the medallion itself containing all the relevant information. I do like MedallionClass for choosing dining times pre-cruiseBut it was tweaked every single day I know it is still a work in progress and once everything is finalized I think it will be a great feature. Haven’t met one person who has praise or raves for this medallion, because of the truth of the matter is it is an abysmal failure right now And I am specifically referring to pre-cruise. Once on board, it seems to work much better. I look forward to a time when all the flaws are worked out.


Worst app I’ve ever had to use

Princess changed how passengers check in for their cruise. You now HAVE to use MedallionClass or wait in line at the pier to check in. The problems with MedallionClass are legion, but I’ll share just a few of my experiences. First, if you have more than two passengers in a cabin, when you order the medallions for everyone it will only allow you to order two. When you order for the third, it deletes the order for the first two. Second, if you don’t have a smart phone, like my 80 year old father, you have to either wait in line at the pier, or call Princess and wait online to provide your info. Third, my cousin, who is new to Princess, created a profile in MedallionClass (after many failed attempts) and MedallionClass now won’t recognize her email so she can’t update her check in with emergency contact and onboard payment. Fourth, for certain smart phones, when putting in date of birth, it won’t allow one to type in or scroll month, day, year, but requires to scroll through each month of every year to get to the right month/year. Imagine having to scroll back to 1942 every month of every year! If I could give MedallionClass a zero I would. I’m hoping Princess will take this feedback to make improvements in MedallionClass . The concept is great, they just need to make it user friendly. It would also be nice to have the option to check in online like in the past.



I tried using MedallionClass during my first cruise and app was so bad! I couldn’t add my booking number, it kept glitching and erasing all my progress, I tried doing all the pre-board info and it kept having me do it over and over again! Eventually I got so fed up I did everything on the day of boarding at the counter. On the ship, I tried scheduling a dinner time and when we got to our reserved time, we were told we didn’t have one. Apparently, we weren’t the only ones since I over heard other guests having the same issues of their reservations through MedallionClass not being there. Going on another soon and hoping that they had worked on some of the bugs but no! Still a horrible app. Can’t add a space on the city name so it’s all together, I still can’t add a booking number for my trip. Not even going to bother this time and just do everything at the counter because the stress of this horrible glitchy app is not worth it!!


Not ready for prime time

After experiencing the use of MedallionClass on the ship and after visiting the Princess “Navigators” (the cruise line’s tech support), it became apparent that MedallionClass along with the companion app, Ocean Compass, are absolutely not stable. MedallionClass , without warning, would crash and/or have me login at least multiple times in an effort to keep trying to make it a wonderful passenger tool. That in itself was a major frustration. And what is really frustrating is that both apps drain battery power at a much higher percentage than any other app I have on my iPhone 7. 20% battery usage for this app and 44% for OceanCompass after just 2 ½ hours of use and/or running in the background when not being used. Also, depending on where I am on the ship (such as Princess Theatre), the search for friends onboard would just fail. Somehow I get the feeling that the developers did not beta test these two apps.


After auto update app won’t open.

Two days ago MedallionClass auto upgraded. Tried to open it tonight but got a message that my phone wasn’t connected to the internet. It was. I logged out and now can’t log back in. Get message that no internet is detected. Our next OM cruise is in December. Any chance that this update which supposedly was to fix bugs can actually be made to work again? It’s always been glitchy working only occasionally but at least I was able to actually get “ocean ready” for two previous cruises. MedallionClass was always off and on going from ocean ready to needing documents but if you kept checking it you could at least rarely when it worked, order the Medallion and even catch a screen shot of the Ocean ready pass. Now it’s basically worthless. Guess it’s back to printings the old boarding pass from the Personalizer. Hopefully you will fix this eventually.


Updated Review

This review updates my review of Sept 5. Sincere thanks to the developer for responding - both here and by email. Global Experience Innovators has cleaned up a lot of the issues I reported. Only one major irritant remains. We are unable to load MedallionClass on my wife’s phone using her email. We continually get the message “cannot link to booking”. Princess has sent an email (presumably from the developer) saying that they cannot resolve the issue but will continue to work on it. (It can be loaded using my credentials). Calling the 800 support number does not appear to get you to Princess folks who understand MedallionClass (Jacob is an exception). Again, thanks to the developer for trying to solve issues and improve MedallionClass . We are looking forward to using it onboard in a few weeks.


