BRD Bitcoin Wallet. Crypto BTC Reviews

BRD Bitcoin Wallet. Crypto BTC Reviews

Published by on 2021-06-25

Buy, sell and exchange cryptocurrency on one of the most popular bitcoin wallets
in the world. Always fast, easy, private, and secure. We make it easy to buy
bitcoin (BTC), bitcoin cash (BCH), ethereum (ETH), ERC-20 tokens, and several
other cryptocurrencies. Also hold your favorite De...

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BRD Bitcoin Wallet. Crypto BTC Reviews

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    Excellent Wallet - Super Simple and Secure!

    This is simplest, informative, and secure Crypto Wallet I have seen. I will give it a higher rating once there is support for other currencies... Such as ETH, Dash, IOTA, KMD, Walton Chain, VeChain, ICX, QTUM, EOS, NAV, Nano, etc. I really expected this mobile Wallet to be much more diverse in Wallet Currency... I would have thought that the Top 25 would be useable in this Wallet App. Seems to only have BTC & BCH at the time of writing this. This is something that will make or break an app in this market... I have hope for the BRD team and think it has great potential. There needs to be a BIG push to support many other Coins for it to really be adopted by many in this competitive market niche. Looking forward for more innovative additions as time goes on! Thanks! Update: I actually have some BRD and really would like to see a greater selection for the coins. My rating will change once there’s much more variety to the application in terms of support for other currencies... It’s great that ETH is being added, but look at the other wallets out in the market... Look to add Nano, IOTA, and others that many don’t support or yet to support... That’s what WILL pull more attention to the Application completely. To simplify some of the more complicated wallets out there right now... I want this to be successful as much as the others that have a stake in BRD too!

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    Good wallet with caveats

    This wallet is beautiful and simple. It is great too have ether and other coins on it as well. But not enabling rbf for Bitcoin is more than just frustrating, it makes sending bitcoin a gamble. It's hard to show people Bitcoin or pay for anything in general if I'm not sure if it is going to show up on the block chain. It is embarrassing when using the wallet to show newcomers and infuriating when trying to actually use the wallet. If the wallet had a way to increase the fees after sending, it would be usable, but it only gives a slow send and a normal send, no option to send quickly or rbf. Nobody has tell hours to wait around for your tx to hopefully make it into a block. I just had to apologise to someone and explain what 5mb from tip meant. They just wanted their money and were non plussed. Edit: Thank you for the response. I still feel that the ability to speed up the confirmation of one's transactions is important. Maybe leave it in an "Advanced" section of the settings? Secondly, I will add that there is currently no way to send all the funds in your wallet to someone. Without extremely tedious guessing and checking, users wishing to "send all" are left disappointed, and are inevitably left with dust in their wallet. All other mobile wallets all have this feature.

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    Good app BUT...

    It’s a great app in general but the reason I am completely stopping using it as of today is because, each time I get a payment and want to see it in my balance, it takes HOURS of having to leave the app open and never, ever close it during the so called “sync” process. If i get a payment today and open the app in 2-3 days, i have to wait for 3 painful hours, during which the app HAS to be opened, while it syncs. If you close the app just once, or open a notification or anything, the sync starts again from 10%, for another 3 hours, IF you can keep the app open all the time, the phone charging and not accidentally close or check any notifications. Otherwise, another 3 hours during which your phone cannot be used. Not to mention that the app says it’s updating since March 2017 lol. I hope the devs can fix this, after which I might consider using it again as it’s a really good app. But until then, goodbye!

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    It was the best until run a backup

    I’ll be straight forward here. This was the best usability wallet with just few issues like not allowing to copy values from the screen when I want to have separated notes. Turns out that after years of use, I need to run a from zero install and used my backup to restore my wallet. First it couldn’t connect to the BTC, the couldn’t sync, and as I kept trying and following the support steps, now the app crashes in the password screen. I fully lost the access to my assets, all of it. Luckily I have a backup phone that still works. But the thing is that overtime if you use this wallet, it will become unstable and you will eventually lose access to it. So I can’t recommend. It will works good until the day that you replace or reset your phone. If I didn’t had my other phone still working I would get absolutely angry and desperate to recover my assets. My best advice is to not install it, use another wallet, the devs are focus on adding features to this wallet and it lost it’s usability and stability over the time what makes totally unusable and too dangerous to store any assets in it. Your experience while not many transactions will work well remember the problem is over the long term use. If you still want to use this wallet, at least once a year create a new wallet and migrate your assets before you lose access to it.

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    Great simple app and great customer service.

    Been using this for over 5 years and it’s solid, dependable and simple. Even when they added the new currencies it’s still stupid easy to use. Also, never had to use support until this week. I went too trade some btc for bat and the btc network was so slow the trade was cancelled. I had missing funds so had to contact BRD support. Well, on a Thursday night they replied within 15 minutes and after some exchange they put me in touch with the trading partner support. By the next morning I had my BAT in my wallet. Pretty awesome support if you ask me.

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    Well what would you know. I opened an account entered all info requested and voila, my phone number, which It was correct when I entered it, next to my phone number says it’s from Russia. Well that went bad for me and who knows for whom it went good. Tried to fix it about 8 times and Russia still appears. Got support 3 times to help with the problem, with didn’t work and after that they not even responding to my email. Not even to my request to close the account. Bread it support to connect to the Glidera network for transactions and guest what, bread does not show connected to Glidera. Now, who the .... it’s been handling my personal and bank info. Well, I guess I leave that to CNN and MSNBC wish took interest in the matter. I suggest you give them call also.

