Color Therapy Coloring Number Reviews

Color Therapy Coloring Number Reviews

Published by on 2021-04-22

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Table of Contents:
1. Reviews
2. Is it Safe?
3. Is it Legit?
4. App not working?
5. Report Issue

Color Therapy Coloring Number Reviews

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    My Newest Addiction

    I love this app. I have the pay version because I already knew I liked to color when I found it and knew I would want access to more pictures to color and more tools to color with. So I don’t know what you get in the free version because I never had it. There are a ton of colors and hundreds, if not thousands, of pictures available to color (a lot anyway — I haven’t actually counted) and more are added daily. Additionally, there are multiple post coloring effects you can apply if you wish, more than the other coloring apps I have. And you can change the color of the lines in the picture, or post it with no lines (which is teaching me to get better at shading!). What surprised me about this app is that I love it more than the other coloring apps I have for two reasons. 1) The community interaction. The people who color using this app are so very supportive. It’s so wonderful to have one corner of the internet that is reliably nice to spend time in. 2) The coloring contests. I love the coloring contests because they are teaching me to draw freehand, bit by bit. I’m getting a lot better at having my coloring/drawing be recognizable even if I decide to post it without the lines.

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    Loved it???

    Great app I would spend hours and hours coloring in great masterpieces but there are not a lot of great things as well. Once I was making something and finished and clicked the done button to post it then it froze I tried opening something else but then I realized it froze my whole phone!!!! When it unfroze it restarted the app and I looked and saw that it freaking undone all my work and didn’t even save it!!!! The very first time I got this app I realized you have to pay to get pictures that have stars and not just once you have to pay it monthly or weekly. But I like that you can color according on how you wanna color it but they should be more careful about where they place things because when your color a finger might slip and you press the button for the drag color so when you hopelessly drag you finger not realizing what happened the color you chose is half way across the coloring page. And earlier when I was talking about having to pay it’s not just the pictures it’s the colors to so if you do not want to pay you are stuck with limited colors and every time you accidentally move to a starred color it pops up that you should buy it. So if you made it this far do not download this app it may be great and everything but when you get mad because it did something stupid don’t act like I did not tell you it wouldn’t happen.

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    No longer fun😢

    This is no longer the app to which I originally subscribed, and which I enjoyed immensely for a long, long time. Honestly, I was addicted, and really enjoyed coloring the first-class pictures it offered and the ease of navigation. I enjoyed the interaction with the other subscribers and loved the contests. Then it began to change. It was no longer the relaxing, coloring app that it started out to be. I was gone for about a week and when I returned, the app had been totally revamped and I began to have trouble navigating the site. Instead of a relaxing coloring app, it became very stressful just to find tools. While I did enjoy the tutorials in the beginning, and followed them faithfully, they later began to take on a different dimension, some of which were not to the least of my interest. The contests became more complex, and instead of simply submitting our pictures, we were supposed to vote for the works of others. In other words, I was now becoming not only stressed, but feeling bored with my options. I have never written an app review before, but I feel as if the developers need to know that they have quickly turned this long-running “relaxing” app into a stress inducing app that only can be fun and relaxing for a professional artist. Sad to say, but I have cancelled my subscription to Color Therapy, saying goodbye to my coloring friends there and moving on.

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    Love this app just bought the year membership

    I love this app. Think I’ve been using it for the past 2 years now. It took me a while to get used to the changes that were made. I finally master this upgrade and then you put out another one. I do not like the feature where you can double tap to remove a color I like the previous version before you added yes it’s taking me longer to color my pictures because I forget that double tap means it Will remove your pay if you already colored that spot so it’s taking me longer to color now. Another feature I loved was when you were coloring and I’ll use hair color for this example. Once you had your color you can just keep your finger on the color and drag it all the way down to the bottom and then the hair was completely done and then you were finished. Now you have to go into each block and color in everything It was great to use on buildings and hair and any big area that needed to be colored. Now we have to go back and click on every square. On the page. I still like the app and I still use it everyday I just wish those features would make an appearance w the next upgrade. Please I’m begging you. Kimmysil

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    Everything I have requested you guys did excellently! I have read FAQs and looked on your website. I agree with the not uploading pictures request I made a while ago. I hate plagiarism that is the top reason I stopped using colorfy over a year ago. However there are things concerning to me as a user since there are children using this app and adults just because your recent challenge said #catsandballs some adults went automatically to think the nasty way and adult meaning of those words. If they are going to point things out like that it’s not right for others entering the challenge and children having to read it and then read comments they shouldn’t be reading in the first place I love a place for everyone to color and it should stay that way. And the next thing is an FYI I also noticed online people are trying to create ways to hack this app! I love this app too much to lose it to hackers Also new users there is color by numbers however someone in the app had to have colored the art work you selected and shared it to be repainted with the hash tag #freetorepaint in order to do color by numbers !