Very Poor Implementation of a Good Idea

I recently returned from a princess medallion class cruise. For all practical purposes MedallionClass does nothing more than launch other apps. The full features require the installation of seven applications and the use of your web browser. The functionality is not included in MedallionClass. We found very frequently that none of the apps operated correctly on board. They frequently froze and had to be restarted. Basically they did not work as designed. The apps constantly ask you to login. Half of the time the login process works and the other half of the time the login process fails. We normally noticed the logins would fail for everybody in our group not just a single user. The message notifications simply do not work. None of us ever one time received a notification of a message sent on board. The crew on board the ship will tell you that the application would replace the Princess Patter. If MedallionClass were designed correctly and working properly it might replace the printed version. Princess is very far from that goal. We all liked the apps when they worked. The ability to locate folks is good. But, it worked sporadically.


Updated review. It works. So Very Disappointing

When I first downloaded MedallionClass and entered all the info for the cruise it worked fine. But now I can’t even get in using my booking number. Nor will it let me change my password. I had to re-enter information and it still says we are not Ocean Ready. What a mess. I tried calling the help line and they haven’t been unable to correct anything. They say they are putting in a “ticket” - whatever that means. It seems to only be getting worse. Update: It looks as if it’s been corrected. I changed the password. The booking looks correct. Thank you.


Restaurant menus

I would love to be able to view the menu for each night in the dining room and the pay restaurants. On the room service online ordering, coffee is not an option, only got tea! I can’t find some of my movies that I wanted to finish watching. It would be nice to have that option in the tools. I love this ship, and Princess Cruise Lines. I made a few suggestions to make it perfect!


Great, when it works

I used MedallionClass a few times to locate my traveling companions while onboard the ship. It worked great for that the first two days of the cruise. After that, it never worked again. It always gave an error message stating that I’d been waiting a long time and asking if I’d like to try again. MedallionClass claims that you can order food and drinks through MedallionClass . False. That never worked. I would place the order and the order would never move on the screen from the ‘ordering’ phase of the order. MedallionClass was a waste of my time on vacation and gave false hope that I could locate my friends or get a drink.


Unable to retrieve journey

I am on the ship trying to use MedallionClass . MedallionClass gets stuck at the loading screen and crashes. After logging in, I keep getting errors like “unable to retrieve your journey at this time”. There are a few features that do work, but key features like Plan Ship Activities did not work. The on ship technical support could not get MedallionClass to work. Update. It appears that most of the issues have been resolved. Received very good customer service.


Convenient to order wherever you are

MedallionClass is fun but a few glitches. Delayed locating your friends 2 times we couldn’t locate each other because of a delay. Our friends say they keep getting knocked off ship network. We had that problem when we first got on the ship. The net was buffering for an hour & had to cut our phone off & back on to reset. It’s nice to be able to order food & drinks wherever you are on the ship. The compass is very helpful to find your way around. Overall we like it.


Buggy and not very functional

The concept is neat, but, as my title says, MedallionClass is buggy and not very functional. My wife and I both have it, and we both experienced numerous glitches and problems like being repeatedly kicked off MedallionClass , not getting things to load, and woefully incomplete information. The daily printout was more functional than MedallionClass in trying to figure out what was going on around the ship. It is nice to be able to order room service with it, but it didn’t always work and had a very limited menu when it did work.


Great Cruise Info

I love that we can see the activity schedule. On my off-season, 4 day trip we may decide to just stay onboard while docked. Great to see our options to help with planning. Only difficulty is connecting it with my Princess login smoothly so I don’t have to keep entering my name birthday and the booking number. Other than that, love it!


Sky Princess - Mediterranean

Great experience so far. Internet is “lighting fast”. I’ve uploaded images and video as well as being connected to work daily. MedallionClass has a few flaws with usability, the biggest one being that you have no free form search. You have to know what deck something is on in order to search using categories. Messaging, location, ordering food and beverages all works and adds tremendous convenience.


A work in progress

Resource hog but it is impressive when it works. Currently unable to differentiate back to back cruises. So in my case it worked well on a previous 10 day cruise on the Caribbean Princess but is useless now that I am on the Sky Princess. After eight attempts by myself and crew today they called the developer who is working on a fix. Great app when it works and if you have plenty of memory. Keep in mind multiple apps are required to utilize all the functions so download them before boarding the ship.


