Allē Reviews

Allē Reviews

Published by on 2022-08-15

Allē is your go-to app for your aesthetic needs, giving you access to curated
content, treatment information, exclusive offers, and your Allē Wallet. With
Allē, you can earn and save on aesthetic products and treatments at your
participating provider. Allē’s app gives you access to all...

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Allē & program by far are better than any other out there! They have periodic offers that really help us consumers that are on a tight budget feel we’re getting a break! In today’s world, this is so generous and appreciated!!! Thank you this app!!! ❤️


Love the discounts!

Best app ever if you want to save money on your services! Better than looking at discounted places because I can go to my favorite skin care center and afford it! Thank you!


Back to Groupon!

I was surprised at my provider’s office today to learn that this app forces a minimum of 20 units by not allowing earning or redeeming if you get under 20 in one visit (depending on the provider). It’s because they consider 20 a full treatment. My FULL TREATMENT was 10- 3 in each DAO and 2 in each nostril for flare. Sorry, this app but you don’t get to decide what a full treatment is. Back to Groupons or finding a different provider since this app is now useless


App never works it’s a scam

It won’t let me reset my password. I keep clicking to send a verification to both my phone number and email on different occasions, but it never sends. It won’t let me make a new account since my phone number is already linked to the account I can’t access. I even bought a new iPhone 12 and reinstalled Allē and it still doesn’t work. I don’t see how Allē has any good reviews.


Not really saving

I miss brilliant distinctions Allē had way more offers and bigger point rewards. Since switching over to alle almost 2 years ago I probably got 2 maybe 3 “special” offers. Use to be able to earn 30$ points with juvederm voluma now with the alle app they give you 20$. Use to be able to refer friends and watch videos and earn points. Saved more with the old app. Not much savings with Alle.


I don’t want to call customer service I don’t have time

I wish Allē would work-it is just too inefficient and faulty. I have zero time to spend on customer service phone calls, so I find it insulting you released Allē before it worked properly for all. It’s a great idea, but do the hard work and make it efficient. In this era, it’s poor business practice to direct customers from Allē to the phone.


You Cannot Open this App

I have had a Brilliant Distinctions account for several years at the same plastic surgery practice. No matter what I do I cannot access either my Brilliant Distinctions old account password or establish a new password with the Alle app. I know I have accrued points over the last year that I cannot access. Apparently I will have to contact Allergen corporate directly or have my doctor's office do so. Allē is worthless.


So easy to use!

I love opening Allē and seeing my point totals as well as significant $ discounts and offers just waiting to be used.


I love saving $$$$

My esthetician had me sign up and I already have a $60 “credit” for my next visit. Cheers to being beautiful!



Allē is extremely frustrating simply because there is no access to customer support. Sure it allows you to track points, but if there’s an issue then what? this app doesn’t provide a phone number where you can actually reach customer service. If that’s outdated then pls update.


App works only 30% of the time

Allē rarely works. More than 80% of the time it doesn’t accept my password and I have to keep resetting it and that is if the send a link and most times they don’t. When I want to use Allē at the time of my appointment it rarely opens and I cannot add in my points. I’m going to look for another app.


Customer Service

Wonderful customer service !


Gift card

The rep was wonderful, efficient and friendly.


Worst app ever- need to go back to BD

Have been unable to access my account multiple times. Have had to reset my account password and keep running into same problem. Takes forever to get into app so have been unable to use my points for any appointments bc it won’t load. Allē is GARBAGE


Can’t create a password

When I get to the password screen there is no box to put my password in. I even updated Allē . I have an iPhone 13 max pro. I’ll change my review if someone can plz help fix this problem. I should have a bunch of points!


Allegan is a ripoff!

Had a Brillant Distinctions account. When I tried to login with my established Email/password, it says “this account has been migrated, please login from this app”. When I tried to login on this app it neither accepts my password nor allows me to change it. Once again - Allegan is a RIPOFF!


Useless app

Unlike the brilliant distinction app you can’t earn extra points for watching videos, learning about new products or referrals so why bother downloading Allē and using phone space. I’ll just use the website to check balances .


Gift cards

Would be nice if you buy a gift card if it would automatically upload to Allē


Botox sale

Awesome experience quick and easy


Can’t get past creating a password.

Trying to sign up, get to the password creation page, can’t scroll down to agree with terms and continue. This must be why I didn’t sign up before. Please fix this bug—iOS


The App Doesn’t do anything

Allē is still bugged and shuts down randomly and on certain pages it just won’t let me view - including the “how it works” page. I got allergan implants and would love to claim the rewards but its not possible on app or website. The only thing Allē /site does is promote doctors to try to sell you on getting more procedures, but once you get those procedures, how do you even get the rewards points? I would never use a rewards app to find a doctor, I only wanted it because I am getting the implants anyways, might as well get the rewards for it. They dont have a chat line or an email either which is crazy in 2018... they expect you to hand write and post mail letters to ask your questions or call the hotline which redirected me to the HK jockey club. I have been trying to find any access to customer service reps via linkedin, google search etc but I will also ask here.... so I got an allergan product, how do I let Allē know in order to claim the rewards? Please update Allē so it is possible to access the rewards function once getting the procedure


Great Program Terrible Support

I love the program. Allē and the website have zero support! No support links or contact us button. The site and app just refer you to useless FAQ videos that are no help. I can no longer even get to or shop from the brilliant distinction mall anymore. The link and option just disappeared. I had over 1000 pending points. Using the support or missing points page on the shopping mall was even more of a joke. You won’t receive a response until months later or just no response. I been a brilliant distinction reward member for a long time and a diamond member. You think they be more accommodating to someone who spends allot of money on the services.


Loving the updates!