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    You’re on your own when something goes wrong…

    Just hope you don’t run into any issues because this developer provides minimal technical support. My Bitcoin wallet got stuck syncing the blockchain— across hours, on different days, and different data connections. Upon launch it first displays the word “Syncing”, followed by “Connecting”, which appears next to an empty progress bar that never progresses. Not even a little bit. Their explanation to me after having me try different data connections (different WiFi networks, my cellular connection), force quit the app and reboot the phone, was that the data connections all must not be sufficient. Yeah okay, I just happen to only have access to insufficient WiFi networks (my home network included) as well as my AT&T LTE network, that can stream Netflix but are unable to even begin to sync a blockchain over the course of up-to 10 hours. Right… If this is their answer, they better list “Fiberoptic Internet Backbone connection, minimum 100% uptime” in their system requirement.

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    Great but could a few updates

    This app is great! I love that it has many different options of crypto to buy and the vibrant colors are a nice change from the boring single color scheme of Coinbase. The two things I would like to see are an easier way to exchange between the cryptos, right now you can buy certain crypto with another like ethereum or bitcoin but it would be nice to have more options there. Second, live updated charts on crypto currency prices would be a sweet addition too. Thanks for the great app!

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    Keeps getting better!

    Updated Review, July 2018: I’ve used this now for several months. It is absolutely the best mobile wallet out there. The team is constantly improving the user experience. You’ll not be disappointed! Original Review, Spring 2018: This is the best crypto wallet yet. I really like the added feature which allows you to purchase cryptos from within the app. It is another step closer to decentralized exchanges. This wallet really makes you feel like you have a bank in your pocket!

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    Very good mobile wallet

    This is only iOS wallet that puts you in control of your private keys (that I know of). Which makes it (potentially) one of the most secure mobile wallets. There are however some things that need improvement. There's should be some advanced features added for those of us that need them. I.e. The ability to set custom fees, the ability to generate new receiving addresses, and to change the BTC sub-unit used if desired. All things considered this is a very good mobile bitcoin wallet and is certainly one of the best I have used.

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    Lost $5000 so far!!!! Update: Got it back with my own huge effort

    Been using bread since 2017, while it was still called breadwallet. Was delusioned by the positive reviews. Now recently I updated the app-not done it before, and the 4 digit pin turns into a 6 digit one! I can’t log in! 0.5 BTC stuck! Support is not helping. At all. They can fix it, my seed is still stored in the app on my phone (encrypted by my 4 digit pin). But they won’t help, won’t even give me an older version to download so I can decode the seed with my 4 digit pin, not 6 digit. Why is this freaking happening at all? Update: can’t believe I managed to get it back, after such a horrible experience, with my own persistent effort and hard work. The developers even refused to send me older ipas and I had to retrieve them myself. To clarify-I got the funds back myself after a serious amount of hard work and effort. It was very carefully reverting back to an older version of bread. The whole process was a nightmare. I can only raise the rating by 1 star.

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    Like it, not love it.

    Transactions are easy, interface is great, security features are fantastic, and the fees are reasonable. The only thing I didn’t like is that fees are inconsistent. I needed to sent 2 sizable transactions (many thousands USD) back to back. It worked well but was charged different fees for each transaction, even though they were the same dollar/BTC amount, and were only 2 mins apart. It would be cool if we could set the urgency of the transaction to lower fee costs if we didn’t mind the traction taking hours vs. minutes.

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    Good But Slow Sync

    Good app but most times it takes hours to update my balance and it keep sync for a very long time. At the moment it is more than 1 hour passed from the payment that I have received, but it still does not update my balance. Even does not update transaction list to show unconfirmed transaction.

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    👌Serves its purpose and Reliable👌

    A Semi-hot wallet that is decentralized and simplified and clean UI. Although it lacks some features like "advanced settings mode" This simple extremely easy and secure wallet is my go to. With no servers to get hacked or go down, I never have to worry about DDoS attacks or accounts hacked. It's practically a hardware wallet. Although it boasts simplicity, I feel like adding MultiSignature definitely would be a better upside. Other than those 2: 5 star!

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    Definitely best mobile BTC/ETH wallet.

    I’ve been using BTC for years now and Bread has stayed my go-to mobile wallet for the past 2 years. I’ve had zero problems with it and IT JUST WORKS. Super easy to navigate. I initially chose it because Bread doesn’t store any assets on their servers. It’s nice to know I don’t have to worry about hackers running off with my coins. Whenever I have a friend ask how they should get started using BTC, I always send them to this app.

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Is BRD Bitcoin Wallet. Crypto BTC Safe?

Yes. BRD Bitcoin Wallet. Crypto BTC is very safe to use. This is based on our NLP (Natural language processing) analysis of over 11,015 User Reviews sourced from the Appstore and the appstore cumulative rating of 4.6/5 . Justuseapp Safety Score for BRD Bitcoin Wallet. Crypto BTC Is 63.7/100.

Is BRD Bitcoin Wallet. Crypto BTC Legit?

Yes. BRD Bitcoin Wallet. Crypto BTC is a totally legit app. This conclusion was arrived at by running over 11,015 BRD Bitcoin Wallet. Crypto BTC User Reviews through our NLP machine learning process to determine if users believe the app is legitimate or not. Based on this, Justuseapp Legitimacy Score for BRD Bitcoin Wallet. Crypto BTC Is 63.7/100.

Is BRD Bitcoin Wallet. Crypto BTC not working?

BRD Bitcoin Wallet. Crypto BTC works most of the time. If it is not working for you, we recommend you excersise some patience and retry later or Contact Support.

Reported Issues: 1 Comments

By Robert
Apr 07 2021

I was trying to sell my balance and it stays on the "Loading..." screen when i tried to verify my email

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