Wish I could give negative stars

MedallionClass should not have been released because it doesn’t work. After talking to support on the phone they said they’d write a ticket to get it fixed. Waited 3 business days like they asked and called back, a really nice person on the phone put me on hold and came back and said it was fixed and my 2 Medallions would be mailed, problem is 3 of us are sailing. I finally gave up, I’m so irritated if other cruise lines were near me in No. Cal I’d quit Princess for good. They may eventually get this working but that’s not how it is supposed to work.


Amazing Experience

Really awesome app, super easy to use and beautiful design. Can't wait to sail on my upcoming Princess Cruise and use MedallionClass for everything!! Ordering drinks from my pool lounger, watching shows about where we are traveling too, planning events for the family! So cool

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Is MedallionClass Safe?

No. MedallionClass does not seem very safe to us. This is based on our NLP (Natural language processing) analysis of over 35,993 User Reviews sourced from the Appstore and the appstore cumulative rating of 4.6/5 . Justuseapp Safety Score for MedallionClass Is 15.4/100.

Is MedallionClass Legit?

No. MedallionClass does not seem legit based on our analysis. This conclusion was arrived at by running over 35,993 MedallionClass User Reviews through our NLP machine learning process to determine if users believe the app is legitimate or not. Based on this, Justuseapp Legitimacy Score for MedallionClass Is 15.4/100.

Is MedallionClass not working?

MedallionClass works most of the time. If it is not working for you, we recommend you excersise some patience and retry later or Contact Support.

Reported Issues: 40 Comments

By Jessica Stoneback
Sep 16 2022

By far -5 stars, trash app. Makes you want to rip your hair out. Everything takes time to load then won't save any documents. The time spent with multiple phone calls, hold times, uninstall, reinstall.... beyond frustrating and ridiculous. These apps are supposed to make things simpler and a smoother process. Absolutely NOT. The activities schedule, joke. I will not take another princess cruise simply because of this app. There's enough bad reviews and frustration from people you would think they'd get someone who knows what they're doing to actually make it work and user friendly.

By Amanda Spencer
Aug 24 2022

Same issues as many others!
Can’t upload passport, due to middle name. Can’t upload immunisation status. Princess should scrap this jolly app & go back to cruise personalizer!

By DoJo
Aug 17 2022

Cruising in 2 days, and now the app has crashed all details of any booked cruises have disappeared. Cant link as its saying "incorrect booking number". Have to upload RAT test tomorrow so it better be fixed and no information, uploaded files etc better not be missing. This s a crap app.

By Richard Lewis
Aug 05 2022

Extremely poor app. In danger of ruining our holiday experiance.
Princess need to rethink this urgently.

By Michael James Johnson
Aug 05 2022

Trying to use the app in the UK (with back to front dates) .A nightmare. My wife doesn't have a middle name but the app uses my middle name. Cant blank it out. Tried uploading covid pass but app responds with 'retake'. The app mentions 72 hours for ANTIGEN test but health stuff says 2 days?? Tried inputting emergency contact for me. But the app doesn't copy to my wife's personal information. Cant change emergency contact email address. Cruise personaliser says 'use web version' ; but all that happens is I get ' that reference has already been claimed' What does that mean. Tried using phone but I don't know what the cost would to speak with someone on the oher side of the world.

By Alex & Ros Caras
Jul 28 2022

So far, I have spent 7 hours on the phone to Princess Cruises trying to sort out the glitches with this app. Unfortunately, they had my wrong date of birth on their data base which caused a lot of problems. Now, 7 hours on, I can't even link my booking which is really frustrating. I use an android phone and I have to say that this is SURELY THE WORST AND MOST TIME CONSUMING APP that has ever been written. Despite our Princess account and our booking confirmation, the Medallion app does not recognise our upcoming cruise booking and freezes every time we try to go back a screen. It also cannot seem to accept my scanned passport details even though they are correct. WHY CANT THIS APP BE LINKED TO YOUR PRINCESS ACCOUNT TO SAVE ALL THIS BS?!!!!!!!!!!

By John S
Jul 28 2022

Worst app. I have ever used. Would not accept my booking number. Made six, that's right 6 calls to support and got NOWHERE. Was promised a call back twice that never came, got cut off twice and got no results the other times. Terrible app. and worse tech. support!

