The CW Reviews

The CW Reviews

Published by on 2021-07-12

The CW App is the only way to stream the LATEST EPISODES of your favorite shows
for FREE, no subscription or password needed. Just install the app and stream
the hit series All American, Riverdale, Batwoman, Nancy Drew, DC’s Stargirl,
Legacies, Tell Me A Story, Black Lightning, The Flash...

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The CW Reviews

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    Horribly bad orientation controls

    This app is incomprehensibly bad, at least as far as how it displays when holding the iPad in different orientations. For starters, when you open the app, it only supports portrait orientation, with the home button at the bottom. Now let’s be clear about something. We are watching a video, the only way to watch it is in landscape orientation. And that is exactly how the videos will play, but before you can watch them, you have to browse the selection screen with iPad held upright in portrait orientation. That is incomprehensibly ridiculous. Why wouldn’t you want to browse the listings in the same orientation as you are going to watch them in? As it is, the iPad is often easier to hold in landscape orientation. And it’s not like there isn’t an existing CW app that is used exclusively in landscape orientation. Hello Apple TV! But this gets better. Sometimes I have to have my iPad in landscape orientation with the home button on the left side, so I can have it plugged in while I’m watching something. And while the actual videos “can” play oriented correctly regardless of which side is up, when you pause a video, it will resume upside down if your iPad is held (or on a stand in my case) with the home button is on the left. And of course, when you exit a video, the home screen for the app is sideways. You would think the developers of The CW app have not actually used it themselves. It’s just that incomprehensibly absurd in the way it works.

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    Awesome App! Free with commercials

    I REALLY LOVE this app!!! If I miss the CW tv shows I want to watch the night before, I can watch them in this app for quite a while after they air on tv before they expire from the app. And it being free just for the normal commercial breaks that the regular shows have is AWESOME!!!!!! I can totally watch commercials if it means a free experience to be able to watch my shows if I miss them when they air!!!! I’m currently addicted to Supernatural and have been since it began airing. Sometimes it’s changing schedule from season to season makes me miss an episode here or there. This app allows me to watch or rewatch an aired episode from the night before to keep up with the story arcs with my favorite CW show! It usually allows a week to 3 weeks or so to watch an episode after it airs. Then it will expire from the app. And since I don’t have much money to pay for a service AND my cell phone, I REALLY appreciate that it’s free, just for the trade off of having commercial breaks build into the show! I can totally live with that!!!!! THANK YOU CW APP!!! 💖

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    It is free but

    There’s definitely issues but it’s a free streaming service so we can’t complain that much. Sometimes it’s becomes very blurry , commercials are very long, there’s no resume button so if you stop streaming and then go back you have to remember where you stopped or just rewatch the whole thing. Which is sometimes easier because otherwise you’ll watch like 6 minutes of commercials before you get back to your spot. All that I can deal with. most recently I’ve been having a new problem that’s never occurred before. I stream to my tv thru my chrome cast but now as soon as my phone screen locks, it completely kicks me off. Which is like two minutes. I can’t minimize the app because the same thing happens. I have to reconnect and start all over. Not an issue with the internet or chrome cast because Netflix/Hulu work just fine. This maybe started last week. I like a lot of the shows but trying to keep my phone screen active on the cw app screen for 50 minutes is a lot of effort for no reason really, even for a free app.

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    Okay, could be much better

    I am fine with ads, if I wanted no ads I would have just gone and purchased what I want to watch. However the ads need to be quicker maybe 3 min max, and change it up, the same ad 10 times in one 40 minute episode (I’m exaggerating) is hell, and makes it seem even longer. Please fix programming or whatever, I am never sent back to where I was watching when I hit continue, sometimes it won’t let me hit play when I answer a text. It’s obnoxious and I have to restart the app. ⚡️Overall, I like the shows they are great, for me the quality of viewing is great. I think that considering that this is a free app, with free streaming of the most recent episodes of shows, that others should cut The CW some slack. Yes there are issues that can be fixed/improved, but over all very good for free. For other viewers I recommend watching shows in one sitting, or remembering the time you stopped watching. For The CW I recommend fixing some of the glitches of your app, but great job, on the shows concepts, I love the plots.

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    Apple TV bug

    I don’t know which version the bug occurred, but there is an option to skip the credits and roll into the next episode, as watching several in consecutive order, and it seems the audio track continues to play, while the video bumps to the next episode. Once the previous episode ends the track, the next episode begins, along with the audio track for the new episode, so ends up with a fairly garbled track, although there are two distinct tracks playing on top of the other. Otherwise, as we have a busy life, this is a great alternative to watching my DC shows live-play, as I can catch the last few weeks’ worth, as time allows. This occurred a couple of months ago, and was just figured out to be what the issue is that is occurring. I have not, as yet, tried to reinstall the app, but it has been occurring on both of our Apple TV modules, so not sure if it was a glitch that just hadn’t gotten bumped out by a bug fix or if it’s just never been noticed by anyone else.

