Teladoc Health - Telehealth Reviews

Teladoc Health - Telehealth Reviews

Published by on 2023-11-27


About Teladoc Health

What is Teladoc Health? Teladoc is a virtual healthcare app that connects users with U.S. board-certified doctors, therapists, nutritionists, and specialists via web, phone, or app. The app provides quality healthcare services, including virtual primary care, everyday care, mental health, nutrition, dermatology, and expert medical advice in all 50 states. Users can request a visit, talk to a doctor, and pick up a prescription if necessary. Teladoc is a secure and confidential app that complies with the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act of 1996 (HIPAA).



- Virtual healthcare services for non-emergency conditions, mental health, nutrition, dermatology, and expert medical advice

- Thousands of board-certified doctors, dermatologists, therapists, licensed nurses, nutritionists, and leading specialists

- No waiting room and no time limit for Teladoc visits

- Prescription medication can be submitted to a local pharmacy of your choice

- Available as a benefit through your employer, health insurance, or other organization

- Flat rate per visit for users who are not eligible for Teladoc through insurance or their employer

- Secure and confidential app that complies with HIPAA

- Apple HealthKit integration to enhance the user experience and provide doctors with a comprehensive view of the user's health.

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Key Benefits of Teladoc Health

- Quick response time

- Easy to use

- Affordable

- Doctors are polite and knowledgeable

- Great customer service

- Can get prescriptions without going to the doctor's office

22 Teladoc Health Reviews

4.8 out of 5


This APP delivered!!!

I tried all the rest and I got to say hands down TeladocHealth was the best. Just 10 minutes after downloading and signing up I was already talking with a doctor and got the antibiotics I needed within that same hour. Sure I paid $75 for the doctor appointment but I could have gotten it for free if I just added my insurance info. But there was no time for that, I just wanted/needed antibiotics without all the waiting and fronting on why I think I need it. Doctor called, I’m told my problem and what I needed he asked a couple questions and confirmed my nearest pharmacy and said my prescription will be sent to CVS. Within the hour I get a call from CVS that my prescription was ready and get this, to top it all off, I didn’t have to pay for the prescription at all. TeladocHealth was exactly what I was looking for. It’s to bad we humans can be this straight forward with each other in real life. TeladocHealth was as simple as if you saw your doctor walking down the street, you tell him what’s your ailment and he says “I got you, your meds will be waiting for you at the pharmacy when you get there. so don’t even trip”. That freaking easy. That’s how it should be anyways. GET WHAT YOU NEED WHEN YOU NEED IT AND IN NO TIME!


Multiple Unreliable Physician Experiences

I feel Teladoc as a whole is great in theory reaching people for a multitude of health related issues. Unfortunately I had two unreliable physicians more than once and it can be difficult to switch once you have seen a specific doctor several times. No one wants to go through medical history again, and again. My physician forgot every time they filled my prescription that I could not have 3 months filled at once, this lead to me needing to request a refill from them every month! Finally the physician completely ignored my pharmacy requests leading me to make an appointment where they rescheduled me over 5 times, just to ultimately cancel with no follow dates (this is not the first time). Then the dermatology physician completely ignored everything I said and I had no resolution, waste of money! I’ve gone with out medicine for 3 weeks, I only needed a quick consult. I’d appreciate better and less struggling, maybe this means Teladoc is more transparent with their physicians resulting in better scheduling and communication to clients. It is very difficult to go on and off mental health medication. I’m willing to give Teladoc one last shot, after all maybe I’m unlucky with two unreliable physicians, but it is the last chance for me. If the results do not improve I will use other sources here on out.


It’s hit or miss with the doctors

Some doctors on here seem hesitant to do anything when they can’t see their patients in person. I don’t use this unless I’m certain about an issue and it’s easier for me to use TeladocHealth then go in or haul little kids in. One incident was when I knew my daughter had a UTI and we had a horrible blizzard coming in. The doctor refused to do anything, even though it’s on the list of things they can treat, and we were still charged for the visit. I then had to rush to urgent care where it was confirmed but by this time the blizzard had come in and we couldn’t make it to the pharmacy due to there being accidents everywhere. We were lucky we made it home. I also know when my kids have an ear infection. It’s usually a secondary infection that follows a cold for them and then they get a fever and ear pain. I had 2 kids with these symptoms and it was a Saturday. I requested visits for both on teladoc. One doctor for one child said “Yes, that’s typical of an ear infection so I will send over the prescription to the pharmacy.” And the other doctors gave me a really hard time and acted like I didn’t know what I was talking about. I was afraid he also wasn’t going to prescribe the antibiotic my son needed but he eventually did. It makes me hesitant to use this but I feel like it’s my only option sometimes. I just hate having to waste money for a visit that ends up being not helpful at all, and it’s for things TeladocHealth says they can treat.