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    Almost Perfect!😄

    This app is a lot of fun. You can color unlimited pictures for free, unless they’re a deluxe page. You get a nice amount of colors to choose from before you have to pay. A few of the colors and gradients you can follow ColorTherapy on instagram to unlock or color __ pages. Another great thing is you don’t have a million random adds popping up every other second. I like that you don’t HAVE to have an account to color pages. I got one, and once you do that, you can participate in challenges, post your artwork and follow other people. The things I’m not so happy are that you don’t get hardly any options for manual coloring. If you want more you have to pay. 😫 in order to become a VIP ( unlock all colors, pages, and tools) you have to pay 7.00 a month. A MONTH! Aggggggh! Maybe I’m just cheap but that seems like a lot! You can also pay forty bucks yearly. Another thing is that now with the new update they mix the VIP pages on with the normal ones when you’re browsing through A-Z. A suggestion would be a free option where you can take a picture and then color it. That would be so cool. 😎 I think it would be kinda hard to do so I don’t expect it or anything. Overall, ColorTherapy is a great app. 👍🏻

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    It was going great, and than...

    Ok so I have had this app downloaded for almost a year I played it a lot when I first got it (no membership) but than I kinda stoped and forgot about it. Than a few weeks ago I started playing again I got the free 1 week membership and was thinking of buying a longer one when all of a sudden it stopped working it won’t let me see any new artwork mine, or other peoples. I had just started a challenge and I had gotten a fairly decent account on there now whenever I color something it’s going great than I publish it and all of a sudden it just looks white! Other people still like my pictures so I they can see them but I can’t and I can’t see any of they’re new ones either. I tried logging out and logging back in, deleting the app and re-downloading it, it still doesn’t work! It wouldn’t let me see any pictures before I got back onto my account. Please someone help! I don’t want to delete the app but if it won’t let me see anything how can I continue to play? I gave it five stars for its former glory, because it is a really good game it just stopped working for me.

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    So much better than Colorfy, it has so many variations to try and awesome customer service!

    I used Colorfy for over a year and it was constantly having problems and it had been several months after I renewed that I couldn’t even use it, so all the artists I knew who got fed up and left suggested Color Therapy instead and I’m so glad I switched too! There’s so many images, colors, tools, editing features, tutorials, very prompt service, endless possibilities and perfect to relax and enjoy an app that works! All my stress and physical pain just slowly go away and is highly recommended by my doctors to avoid pain medication that can become addicting! I much prefer being addicted to Color Therapy! The price is extremely reasonable, $5.70/week if you average it out, much less expensive than in app purchases others offer. I forgot about the challenges, I’m still learning but it looks like so much fun, I can’t wait to try it. I know people think apps have people that write positive reviews, but I’m just a regular person with disabilities and this app brings so much pleasure to my isolated life!

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    I would recommend reading this 👇

    Well first of all, this app is crazy Addicting! I always log in to get the new images which are free (so everyone who says that you can’t get images without paying, that’s a lie) also what I just said is true. don't say that you don’t get images because you get 1-7 new images a day, you have 50 color therapy coins and you can pick 5 images of your choice, AND you have daily challenges and when you color the image and don’t publish it, it goes into your “unpublished” spot. Then when the challenge is over, you get to color it any way you want without having to do the challenges requirements. THIS IS THE WORST THING ABOUT THIS APP... no blank pages! I know many, many, MANY people like to sketch, BUT you have to sketch on top of the image. I am also aware that you have the grid paper but that still does not work for me personally. THE SECOND WORST THING ABOUT THIS APP... tools! If you don’t pay for premium, then you only get three tools; Pen, airbrush and glitter. PLZ FIX THIS! I REALLY WANNA USE MORE TOOLS THAN THIS. plz take this into consideration. Thank you for your time 🙏