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    Great app but is the expiration really necessary?

    I think this app is great when you can’t watch it on TV and it works wonders if you have the time to watch them before they expire. But, if you don’t then you have to wait for them to come out on Netflix and especially with shows that conjoin such as The Flash, The Arrow, DC Legends of Tomorrow, and Supergirl you can’t watch the episodes in order because they’re gone. Or watch the episodes in general, really. Another thing is that if you miss a period of time because you got busy then you may have watched episodes 1, 2, 3, and 4 but now it’s on 8, 9, and 10 and you can’t go back. I just wish that The episode season expires so that way you could watch them all and not have to worry about a time constraint. I have times where I get so busy that I can’t watch them so I have to just wait for them to come on Netflix which could be months and it’s functional but I just wish that for better access and convenience the episodes wouldn’t expire.

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    Too many constant glitches

    I enjoy being able to watch my favorite shows even without having Cable TV but it’s truly a pain when I constantly have to exit and enter the app in order for an episode to continue playing because in the transition from ads to episode it just completely freezes. Sometimes there’s discombobulated audio in the background and sometimes even when the visual seems to be working (including not in transition from as to show) the audio just cuts out randomly- with or without headphones. Whenever I stop watching something and go back to the app later, it starts me way earlier in the episode than I was and I have to watch a bunch of ads (that I already watched) in order to get to where I was. I understand that commercials are like TV- but if you’re going to have commercials like TV please have them transition smoothly into the rest of the show. Sometimes my play and skip buttons won’t work at all and I’ll have to completely exit the app and start the episode all over. This app could be great but it just malfunctions constantly.

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    Great App

    This app is great. I don’t really have time to watch my shows on The CW, always working. So I come to this free app to watch all my CW shows. I’ve been watch channel 56 all my life, since the mid 80,s. And it is my favorite channel. It used to have all the good cartoons in the early times for kids and in the evening times, the dramas. Gilmore Girls, Smallville, Dawson’s Creek, Buffy, Angel, Supernatural, Fresh Prince, Tiny Toons, Anamaniacs, VR Troopers, Arrow, The Flash, Legends of Tomorrow, Supergirl, Marvels Shield, Constantine, Charmed (old version), and so, so much more. I recently had the playback error and it made me stop watching for a bit, but I did write to the CW Support team and after a couple of days they fixed the problem. Haven’t been on to check to see if it works yet but I am confident that the problem has been solved. Many other apps would have you jump through hoops just to fix some problems and sometimes they never get fixed at all. But CW, in a timely manner, they went ahead and listened to the people who downloaded this fine app and fixed the problem. In conclusion, The CW app will always be my #1 app, my go to app, the best. To The CW Team, great work and keep it up. Not many support teams are great like you. I do appreciate all that you do. I don’t usually write review that much but I will express my love for The CW any way that I can. Thank You, X

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    I like seeing my shows whenever......BUT

    I do like having the opportunity to see my shows whenever and wherever I want but I wish the app would be better at keeping track of where I am in a show, for example I watched a episode of arrow and watched almost all the way through then had to do something eles so I stopped and got back to watching it a couple of hours later and the show thought I was only 6 mins in instead of 40 and I had to watch 4 commercial breaks in a row and the exact same commercials I already watched and then there was a time I did the same thing (watched a show stopped and went back to it a couple hours later) and it kept Where I was but when I got to the commercials I watched them and then I was 7 mins behind instead of right after the commercial break I just watched so I had to watch the exact same commercials again that I just watched

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    Technically does the job, but shoddily and amateurishly

    It’s all the little things that drag this app down. There’s no way to make it full screen on the newer iPhones, the CC button seems unfunctional half the time, there isn’t a way to pick the quality of the video, you cannot see a timer to tell you how much time is left for the ads, you can only fast forward or rewind in 10 second increments, the overlay with the pause symbol is way too big, the video takes an eternity to load compared to other streaming apps (try to skip forward or backwards and have fun waiting at least those 10 seconds in real time), you cannot view all the episodes at once and pick from them, and the video will sometimes just turn to an all grey screen (fixable only by reloading the video altogether) if it is interrupted in certain ways. While it still technically lets you watch the shows (which is why I go 2 stars instead of 1), it is shoddy and amateurish in how it does that. Quality control must have been nonexistent in the process of developing this app.

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    why expiration dates?

