HP Smart Reviews

HP Smart Reviews

Published by on 2020-12-17

Print, scan, and share files by using HP Smart with your HP Printer. HP Smart
makes it easy to get started and keeps you going with features like Print
Anywhere or Mobile Fax! · Start with a hassle-free set up, then print, scan,
copy, and share files directly from your mobile device t...

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HP Smart Reviews

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    I am back HP!

    I thought HP had abandoned its LOYAL customers when it discontinued the HPeprint application. While shopping today, I met an HP Rep who explained that I could continue to remote print using this new App! I can't tell you how relieved I was to learn how easy it was to setup remote printing again. I had set up a printer at grandma's house. She does not have a local computer to serve as a print server. I thought I had lost the ability to send her photos of her grandchild. This is a really big deal for so many HP customers. While the functionality is not identical, people who place printers on remote networks can with little effort continue to remotely print HURRAY!! For customers who swore to never purchase another HP product, you like I can feel better about HP. As for HP, always do your best to continue to support legacy products you have sold to your loyal customers. We buy printers for many decades. Thank you from the bottom (ventricles) of my heart. Matthew

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    Hi, I am a self-employed Tattoo Artist. I have tried several brands of printers along with the apps that come with them. I have an iphone 6s plus. I just recently purchased the HP Envy 4512 for quick use while out of town. This is my first hp printer in about 10 years. Epson printer app works great for my use, well at least i have gotten use to its minimal customization. I was blown away when i tested the direct mobile-to-printer capability because i wanted to print something really small to not waste ink. I could literally manually rotate and resize the image to my specification. I am absolutely so satisfied. Wow. I always wondered why these companies make an app for the products and you cant hardly do nothing on it. Technology is how we live now days and I'm so excited about this app. This is my first time doing a real review but i had to take the time out of day to let others know. Super excited!!!!!

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    If it is business critical, get an Epsom.

    If you need a reliable printer that is business critical, return the hp while you can. Cute for home or casual college use but if you need it to be reliable for critical tasks, do not risk this product line. The app should clearly be called hpStupid, not hpSmart. I laugh at that welcome screen. I had just enough time to scan one very important, business critical document before work that was 15 pages long. Not too complicated of a task. So I scanned it with just seconds to spare before my ride to work. I first tapped share and save 15 images to phone so they would be safe. POOF. ALL GONE. The app went back to the main menu and my document was GONE. Well, at least it saved pictures of my .pdf to my photos so it's SOMEWHERE, that's why I clicked that option first below saving it to a.pdf. NOPE! It randomly threw the first three introductory pages in there that I DIDN'T need as much, but the important stuff: DEFINITELY NOT THERE. GONE. No time to rescan it all now, I'm at work without it using their epsom printer to get the job done right and on my lunch break I'll be shopping for a new epsom printer and tonight I'll be returning that crappy hp system.

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    Very Useful App

    I find this app to be quite useful as it gives me a variety of options of printing from my phone. One feature I just took advantage of was the ability to link to Google Drive. This is useful to me because my school uses Google drive heavily, and my school laptop only prints on school network printers. This app allows me to access my drive and print at home through my phone. My only complaint with the app is that when I am on the preview to print a document, it takes awhile for it to be ready to print as if it’s not connected. In a minute or two it will give me the option to print as its ready. This could be reasons other than the app though, as I have an older HP printer, and my home network can also factor in. If you have an HP printer, I definitely recommend trying this app. I don’t regret it.

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    Very Dissapointed

    I am very disappointed with the ink program. Upon starting I received two large cartridges. I didn’t print out ten pages when the color cartridge would not work. I kept getting an error message and though I would be contacted by HP. Then a week later my son needed something printed out for school. I would up going to the store and purchasing an ink cartridge so he could do his assignment. My credit card I used for the ink program expired about the same time and I did not respond to the emails they sent me regarding payment due and found out quickly that they take over your printer and you cannot use it until you are paid up. So all in all I’m paying them even though the cartridge they sent me was very short lived. I guess I’ll have to call them up and find out when I can get out of this program without them shutting down my printer. This program is nothing like I expected and in the long run I am paying much more than if I had just purchased cartridges from a local store.

