24me Smart Personal Assistant Reviews

24me Smart Personal Assistant Reviews

Published by on 2021-09-20

"Best of App Store to manage your calendar, to-do list, notes and personal
accounts" - Apple. 24me is a Smart Personal Assistant - The award-winning app
that helps millions of people all over the world to boost their productivity.
It’s an easy-to-use and yet super powerful app that puts...

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24me Smart Personal Assistant Reviews

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    So Far So Good.

    I have been searching for ways to become more paperless and organize my day so I decided to give 24me a try. After a few days they sent the one time offer for the Pro Edition, which I decided to purchase. I am ok with one time prices but dislike monthly subscription prices. So far I have synced my 2 different work calendars and my personal calendar, but I was also able to do that in Google. The feature I like most so far is tasks. I use them for my daily to-do lists and set the Nag up so i keep getting hourly reminders. If I reach the end of the day and didn’t complete the task I just change the date to the next day and start all over. I also use task plus sub-tasks to create my shopping list which worked out really great today. I actually had two lists created, one for items I needed to purchase for work and a separate personal list. I have not used the note feature yet. I have been using Good Notes to create notebooks for each major project at work and have the ability to jot down things quickly with the Apple Pencil. Until 24me is compatible with the Apple Pencil I am not sure the notes function will be very useful. It is so much easier for me to jot a written note over typing. But I will keep working with it to see if I can find a useful function. Like I said in my title so far so good but and I gave it 5 stars but it is not a game changer for me but I also need to delve deeper to see what other functions I may be missing.

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    Never been so organized!

    I love this app I can add anything about my day including who I’m meeting! Remind myself to do both big and small tasks, keep lists; and even check off items as I get them done! I unfortunately am a poor broke college student and have no money to upgrade to the premium version of this app but I can imagine it only gets better. I would hope to see a possible option to maybe add in a work/ class schedule for the week? As of now you have to enter them as meeting or tasks and having the option to enter a long term schedule with work and school labels would be awesome! I would recommend this app for anyone who has a hectic schedule and needs who greatly benefits from constant reminders, before this app I wrote everything on my hand and lets just say this app has made things a lot easier!

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    Great organization help, needs a few fixes

    I love how much 24me has been helping me just in the first week that I've been using it. I've been much more organized and productive because of it! I love how it merges my to do list with my calendar and allows me to easily move tasks around. There are a couple of things that would make it even better. When I choose Sunday as the start of my week, and then set a task as weekdays only, the app incorrectly assigns the task to Sundays through Thursdays, making Friday and Saturday the "weekend." I can choose Monday as the first day of the week to remedy this, but then the calendar view is disorienting and confusing vs what I am used to. Another issue is that I cannot make a calendar event occur on weekdays only. I can do this with tasks, but not events. Also, is it possible to "cross off" a daily recurring task as it's completed each day without having the box pop up every time? (And still have the task show up the next day?) Thanks for making an easy to use app for distracted, time-challenged folks like me!

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    Terrible since IOS update

    I never leave reviews but I’m compelled to leave one now in hopes that it prompts another update. When I first came across this app in the App Store, it sounded like everything I was looking for. So I downloaded it. I was right, I absolutely LOVE this app! All of my list, appointments, tasks, meetings, etc are all in one app. What I loved the most was the ability to add a family calendar which we use for my kids athletic events. It has been everything I can possibly dream of having in a calendar app. That was until the recent IOS update with dark mode. Everything still works but it is EXTREMELY slow. Anytime I open the app it takes minutes for everything on the calendar to load. And to make matters worse, just days before it started acting up I paid for the premium version because they took away some features that I used often on the free version. So I paid full price for the app and now it is no longer working like it use to. I really love this app and was so happy to finally find an app that incorporates all of my needs. I really don’t want to switch apps so PLEASE HELP and fix this issue!!

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    Great app to consolidate calendars

    Pros- I’ve had this app since around Feb/Mar. I use both the calendar on my iPhone for my personal life and Outlook for work. This app is great for consolidating all events and reminders from any other calendar that you may use. You can also add events, tasks, and reminders directly thru this app. Also has a notes feature, but I don’t use it often. I think it’s user friendly as well. Cons- So far, the only issue I’ve had is with the Tasks feature. You can add in any tasks, and even organize them by category of tasks they are, but once you have completed the task, it doesn’t “go away.” So I have a long list of tasks that I have marked “completed” that still are visible. I would like to see them add a feature that says “hide/show completed tasks,” just to make it more organized. If there is a feature of the sort that exists, I haven’t figured it out yet. Nonetheless, would still recommend!