By patrick daly
Jul 27 2022

Absolutely hopeless. Tried to book "dine my way"for over a month.. kept getting told "we will escalate this and get back to you' and nothing. Still doesn't work. 4 times I rang up and 4 times fobbed off. Useless app, useless service.

By Shelli R Rodgers
Jul 23 2022

This is the worst app on any cruise I've ever taken. Thank God I got it free otherwise I would be fighting for my money back right now. My husband and I have been fighting to get it to work for 7 days. It is complete garbage.

By Mary g
Jul 20 2022

Terrible app. Spent so much time trying to upload info required prior to sailing. Nothing worked. Call Princess customer support and the person I talked to was clueless.

By Kim Sparling
Jul 16 2022

As many have said, this is a terrible app. It is consistently glitchy, loses information, hangs up continually, and the list goes on.
Princess is ruining their reputation with this crap. Another reason good old fashioned PAPER works every time. Why waste our time
on this nonsense?? We are Elite members, and I am very seriously putting this as a top reason to stop sailing with Princess (among other things). Don't waste your time on this garbage. Bring PAPERWORK and let them figure it out at embarkation. Serves them right for giving us this ridiculous stuff. By all the negative reviews, I suspect they could care less if they fix it.

By Sue McHenry
Jul 02 2022

I have cruised with Princess since 1990 and may never be able to do so again. Cause? Medallion of course. This year I had to cancel 2 long-awaited cruises because I could not process my final paperwork on my laptop, but HAD to use the app. When I finally figured out how to find/download it, my phone turns out to be "incompatible with this application." So all those future cruise credits and incentives to leave lots of cash with Princess through the pandemic? Still sitting with them and expiring soon. Now I have purchased a new phone with a new company, downloaded the app and it won't let me log in. Geez Princess. This really sucks. And I've written letters to both Princess and Carnival and they don't even afford me the courtesy of a reply.

Jun 18 2022

Medallion app is awful. Just came back from cruise. Never worked correctly and can only be on one device unless you pay for more Wi-Fi. A pain to have carry phone all the time. Gave up with it as really a pain in the neck. Somehow it put other peoples charge on mine. Now fighting with princess to get money refunded

By F G
Jun 17 2022

MedallionClass is the worst app I have ever used. I'm a software developer so trust me this APP should cost less than $1000. An undergraduate course project can beat it 1000 times.
- Terrible UI design. Check the event booking part! It's hiding events that you need to drag the rows up and down. A simple table can do the job but the developer somehow decides to use a CRAZY UI to only show 3 items at a time.
- Slow and crashing! How can an APP serve a few thousands of people with this kind of slow speed? You don't even need a good server! A $500 desktop can do the job with much faster speed!
- Insufficient functions! Like I want to check what's all the dining places' open/close time. You CAN'T find it from the APP! WTH
- Login/Logout flaky like a hell. It tells me that I have not connected to the ship's network when I was. I'm 100% sure. Airplane mode and all good settings. I have to relogin manytimes when I did not logout.
- To watch onboard free movies, you have to use Ocean View. And you cannot connect to app store so there is no way to download it on the ship.
- Same to the Casino gaming. You have to download another APP which you cannot because APP store is not allowed to visit.

My understanding why this APP sucks:
1. The network is not stable. From my testing, packet loss is 30%. This can slow down the APP. My test: sent:1419 received:989 loss:30%
2. The company does not invesnt much into it. I guess it only prototyped from a outsourced company and hired some IT person to maintain it. So they don't have the incentive/ability to improve the APP.
3. No UI designer in the project when building the APP. The UI feels like built by a newly graduated frontend engineer.
4. No testing. The APP is rush and ship. The out sourcing company delivers this APP with some tweaked demo to the management and no real user test after that.
5. I can continue but no time for that. I guess nobody is going to read this anyway.

Even university students can build a better APP than this garbage.

By T Wilson
Jun 04 2022

Not a good app at all
Crew does not like it
If you get it to work for a short period of time, you are doing great
Freezes up constantly
Helpline will only blame you or your phone
Last cruise for me with is app

By Mike
Jun 01 2022

The app is good for two things and they only help Princess Cruises. 1-getting on and off ship. 2- paying for items on the ship. If I cruise Princess again, I’ll refuse the app and see what they do. BTW, they”updated” it mid cruise and no one at the Medallion desk could update the app on our phones.

