Yahoo Mail - Organized Email Reviews

Yahoo Mail - Organized Email Reviews

Published by on 2021-06-10

Thanks for checking out the Yahoo Mail app—the best email app to organize your
Gmail, Microsoft Outlook, AOL, AT&T and Yahoo mailboxes. Whether you need a
clutter-free mailbox, added customization, different views for deals, receipts,
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Yahoo Mail - Organized Email Reviews

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    After AOL, yahoo.

    As my title intimates, my mail requirements suddenly changed and I was searching. Several products appeared promising with a apparent good fit,but I was paranoid. I decided Yahoo was my choice primarily for the organization parameters like my own filing system. It wasn’t perfect, yet we both seem to have grown-up a bit together. I trust Yahoo is not offended by such a comment and I, certainly, have not been. I feel your App of Yahoo has become like a brother or some animus energy with which I have a relationship. WhenI turn on my mobile phone, iPad or laptop, it is Yahoo with which/whom I communicate. New growth spurts are a bit difficult, but I figure at my young age of ~71 yrs. that is normal. Please, continue your most excellent Good work. I use your App because it is familiar. All of the branches from the tree trunk are exciting and new. However, the may be grafts with new issues, new DNA with wonderful possibilities. Do not forget whose roots are in the ground. So, “PS. I love your tree.” Best wishes.

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    No Setting For Notification Sounds

    Deleted app finally. I linked yahoo mail through gmail. I highly recommend. More flaws to report with yahoo app. I am using an iPhone X. Mail would disappear from the inbox if I clicked on a new mail notification. Would take hours to appear back. If I used the search to find an old email it would find the email and when I click on it the email it would just load and load an nothing would appear. I finally had to forward the email to gmail so I could view it. Also why should one have to pay to remove annoying ads which aren’t even applicable to what I am interested in. Worst app ever. Minus one star for not being able to change sounds for incoming & outgoing mail. If you have an iPhone you are stuck with the generic default notification and can’t change it at all in the settings of the app or in the settings for the iPhone. Second minus star that they show irrelevant ads in the top of the inbox. I don’t want to pay a dollar a month to get rid of it. If you want people to use your app rather than the default mail setting in the iPhone then get rid of that like gmail and outlook have in their free versions. Update to the developer’s reply. That is untrue. Both the Outlook and Google mail apps. let you change sound notifications within the “settings” of the widget themselves and not in the actual Apple settings.

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    I have Yahoo! basic were I don’t pay anything for it

    The only thing I don’t like about this and the reason I give it only two stars is not only do I get advertisements at the top of my email inbox but sometimes I get spam emails in my inbox instead of going into my spam folder and when I ask Yahoo! about this they tell me to upgrade to where I have to pay $.99 so I won’t get those spam emails or the ads up at the top of my email inbox that’s another annoying thing if it’s free then you shouldn’t have to pay anything to have the ad removed if you say you just like the ad you shouldn’t have to pay anything for an email service unless it’s a business account and you have a lot of other features and with me I just go ahead and send emails every once in a while and this is the same account as I’ve had for about five or six years since I opened my email address account and that’s my opinion of Yahoo! basic if I don’t want the ad they say it’s called the Yahoo! pro program and I don’t want to pay that because when I signed up for Yahoo! basic I was looking for a free and non- ad based email and that’s what Yahoo! was I know they have do you have to use Yahoo! pro if you don’t want the advertisements at the top why should you have to pay if it’s a free service for no advertisements why is it deleting enough

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    Doesn't Allow Scrolling

    When you try to advance to new emails further down the scrolling section of emails in the Inbox, Spam folders as well as your own created folders the app automatically scrolls up enlarging the scroll bar as it advances back up on its own making it 100% impossible to scroll down to any and all emails that are off the screen and thus further down. The only way to get to them is to go to Full Screen View on one email and using the arrows to advance down to earlier previous emails. Because of this it makes this app 100% impossible to use and thus really not worth any Stars whatsoever. Especially since this problem has been going on for months (since well into 2018) and all Feedback complaining about it has been ignored and it's only gotten worse with each update to this app. It used to only effect the Spam folder, then it also affected Created Folders and the Archives folder and most recently it's been effecting the Inbox as well. Thus with each time the problem has made the Yahoo Email App 100% impossible to use and requiring going to Safari or a Computer to get it to actually work right. With Yahoo also ignoring Feedback on this problem for months and not fixing it in any update this app is 100% NOT WORTH IT!

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    Absolutely WOULD NOT recommend till bug is fixed!!

    My PROBLEM/COMPLIANT is Yahoo continues to automatically add contacts to my contact list, even from all my Spam mail folder, without me telling it to. NOT a GOOD THING Yahoo. See previous review info below with details about what is going on. "Yahoo/App allows very little user control, yet their security seems to be very suspect. For example, every address, even from Spam emails, is added to your contacts list. Yahoo should NEVER be taking it on themselves to decide who I want in my contact list. I should have control of who I want added to my contacts, not the other way around. Certainly not Spam addresses! And once they are added, Yahoo makes sure you cannot batch delete them. (Here's an example of how many unwanted contacts are added in a short period of time): I had just cleaned out my contacts about a week ago. Today I had to go in and individually delete another almost 80 unwanted addresses. Should NEVER have happen in the first place Yahoo!!! Who wants Spam addresses automatically added to your contacts list? And if you want help, have a suggestion, or need to write Yahoo for assistance, there is never any help or response. They make sure their privacy is intact, they just don't respect ours."

