Smart Home Manager Reviews

Smart Home Manager Reviews

Published by on 2021-06-07

Check out the incredible new version of Smart Home Manager! AT&T’s Smart
Home Manager gives you more ways than ever to personalize and manage your home
network. As an AT&T Internet customer, you can customize your home Wi-Fi network
and get a complete view from your smartphone. You c...

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Smart Home Manager Reviews

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    Inaccurate number of devices connected

    When I check to see the list of how many devices are connected to my network, I can tell it’s not accurate 99% of the time. It does show that at one point there may have been 13 connected but I know for a fact that there’s only 3 or 4 later on at times powered on and connected and some have even been completely powered off for literally weeks, or even months and they'll still show up as connected. I also can’t help but to think that it still does have an effect on how fast the connection is despite a vast majority of the devices not connected and completely powered off. For example, an old iPhone 5 or 10 year old Xbox 360 does not have the capability of being technically powered off, but still has the ability to be connected to WiFi (standby mode); yet the connected devices list will still show either one or both still connected for weeks or up to months on end until I turn whatever device on and then turn it back off. It seems like the only real fix on my end is to turn, whatever is not actually on and connected to my network, on and then power it back off. It’s ridiculous that that’s what I’d have to do to make me feel like it showing the number of devices connected is slowing my connection down late at night when internet traffic is at its least giving me the best of its capability. This has been going on for months now but now it’s just getting annoying if anything to be honest. Please look into a fix for this issue.

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    Do not become a victim

    We had AT&T TV and internet installed in our home recently. From the first day, the service was unsatisfactory. The internet speed was not as advertised. We utilized their in-app speed test while we had a customer service rep on the phone, which resulted in the range they advertised. However, when we utilized an independent speed test, the results were staggeringly lower. We tried multiple independent speed tests. All had the same results. We were not able to get any resolution with the speed issues after many phone calls, agreeing to pay more for faster speeds, and multiple attempts to have someone come back out. Eventually, phone calls and texts went unanswered. We chose to cancel the service after only 3 days service and many attempts to get resolution. AT&T is still requiring us to pay fees for a service we were never provided during those 3 days. I highly recommend you do not consider them as your service provider. Their customer service is non-existent. They will say anything to gain you as a customer and then provide NO service afterwards.

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    This could be a very useful app if it weren’t so buggy. I have 2 Airties WiFi extenders from ATT. If I open the “Devices” tab, it might show the RG and my 2 Airties, or it might show one or both of my Airties grayed out, meaning not connected. Often times it shows no Airties connected and all 22 or so of my devices being connected to the RG. Right now it is showing one Airties connected and one not connected. When I click on the connected one, the app says there are 10 devices connected but in the list there are only 6 devices shown. This is absolutely no help in troubleshooting when you cannot get reliable data from the app. I also have the desktop version of this app and you would think the data between it and the mobile app would be the same but it is not. I would be willing to give 5 stars if the app worked better but there is a lot of reliability and accuracy missing. I do not recommend this app as anything more than a gimmick. The desktop version is what I use because it is more accurate.

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    Go with cox

    Made the mistake of going with att over cox. First off they sent some lady to my home when they were installing some box in my home (another thing cox doesn’t make me deal with) and she basically sat and pitched me deals that att has. How annoying! Now within the first month the router they included when I signed up has gone out and I’m stuck without WiFi. I tried to use this app to get assistance but guess what I only get their worthless automated assistant when the WiFi is working! Cox WiFi is more reliable, they turn it on over the phone without installing phone lines in your home, they don’t force me to listen to their sales pitches, and for the most part their wifi was faster and more reliable. If I wasn’t tied to a contract I would definitely go back to cox. For now I’m burning up my cell phone data so I don’t fail my online schooling and lose grants that require me to pass. Because of att my cell phone bill will now be through the roof. So unsatisfied and broke at the expense of att 🤬

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    Buggy App

    Seems like application has always had bugs, very erratic. I currently have two extenders connected and in use. However when viewing Advance on Network, sometimes display shows items connected to Extender and sometimes to Gateway when signal is actually coming from extender. Glitch is mentioned many times in recent reviews. Been with DirecTv well over 20 years, Cellular and internet much longer. For past few years, service for all three products have suffered. DirecTv AM21 unable to edit OTA channels, Cell tower is two block away, signal down from 4 to 2 bars and internet infrastructure is close to 50 years old. Beach air and copper equal corrosion. Awaiting arrival of fiber to home service. AT&T and Spectrum are upgrading services in our city. Whoever offers it first get my business.

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    Great concept, poor delivery

    The app has some good features, if they worked. I’ve had multiple technicians come out to repair connectivity issues (Last one was today), and we are still experiencing the same issues with the app not accurately displaying what’s connected to the gateway. The technician was unable to pair Airties 4920 extenders using the app or his equipment, and AT&T Tier I level tech support told the technician they don’t provide support to the extender even though they sell, and sold, them to me and other customers. Why put out a product that doesn’t really give the user the ability to easily “manage” their home network, which would greatly minimize the need for so many tech support calls. My AT&T experience has been subpar and everything is layered so no one, except for the customer, has to take responsibility for anything.