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    I’d love to try this, BUT....

    I don’t feel comfortable providing my credit card information BEFORE I actually try this app. I’d feel differently if the monthly subscription option was available. Losing $5 or $6 bucks is more doable than $30 for me. It’s a shame because from what I’ve read, I think this is the app I’ve been searching for. Calendar, to-do list, shopping list, Nag Up, color options, & more. It seems perfect! I just can’t run the risk of having to fight to get my $$ back in the event that I’m not satisfied with this app. Sorry! UPDATE... I’m highly impressed about the fact that my review was responded to so because of that, I’m trying out this app. It seems to have a lot of great aspects so I’ll update once I use it for awhile! Thanks for caring about your customers! 2nd UPDATE... I like this app a lot so far. I particularly like the way the tasks are setup. There are 3 separate sections; 1 for now, 1 for next week & 1 for later. This is extremely helpful when prioritizing tasks. Looking forward to exploring more ways to be organized. I use this app every single day & it’s so helpful. I wish I was able to custom set tasks though. I am responsible for particular tasks at work, but my work schedule is MWF & S so when I create a task & need it recurring, it only allows daily, weekly, monthly or yearly. I need to set a recurring reminder for every other day. This is just a little thing tho, other than that I Love it!!

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    Contact Integration Missing

    I really, really want to like 24me and make it my main calendar/To Do app, but the fact that it doesn’t have contact integration is a HUGE oversight! I don’t have time to put in each individual address as I see clients on the road every day. I emailed them this suggestion at least 2 yrs ago... still waiting. It’s odd to me that a business contact list is such a large part of doing business but seems to be the weak point and overlooked here. I’ll continue using other apps until 24me wakes up and see the light. I’m revising my original 2 star rating to 4 thanks to 24me’s suggestion to update by using Meet in the app to garner client location details. The app is still a bit clunky and not quickly intuitive but now that I can update locations on maps, and get updates on my Apple watch, I’m thrilled and I sincerely appreciate their correction on this oversight on my part. Thanks guys!

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    Finally found what I was looking for.

    1st things 1st, I have down loaded about 60 planner apps, this one is by far the best one yet, with the tasks on the calendar page, the ability to make grocery type list, and everything has the ability to attach notes, it has great reminder options, I can't say enough. For those people that can't get settings to work, they are working on the issue, I contacted customer support, they told me it has issues with older version 0/S. I updated and it now works perfect. They are working on the fix for older versions, not having settings is no big deal though now that I see the difference. But still nice to have. Over all fantastic planner app, with great customer service, they responded each time in less than a day. Good job on building this perfect app.

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    Unfulfilled potential

    I had high hopes based on the tutorial videos, but I guess a lot of the functionality has been removed in recent versions. You have to manually add each bill and a link to the website where you pay it, which makes it no smarter than a regular recurring calendar item, for instance. Also, it only links to the native Apple calendar, reminders, and contacts. This is mostly not a problem, except that Reminders is terrible and I’d much rather link to Google Tasks or something (anything else, honestly). They even have to use a workaround where users have to “archive” (i.e. hide) tasks in 24me in order to mark them done in Reminders, which is weird and clunky, and you can’t delete tasks at all, just archive them. So, two stars for the aesthetic and the ability to call/text/email from a calendar event at a single button touch (though who sets up a reminder to text someone instead of just, you know, TEXTING them?), but it’s not worth the annual cost to me.

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    So far... pretty great

    This app does the same job that I was using 3 different apps for. I had one for scheduled appointments, one for daily tasks, and one for checklists. This does it all, which I like. My only issue is that, while it does everything I need it to do, each area that it takes care of could be better. One thing I would like to see is an update with the tasks. I would like to be able to customize when they repeat. Such as... every other Wednesday, or every 3 weeks, etc. Right now the customization for repeating events is very limited. The other issue I have is that the app doesn't alert you if you're scheduling appointments that overlap. And, I would like a calendar view that shows me which time slots are already spoken for and which are still open. Lastly, I would like to see a little checklist icon on any task/appointment with a checklist. I would like to be able to push the icon and pull up the list only (instead of going into the edit screen for the task/appointment). That way, I can get to my list and check things off without worrying about accidentally editing the task/appointment itself. The app does and okay job covering each of the functions that I need it to do. They just need to dig into, and improve each function so that individual pieces are competitive with the more specialized apps out there. Keep up the good work guys. It'll get there.