The best thing since sliced bread!!!!

This service is the MOST AMAZING service I’ve ever experienced! The fact that you can visit with a dr and have the medical expertise (in some situations) without going to the Drs office is wonderful!! I set up a call for an earache. Within 5 minutes, (faster than TeladocHealth said it would be) I was speaking to a dr. The dr was so nice and polite, and went through some things for me to do to my ear to find out what kind of earache we were dealing with. Also very informative about what to expect, and what to do if I didn’t get better!! There was no waiting room, no chance of spreading germs, and it was on MY time! It was determined I have an outer ear infection and the dr called in some ear drops! Simple, easy, effective. Also I’ve used the service for a rash before and it was the same super pleasant experience! The rash happened to my son on vacation on New Years Eve!! There would be NO WAY for me to see anyone in that instance, but thanks to TELADOC, I was able to get my kid well!! I definitely recommend this for everyone!!! Plus it worked with my Insurance!! 🙌🏼🙌🏼🙌🏼🙌🏼🙌🏼🙌🏼 👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼
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Wish I could give it 20 stars!!!


Made My Symptoms Worse

I contacted Teladoc due to an allergy reaction that caused rushes on me. The doctor talked to me for 2 minutes on the phone and completed her prescription. I was thinking this is great because she sounded really confident that it’s not a big deal. However, after taking the medicine prescribed to me for one day, my symptoms have gotten much worse and I couldn’t sleep at night. I tried to message the doctor but never heard back from the clinic; I tried to call customer service but was told that there is nothing they can do - if I’m feeling worse I should either go to ER or book another appointment. First of all, if I want to go to a physical clinic/ER, why would I use Teladoc in the first place? Second of all, isn’t it too easy for them to make money off of patients by prescribing wrong medicine and ask patients to book another doctor through them and pay more?

To conclude, this is the worst physician experience I’ve ever had, and they not only don’t take any responsibility for my symptoms getting WORSE after the visit and taking medicine as directed, they want me to just walk off with my symptoms or pay them more money. I’m not even sure if this is legal treatment of patients coming from them, but I would give negative stars if possible. Do not use their services if you want actual results.


Fantastic customer service and doctors

I’ve used Teladoc three times now and I’ve always had a great experience with the doctors. I had to call customer service today because I couldn’t remember my password. Carrie went above and beyond to help me out. She was patient, polite, and knew exactly what to do to fix my problem. She even updated my health information for me so that I didn’t have to do it. I take a lot of medications and it’s hard to remember all of them. I kept forgetting the names of the meds I was taking, but Carrie was super sweet and didn’t make me feel bad about the situation. She made me feel appreciated, which was very nice considering a lot of customer service these days in general is subpar. Once I got off of the phone with Carrie, I literally got a call 30 seconds later from the doctor who took my case, Dr. Javvaji. She was also very kind and like-able. She gave me some extra tips to help me with my sinus infection, tips that I never would’ve even thought of on my own. She spoke to me like one of her own patients, which I really appreciated. She also knew exactly what to do to solve my health problems. Great service all around. Il definitely continue using Teladoc.


All but worthless.

As another review states, it seems good on the surface, but I don’t generally need help diagnosing my illness. The doctors generally don’t listen and want to argue with me about what’s happening when I already know and just need a prescription. If you have absolutely no idea of you have the flu and need someone to tell you to go see your doctor or an urgent care, then Teledoc is for you. I know what is going on with my body and I need an appropriate prescription and here in lies the problem. For example, I get bronchitis-like symptoms and have for years. Years ago a primary care doc I had before he moved started me on an albuterol inhaler, mucinex and Z-pack when the symptoms reared up. This has helped me get better every time and avoid bronchitis. I get this a couple times a year and I have tried waiting it out on several occasions, but without the meds it has lasted 2 months, progressively getting worse until it turns into pneumonia. So the way to fix it is with these three meds and it gets headed off before it gets real bad. Getting the Z-pack is impossible because the docs tell me it won’t work. Well I am 53 years old and heave been dealing with this for over 20 years and it DOES work. What is the point of Teledoc if they refuse the simple prescription that will solve problem in a couple days? I’m not looking for narcotics/pain meds, just an antibiotic....that works! Now I get to go spend $160 at Urgent care. Thanks for nothing Teledoc!