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    Never shows devices connected to extender

    I have great AT&T internet, I think at times... The issue I have is that I feel like no devices can be connected to our extender we purchased from AT&T. When I pull this app up, and I go to tools> network health check. It shows all 14 devices feeding off of/connected to the gateway. And nothing on the extender... when I am upstairs playing a game, the game lags.... the extender is 10 feet from the console, and the gateway is right underneath, downstairs.. if this could be explained, I would give a 4 because there is always room for improvement 😉😁

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    This app is useless and the fiber internet I pay for is a joke. I thought I would be having better internet than when I lived out in the country with some no name provider I was wrong I never had a problem with our no name provider needing WiFi extender living in a larger home and now I have a smaller home and at&t says I need WiFi extender for best signal the tech didn’t want to put the modem where I wanted so it’s all the way in a corner of the house I never go to half way though the house I have poor or no WiFi and they want me to pay for WiFi extender I don’t think so I will pay for my early cancellation fee and change over to the cable internet offered hear before i spend another dime wit at&t and why do you offer parental control if every time I check it is turned off complete and total waste of money if you think you will have good internet

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    Was a 5 star, now a 4 star

    I recently upgraded to fiber and I love it. All of my 50+ smart home devices work flawlessly. However, simultaneously the “usage by device” function was removed from the Smart Home app. This was one of the most useful features as it allowed me to look back 24 hours or even a week and see ALL devices that had been connected to my Wifi...even ones that I do not recognize, so I could then black list them. The app captured the IP address as well as the MAC address of ALL devices that had accessed my Wifi. Now, if I’m going to catch someone piggybacking, I have to log on at the same time they are. Not very effective. PLEASE AT&T, restore that functionality!

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    Obsolete within an hour???

    Just had att installed in our house today. While the tech was working on installation, another guy came in to show us the app and how parental controls work. He used a dummy account on his iPad to walk us through it since our service was not completely installed yet. He left before installation was complete. Once installation was completed we tried to add our children’s profiles but the button was missing from our app. After trying to figure it out and watching videos from att website we called customer service. The rep told us since it was updated today we don’t and won’t have access. I told her the one rep showed us on the dummy account. She said that’s why it was a “dummy” account it didn’t have the “update” we had. Ummm how can it be “updated” if all the features are taken away?????

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    Horrible app, useless and very slow

    This app is very very slow and useless as most of the time it does not show the number of devices connected to the WiFi. It’s been a week since I installed this app and it has only showed me once about the number of devices connected to the internet. I tried to block one of the device to test how this app works and now I am unable to get to unblock the device as the app won’t show me the devices anymore. Each time it says “ we are unable to get your device info at this time, please try again later” it’s been a week and I am still trying. Very horrible app for a service provider like att.

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    Smart and Neat

    Didn’t know that this app existed until yesterday when there were ATT outages in DFW area and as any user hooked to the internet unwantedly, I started looking for ways to resolve it. Then I stumbled upon this app yesterday and it didn’t help resolve the internet outage for obvious reasons but when I signed back in today and checked out the features, it’s pretty neat and well thought out. Data usage, WiFi signal strength, preferrred extenders based on Home size, router details and pretty much everything needed is on it. Can kill devices which are dormant but still using internet.

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    I was lied to by ATT Cust Svc

    I just hung up the phone with ATT who told me this app would allow me to manage individual devices on my network, specifically they told me I could set time limits on individual devices. 100% false. The only thing this app does is allow me to view and rename devices. Worthless. There is no device management - can’t even kick a device off of the wifi. There are no parental controls even though their website mentions them and points to an “ATT/McAfee Internet Security Suite” download, which also upon downloading had no such features as parental control or wifi management. I called because I want to be able to turn our wifi off at night. I’d also AT LEAST be able to restrict certain devices, as needed but even moreso on a schedule that I don’t have to constantly fiddle with. What a pain!

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    Smart Home Manager works!

    I have had no problems or concerns with smart home manager. It allows me to see who is on the network and to personalize each of those devices with something that makes sense. It also runs an integrated Internet speed test which is great. It also has a troubleshooter for a slow internet as well as an ability to re-assign a device’s channel to avoid interference from outside-the-network devices. Finally, it allows me to see the network remotely and also inability to change the network’s password.

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    New update horrible

    It was working fine until they pushed through an update 4 days ago now I can’t manage my devices and can’t get into my fire stick with the internet because it was part of a profile and even when calling and chatting with support no one could seem to fix it or at least restart my stuff so i could log back on. Now when i log into the app i keep getting stupid error 300 and support telling me the app is working when clearly it isn’t. Just fix it so I can remove the profiles and not use it anymore this is the 3rd time in 4 months the app doesn’t work because they try to fix one thing and break 3 others.

A better way to Contact apps

You can now contact Smart Home Manager customer service directly
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Contact Smart Home Manager directly

Is Smart Home Manager Safe?

No. Smart Home Manager does not seem very safe to us. This is based on our NLP (Natural language processing) analysis of over 185,939 User Reviews sourced from the Appstore and the appstore cumulative rating of 4.8/5 . Justuseapp Safety Score for Smart Home Manager Is 19.9/100.

Is Smart Home Manager Legit?

No. Smart Home Manager does not seem legit based on our analysis. This conclusion was arrived at by running over 185,939 Smart Home Manager User Reviews through our NLP machine learning process to determine if users believe the app is legitimate or not. Based on this, Justuseapp Legitimacy Score for Smart Home Manager Is 19.9/100.

Is Smart Home Manager not working?

Smart Home Manager works most of the time. If it is not working for you, we recommend you excersise some patience and retry later or Contact Support.

Reported Issues: 1 Comments

By Edward Hohn
Jan 26 2021

app, not checking for signal

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  4. If you are a Smart Home Manager customer and are running into a problem, Justuseapp might not be the fastest and most effective way for you to solve the problem but at least you can warn others off using Smart Home Manager.

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