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Published by on 2022-07-25

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Reported Issues: 15 Comments

By not provided
Feb 02 2023

ios 16.2 stopped printing, reinstalled app. gets stuck on processing after selecting which printer to add

By Robert Stewart
Nov 21 2022

Re:HP Smart
Hangs when connecting on the chose a printer screen.
-From a document, etc.
-Select a printer
-List is displayed
-Tap on a printer
Sticks with “Processing” & spinner (forever).

By Kathryn Faggart
Oct 27 2022

Microsoft app for desktop constantly freezing. I have to uninstall and reinstall every time I need to use it.

By Timon Mills
Sep 13 2022

Can't login to HP account on my 2nd phone. My laptop and 1 device so far is working. Why is my other android phone not working?

By Vadim Rosenstein
Sep 07 2022

Good afternoon, Sir/Madam,
my HPSmart crashes on startup. I do have VPN installed but even if I disable VPN it crashes anyway. The program worked fine in the past, don't know what happened; tried to uninstall it and then reinstall it - fruitless. I'm running Windows 10 Home, Version 21H2, Installed on 7/‎22/‎2021, OS build 19044.1889, Experience Windows Feature Experience Pack 120.2212.4180.0.
Any help would be greatly appreciated.
Vadim Rosenstein

By Harleen W.Peterson
Aug 21 2022

I can't get HPSmart to load

By Kate Baldwin
Jul 25 2022

Never ceased to be amazed by the amount of problems with this software and printer. I'm actually disgusted at this point. Now it is repeatedly crashing. this is a straight-up scam. I'd like refunds for absolutely everything as I set up my new Brother printer.

By Charles Crowley
Jul 24 2022

Baffled by why HP Smart isn't displaying that famous HP reliability. Had to create a new account, had much trouble with passwords, finally got to the point it's saying "logging into HP" and showing the little spinner. It's been going over an hour. Meantime I scanned what I needed to with Mopria Scan in a few minutes from my phone. Can you explain what is going on?

By Debbie Klug
Jul 23 2022

When I click the app to scan, it goes to account login, and when I do that, it does not load. I get this error code, OW_500_OWSID00001.
Thinks I'm running the app through a VPN, and I am not. Very frustrating.

By Marian Gedye
Jun 19 2022

On iPad. Will not load, blank screen. Have tried uninstall, install. Have switched modem off and on. Uninstall, install again. Have checked WiFi connection, several times. Have changed HP smart password. Have checked iPad OS up to date. Have scanned for viruses.
Have been able to use on my lap top, scanned a document, printed alignment and test pages, logged in to check ink and ink deliveries.

By olivia
Jun 03 2022

Issues with HP Smart App.
Cant open it.. just wont load. Have tried uninstalling and reinstalling no luck.

Is there an issue with this app atm?


By Draco Judd
Jun 02 2022

It's working until i click on the picture i want to print. It gets to the loading screen and never stops loading

By Marjory Morford
May 18 2022

I am having issues using the HP SMART app on my MacBook. It opens but when I click Scan it tells me to sign in to my HP Account. Even after I do this, it won't work and suggests that it may be running in the background on a browser. What am I supposed to do after I sign in to my account? I am using the work around of using the app on my phone and sending it to my computer. Very frustrating.

By Vaughn
May 12 2022

In my hp smart app my mobile fax tile is not responding

By Peter Dodding
Mar 06 2022

On my Android phone I sign in with my username and password, then I get redirected to HpSmart.com, but it times out, says there is a problem try again later.
I have rebooted my phone and the printer, and the internet is working ok

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