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    3 for setup 5 for function

    The setup was a bit of a pain and at times confusing in regards to the wifi requirements. I realize that it could’ve been entirely due to me, but keeping that in mind I do think the app’s user interface should be considered despite experience level. I am no expert, but also not a novice. That’s my very minor complaint and it doesn’t affect its rating so far. It’s been great for remotely scanning documents from the printer to my phone, printing, and even allows for some readjustment for size. That’s been a great feature when I’ve used it for art projects. I would love to see more customization for sizing, positioning, and preview, but I haven’t fully toyed with the app yet and it may be there. If not, that would be a request and still doesn’t take away from the 5 stars.

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    APP to the Rescue!

    I have a 2year old $400 HP Color Laserjet Pro MFP M277dw that suffered a hardware failure (nothing that I did) and now the display screen is blank. I spoke with HP customer service who diagnosed this problem and said that there was nothing they could do and I’d have to buy a new machine. WHAT?! They only warranty their products for 1 year and the extra coverage that I had purchased through Staples expired just days before this happened. NOT HAPPY... I had a $400 machine that was essentially a paper weight. With this APP, I have regained some control of my machine since I can no longer use the touchscreen on the actual printer. (Btw, HP did not suggest the APP as an alternative control, I found the APP by talking to a friend.) I have given only 4stars, because although the APP works great, I’m disappointed in HP and their product and the APP does not control ALL of the functions of my All-in-one.

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    Accidentally found this app

    I have been looking for an app that scans and emails, straightens out scans, etc. After reading reviews, downloading a few and trying them, and so on, which by the way, was disappointing because most of them have subscriptions. I will not pay for any subscriptions for a scanning app. If I found one that was good enough I wouldn’t have minded paying for the app but not a subscription. However, Apple does not allow you try apps like I was able to with a past phone I owned. I have an HP printer and when this one popped up while I was doing another search I was pleasantly surprised after downloading it and giving it a try. If you have an HP printer give this a shot. I don’t believe you will be disappointed.

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    HP Quality isn’t what it use to be!

    HP has gone down hill. I spend a ton of cash buying their brand computers & all in one printers & they NEVER hold up anymore. Computer was bought brand new at same time & recently the hard drive failed. & it barely got used. This printer is crap & this app isn’t any better. Why can I not print multiple pics on one page?! Back in the day they had that feature. I will NEVER buy anything HP brand from here on out! this printer has too many issues & it’s not but a few years old. Nothing they make is made to last; like it was in the past. I have always been a huge #1 fan, not anymore. HP was the only brand I’ve ever bought. That ends now! & ink should never be as expensive as HP demands. For now on out; if companies want my business they will have to earn it by making quality products & I will never buy anything else with such a short warranty. If you believe in your products then you will stand behind them.

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    Simple and Easy To Use But...

    I needed to scan and email some documents and the app was nearly perfect in helping me succeed however I made the error of adding too many documents to one pdf. You would think a simple fix would be found within the app, however, once you scan a document and save a file as a pdf you can not separate the images. They are saved as one slide show and you would have to go back and rescan each item and save each item as a downsized image that way. If one could simply edit the saved pdf after within the app after a save, I would rate this 5 stars but it inconvenienced me snd caused me to have to use an external source to achieve my goal. Emailers be mindful and check your Pdf sizes before considering yourself safe to save all those scanned documents and go about your business with this easy to use and confuse app.

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    I’m LIVID!