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    ColorTherapy Critique

    I very much appreciate this app! The continual competitive challenges, keep you coming back for more, however if I had one criticism, it’s the challenge results. Many times, when I check the percentage rating and the number of votes each piece makes no sense. For example, you may see someone’s art rated as a 4.74(out of a possible 5), that has 25 votes and there can be a piece that was rated at 4.67 that had 32 votes...makes no sense to me. The very best thing I can add, is that the app, for a year, became affordable to me during the Christmas season. The price was greatly discounted and being on SS Disability with a fixed monthly income, I can’t afford to buy anything for my personal enjoyment...until I got the chance to buy this app, when it was greatly discounted for the holidays. I really want to thank the creators for that! One other thing, I appreciate complicated artwork and it would be sweet, if the “animal category” had much more complicated works to pick from. The ones there now, are way too simple and more like cartoons, than real animals.

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    My favorite app!

    I recently purchased a new iPad and Apple pen and couldn’t wait to download FREE coloring apps. But there were so many to choose from. So I went with Color Therapy and hoped that I could actually use the FREE app without having to pay for a subscription for something I didn’t know if I’d like or even hardly use. Well let’s just say that this app has so much to do and is truly FREE. I’m enjoying it so much that I’m willing to now pay the $7.99 a week because in my opinion, it’s well worth it. I love the community, the option to follow other artists and “like” their art. It truly is art too. I’m having so much fun expressing myself and relaxing with this coloring app. 5 stars for the ease of using the app, 5 stars for the simple interface, 5 stars for the coloring options, and 5 stars for just a really nice app. I spent 5 hours on this app today on my day off and I’m not ready to put it down even yet! If you are looking for that “one coloring app that is truly free” - this is it. I promise you won’t be disappointed! Download it and see for yourself.

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    Amazing app! Highly recommended!

    I have been searching the internet and App Store for hours on end hoping to find a good coloring app. Everything I found which was free either didn’t have very good quality pictures, only two-three coloring pallets, gaps in the images or required you to pay to unlock more varieties of colors, pictures ect. Until one day I found ColorTherapy. I was extremely surprised to finally find a great coloring app! Not only did I find an app with good quality images or even a variety of images - but it was also a community!! So many people get together and share wonderful masterpieces with each other. I also forgot to mention, there is a bundle of new images to color every day, which means more to color and it provides a bigger ‘genre’ selection so you are never forced to color one type of picture. There are many different pallets of color and brushes (including smudge, fill and erase) that are TOTALLY FREE! Now that’s awesome! You don’t have to pay to enjoy this app and I highly recommend it! I love ColorTherapy ❤️

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    Best Coloring App period!

    I was using another coloring app for over two years and loved a lot about it, but it kept getting worse with each “update”. New things that broke old things. I started using Color Therapy based on recommendations from my friends who left the other coloring app and started using CT. So I have been using it a couple months and consider me a complete convert. I love this app. I love the picture selections. I love the user interface which was pretty easy to learn, but if you need help on how to use it they have tutorials and you tube videos. I love the challenges. There is a wonderful community of users that are great at this and always willing to help with advice. There are too many good things to list but if you are interested in trying a coloring app this is the one. I joined with the year subscription and think it is worth every penny. There are a couple things I miss from the other app that I am hoping to see in future updates to CT. Thank you to the development group for creating such a great and stable app.

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    Honest Review, Please take a minute..

    I love this app! I really love artistic things in life, and I have tried many coloring apps before and got quite a success with this one, I would say the majority of artists on here are very very kind and their is a lot of talent to be inspired of. I am a non-vip and I don’t feel the need to upgrade like I had for other apps, though I might consider it for the feature. The tools you get are tap to fill, airbrush, and pen, which can all be very useful and make BEAUTIFUL realistic paintings when you learn tips and methods to use them in shading realistic skin, realistic tears, realistic hair, etc. they also give 50 ‘tokens’ where you can get a few VIP pics of your choice, FOR FREE! the only complaints are that the membership is really pricey, and I feel customer support isn’t great and annoying. Also, the new updates are VERY confusing and annoying for some like me. If customer support was more helpful, this game would improve even greater. But I let you get away with 5 stars because I love it so much!