Lost $50 with no treatment

Based on the reviews it seems like it’s luck of the draw based on who contacts you. I received a phone call very quickly which was a relief since my ears are killing me hoping I would be able to get some type of help. The woman who called me did not speak good English and sounded like she worked out of the country. My entire family speaks English as a second language so I did not let that discourage me from moving forward with her. Unfortunately the entire call only lasted 3 minutes with her basically saying she can’t treat anything over the phone and that I should get COVID tested. I am the third person to catch this bug in my household and my son and wife already got tested for COVID and both tested negative. She then continued to basically explain that if she can’t look into my ears or listen to my lungs there is nothing she can do which is concerning to me that it’s advertised to call in for the common cold, sore throat and even the seasonal flu. I called customer service after the call ended to try and get a refund since the doctor said she couldn’t help and they refused saying I already agreed to the terms which explains no refunds. I think tele health is a great idea and is most likely the way of the future but it’s not done with this company unfortunately. This was a waste of time and $50 when I will have to spend another $50 to see my doctor in person tomorrow


Bugs. Errors. Endless authentication issues.

When TeladocHealth works, it works alright. Assuming you use TeladocHealth maybe once or twice a year, you can expect in your time of need, you will be unable to sign in. Sure, TeladocHealth supports FaceID, but somehow this becomes broken every time you need to use TeladocHealth . 2FA is enforced, but this does not work well, and will result in obscure error messages.
Worst part is, it seems like all of this is designed intentionally as a way to prevent users from accessing their platform, while still collecting monthly fees from an employer. Security is important, at the same time I never have these problems with my bank apps, or other healthcare provider apps. These problems have existed for years, they never get improved. Rest assured, when you need to, you WILL have difficulty accessing Teladoc. You will need to reset your password, your pin/ setup your fingerprint/ face again, your last password will have to be changed, some combination of all of the above, some obscure error message about authentication failing, you may get signed in and think it’s working, until you go to request an appointment and then get a different error message. All of these are things that happen every single time I (and others I know) attempt to use TeladocHealth . It’s so secure, you can’t even use it. Fail.


Don’t let therapists know how miserable you are

My family is having two different experiences with therapy appointments. Two of us are both seeking therapy. I am seeking therapy because my loved one is struggling to a degree that I am at such a loss to help. 3 counselors now that my loved one has requested appointments with have denied them an appointment. I request appointments with these very same people and they offer me new times instead of denying me all together. It's breaking my heart. It feels like rejection when my loved one is already not coping very well. It's quite awful that at a time when someone is struggling pretty bad and they finally seek help, they can only hit roadblocks. Not just once but three times. It feels like cruelty, and these therapists continue to show up as options on my loved one's app. I'm not certain that my loved one is going to continue seeking help. Who would want to sign up for continuous rejection? We are both feeling pretty hopeless. I believe that the reason I am not denied is because my symptoms of sadness and struggle are rated mild and my loved one is rating those things at a higher level. So I recommend that anyone seeking help toggle those answers to their feelings as mild. Btw Please don’t tell me to call Teladoc. Customer service is nice and all when I call but there is nothing they can do. Thanks for finding a new and modern way to cause more harm. The end.


Not good care

Unless you think your symptoms fall under one of the 50 or so conditions they treat on TeladocHealth, then look elsewhere. I have yet to have a positive experience with a doctor on TeladocHealth, whereas I have had many on Dr On Demand (which I highly recommend for virtual care). My insurance covers Teladoc, which is great, but unfortunately of my experiences using Teladoc I have yet to receive an accurate diagnosis. Virtual care is tough, I get it, but Dr on demand shows it can be done and is leaps and bounds better than the physicians I’ve encountered on Teladoc. One doctor was so unprofessional and I asked him if I could see another doctor and he was so rude, and the worst part was there was no way for my to leave any kind of patient feedback on him. TeladocHealth had NO record of my appointment so I wasn’t able to even get his name. Like how are you supposed to improve your virtual care of you don’t have checks in balances in place to keep your staff accountable? Totally unacceptable. Dr on demand on the other hand, even though it’s not covered by my insurance, is 100% worth the $75 for a visit, because I KNOW they will very likely properly diagnose my condition, but also I can easily review the physicians immediately after a call. Again, use Teladoc at your own risk and only use it if you’re 100% sure what your condition is before making an appointment because otherwise it’s a waste of time.