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    It gets email!

    Outside of retrieving email, this app is not very user friendly. The Apple email app, which is already present and cannot be deleted, is equally as good, if not better. Or there are other apps like gmail that are cleaner and easier to use, even with yahoo accounts. After the initial review (above), Yahoo contacted me to ask me to tell them how to make their product better. I will try to put this into perspective. The Yahoo app is like a stiff version of Apple mail. Things are placed awkwardly and do not function smoothly or easily. And when I set up an account, my first attempt didn't go as I wanted it to. So I set up a second, duplicate account, thinking I could delete the first. But the app will only allow me to delete the correct account. The incorrect one does not show under Manage Accounts. The only way I can see to eliminate it is to kill the app and start over. As stated previously, my review is that until Yahoo does their own homework, there are better apps to handle your email. I recommend trying a side-by-side comparison with this app, the Apple app and the Gmail app. Then you can make up your own mind. I would lay odds that the Yahoo app is your first delete.

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    Great except for the “Deals in this Email” that dramatically slow you down

    I’ve used the iPhone Mail app well...since I’ve had my first iPhone. I’ve also always had a yahoo email address, and had seen they completely overhauled the yahoo app a little while back. I tried it and it was fantastic!! It made moving through all the mail (including junk mail) so much easier and quicker by simply swiping from email to email! However then the “deals in this email” started popping up and that wouldn’t clear the “unread” status. I tried emailing support to ask if there was a way to disable the deals component as it was quite annoying to have to back out of the message and go back in to “clear”and was given a canned response “we can’t respond to all emails so try our support page/FAQ”.....well, I also don’t have to use your app and can go back to my mail app. Then an update came out and that was gone...but then it’s back. Long story short, the app is good and user friendly...except for the pain in the behind deals from this email stuff, which if it stays will likey push me back to my native email app.

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    You know about spam reaching inbox for months

    But yahoo keeps sending to my inbox.. Tiffany and Co, Louis Vuitton are your favorite spammers. Why do I say that? They probably pay you to let them bypass the spam filter. You let them spam multiple yahoo accounts and from .eu email addresses, that means Europe. Now before you say, we will fix it, I’ve read reviews complaining of the same thing from Late 2017 and into January and February 2018. It’s May 2018. You refuse to do anything about it. Yahoo and Oath is a crap company. I’ve complained on Oaths Facebook messages and posts. You don’t even read them. Your a corrupt company that spams its members for profit. I don’t have this problem with gmail and I recommend gmail to anyone reading these reviews. You refuse to do anything about putting the spam in the spam folder( your not smart enough to do this) The spammers are smarter than your corrupt mail and spam teams. You like spam, you let them spam hundreds of millions of users, they complain, you do nothing. Fix your bad spam filter today. Oath is a spam company. You get rich off it, that’s the only reason for derelict of duty. 5 months ago someone complained here on these reviews. You haven’t and won’t fix it because they pay you to bypass the spam filter.

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    Not so good anymore

    I started using Yahoo email in 2004 and liked it enough to stick with it even in the advent of gmail, hotmail, etc. But I made a major mistake: I linked some accounts. It was great for a while, with the aliases available to one click to another of my several accounts, each with their own folders. But now I can’t unlink the accounts or be rid of the useless aliases, all the accounts have similar folders AND for some reason 2 accounts must have the same password. I spent $10 and 5 hours on the phone with “help”, working with 4 different people and accomplished nothing. Now I moved 2 of the accounts to gmail. $10 would have been a bargain for the amount of time spent with me if they could help, but they could not. At times I broke out in a sweat as it seemed as if folders and then even accounts with folders of important files from years ago disappeared, but then they magically appeared again later and my wet body relaxed a bit. AND I can only have 2 accounts in Firefox, instead of the 4 accounts that I used to have in Firefox. What a shame. If I could figure out how to easily move folders and their contents to gmail I would, even though I much prefer Yahoo when it worked.

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    Should be ZERO stars, but not allowed. When you tap a link in an email it doesn’t open your web browser, it opens a yahoo browser. It’s a way for yahoo to not only track which sites you connect to (always did that), now their browser lets them see what you look at, what you buy, and your personal information. If I can’t find a way to disable their ‘fake’ browser soon will delete this app for sure. ****I KNOW that I can tap the compass icon to get to my web browser, but that’s an unnecessary step I shouldn’t have to take. If yahoo hadn’t added the extra step I wouldn’t need to complain. And please no more claiming that yahoo didn’t do it to track my online browsing!!!**** Also if you tap on an email to flag it, it often disappears, then you have to go to the flagged (now called starred) emails and hope it’s there. It also happens when you try to open an email to read it, sometimes it will disappear too. Then you have to go into another folder and come back and hope that the email has reappeared. And finally the yahoo email app frequently does not send a failure to deliver message when emails don’t go through, so I had no way of knowing how many people weren’t getting my email!!!

