Oticon ON Reviews

Oticon ON Reviews

Published by on 2020-12-21

The Oticon ON App provides discreet remote control of your hearing aids, letting
you adjust the volume of your hearing aids independently, switch between
listening programs, keep an eye on your battery level or even help you find your
hearing aids if you lose them. The Oticon ON App al...

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Oticon ON Reviews

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    Worst app

    If I could give this app a negative 100 I would. I have oticon 1 s. This app doesn’t work. It loses conductivity with the hearing aid. I have to use two hearing aids to deal with my hearing loss. They worked real well with the old version of this app. This app can’t do any of the features the old version did. My hearing aids are updated with the new firmware. It should be able to control the hearing aids and keep connected. I also noted the missing microphone element. You make great hearing aids but without an app to control them it makes it hard to use and adjust them. I am very disappointed in your quality of workmanship on this app. I called your support number and they where less than helpful. Thank you for taking my money and giving me a poor app that can’t control my hearing aids. I also have the connect microphone this too has had it performance reduced due to the app’s problems. What a shame. Please rethink your approach and fix it or start over. I need it work reliable and flawless with my hearing devices. Called Oticon customer service and they where no help. Too busy pushing everything on someone else. The hearing aids are great the app is a big disappointment. If they don’t work together how am I to receive maximum use and benefits of the hearing aids. Thank you for not caring about the people you sell too. Shame on you.

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    Read this “pairing is a 2 step process instructions included

    Ok i have followed and read a ton of reviews on this app. There is one thing that i have not seen spoken about. If you install this app and try to bluetooth connect to it directly than your in for a world of hurt! After ios 11 you HAVE TO “FIRST” GO TO SETTINGS/ACCESSIBILITY/HEARING AIDS ON YOUR PHONE AND CONNECT YOUR Hearing aids directly to the phone! This is an Apple IOS change. After you have done that that open the app and it than bluetooth connect to your hearing aids. It is a 2 step process. First accessibility CONNECT and than after connected there ,open the Oticon app and connect in the app. What I am reading is people are trying to connect directly with the app. YOU CANT! Ios 11 and above does NOT work this way. People connect your Hearing aids thru the accessibility FUNCTION BUILT DIRECTLY INTO IOS FIRST “it will not work unless you do that first” than open the app and connect them there. Yes it takes a bit for them to connect every time but after they do the app functions properly. I hope this helps someone out. BE SURE THAT YOUR CONNECTED THRU ACCESSIBILITY FIRST!!!!!!!!!

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    Has potential but needs some changes

    I’ve had my new hearing aids for 2 months now. In that time, I’ve grown to really enjoy what this app could do once paired with my aids. Being able to get alerts, listen to music, hear better when making calls - all really nice changes to my life. Having said all that, there are some major problems. Lack of online support, updates to improve the app and its features, and frequently disconnects when changing batteries. Apple iOS recently updated, and now the app no longer works at 100%. I can no longer receive alerts to text messages, emails, weather updates. I can still hear when making calls and listen to music but that’s about it. There needs to be a dedicated team to managing and improving the app. It’s frustrating that there’s a lack of communication between the company and its users.

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    Needs Major overhaul

    Two things work on this app. Volume control and find my hearing aids. The rest is a mess. Hearing fitness doesn't track your usage even remotely close to actual hours. Some of the screens shown in app advertisement such as adjusting base and treble sine wave does not exist for me. I miss being able to adjust hearing aids individually. Choosing between your programs makes absolutely no difference in perceptible hearing ( this may be an adjustment issue). Lack of any kind of depth in the instructions , for instance hearing health , even though phone is in same room do I have to open app and make sure im connected each time I put hearing aids on? I hope you can make some improvements to this app soon. My opnS1 hearing aids are wonderful , I hope the app will someday reach the same level of quality and usefulness

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    Basic only.

    Update: The rote response from the developer is an insult. I paid >$6K for the hearing aids in part based on marketing materials that touted the internet and phone capabilities. The app should have more than basic functionality. The “speak text” feature in IFTTT is inconsistent. This app needs bass/treble sliders like the ReSound app has had for years. The Watch app needs separate left/right volume controls. Pluses: Apple Watch app convenient, if limited. Battery level indicator useful Minuses: Sometimes need to turn off iPhone WiFi to reconnect. No bass/treble controls. Programs should be listed by names not just numbers. IFTTT barely works. Watch complication provides no info just a link to the app.