I will never use teledoc again

I called and had a video call with a doctor(would’ve seen a dentist but couldn’t into any in less than a week). I was prescribed antibiotics and ibuprofen because my check my gums were swollen and infected on one side of my mouth. She told me that she would write an excuse for me for 3 days (the max days btw), send off my prescription, and all of that should be done in about 10 minutes. So to make a long story short I never got my doctors note and spoke to 5 different representatives over the next 5 days having to wait a stressful thinking wondering when they will resolve this issue. The result was they finally got in contact with her and now she is saying one day. Guess who is going to get a write up for each day he was at work. I work in a freezer at work. We are in there up to 10 hours a day. If you know anything about cold air doesn’t mix well with certain kind of tooth aches then you understand my pain. They will do no refunds and conversation arent recorded so you don’t have any proof of what the doctor said. I wouldn’t recommend this service to anyone. That’s just my story. Don’t let what I say discourage you from using there service. First time I used it was great. This second time I used it was really unprofessional. There are some good doctors and some crappy ones. In my case the odds are 50 50. Uninstalling TeladocHealth .


Worst ever service

This is literally the worst app and service o have ever seen. I really try not to use them but due to covid-19 you can’t get regular appointments so I entered my app and asked for a visit over the phone thinking this would be faster than video app. My husband, who is also sick and has different insurance that also takes teledoc requested a video visit and got one within 5 minutes. I waited for a call for five hours with never having received one. Finally I tried to cancel and TeladocHealth wouldn’t let me. I spent an hour on hold trying to reach someone to cancel the appointment and change to video appointment and ended up having to request a call back from someone when they became available. Finally got a call back and video visit was set up. Received my text to log in to see doctor and by the time I logged in, the doctor canceled the visit after 30 seconds. I requested another visit on video and waited in the “waiting room” for two hours and then canceled the visit and tried again. After more than 9 hours and several attempts I scheduled the video visit again only to have a different doctor cancel the visit while I was logging in. There was no delay in between the first message for me to log in and the cancellation. This service is bad when it’s a regular day but 1 million times worse right now. Half the time they don’t even give you what you need.


3 years ago I hated it, but now I love it

So, I had tried Teledoc a few years ago when I worked for a different company and they were unable to help me out and still charged me $40. I was pretty frustrated and swore I would never try it again. Well, now that I work for a new company but with the same insurance, I needed a doctor’s visit ASAP and work nights so it’s almost impossible to see a doctor. Teledoc got me connected to an actual doctor within 5-10 minutes who could prescribe me medicine for a cough I’ve had for weeks now. He even stated that if it didn’t get better to go to an urgent care and have a doctor actually listen to my chest. This was all at around 11pm! This costed me $0 as well. I also learned that you can find a therapist through Teledoc and for me personally it costed $17 for a therapy session when I’ve found some that were way more expensive. I’ve been putting off going to therapy for years. I have my first appointment on Monday and I’m beyond relieved. Give them a shot, it’s worth it.


Misleading Mailers

Received a mailer from teledoc informing me it had “important plan information enclosed”. Inside it said it was with my Aetna insurance and that treatments were $X and that I can use an am to schedule a visit. Now I’m a smart person but everything I did in TeladocHealth was simple and intuitive to use - and it told me my “visit” would result in a $25 copay once my visit was complete to a dermatologist. It also stated that “your credit card will not be charged anything today. When your visit is complete, we will contact your plan to verify this cost and will charge your card at that time”. I said okay and consented to their terms because I was going to be contacted when the “Next Available” dermatologist was available for an appointment. HOWEVER, I was doing all of this based on a mailer that I received in partnership with my provider, Aetna and this is about my plan with them. Now my shock came when 5 minutes later I was notified that my visit was complete!! What?!?!??! I didn’t read any literature about TeladocHealth besides what was sent to me and no where on that paper does it say that it is all done via phone app. It came with a card like my insurance card and stated that they have a huge network of New York doctors available to me. Btw, my visit is complete and they want to charge me $25 because they told me blackheads on my chin are normal and that I can get a retinoid. Oh - and now my VISIT is complete.