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    A few ideas

    This is the best coloring app that I’ve had on my phone. I play it almost every day and enjoy doing so. Although, I have a few ideas to make it even better. For example, 1.) Making another slot (like profile, challenges, color, explore, and feed) and name it suggestions. People can make suggestions about the game in general or about the pictures people have been wanting. 2.) Having inappropriate as one of the report issues. I’ve seen a few inappropriate pictures on color therapy and tried reporting them for it but noticed there wasn’t an option for that. I feel that it is very important to have this since there are many children/ teens playing color therapy such as myself. 3.) Showing the most high rated pictures on challenges. I’ve tried looking for the most high rated pictures but found it hard to. I think color therapy should make it so I you can see them right away. On each challenge, it can have “most highly rated” or “high rated” pictures on the top before seeing all of the other pictures. This would make it a lot easier for myself and others that I’ve talked about this to. 4.) we should get 5 coins a day. If you skip a day, you don’t get any coins. This way, people would still want to buy coins/ picture/ memberships but are still able to access a few starred pictures. These are all my ideas for color therapy to make it an even better game. I hope you take these ideas into consideration. Thank you, Phoebe_Dog_2

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Is Color Therapy Coloring Number Safe?

Yes. Color Therapy Coloring Number is very safe to use. This is based on our NLP (Natural language processing) analysis of over 44,584 User Reviews sourced from the Appstore and the appstore cumulative rating of 4.6/5 . Justuseapp Safety Score for Color Therapy Coloring Number Is 46.7/100.

Is Color Therapy Coloring Number Legit?

Yes. Color Therapy Coloring Number is a totally legit app. This conclusion was arrived at by running over 44,584 Color Therapy Coloring Number User Reviews through our NLP machine learning process to determine if users believe the app is legitimate or not. Based on this, Justuseapp Legitimacy Score for Color Therapy Coloring Number Is 46.7/100.

Is Color Therapy Coloring Number not working?

Color Therapy Coloring Number works most of the time. If it is not working for you, we recommend you excersise some patience and retry later or Contact Support.

Reported Issues: 5 Comments

By Jeannell
Sep 30 2021

My name is jeannell…. I reported that I’ve been hacked or scammed I think. When I complete a pallet I post whether it’s for challenges or just posting, it doesn’t give credit to my account @jeannell, it gives credit to Colorist 3653487 or 3655463. Therefore I get no notification, likes, nothing on my post which is still there. Just know search jeannell tap and notice I have no incomplete pallets it’s like it’s not connected to my post. Can you help me get this right. I hope I caused no problems. Thank you @jeannell

By Dianne jackson
Jun 14 2021

I love this app I do not understand the voting why am I never in the top 100 but just under is that still good and does everyone get a star or just if you get get a certain number of votes for each challenge

By Lorraine
May 23 2021

Hello everyone,
I’m sorry to mention my problem again but CT is still playing up on my iPad. When I click to open the App, all I see is the white page saying it’s downloading and nothing happens. I read the advice to leave my iPad running for at least ten minutes and then suddenly goes back to the homepage.
Like many other people who seem to have the same problem, I do not want to delete CT and reinstall the App because any artwork we create gets deleted. I was wondering if CT was updating their App or is this annoying ‘Downloading and Not Opening Up’ problem is because I’m no longer a paid member.
Does anybody else feel like this .. I was actually about to renew my membership for a year but feel wary to do so now.. sorry to have gone on about things but I’m feeling disappointed.. 🎨🙁🎨
An Amazing App when it works..
We All need a bit of colour therapy in our lives, don’t we..?
Thanks for listening 💕

By Lesley Lynn
Mar 25 2021

Hi there ...first of all this app is amazing l love it so much..not been using it long
Just 2 Questions
1 ...what does the yellow star mean beside the profile picture
2....and why is my scores always low in the challenges

By Kerry Begley
Dec 21 2020

Hi there I’m trying to colour and every time I press on a picture to colour nothing happens it’s not loading, I have never had this before so what can I do? I have tried closing the App down and starting again, also deleting pictures just in case my memory is full but still not working.

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  4. If you are a Color Therapy Coloring Number customer and are running into a problem, Justuseapp might not be the fastest and most effective way for you to solve the problem but at least you can warn others off using Color Therapy Coloring Number.

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