Drugs.com Medication Guide Reviews

Drugs.com Medication Guide Reviews

Published by on 2021-04-15

The easiest way to lookup drug information, identify pills, check interactions
and set up your own personal medication records. Key Features Complete Drugs
A – Z listings Fast search, accurate suggestion engine and the most
comprehensive database of drug information available online....

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Drugs.com Medication Guide Reviews

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    This app has been very helpful to me for several years in managing my medications. It is extremely user-friendly, well-organized and packed with useful information for those of us that have more than a passing interest in what we put into our bodies. Although most of the information here is probably available in piecemeal fashion from other apps or websites, I am unaware of any other source of so much helpful drug-related information that can be accessed all in one place. Perhaps my favorite aspect of the app is the section that offers both individual and collective reviews of how helpful (or unhelpful) each drug has been for its users. One can also check drug reviews by the condition they were prescribed to treat. All in all, an extremely useful resource!

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    Great App so far, but the registration process is beyond frustrating ‘

    All I really wanted was a simple, convenient prescription list to take with me to doctor appointments. Nothing more. Nothing less. I wondered why I needed to register just to access the list but gave it a shot. The registration process includes one of those ‘Im not a robot’ things...”check all pictures with cars...” No exaggeration, I spent nearly 1/2 hour going through this. Every time I finished one, another popped up, easily a dozen until finally saw a “skip” button, and finally “Thank you for....” So, clicked on Drug list..... then, “Enter a Profile” Come On Already! So, I now I have my Drug List. Love it! Put in several drugs, it not only makes a nice list with dosages you can take to your doctors but it automatically detects interactions between your drugs. I’ve only had this for a couple of hours so once I get into it a little more, maybe I’ll come back with a better review. What I’ve seen so far, the app is great, but seriously, the registration process is a pain! I nearly gave up.

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    My Go to App

    This App is Fantastic!! It's always my go to App when I'm in need of any information about prescription and over the counter medication. I have never used the app and not received the information I was in need of. I just love that I don't have to spend time searching the web for answers to my medication questions. The ability to print out my own medication list has been a huge help to me due to going to many different Doctors and I don't have to spend time writing them all out in the very small space on the Doctor form. I have recommended this app to numerous people because it's that Awesome!!!!! Thank You, Redluna999

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    Best Pillfinder

    Of course, I use the app for learning about symptoms, available drugs and dosing, and contraindications. But my most - used part is the Pill Finder. Most of my Rx drugs and my wife’s are generic, the three different “pill stampers” may use the same color and same size and same shape for three different drugs. So when my wife says, One of us must have dropped this. What is it? I never guess! I get some reading glasses to clearly read the stampings on the tablet, and go to PillFinder. You’re asking, you use pills you find on the floor? Never in a hospital, but here at home, after paying $1 to $7 a tablet on a retirement income — you bet your boots we use them after being absolutely certain what the are, and putting them back in the correct bottle from the drug store. When it affects what’s left over for food, you would make the same choice. We toss out any that end up in something wet or particularly disgusting, but the rest just get wiped off by a clean white cloth and put back in the original bottle.

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    Great resource!

    This app is a wealth of information and has everything you need plus all the important and fascinating stuff you forgot to ask or were just to embarrassed to bring up. The layout of the app makes it straight forward and easy to navigate. I think one of the best things about this app is that the breakdown and language used within it makes it ideal for everyone, from the everyday average user with a basic med question to the medical professional needing dosing recommendations and links to other trusted medical resources. Overall, just a really great, user friendly app.

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    Best medication app I've used

    Sad to say, I have to take a lot of medicine, and it can be confusing about what I'm taking and what I tried before. This app allows me to enter my medicines, keep track of medicine I've been given before, and drug interaction information. I can easily export my drug information into a PDF to print, or email my list to my doctor. Doctors have told me this list helps them in helping me. They have a full list of all my drugs, and know what worked and what didn't. I highly recommend this app if you need to keep track of your medication and conditions.

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    Great app for medication management.

    This is an amazing app for tracking medications, especially if, like me, you take a bundle. With any new Rx, I enter it into this app before I start my first dose to check for interactions with my other meds and for side effects. Also, I have a record of past and present meds, wherever I go. And the pill identifier has proved invaluable. Sometimes the pharmacy will change the manufacturer without telling me and I always look it up with the pill identifier to make sure it’s the same thing I’ve been taking.