Very Disappointing

This is one of those bad experience reviews that happen when there's a problem, so I'd still try it out and see if it works for you.

That being said, what an utter disappointment the experience with Teladoc has been. Sure, it's beautifully designed and the transitions from page to page are pleasing, but that's where the compliments end. SLOW as mollases, as if it is trying to make a connection with Pluto. Wide variety of choices in counselors and therapists, if only I could have gotten one to approve my requested times and dates for appointment. TeladocHealth does not give you available days or times, you have to guess when they are available. WHY WOULD YOU BOTHER?!? I don't want an appointment in a month, I want it next week - two weeks would have been fine. Really adding insult to injury when you leave a voice mail and send an email to customer service at Teladoc and get absolutely no response. Not one. Unprofessional, unorganized, laughably structured. Teladoc is a joke of an app that should be taken off TeladocHealth Store until they do it right. Lord knows I'll get a response on this public review, but if Teladoc is reading this - I won't be reaching out to you for a solution, you only get one chance and you messed up. Answer to your dissatisfied customers.



Given this service two opportunities and both failed miserably. First attempt was seeking help with breathing issues, wasn’t able to schedule time so was subject to next available status. Was no indication that call would be from non-identifed number so the one (only one attempt) at reaching me went unanswered. Minutes later received email stating that 3 attempts were made to contact me and appointment was canceled. Still have call record showing only one call received. Second opportunity seeking help was informed that due to high volume could be wait time for appointment but still given “you will receive a call in approx. 10 minutes. Checking TeladocHealth as it updated status after waiting over and hour, indicated Dr Tariq Sahir is reviewing medical file will contact you shortly. Checking app status again within next 10 minutes was put back into queue awaiting response and received email stating “provider attempted to contact you for further information and was unable to reach you”. NO CALL ever received, no missed call shown, no attempt was made to contact me. This is highly unethical and dangerous for people relying on this company with fraudulent and unreliable conduct. They should be investigated and held responsible for endangering those seeking medical assistance. Please seek help somewhere else. God Bless you.


AVOID if you have the flu or bronchitis

This service may work for some conditions and situations, but if you are needing antibiotics- don’t waste your time or $. They have apparently conditioned their doctors to discourage antibiotics at all, even if they are necessary to treat you. I had a bronchial infection with flu-like symptoms and a bad cough that was getting worse. I knew it was a BI as I’ve had it before and know exactly what it feels like, and requires antibiotics to kill it. Doctor gave me a cough suppressant pill that did nothing. Two awful days later I ended up going to urgent care and finally getting the antibiotics that are clearing up my infection. The MAIN part of this company’s problem- I sent them a message after my appt asking for clarification on the meds & didn’t hear anything back from anyone except for an automatic reply, so 2 days later I sent an email advising that I was upset with the unhelpful service I received, and by later that day I hadn’t heard back from that either so I called them and was told I couldn’t get a refund as I “paid for the service.” The customer service is completely non-existent- I would hate to be someone needing extreme urgent care or questions about something REALLY important with my apppintment because the help wouldn’t have been there. Extremely disappointed, and if you don’t want to also be then avoid this service.


I will not use this service again

After spending 3 sleepless days/nights in excruciating pain, the Teladoc and Walgreens could not seem to get my prescription submitted and/or filled. Teledoc insisted that it was there and Walgreens reported that they had no record...this went on for about 7 hours until I was simply forced to have to go into an Urgent Care facility for help. I was terrified to have to go into any medical facility during this Pandemic and that was the reason why I attempted and waited for 7 hours until I simply could not endure anymore. The biggest concern is that you are not able to call the doctor back that initially spoke to you and if you have any concerns with the pharmacy or with the prescriptions like I have to simply wait until the answering service is able to reach out to the dr and then pass a message on for you....they charge you for a whole new visit if you have further questions and say that you can talk to another doctor about that concern.

When people are in need of help or medical attention, the last thing that they should have to worry about is if their dr will be able to help them or if they are able to follow up with that dr without being charged for a new visit should there be a follow-up concern!!!