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    Great app! Easy to use.

    At first, I didn’t understand how to use the app. Not because it is difficult to use, but I’m more of a paper planner kind of guy. The tutorials are phenomenal, and explained everything. So, as I went kicking and screaming into the digital age, I began to see the real value of these devices that I can’t be without. Kinda like when I finally decided to get an iphone. I bristled at the thought of paying so much for what seemed so little. Forget the fact that there was more computing power in the palm of my hand than on any Apollo Mission, I just couldn’t justify the expense. Now, I couldn’t see being without it. Non-productive time is now productive. I would like to say to my other neighbors in Bedrock, yes this app is awesome. Take it for a spin and see for yourself. As for me, I’ll have to put the cat out now.....WILMA!

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    Great Organizational tool!!!

    I’m very happy with the ease this app can be used. Sometimes I find it hard to stay focused. This app keeps me organized and focused. The easy installation of my information makes it one of my favorite apps. I have recommended this app to all my friends. My brother was amazed at how organized I am and I recommended he may want this app. He has Parkinson’s Disease and is starting to find tasks a bit difficult. Take the stress out of your life and get this app. I love that it welcomes me to a Good Morning, let’s me know what’s planned ahead and keeps me informed of my schedule throughout the day. Don’t want the constant notifications? No problem. Just set them to your liking.

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    It’s working for me - mostly

    It’s taking a little effort to transition from the default calendar on my iPhone, and I’m still not sure I’ve got 24me working up to its capacity. One concern: My wife and I send invites to each other from personal and work calendars. She downloaded 24me last night and we played around with it. I believe the sharing feature would work like the invite feature, but I doubt she’s going to give up either her work Outlook system or her personal iPhone calendar, so I’m not sure how/if our invites are going to work across platforms. Otherwise, it’s beautiful and the complete package for managing my time & tasks. I love having my own photos on the calendar. I’m working on a political campaign and I’m going to suggest my colleagues try 24me for coordinating our meetings and events.

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    Early results

    Using this to help me manage my classwork this past week and it has already shown results. The reason for 4 stars and not five is that I can’t customize events to repeat multiple times a week (like a class that meets on Mon/Wed/Fri). I have to set a repeating event for each weekday the class meets. One key to helping with a project (such as writing a paper) is to create tasks for each step of the process. In this, the Nag feature is great, but it’s behind a paywall. I’m lucky enough to be able to afford the $30/year, so if you can spare the funds, it’s a great feature. The link to the Apple Watch is key for me. My phone is on DND most of the day, but the watch keeps me notified (also silenced, but the haptic notifications allow me to get my reminders without disturbing classmates or professors.

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    Almost perfect

    I have been using 24 for as long as I can remember and many times I’ve tried other Todo apps and always come back. I was actually looking for a new Todo app when I came across 24 in the list of all the similar apps and decided I should rate this app and see where things are heading with it, and if I should continue or move on. I should say up front I am staying with 24 and holding out for a PC version to install on my laptop. The lack of a windows PC version is my only complaint. It would be great to have a version that would integrate everything that happens in that world without having to deal with google and there need to be in every aspect of your business and share it with the world. Keep up the good work!

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Is 24me Smart Personal Assistant Safe?

Yes. 24me Smart Personal Assistant is very safe to use. This is based on our NLP (Natural language processing) analysis of over 5,472 User Reviews sourced from the Appstore and the appstore cumulative rating of 4.5/5 . Justuseapp Safety Score for 24me Smart Personal Assistant Is 40.0/100.

Is 24me Smart Personal Assistant Legit?

Yes. 24me Smart Personal Assistant is a totally legit app. This conclusion was arrived at by running over 5,472 24me Smart Personal Assistant User Reviews through our NLP machine learning process to determine if users believe the app is legitimate or not. Based on this, Justuseapp Legitimacy Score for 24me Smart Personal Assistant Is 40.0/100.

Is 24me Smart Personal Assistant not working?

24me Smart Personal Assistant works most of the time. If it is not working for you, we recommend you excersise some patience and retry later or Contact Support.

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