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About Crypto com

What is Crypto com?

The app is a cryptocurrency app that allows users to buy and sell over 250 cryptocurrencies, including Bitcoin and Ethereum, at true cost with 20+ fiat currencies or credit/debit card. It also offers features such as Crypto Earn, Crypto Credit, Missions, Visa Card, Pay, and the ability to track 250+ coins with its cryptocurrency price tracker. Users can also securely store their crypto by integrating the app with the DeFi Wallet App.



- Buy and sell over 250 cryptocurrencies, including Bitcoin and Ethereum, at true cost with 20+ fiat currencies or credit/debit card

- Set up automatic purchases for weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly trading

- Earn up to 14.5% p.a. on your crypto with Crypto Earn

- Deposit Bitcoin, Ethereum, and other crypto to get an instant loan with Crypto Credit

- Complete Missions to earn Diamond and redeem it for Mystery Box to get rewards of up to USD 1,100 of CRO

- Track 250+ coins with the cryptocurrency price tracker by setting up Price Alerts and Price Movement Alerts

- Access, manage, and spend your crypto anytime with the Visa Card

- Up to 5% Rewards back on card spending (based on card tier)

- Unlimited access to 1000+ airport lounges globally on select cards

- 10% Rewards back on bookings on selected travel websites

- Pay with 30+ crypto and earn rewards with Pay

- Instant settlements with zero gas fees

- Get up to 4% crypto rewards when shopping with Travala, Alternative Airlines, and hotels

- Get up to 2.5% crypto rewards when shopping for airlines gift cards

- Securely store your crypto by integrating the app with the DeFi Wallet App.

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Key Benefits of Crypto com

- Fantastic for both beginners and veterans alike

- Quick process for ACH transfers

- Can turn a few hundred bucks into tens of thousands

- Pay yourself first without increasing the amount of stuff

- Better odds than any casino

- Helped in recovery of stolen crypto currency coins and tokens

24 Crypto com Reviews

4.6 out of 5


Doesn’t allow you to buy crypto after a while using the app.

I’ve been using Cryptocom for about 6 months now and was actually enjoying it. But for the past week I have been trying to buy different crypto and everytime I try, it never goes through. There is always a blank white page after trying to buy anything. Sometimes in will say there is an error that occurred. So I contacted Cryptocom through the chat and they could not help me at all. The help chat is completely useless in this issue. I asked if there was a number to call but the chat doesn’t help you with that either. Then I figured maybe it’s my bank that is not letting the transaction happen but I called my bank and they said they haven’t stopped anything or seen any attempts to buy crypto from Cryptocom . Today I tried to delete my card information from Cryptocom and then re enter my card information to buy some crypto to see if that would make it work. To my surprise the error occurred did not pop up this time but instead Cryptocom says that my card issuer declined the transaction and to call my bank to fix the issue. Well I did call them again to see if now they where declining it and they told me again there was no attempt to buy any crypto from Cryptocom . My bank didn’t decline anything. So Cryptocom is just falsely accusing that my bank declined it. Cryptocom has to many bugs and when you need help for anything there isn’t anyone to actually talk to. It’s trash.


Investors beware

Cryptocom started great, it has many good features like the airtime pay for cellphone service that you can use with the Crypto that your holding. The downfall happened to me recently after securing the account with 2fa. In the beginning of the account security it was great, transfer went smooth, but then there was a attack on CRYPTO last month that caused some disturbances resulting in a 2fa reset forcing certain users to apply this change. Since this was done for me already it didn’t bother me until I went to transfer funds to discover the 2fa was not accurate. This is where the problem started. I contacted customer service and the bot spat out a inaccurate solution resulting in me texting a random agent that request that I submit a video for “security” reasons. After providing said video, it was not good enough, so I have to change email address to “secure” the account. I thought it was over until I get another email saying “he he hee” we need another video of glycine hiding a ransom sign. Now the crypto card I have is frozen and this is still a ongoing issue.

Update: In order to Get back into the account I had to literally submit 8 MORE VIDEOS!!! Keep in mind that it’s in a UNSECURE EMAIL, which means your identity will be compromised by another party to be used without your knowledge. This is a Major concern of mine and with the current trend I’m not sure if I will be victimized by this FORCED “security” policy.