I will NEVER use this service again!!!


Frustrating, Unrewarding, Stressful

This is an app that should be considered essential during times of extreme duress and upheaval like these COVID times. Unfortunately, I find TeladocHealth is insanely frustrating to use and have not been satisfied with any of the responses I have received when I have flagged technical issues. I understand that an app such as this has to take into account a number of security concerns, but it seems that issues revolving around secure connections, submitting requests, and the like are the Achilles’ heel of TeladocHealth. I find logging in to be infuriating, with some days requiring up to 10 back to back attempts occurring before I can get in. Same with submitting request for meetings. Today, I had to try and submit a request six times before it finally went through. This should be as intuitive, stress-free, and user-friendly as possible. A number of people are coming to TeladocHealth and using it for issues related to mental health, emergency care, or some other issue that they need to urgently address but don’t want to risk themselves or others through exposure to the coronavirus. I do not use Teladoc because I enjoy it, I use Teladoc simply because it’s the only option I have with my insurance. If there were another system I could use, I would do so in a heartbeat.


Go to an actual doctor

The worse service I’ve ever used. Wanted to get on Prozac for my anxiety and depression which I’ve been prescribed in the past and took myself off. Had a 20 second phone call of a doctor telling me to go see a doctor. They won’t refund the 25 because 1. They think I’m a drug addict (as they kept repeating “just because you see a doctor don’t mean they’ll prescribe pills”) even though Prozac is non addictive. 2. I got medical advice (him telling me to go see a doctor, as if I wasn’t doing that already) and 3. Because they don’t deal with DEA regulated drug (so they won’t give you Tylenol I guess?). It’s 25 dollars. I doubt it makes a difference to them. But they rather get pocket change for themselves than keep a customer. So now I have to wait till next time, as a single father with 2 kids, that I have a little extra money to go see someone who actually can help.
I even put the reason for the visit was “anxiety and depression”. You think they could prewarn you in advance they don’t deal with that? But no. They wanted the 20 second phone call so they can pocket the money. Worse service. Don’t bother. Take their “medical advice” and just go to a doctor in person. This place ain’t worth the time of day. They don’t care about the customers, only the money. And remember, they can’t even prescribe you Tylenol apparently so there’s no point in this unless you want a quick chat to tell you who you should go see instead of them.


Great customer service

We have this service for my husbands work and today was my first time trying it. I was honestly a bit skeptical and I had to call to have help setting up my account. The account representative I talked to was very friendly knowledgeable and personable. She also stayed on the phone with me to make sure I knew where to enter medical history and everything else relevant to my call she was even able to explain to me how the process would work when I scheduled a "visit". There is also a list of symptoms and things that they CAN treat. This list was incredibly accurate and helpful. It seems like TeladocHealth is either hit or miss based on reviews - I am very happy with my experience and will continue to use them for applicable symptoms. I know this is a great tool and resource and there is no substitute for actually seeing a doctor in person, however the convenience of having them call in a prescription for my infection and the quality of the doctor I talk to you were simply outstanding in my opinion!


They can’t prescribe antibiotics

I had an appointment yesterday morning for a sinus infection. The phone call lasted less than a minute. I was informed that the doctor could not treat me in the state of Georgia because a sinus infection requires an antibiotic for 7 days. It’s illegal for you guys to treat anything that requires more than 3 days of treatment.
So basically your doctors aren’t able to prescribe antibiotics... so what do you guys actually do? Your website and the information flyer that was provided from a teledoc rep who visited my work office specifically says you can treat sinus infections. I had to go to an urgent care center and pay in order to receive 7 day antibiotics. I feel that since Teladoc can’t actually prescribe antibiotics (unless it’s for three days or less but most people would never be prescribed three day antibiotics because that doesn’t actually treat common illnesses) this is a total scam. I sent an email to Teladoc and was informed that the $45 I was charged for less than 60 seconds of wasted time was “denied” because “By requesting a visit, it does not guarantee that a Physician will be able to treat you”. You guys know you can’t treat sinus infections, so why are advertising it? If it said that you couldn’t prescribe meds requiring more than 3 days of treatment, I wouldn’t have called.
Beware! This is false advertising and the biggest scam.