By Chau Mai
May 31 2022

If not properly tested. It should not rolled out in production period.

By Chau Mai
May 31 2022

The worst app I ever used. Princess required all passengers used the app. However the app is not functioning well, missing items, and not working 95% of time.

By joe-t
May 28 2022

I have an android phone. The app worked on land but crashed on the ship where I really needed it. On the ship they where saying the app needed 4gb of RAM on an android phone, I only have 1gb on my phone. A android phone with 4gb of RAM cost around $1,000. That means most phones will not work. They need S/W developers that know how to write efficient code. 1 gb should be enough. They should fire their current software staff and hire someone that knows how to write better code.

By Gustan Cruceros
May 25 2022

this app sucks. It keeps erroring on me. The rep I spoke with last night said they were upgrading the app last night and to try again today. Still doesn't work.

By George Taylor
Apr 22 2022

App will not link to cruise. To quote Trump (AUG) worst APP ever

By Sue Keller
Apr 18 2022

Medallion app has caused so much anxiety . Booked a cruise to avoid flying and now this has ruined looking forward to a much needed break. This app is just a way for your company not to do the work leaving us to do it for you. Why can’t you just email a form to fill in.

By Francis
Mar 05 2022

It's rubbish!!!!
Cannot enter date of birth
Cannot enter passport date of expiry
Will not accept photo
Just a slow crappy app
Makes it difficult to register required info🤬

By Sandra L Thomas
Mar 03 2022

Your app is going to lose you customers. I could not be madder. I would never have booked this cruise if I had been warned about this. I have lost my aooetite to go on this cruise. I have spent going on three days almost nonstop trying to fix my phone and computor. Your app has screwed up both. You have tortured your customers over 60s and up who do not like to type on a tiny phone screen. Who but a NERD would like this. I consider this medallion app ELDER ABUSE.

By Eric Smith
Feb 15 2022

They locked me out of my account , I have reached out to them countless times without any response. When I total my out-of-pocket expenses, bonuses given, and real profits made (which I never saw), my losses sum to about $460,000. For each responsible company, I had Excel spreadsheets that detail every transaction I made. After my losses reached the level I couldn’t continue, I set out to finance recovery efforts by so-called recovery experts. I financed so many I do not have an exact count, but there were at least 4 or 6. All failed to recover my money because all the recovery experts were scammers. Late last year I was in the process of identifying legitimate recovery operations because it was my impression that in 2020 there are more individuals and companies who can be trusted to conduct a legitimate recovery effort Not quite long I met a customer who talked to me about, Binary Options Trader Funds Recovery Expert who helped her in recovering her bitcoins and thereafter I contacted Mr Gary Wilson Immediately I contacted the Recovery Expert and followed the recovery processes... I am glad to tell you that I was able to recover all my money including my bonuses. Expose the scammers as much as you can and look for a way to get back your funds. You can contact Mr Eddison Ebar through his email address: ([email protected]) and he will guide you on steps to take and claim your money back from your scam investment company.
Good luck

By Patricia McNamara
Jan 29 2022

Continual crashes. Wrong address and other personal information was incorrect due to my brother-in-law initially putting the deposit on our cruises. I spent LOT of time on the phone trying to correct this but it is still wrong. Trying to edit the information is all but impossible. The app just crashes time and time again. This is our first cruise and may be our last if this is the frustration I will experience in simply updating my address.

By James Hamilton
Jan 15 2022

Can't load the app to Windows laptop, cant load it to Apple desktop, can't load to Android. So basically can't complete the precheck in data. So, presume this means we will be standing in long line at embarkation instead of the simple old breeze through having done it all on line. Reading all the above problems has me seriously considering cancelling, its clear Princess has simply lost the plot in the last two years. All that time with no ships sailing that could have been spent trying out the program & fixing the bugs and making sure it was accessible from all platforms plus of course leaving the old, simple website in place until the new system was working smoothly.

By Peter Chylko
Dec 16 2021

Probably the most problematic app ever!! The photo of passport section locked up several times and once when it didn't it read incorrectly. Then doing it manually took 3x because it would not accept the doc # . additionally kept locking up and freezing screen. It took 4 times to delete and reload app before we finally got our info in the system. Afraid of what will go wrong on the ship!!