After downloading the updated version, I truly feel like Allergan is listening to our suggestions. The improvements they have made with the program and application definitely makes accessing my FREE savings in more than one way! The products are already amazing so thanks Allergan for making it easier on us by having this rewards program in place.


I’d give no stars if I could

Like so many others who got Allē I too did not receive the points. So very disappointing & completely unnecessary. No different than the BOGO offer they had where you could purchase a $100 gift card for Botox & get another one for free. This was a one day only offer & apparently they didn’t expect it to be so popular....their site crashed. Once the site was back up they announced that the limited number offered was no longer available. How convenient for them. Another disappointing experience brought to you by Brilliant Distinctions.


Terrible terrible terrible!

Worst, most useless app ever..... seriously stop telling ppl to download it bc it’s not even worth and the “$10 dollars off” and isn’t worth as much as it gives you a headache!!!!! Never got the 10 dollar rewards... my Botox appt/visit didn’t even load.... $810 dollars later and it still tells me I haven’t accrued anything. Can’t even find my Med spa on here; when I search for my provider it literally searches for 30 mins and yields nothing!!!!! Get it together, Allergan! Very disappointed.


Downloaded app

I am a long time member of BD and read on the website that if I downloaded Allē , that I would receive 100 bonus rewards. Well, I downloaded Allē and never received my reward. Does anybody know if I need to do something else to collect this reward? Ugh!


Where is the brilliant distinctions mall?

Can no longer access brilliant distinctions mall... if I was a new member and didn’t already know about the mall, there would be know indication that there even is a brilliant distinctions mall. Also, you can’t even review your full history through Allē anymore. Link back the mall to Allē and improve how we can track our history and you’ll have better reviews/ratings.


Is anyone out there listening and caring?

I just downloaded Allē and concerned about the many bad reviews. I'm wondering if anyone from BD are reading and listening to these people. If so, words of encouragement would be nice and very appropriate.



I try to sign up and it tells me my email address is already registered. Ok that’s weird, so I try to log in and say “forgot my password” and it tells me “there is no such account registered to retrieve a password for”. Screw you. Either there is or there isn’t. Which is it? So basically I can’t use Allē no matter what and there’s no work around. Terrible job Allergan. Just terrible. Why put out a product, incentivize people to use it and then make it unusable?


This app is so glitchy

I was just a few points from a diamond member and my account reset all the way as if I’d just signed up. I’ve had two procedures since and lost out on all the extra points because of it. Also you can only redeem $20 increments at a time. I have a random overage about that I can redeem because it’s less than $20. I also can’t get to the Brilliant Distinction Mall anymore from Allē . It’s hard to find anything in app.


What happened with my app?

Brilliant nightmare! Can’t access my account, app disappear from my phone on its own without warning. Was this some kind of mistake or just a glitch I don’t care. It caused me an embarrassing moment with my cosmetologist who could not find my 50$ discount or my account ;regardless of having received emails from BD proving I do have an account . Duh! Quite disappointed. Until this issue is resolved I am sticking with one star.


Does what it needs to do

Allē is fine to track points, etc. Easy to use. The $10 credit takes about 24-48 hours to show up in your account (according to customer service that I spoke to). It was less than 24 hours for me.


App is pretty much worthless

When Allē doesn’t lock up when you login, you get stuck on the facial recog ID. When you say ‘no thanks’ it doesn’t resolve to the next page. If you’re lucky enough to get past the ID page, the font on the locate physician page is the same color as the background. 🤦🏼‍♀️ Honestly, there are so many issues with Allē you might as well use the webpage and save your sanity.



Allē seems like a great idea however the execution is lacking. Very glitchy- gets hung up when you try to do most anything. Sometimes shows your points and other times doesn’t. Very frustrating. Also does not work when trying to play videos in order to earn points. Maybe that’s on purpose?! Great idea. Needs work.


App Text is white on white

Allē is terrible. The text when building your profile and selecting your provider is set to white text on white background. You can’t see to enter your information. It’s especially hard when trying to enter your birthday and select provider, and select state. These are scrolling selections to complete the field and you can’t see what you’re selecting. Stupid, unusable design!

Is Allē Safe?

Yes. Allē is quiet safe to use but use with caution. This is based on our NLP (Natural language processing) analysis of over 6,655 User Reviews sourced from the Appstore and the appstore cumulative rating of 4.9/5 . Justuseapp Safety Score for Allē Is 33.9/100.

Is Allē Legit?

Yes. Allē is legit, but not 100% legit to us. This conclusion was arrived at by running over 6,655 Allē User Reviews through our NLP machine learning process to determine if users believe the app is legitimate or not. Based on this, Justuseapp Legitimacy Score for Allē Is 33.9/100.

Is Allē not working?

Allē works most of the time. If it is not working for you, we recommend you excersise some patience and retry later or Contact Support.

Reported Issues: 3 Comments

By Katie Mason
Oct 04 2022

Such a crappy program and app. Just another big company, cutting costs by cutting out their most valued customers.

By Petra
May 03 2022

Great offer for Mother’s Day, buy $100 Giftcard and get $50 for free. I went on my App, put the Giftcard in my Shopping Cart and start to put my Information in, when I was done ( probably 2 minutes) it told me SOLD OUT. If it was in my Cart already, how could you sell it to somebody else? I want a Solution for it, you can not take it out without give the chance to pay for it!

By Tina Smith
Sep 02 2021

On August 30.2021..a $75.00 Coupon off of Juvederm treatment was sent to my email..When i tryed to redeem it ..That same day within a few hours..It came back expired.
The same day email was sent. Finally today i had a chance to call Cust Service..they stated the coupon was only offered and quickly ran out..Very disappointed..Not a great way to do Business..You would figure the offer would be given for a couple days not for a few hours..

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