Customer service lacking

Today, I set up an account, requested a visit and was prescribed medication—all was very professional and efficient. I was grateful to know that I could head straight from work to the pharmacy for an antibiotic to begin feeling better! However, at that point, this service became frustrating. The antibiotic never arrived at the pharmacy. The Teladoc online account indicates it wasnt prescribed (though the other prescribed medication was). Im sure it was an oversight, and I understand we are all human. But, The pharmacist and I made 4 separate calls, and all ended in extensive time on hold ( greater than 10 minutes each time) until finally being prompted to provide customer info. At that point the calls were all immediately disconnected. I also messaged the Teladoc message center and sent a separate email from the drop down choice “problem with a prescription” through the help center. 60 more minutes passed, and no calls or emails. I next submitted a Visit request and received a call from a provider within minutes. I hated to ask for a provider visit when I only needed to message a nurse, but I was running out of time before the pharmacy closing time. Please, fix or staff your help center/ message center, and/or create a better process/access for a patient to follow up.
~ Thank you


Teladoc doesn’t listen to their patients

Just called teladoc to get an antibiotic. Been sick and running a fever and didn’t feel like going out to regular doctors office which is 30 minutes away. Used teladoc service only to get a doctor that wants to argue with me as if she knows my body better than I do and quote statics to me about when people need an antibiotic. She preceded to tell me that 75%-85% of the time it’s a viral infection which I totally understand. But what about the other 15%-25% of the time. I know my body and I know the difference of when to get an antibiotic and when not to. I am normally the kind of person that toughs out a cold or sinus infection with plenty of hot liquids soups teas etc hot baths and nasal spray and mucinex d. I know that this feels different than what I would normally tough out. So basically they are just taking your money and not providing you with any real treatment and then tell you if you don't like their opinion you can request another consult they they are going to charge you to do again. It’s very frustrating to have no way to get a second opinion from them when there’s an issue without having to pay again. Very disappointed with the service and care I received today. I’ve done nothing but rave about teladoc to people in the past but I will not recommend them after today.


Good In Theory

Teladoc has the best of intentions, but it can’t stick the landing. Getting a doctor on the phone and diagnosed with the flu was easy and quick...enough. Where it falls apart is with prescriptions. The first pharmacy I chose was using the list generated by the Teladoc App. It went through just fine. But when I called to see when my prescription would be done, that is when I fell into the deep dark abyss that is their method for re-routing a prescription, which seems to involve bumping to the end of a very long line of other people that also found themselves in a bind. Almost whopping four hours later, now at 3 am, I called the new pharmacy only to discover...they don’t have Tamiflu. Porting it to get a new place would probably now take another 4 hours, so just paid yet another $5 to talk to yet another doctor just to get the prescription sent to the right place. It’s been ten minutes since the call and I don’t see a new prescription. I can tell that I’m going to end up at my doctor’s office in the morning, having been up all night trying to get this prescription and $10 poorer for my efforts. So far, Teladoc was a massive waste of my time. And money. And flagging energy under the weight of the worst flu season in years.



My insurance sent me info on teladoc and I was impressed how easy it looked. I love the idea that you can just call or video conference with a doctor anywhere. I tried it today for the very first time since I wasn’t feeling well and didn’t feel like going to my primary care physician. I set up my appointment during my lunch break and the doctor I was assigned to was about 20 min late! I was on the call for about 5 min and next thing I know it was over. Doctor asked a few questions and kept asking if it could be allergies? I know my body and told him no, it’s not allergies. He said he’ll send a prescription and barely described them and just said hope you feel better. I get my prescriptions and find out 2 out of the 3 prescriptions were for allergies! One of the allergy medicine was expensive because it was an inhaler. I know my body and know when I have allergies. Waste of time and money. Convenient, yes, but I wish you can choose or at least put a filter on which doctor you get, wish the doctor is on time and actually takes time to diagnose, explain the prescriptions, or answer more questions. I wish I read the other reviews before signing up. Very disappointing experience.


Sometimes iffy but MOSTLY great!!

I’ve called Teladoc a total of 3 times now and 2 out of the 3 have been successful!! They immediately sent in pink eye drops for my daughter and then immediately called in an antibiotic for me when I had gotten an infection in my cuticles. The one I think is tricky is UTI or yeast infection. My youngest daughter called me when I was out of town at a teacher’s conference and complained of symptoms similar to a yeast infection. I called and the doctor refused to call in anything bc those are prohibited through Teledoc for people age 6 or younger. I think this is a bit ridiculous, especially considering that I was calling from out of town and this is not something a little girl (no matter what age, 6 or 36) wants to ask their dad for help with. The whole situation needs to be considered before just denying a prescription when people are obviously using this service when it’s not possible to get to a doctor. Other than that experience, it’s all been very positive and helpful!! Timely, and efficient service all around for sure!!