    I just got the app. I was so excited until I found out about the expiration dates. I’m confused, like why do we need them? I have Netflix but let’s be real, they take forever to upload a new season from any show, really. So I downloaded the app to find the seasons that weren’t yet on Netflix. I was looking for the first episode of season 13 on Supernatural, which in my opinion, is the best TV show I’ve ever watched, but I didn’t find it. So now I don’t have a choice but to wait on Netflix. Because if I watch the episodes ahead of time, I wouldn’t have any clue on what’s happening. Also, you guys should really keep on the seasons and episodes of the shows. What if somebody is about to binge watch the seasons of a show. They can’t because the CW only has the recent episodes. Please think about this, I really want to watch my favorite shows. I love this app, if you just added some more improvements, it’d be perfect 👌

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    Missing episodes

    I came to this app because The CW isn’t streaming the previous episodes of season 4 of Riverdale on tv, so I watched episode one of season 4 but since they don’t have a lot of the episodes I had to search the web for episode 2 and I couldn’t find it anywhere for free so now I have to wait for it to come onto Netflix and since I live in the US I probably won’t be able to watch it for a while. Also there are a ton of ads, I get that you have to have ads in order to have a free app but seriously six ads every 10-20 minutes that’s pretty unfair. I really just want to watch my favorite show but since The CW isn’t showing the previous episodes of Riverdale and it won’t come to Netflix for a while AND this app is missing episodes I only got to watch episode one of season 4 and now I get to wait for it to come onto the US Netflix. Overall I feel they should include all the episodes of the series on the app and add the next one when it comes onto The CW on tv and that they should lower the amount of ads.

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    Recent Update Ruined App

    There are several shows on The CW I like to follow (Arrow, Flash, 100). I recently learned a another CW show that I’m really enjoying, Penn & Teller’s Fool Us. It’s a great show. I found that the App has Season 2-5 available. Problem is, the new App layout starts you on the most recently aired episode and to go back to older episodes you have to scroll to the right one episode at a time until you reach the one you want. Then after watching the episode, 80% of the time it does not take you to the next episode but requires you to choose the show from the home menu and then scroll through the episodes again. The old layout made it much easier to get to older episodes. A drop down menu fit selecting episodes would be great and having a more consistent “Up Next” episode after the one you watch finishes is desperately needed. Finally the Continue menu to continue episodes had many episode listed that I’ve already completed and I can not remove episodes from the list.

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    Bugs NEED to be fixed

    •I downloaded the app like a few months ago and it was GREAT, now whenever you watch a tv show and adds are going on you can’t even pause the show so you can take a break, you have to sit through the adds and then pause it when the show comes back on because if you close out of the app while commercials are going on you can’t resume where you ended you would have to start the show all over again. •Another thing that is bothering me is when you close the app and the continue or restart but comes up it just takes you to the same exact place and when you just try to scroll all the way to the beginning it plays the show for 5 seconds and then says “Error: Playback has stalled out” and it kicks you out and it keeps doing it whenever I try watching a show. •If you want to watch a show without getting interrupted with stupid stuff like this I would NOT recommend this app, but I don’t know if it’s just a bug or what but it’s so annoying.

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    App Update is Inconvenient

    I’m rating the functionality of the app, which in my opinion is inconvenient and a downgrade. I prefer the app before they fixed it. My main issue is the inability to have it function in horizontal mode (except when actually watching the episode). I, and I know many others, watch this on their iPad therefore it makes it super difficult and inconvenient to scroll and see what you want to watch without having to constantly flip your iPad. I also don’t like the layout under each show. It makes finding episodes hard especially the most recent ones that you haven’t watched. It doesn’t even give me a function to see if I’ve watched that episode or not. I also don’t like that I’ve got to hunt for the trailer for the next episode either. I liked when I could see everything on one horizontal page. Overall, the app has made a huge downgrade in its improvements and the CW should be thankful that I love their shows to put up with such a crappy app.

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Is The CW Safe?

Yes. The CW is very safe to use. This is based on our NLP (Natural language processing) analysis of over 18,717 User Reviews sourced from the Appstore and the appstore cumulative rating of 3.4/5 . Justuseapp Safety Score for The CW Is 45.2/100.

Is The CW Legit?

Yes. The CW is a totally legit app. This conclusion was arrived at by running over 18,717 The CW User Reviews through our NLP machine learning process to determine if users believe the app is legitimate or not. Based on this, Justuseapp Legitimacy Score for The CW Is 45.2/100.

Is The CW not working?

The CW works most of the time. If it is not working for you, we recommend you excersise some patience and retry later or Contact Support.

Reported Issues: 1 Comments

By Nice23
Jul 02 2021

Is there a way to let the video buffer for better playback ? At times it gets blurry. Is there a way to change the video quality ? Still love the app CW always got some of the better shows around. Would love access to full seasons and other content. Great shows like smallville, The Originals.
Access to DC animation showes and movies. Could use some Bugs Bunny and Animaniacs. CW has so much to add and offer. Hopefully soon some at the office reads this. I would love to pitching some show ideas. I dont even need my name on it or money. If I turns out good you can always give my kids and me passes to 6 flags. It seems like all the new platforms are taking any idea they can get. Some even running with show concepts that are so far out there.

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