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    Great app

    Live this app. As a nurse I always hated getting my drug book out to check a Med. Also, when I volunteered at a medical clinic and patients would come in with U labeled pills, it was very easy to look up the drug. I think everyone should have this app. Now the only problem is with this review. Every nickname is taken. No way some I’ve tried could be taken. WHY do we have to have a nickname? No way! I just tried e no one else could possibly have!!! I even spelled my name backward and it states it’s already taken. Impossible.

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    Great app

    As I am getting older and seem to be steadily increasing the variety of medications I take, it’s wonderful to have an app that keeps track of my drugs and also let me know if there are any interactions that I need to be aware of. As a RN I’ve noticed that frequently a specialist may not be up on all the interactions that are outside their specialty. This app has brought this to light several times. Even the best Pharmacist doesn’t get to look at all your meds every time a new one is added. Congratulations on a great app!

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    Excellent Resource For Drug Interactions, Etc.

    What can I say. It gives me the confidence and understanding regarding drug interactions, side effects and the latest FDA notices regarding any medication a doctor prescribes. With all the “big pharma” money making drugs on the market today my trust level has grown low, so I do my own research before I take or combine any new and/or existing meds. As many of their ads state during the quick ending comments, they could kill you or cause you serious harm, one needs to do their own homework. :)

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    Very useful and informative

    I’m on several meds. The app makes it so much easier to research new meds and check for interactions. Most interaction checkers only let you put in two drugs at a time. If you are on 6-8 meds and debating which new drug to add, that would take forever. App lets me input everything and checks all my interactions. The side effect information seems detailed and accurate. I wish it had a drug pricing and coupon thing like Goodrx has. Then this app would have it all.

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    Awesome app

    Definitely excellent resource for me and my family, from keeping medication list for doctors which is helpful, to checking out drug interactions within your medications, this is a one stop shop! I love it! I’m not sure about being able to pull up information offline or not, but you can still print and make wallet size list of medications! It has definitely saved me several times and has made me question my doctors on drug interactions! Thank You!

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    Best app I have!!!

    I take several medications and so does my husband. I have lupus and several other conditions. All my meds are right here, and i also have my husbands in another profile. We have it on both of our phones. I had to be taken to the hospital by ambulance recently and was kind of out of it. The emt asked for my med list and my daughter knew to get it from the app. The emt said it was a great resource and would definitely be recommending it to future patients.

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    Best source for detailed side effects, plus loads of resources

    When you need to find the best full information on side effects! This App is great for it. Before I had to look around and check many sites for truly detailed information. This is a one stop source. Also if you put your meds in a weekly container and spill them like most of have once in awhile. They have a great section for pill identifier! One App I cannot live without

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    Necessity for anyone on medications

    At 74 yrs of youth, I take 6 meds in the AM and 3 at night. ANYONE who is taking more than one medication should have this app at their disposal... PERIOD! As I have type || diabetes, high blood pressure and cholesterol issues, my meds have changed periodically. A change in Doctors has altered my meds. This app has allowed me to be certain that there are no negative interactions between the meds I am prescribed. Don’t have it downloaded yet. GET IT NOW!

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Is Drugs.com Medication Guide Safe?

Yes. Drugs.com Medication Guide is very safe to use. This is based on our NLP (Natural language processing) analysis of over 5,217 User Reviews sourced from the Appstore and the appstore cumulative rating of 4.8/5 . Justuseapp Safety Score for Drugs.com Medication Guide Is 52.5/100.

Is Drugs.com Medication Guide Legit?

Yes. Drugs.com Medication Guide is a totally legit app. This conclusion was arrived at by running over 5,217 Drugs.com Medication Guide User Reviews through our NLP machine learning process to determine if users believe the app is legitimate or not. Based on this, Justuseapp Legitimacy Score for Drugs.com Medication Guide Is 52.5/100.

Is Drugs.com Medication Guide not working?

Drugs.com Medication Guide works most of the time. If it is not working for you, we recommend you excersise some patience and retry later or Contact Support.

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