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    A Wonderful Support

    I have enjoyed Yahoo for many years and look forward with enthusiasm to many more. Several years ago, however, there was a horrible virus that blocked over 100 of my replies from perspective employers—several of which were very important university position offers. For a year, I had not heard back and assumed my applications were being rejected by the perspective employers. I would have wished that Yahoo would have had a mechanism to informing the senders that these replies had not been received by the recipient (me). The blocked messages were released to me all together a year later—excusing Yahoo from any role in the problem. The perspective employers paid no attention to me when I told them of what had happened since Yahoo didn't send an apology. I had no proof of this mishap. That breach prevented the perspective employers from offering future invitations to their university position. Few employment application catastrophes can happen. Ms. Rashid

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    My honest review

    Yahoo Mail was my first ever email address when this whole internet thing took off. I eventually found out that I was going to need a different, or another email address because this Yahoo address was filling up fast with garage mail, or spam and my important emails were getting lost in all the spam. This was years ago, whenever all this started out and I now have 4 email addresses. I use each email address for a specific purpose, but I still use my Yahoo mail for getting information from the net knowing that whoever I’m getting the information from is going to sell my email address to a spammer, that’s why they’re is nearly 10,000 emails in my inbox and I have to delete another nearly 2000 garbage emails in my Spam Folder every week. It seems like the more I Unsubscribe to many of the emails the more I get. It seems like Yahoo is nothing more than a Spam destination, but now some of my other email addresses are more spam lately. Although you could say I’m not exactly happy with Yahoo mail, I very much like Yahoo Financial & Yahoo News. It keeps me updated on the things that I’m interested in...

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    Notifications fixed in latest update

    Update: 4.5 stars The notifications finally got fixed for me with the latest update, and the badge on the app now finally shows the correct number as well. My only complaint now is the ads that show up in the list of emails that you have to scroll through. I think that the ad at the top of the list is enough. Previous review: This app has become nearly useless to me because it doesn’t show me incoming emails in notifications. At first just the badge notification (the number on the app) stopped working and showed either nothing or the number of new emails since I had last opened the app (which wasn’t always accurate), but now it shows no badge and it also doesn’t send push notifications when new emails come in. I have tried re-downloading the app numerous times (which is how it got messed up in the first place, I re-downloaded the app to free up space), and no luck. If this doesn’t get resolved, I’m gonna find a new mail app.

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    Yet another improved version that is not an improvement

    If it ain’t broke don’t fix it!!! Where is the viewing sort email by sender function? I use that to delete emails by sender and it is so much easier to clear the inbox that way. Swiping to delete a couple of emails is OK but when you have hundreds or thousands of emails to delete swiping or touching each one is not a desirable option. Before the change, I could sort by sender and highlight one email, hold the shift key click on an email way down the list which highlighted all other emails in between, hit delete and in a couple of key strokes I have deleted a hundred emails. Why take that ability away? That has been one of the major problems with gmail, you cannot sort by sender, which made yahoo mail more user friendly thus more desirable than gmail. Developers pat themselves on the back for giving users the ability to use emojis or gifs on a grand scale but take away the basic functions we use more. If a user is not interested in emojis or gifs then you have not improved anything with new and so-called improved versions you have just create a great deal of frustration and animosity for you product.

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    Top email untouchable

    I’ve been using this app for years and it has been great the last year. Even if something seemed strange one day, a bug fix update was done before I even had time to look into it. But, I just lowered my rating to 4 stars because this one issue has been annoying me for several weeks! On my iPad, I cannot select the top email in the inbox. If I select the one below it, I can also mark it for deletion, but I cannot select it to read it. I’ve uninstalled and reinstalled the app, restarted my device, etc, but to no avail. This is super annoying and I see another user is experiencing the same issue! I’ll go back to five stars once this is fixed because the app is otherwise great! Answer to developer: It happens only on iPad and both on cellular and WiFi. I don’t have yahoo mail pro, but I do have a paid account for ad free mail although that is not an issue in the app.

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Yes. Yahoo Mail - Organized Email is very safe to use. This is based on our NLP (Natural language processing) analysis of over 2,504,504 User Reviews sourced from the Appstore and the appstore cumulative rating of 4.7/5 . Justuseapp Safety Score for Yahoo Mail - Organized Email Is 45.6/100.

Is Yahoo Mail - Organized Email Legit?

Yes. Yahoo Mail - Organized Email is a totally legit app. This conclusion was arrived at by running over 2,504,504 Yahoo Mail - Organized Email User Reviews through our NLP machine learning process to determine if users believe the app is legitimate or not. Based on this, Justuseapp Legitimacy Score for Yahoo Mail - Organized Email Is 45.6/100.

Is Yahoo Mail - Organized Email not working?

Yahoo Mail - Organized Email works most of the time. If it is not working for you, we recommend you excersise some patience and retry later or Contact Support.

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