By Steven Earles
Dec 08 2021

App will not recognize my booking number.

By David Schaefer
Dec 08 2021

Just cancelled our 3rd cruise with Princess Medallion cruse. What a pieces of junk this app is. After 11 cruises with princess I will never ever cconsider a medallion cruse again. Now the BS with waiting for refunds that turned into cruise credits instead of being deposit monies, I really advise that everybody learn to read and understand the SMALL PRINT. The only ones that have a problem with a bad app are the customers, The cruse line simply turns our monies into cruise credits, that are not always refundable. This is really BUYER BE WARE time.

By Kurt Kuehn
Dec 01 2021

Utterly incomprehensible how corporate Princess would allow such a bug-ridden app to be inflicted upon it customers. Entering the required data such as the cruise personalizer by computer was pleasurable in contrast with this medallion nightmare. I've encountered every one of the problems cited by other users. Literally hours have been wasted deleting and reinstalling the app and data. Why didn't Princess implement a transition period giving clients a choice of inputting data by computer or app and gradually over time doing away with the former? Many of the cruise lines customers are older and requiring that all data must be entered using the app only is sheer arrogance especially since many of us have a mobile phone only for emergency purposes. I expect that Princess is going to lose a lot of future customers simply because of this app. I know I won't do this again.

By Deeana McLemore
Nov 22 2021

I helped a friend put her information into the app on my phone as she is 81 and does not have an up to date compatible device. This app is the least user friendly app I’ve ever encountered. At first it said her birth date was wrong although it matched the info she had given Princess. To enter any dates on the passport area if you manually enter that info, you have to scroll thru every month either backwards or forwards. So to enter a birthdate of 1943 you have to scroll from 11(18/2021 back every month. It is a rediculous way to enter data. Half the time I entered data for her, I could not save it. It required phone calls and chats to get it even started. Thereafter it was a nightmare.

By Kim
Nov 11 2021

The princess medallion app opens but when I try to click on travel checklist or anything, it just circles and circles, loading. And it doesn’t load. So I can’t see anything.

By Michael J Mauer & Kathleen Mauer
Nov 02 2021

I have had no less than 10 calls with Princess Navigator to no avail to correct a fault using the Medallion App. My wife is not recognized on either of two scheduled cruises we have booked when using our cruise reservation code and her personal data. We are not able to update our information and required boarding information. Princess admits and confirms the problem is on their end but has not corrected to date. We canceled our trans-Atlantic on Nov 3, 2021 cruise partially due to this problem re-investing our payments to another cruises scheduled in 2022. If this is not resolve before our next cruise, I will not cruise on Princess going forward.
A Princess Gold member.

By Charles R Daniel
Nov 01 2021

App accepts my wife's personal information but will not accept mine. I try to edit and add info that seems to be missing but it will not let me save it. In other words, it will not let me move to get ocean ready. It accepted my info for a while but then when going back in it showed it as incomplete. Name, address, phone numbers, email address, birthday, it seems all that would not be hard to enter or edit, but it seems to be for me.

By Howard Proffitt
Oct 21 2021

Just returned from Princess Cruise the Medallion Apps for Oceana Ready created so many problems, slow, crashes, hangs up, just doesn't work. Caused so much stress. Unable to get my wife's name right caused further problems when we were trying to check in. All the excitement of going on a cruise after a long break lost on a silly apps that does not work. Very frustrating. Princess you have lost us.

By Gemma Maxwell
Oct 12 2021

I have downloaded the app but it will not let me make table bookings on some nights, stating “an error has occurred”. I have tried to make them for the past week but it still comes up with the same message

By Pauline Rodmaker
Sep 26 2021

The madellion class will not open on my iPhone. Please help

By Sue Bell
Aug 25 2021

I have been trying for 3 days to down load the app for our Cruise on the 3rd of September, with no luck.
At this rate we are not going to be able to go!
Cant get through to Princess Cruises, sat on the phone for over an hour on Monday and Yesterday.
Please help.

By Elizabeth Lawrence
Jul 29 2021

I have been assured by your office/reservations etc that the health form is working, but all I get is a blank white page, I have uploaded the latest version. Is this because you don't want it filled in too early and 72 hours before the cruise it will suddenly appear or is there a problem?

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