    Clearly, they make their money by selling ink, so they want the printer connected to every device, web service and potential user imaginable. That capability is great, but if you unknowingly check a box that gives them the right, you’ll come into your room/office (like I did) to find a PRINTED notice that my FIRMWARE had received and installed an update while I was away. You HAVE MY EMAIL ADDRESS! You have access to my phone AND Mac apps, but I need a color page with about 300 words telling me that a firmware update occurred? Well OF COURSE THEY THINK I DO... just waste away my ink AND paper notifying me of something that 52 million other apps/devices/operating systems do JUST FINE WITHOUT USING PAPER AND INK! Ugh. So now I’ve shut off virtually EVERY ASPECT of this printer’s connectivity, because I STILL don’t feel comfortable that I actually know where or what I checked giving them the right to print things on my printer while I’m not even there... OR AM THERE and have the misfortune of leaving paper in the machine!

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    Finally figured out how to resize photos on updated app

    I finally figured out how to resize photos with the updated version of the hp smart app on my i phone. The hp community wasn’t able to help but after many attempts I accidentally got it to resize. You click on the blue square that says print. The select your photo and click print. Then click the tiny arrow in the upper left corner of your photo. If you don’t see the arrow, click the upset left corner of the photo anyway. At the bottom of your screen, click the icon labeled manual. That will allow you to resize the photo with your fingers. So glad to find this feature did not disappear with the update. It was just difficult to find. Great app and I use it all the time!

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    It works but initial printer setup was painful and slow. App menus pretended to go to another menu but sat on existing menu with title changed. Rebooted printer and app and things worked better. No back option when going to send a link to someone else. Option to change auto off timing but is preset? Still shows greyed drop down. This is somewhat outside of the app but when ordering ink the app opens a browser. It does automatically send the printer model but the site doesn’t actually show ink for your printer. It seems to try and then gives up, showing the generic options like you didn’t search at all. For our printer if it auto shuts off there is no printing to it until someone gets up and turns it on again. Probably more a printer feature issue but app could have wake up in it. PCs have had the option for over 2 decades.

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    Well done, HP Devs!

    I wanted to print something but did not have my laptop handy. On a whim, I searched for an app that would allow me to print directly from my phone to my HP D110 series printer. This app was incredibly easy to set up. A couple of clicks, and it had automatically detected my printer. I love that it displays estimated ink levels. Honestly, the longest part of the process was finding the document I wanted to print from my gmail inbox, and that is just down to my own search speed. I've only used the app to do one thing, but it did that one thing quickly and with absolutely no fuss. If my other experiences using the app are like this one, a five star rating will be well deserved. Well done, HP devs!

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    Good Functionality

    The convenience of being able to wirelessly connect all my devices to the printer via the HP Smart app is amazing. And even better, the app allows me to do so much more. I really like the possibilities it offers even though I haven’t had the opportunity to explore most of the other features as yet. One thing that struck me as odd, however, about the print feature is that when I sent a print job from my iPad instead of my laptop computer, the font was increased turning a one-page document into a two-page print job. I printed the same document again from my laptop computer to see if the same issue would occur but the document printed just fine that time . I didn’t test the print quality from my phone but I wonder if the issue impacts all non-computer-initiated print jobs.

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You can now contact HP Smart customer service directly
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Is HP Smart Safe?

Yes. HP Smart is quiet safe to use but use with caution. This is based on our NLP (Natural language processing) analysis of over 1,715,661 User Reviews sourced from the Appstore and the appstore cumulative rating of 4.8/5 . Justuseapp Safety Score for HP Smart Is 23.6/100.

Is HP Smart Legit?

Yes. HP Smart is legit, but not 100% legit to us. This conclusion was arrived at by running over 1,715,661 HP Smart User Reviews through our NLP machine learning process to determine if users believe the app is legitimate or not. Based on this, Justuseapp Legitimacy Score for HP Smart Is 23.6/100.

Is HP Smart not working?

HP Smart works most of the time. If it is not working for you, we recommend you excersise some patience and retry later or Contact Support.

Reported Issues: 23 Comments

By Charles Budde
May 09 2021

HP Smart is useless. Only the most basic functionality is available. If you need to adjust quality or indicate color verses BW on a scan, forget it. Worse than any of that, HP offers no local drivers or software. This is a ridiculous application and makes printer / scanner barely usable.