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    The Version 2 app is a step in reverse

    First off thanks for the improvements, second can we please get the logs back. Third the hearing health needs to be reworked so it give us actual information. If you can fix this it will truly help. One more thing not sure if it is the IOS13 or the app out at times the hearing aid volume goes nuts, it seems to be the app and the iPhone or watch are out of sync with each other and they are fighting for control of the volume. This does happen to the he programs too. This update has been a reversal instead of moving forward. You made the hearing health unusable. You have taken away all hearing aid information. No serial numbers and no firmware version information. There isn’t any changes to the watch app except it is on a few watch faces but even that doesn’t give me the capacity to use the watch face I prefer. If I didn’t hear so much better with the Oticon aids I would be looking else where for aids. I think Oticon needs to fire their app developers and get some with forward design thinking and an understanding of the needs of hearing aid wearers

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    Recent upgrade- worse

    1) the new upgrade does not permit the choice of changing the volume independently (you have to go to the iOS setting/accessibility to do this). Now the only option is both aids on one volume control in the remote control. 2) there is still no option to change the hearing aid(s) Bluetooth to airplane mode on the iPhone/OticonOn app nor an indication on its status. The airplane mode can only be changed via the hearing aid button. 3) It would be helpful to offer the option of which “voice status” to choose - indication of which mode (P1,P2...), and battery status. The voiced battery status is not wanted - but I can’t turn it off (I want the “voiced” general, T-coil....).

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    App is much slower to connect

    I like the redesign and the Hearing Fitness program, but it takes a lot longer for my hearing aid to connect with this new update. It gets to 65% and then it’s just stuck there for awhile before it finally connects (if it does at all - sometimes I have to unpair my hearing aid from the phone and then I have to turn my hearing aid back on and off again before I can finally get a connection). Also, I’m not getting any of the IFTTT benefits I’m supposed to be able to connect to. Would love to see some more progress in these areas with the next update!

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    Major problems

    The 2.0.1 update seems to have fixed the connection issues for me. Much happier now. I’ve had my hearing aids for just over a week now and this app is really making me question my decision to go with Oticon. When it works, it’s pretty slick, but at least half of the time, it says that one or both (usually both) of the hearing aids are disconnected. Meanwhile, I can see and control them just fine in the iOS control panel. Very frustrating. I hope the developers are able to get this fixed before my trial period runs out.

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    2.0.1 buggy

    I liked the new interface. Easy to find what you wanted and to do what you wanted. The new volume level controls were a major improvement. Unfortunately, now in 2.0.1 you can no longer control each hearing aid independently. When you click the control it just pops up a box telling you to turn on independent control in IOS setting. I have always had that on and it worked great. Now, sadly a feature I used frequently just gives me a useless pop up. Hopefully next update will fix it.

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    Still......Doesn’t work since update

    Didn’t work at all after last major iOS update and app updated at same time. Since then after a few more iOS updates and app updated again the hearing aids now connect to my phone again buts that’s it. The only thing working in the app is the volume control only. Nothing else works, connection to IFTTT alerts doesn’t work, hearing fitness doesn’t work. I was contacted by oticon for more details a month ago. Nothing new. App still not working correctly. I really miss the old previous version of the app that worked flawlessly.

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    Lost text notification to hearing aids

    I got my hearing aids on December 17th and loved the text notification coming directly to my hearing aids then two days later I put in my hearing get a text and it don’t get the notification. I find out my phone updated overnight and the notifications have been taken out with the update. That was something I really liked and now it’s gone I’m not happy.

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    Stop trying to improve the app

    Your latest BS you say you are going to continue to improve the app. Why don’t you stop that and give me back the version that worked. I have not been able to stay connected since the update in October. My audiologist sent the hearing instruments in to be reworked and the latest update of the app is no improvement. You took something that was helpful and worked flawlessly and ruined it. I will think long and hard before I purchase another pair of oticon instruments.

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    Not working

    After update I now have no connectivity to my hearing aids. I have followed all the steps, I am connected via my phone, Bluetooth is on, but the app doesn’t recognize. The old version was great and I enjoyed the functionally. New version just does not work and I now have no option other than manual adjustment of my aids. Please, please bring back the prior version of this app (it works) and take the current version away until you can release it in working order.

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    iOS 13.3

    I just updated my phone to the current iOS and my apps are streaming to my aid but the notification sounds (text alerts, keyboard clicks, sent/received mail, etc) are not coming through. Plus the Bluetooth keeps trying to connect (cog spinning endlessly) yet in the Oticon section it says it is connected. It’s not a huge issue but it is very annoying.

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Is Oticon ON Safe?

No. Oticon ON does not seem very safe to us. This is based on our NLP (Natural language processing) analysis of over 399 User Reviews sourced from the Appstore and the appstore cumulative rating of 2.4/5 . Justuseapp Safety Score for Oticon ON Is 17.1/100.

Is Oticon ON Legit?

No. Oticon ON does not seem legit based on our analysis. This conclusion was arrived at by running over 399 Oticon ON User Reviews through our NLP machine learning process to determine if users believe the app is legitimate or not. Based on this, Justuseapp Legitimacy Score for Oticon ON Is 17.1/100.

Is Oticon ON not working?

Oticon ON works most of the time. If it is not working for you, we recommend you excersise some patience and retry later or Contact Support.

Reported Issues: 1 Comments

By Gordon Hudson
Feb 16 2021

The app gives dropping one hearing aid when watching TV. Loses control and doesn't control anything.

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