Love Teladoc

I’ve been using Teladoc for awhile now and it has been great. I’ve had a couple doctors that seemed very uncaring and rude, but I just hang up and request again. Most cases, the next doctor is so much better. If I ever need a prescription refill, they are on it! I love it! I hate taking my boys to urgent care or ER because most times, the people are way worse. This saves me a 45 min drive and hours in an environment I rather not be exposed to. I’ve done video consults and phone consults and the both are great. I haven’t left a review in the past, but today I had the best doctor call for my boys and was on the phone with him for 36 mins. He answered every question I had. He gave great advice and backed up what he said with explaining why he felt that way. He listened to both boys and was very honest and caring and was overall the best doctor I’ve ever spoken with. I hope I can call in and request him for further consults in the future. Overall, great experience and I’ll continue to use TeladocHealth.


HORRIBLE!! Not worth the time or money

I called into Teladoc, as I am not supposed to drive, following a concussion several weeks ago. I had developed swimmers ear, which I have had several times, and is well documented in my medical records, that the provider clearly had access to, as she read to me what was done last time I had swimmers ear. As a medical professional myself, I understand that antibiotics are not always the answer. However, I do expect my provider to listen to me when I explain my symptoms, not simply tell me what I am experiencing is wrong. How would you know, they are my symptoms! Secondly, the provider did not seem to completely understand English. She got very upset with me when I asked her to repeat anything, because her English phrases did not make sense. Thirdly, she told me she would order a “cream.” I later found out, from my pharmacy, that the cream is one I have been prescribed before, but doesn’t work for me (I still have 2 tubes in my bathroom, from the last time I tried it). She was rude, unprofessional and could care less if she helped me. Now, not only am I out the time and money of this visit, I will have to Uber to Urgent Care to get the actual problem resolved. Very useless. I hope this “benefit” is removed from our health plan.


Don’t waste your time or money

I have gotten bronchitis twice a year for the last 30 years. When I couldn’t get into my primary care physician I tried TeladocHealth. When the doctor called me I described my relationship with bronchitis, my symptoms including uncontrollable coughing, tightness in chest, coughing up green stuff, etc. I told her which antibiotics work best when I get bronchitis. She seemed to hone in on post nasal drip, which I didn’t really have. I thought I had cleared that up, but when I went to the pharmacy to pick up the prescription there was no antibiotics. I spent 25 minutes on the phone with Teladoc explaining the situation and how I’ve never gotten cured from my bronchitis without antibiotics. In fact I suffer from nerve damage as a result of bronchitis that was not treated. They told me I had to wait an hour to get a phone call back. After more than an hour they called me back to tell me the doctor still will not prescribe antibiotics. I ask if I could speak to the doctor again and they said no. This was an absolutely terrible experience. Not only did I lose time off work, but now I have to go to a real doctor and pay another doctors office visit to be taken care of. I would never recommend TeladocHealth to anyone! So disappointed! It’s a sham!!

Linds   7 months ago

Internal server issue 2 weeks in a row, end up losing my session and customer support “doesn’t know what it is or how to fix”!!! Get it together this is unacceptable to be going on for weeks.



Is Teladoc Health Safe?

No. Teladoc Health - Telehealth does not seem very safe to us. This is based on our NLP (Natural language processing) analysis of over 496,364 User Reviews sourced from the Appstore and the appstore cumulative rating of 4.8/5 . Justuseapp Safety Score for Teladoc Health Is 18.2/100.

Is Teladoc Health Legit?

No. Teladoc Health - Telehealth does not seem legit based on our analysis. This conclusion was arrived at by running over 496,364 Teladoc Health - Telehealth User Reviews through our NLP machine learning process to determine if users believe the app is legitimate or not. Based on this, Justuseapp Legitimacy Score for Teladoc Health Is 67/100..

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Teladoc Health - Telehealth works most of the time. If it is not working for you, we recommend you excersise some patience and retry later or Contact Support.

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