By David Moos
May 09 2021

This software is the biggest POS I have ever seen in my life. I support internal print for a major world wide computer company for a living, and this has to be the WORST piece of software I have ever tried to configure. I have been at it for 2 plus hours now just so I can do a simple scan to PDF. Kicks me through several web sites, software takes FOREVER and a day to complete, then when it does complete, click on scan, tells you scan function is not available, but gives you absolutely NO reason as to why. Diagnose and Fix function is totally and completely useless. Again takes FOREVER, does not give you any indication whatsoever of what it's checking. Printer tool just finally exited with a message "Printer Offline test could not be completed." Maybe your tech people could learn to write an error response message that couldn't be read two different ways? Does this mean that it tried preform a test to see if the printer could be taken offline, and it failed? , or does it think the printer is offline and that's why it failed. The printer IS online. I can connect to it's webpage just fine, can also print, but no scan no matter what I do. And don't even get me started on the stupid cloud stuff that it tries to cram down your throat. Ugh... Such a shame. I used to always consider HP as the go to for printers, but no longer.

By Taylor Gamble
Apr 19 2021

I have been setting up this shitty hp “smart” garbage for an hour and a fucking half. I went to the settings for the printer on regular windows and was able to set it up but because it's so exclusive to hp it wouldn't accept the printing without hp smart. Kept giving me errors while just setting it up for no reason. It's just that bad. It's a slow clunky and shitty looking software. PERIOD

By Robert Sams
Apr 17 2021

HP Smart can only be installed on Win 10 Pro through the Store App. When you try to install via the Store, it throws an error and won't install. Not so smart, eh?

By Byron
Apr 16 2021

The HP app shows the printer is connected, and it will not print anything. This happens all the time. I will never, ever in my life purchase anything with the words HP in it. But, please, fix this problem this horrible app created.

By Byron
Apr 16 2021

The HP app shows the printer is connected, and it will not print anything. This happens all the time. I will never, ever in my life purchase anything with the words HP in it. But, please, fix this problem this horrible app created.

By D Cullen
Apr 13 2021

HP Smart was great program to manage any HP printer. The user interface was intuitive and it worked seamlessly with the two hp printers -- one at home and one in the office.. Then they rewrote the app and downloaded the update without my permission. The new app forces you to scan and print through the HP Cloud services. Even though this is a free service, I don't want it. I don't want to share my information to the cloud and do not see the need for it. HP has made it impossible to go back to the old version of the program and stop the updates. Totally ruined an app that ran and did what was required perfectly.

Extremely disappointed in HP and will be reconsidering purchasing HP products in future.

By Michael Kirk
Apr 06 2021

Printer connected to the router but computer says printer is offline. I have been trying for days to fix it. HP Doctor etc.

By K V Ramana
Mar 09 2021

The most horrifying experience in downloading HP Smart App for Windows, from Microsoft Store. Three days back download started and out of 91.49 mb so far 56.49 mb downloaded.

By Jeffrey Newmaster
Feb 27 2021

Installed the app on my smartphone today. Added a printer, after 3 times of the app saying it failed and try another password went to the home screen only to find the printer loaded with a green checkmark. Tried to print a photo, kept getting the printer is offline. Opened my tablet and printed a Word document, it was done printing before I could stand up and walk over to the printer. So the printer was not offline. HP Smart needs to go back to school and get smarter or you need to provide instructions that ANYONE can understand to make it work, How do I print from my smartphone using the HP Smart app, and please answer in plain English??

By Hector Lozano
Feb 25 2021

Your product is a piece of junk because it requires one to sign-in just to scan a document. Problem is if you don't recall your username or password YOU ARE SCREWED ! Who has the time to go through the username/password recovery process. HP should change the name from HP Smart to HP S___T.

By Hans
Feb 23 2021

HP used to be Quality with a capital Q...
This program is just ---beep--- . Keeps crashing, very slow and user unfriendly. Doesnt let me scan something from my own printer with going through the HP Account and Cloud... Why!
Printers are shown offline when they aren't. Or: "Scanner is unavailable now"... well, pretty sure it is not my scanner who is unavailable but the cloud of HP.
Stay away from this app. Look for something else. Anything but this.

By Rhonda Black
Feb 22 2021

HP Smart program for Windows 10 fails and creates endless loop whether I click no OR yes to "sharing usage data". HP Smart worked so well for so long. Neither laptop on our network will connect and we are STUCK. Can't WAIT to buy a different printer. No more HP products for my business or home. DONE.

By Laswrence Kaetzel
Feb 22 2021

Fix the problem with HP Smart program for Windows 10. I click no to "sharing usage data" and it sends me right back to the same screen. I am removing your inferior HP printers and terrible software and replacing with equipment that works. Terrible, terrible, terrible. I will NEVER buy another product from you.!

By Gianpiero Repole
Feb 22 2021

HP Smart worked fine from my HP laptop with all the HP printers for a year. Now I cant print or scan offline and it always wants me to share data and log in.

What a let down

By Gianpiero Repole
Feb 22 2021

HP Smart worked fine from my HP laptop with all the HP printers for a year. Now I cant print or scan offline and it always wants me to share data and log in.

What a let down

By Tiffany
Feb 22 2021

HP Smart was working fine Friday. Today (Monday) it says it can't find my printers; I've been using these printers with this program for 2.5 years. I try to reset my printers and it won't allow me to adda printer without logging in. So I try to log in and it won't let me say "No" to tracking. I clicked "No" 40 times. I work with a lot of HIPPA information and last I checked the USA is supposedly not requiring tracking for admission to programs you've been involved with for years. Ridiculous.

By Lydia Hansen
Feb 22 2021

HP app is awful - won't load to connect a printer.

It's so embarrassingly slow that I have instead decided to hand write the document, rather than waste more of my life looking at a software interface that belongs in 1999... the year I started trying to print this document.

Surely this app constitutes half of the business... why does it barely function..?

By Wyatt
Feb 22 2021


By William Taylor
Feb 17 2021

HP Smart will no longer scan directly to my computer. I do not want HP play around with my documents. You should at least let decide if I want your cloud services. I am now looking for a app to replace HP Smart.

By michael yoko
Feb 01 2021

Returning to store. Wont stay connected to wifi. Printed same pages over and over without stop until unplugged.
plug back in automatically starts printing same stuff over and over til out of paper and almost out of ink.
worst peice of crap I ever bought.

By Richard Wilson
Jan 30 2021

Like other users, the slowness of this application is bothersome. Just starting it takes at least 20-30 seconds. But my primary complaint is that it inverts (rotates 180 degrees) pages on documents--usually the second and third pages, the twelfth and thirteenth, etc. And then when I use the edit feature to rotate them, I can't figure out how to exit the edit and save the corrected document. I end up saving the unedited document with the inverted pages. This is a piece of software which needs a thorough overhaul especially from a UI perspective.

By Marek
Jan 29 2021

This is an user experience report on Apple MacOS. I spent too much money for a brand new HP printer/scanner and due this crap appliation all the scanning is a nightmare! All the UX is a crap.
Who the hell in HP invented that all the scans are processed remotely in cloud and not on my computer?!!!
It took 10 second on every click or move in the app that is being every time logging, registering and procesing somewhere in the cloud!
What is the most frustrating after every and each scan 8 out of 10 cases lead to the error "error to process remote service. Aborting and crashing". HP servers remotely processing the scans in the cloud are all the time down or overheated and refuses to process your scans. The app crashes all the time and you have to restart all the app in the mode "force app to quit" and to try it again.
A better app than this can made every 4-year old indian child! I don't understand where the hell HP hired those buch of idiots for developing this app!
Dont buy HP! Even their support web pages are obsolete, confusing, too slow or even down.
Really the most frustrated user experience ever!

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