Again beware…..


DO NOT download or put money in this app!

I’m an Admin in a trading group and we all share different ideas and alert each other of apps that steal your money. Cryptocom is horrible!!!! On Cryptocom I had most of my money in ALGO (Algorand). It took a nice 20% increase and I went to go take the profits and move them to CRO. MAGICALLY my ability to trade was stopped! I contacted them, took screen shots, let them know what was going on and that I was losing my profits by the second…. They responded saying it would be fixed later. Not “let us trade it where you need it or anything of the sort”. They waited until it dropped all the way down to what I bought it at! Then had the audacity to say, and I quote ”. Thanks for the reply. I totally understand, however, the issue was resolved and you were able to withdraw the funds.
If you have additional questions do not hesitate to get back to us.” They basically said screw you the same way Robin Hood app does. Scams. COINBASE and COINBASE PRO is the way to go. DO NOT GET SCAMMED WHEN YOU SHOULD BE MAKING MONEY! Again, do not use Cryptocom. Buy rates are always off compared to the actual market and always in their favor. They say on these reviews “contact us and we’ll look into it” but they just blow you off once they scam you. You buy for more than the market and sell for less and they don’t let you sell if your currency you’ve put money in pumps. I wish I could put negative stars instead of one.


Not too happy

At the beginning, I was happy with Cryptocom it is a nice app in the sense that you can earn additional income from owning the different crypto assets. The only issue and the biggest issue that I have is that when I try to make purchases with my debit card, it’s a hit and miss and more often than not It is a miss. When I try to make a purchase some of the times it will go through most of the times it doesn’t go through and the issue is not my bank it is the application. I tried to go through their customer service, but their best advice was to transfer money to the application. What if I don’t want to transfer money, I want to use my debit card so I can purchased the crypto as I go along. Also,If you have a customer that is telling you there’s an issue with a certain part of the application why not try to resolve the issue instead of telling them to not use that part of the application and do their purchases a different way. Overall, yes I do like the application, but I get frustrated very often with it because of the fact that I cannot make my purchases that easily. When I started using the application, all my purchases were going through nice and easy but now I do not know what it is that they did and it is just not that easy. Hope you improve Cryptocom and make it work the proper way.


Fantastic Platform!

Do all of your DD before diving into digital currency. This platform is fantastic for both beginners and veterans alike. There are many benefits baked in and from my experience, Once I’ve initiated an ACH transfer from my personal account, I’ve had access to the funds within 24 hours, in my Crypto account. That is a huge deal. I’ve used Other platforms where transfers have taken 3 days to complete, and up to nearly 3 weeks. Hoo-rah to this team for creating a quick process, among all the other benefits of their platform!!! One suggestion - I don’t believe any of these platforms have utilized yet - Y’all should integrate a way for users to buy crypto with their “Apple” balance or Apple gift cards. If I were to receive a gift card, other than shopping, I can’t convert the balance into fiat, but it’d be wonderful to sink that balance or gift card into CRO, ETH, SHIB, etc… When a user initiates a buy order, Cryptocom gives about 12 seconds to confirm, I believe that’s because of price fluctuation. I wonder if the same concept could be used to buy increments of altcoins - i.e. $20 for 20 worth of CRO… ? Either way, great job, keep it going, and hoo-rah! Happy Holidays!


Just not sure anymore

So let me begin this review by stating I have only been into crypto for a year. With that being said I am still learning but I have also experienced a whole lot with some hard learned lessons in that year as well. Okay, so I looked up all these other exchanges binance, Coinbase, robinghood etc etc. i had tons of difficulties until I found cryptoapp. I found Cryptocom very simple to use and not confusing buy and sell transfer simple. And I also found that the customer service was always there to help and quick with responses and all of my issues were resolved. However in the las week I have noticed that I am not able to top up my card with the same debit card I have been using this whole time and cryptodotcom cannot help me out just tells me to use a different card so I did and yeah exactly, still unable reached back out and they don’t know and can’t help. So then I tried to make a purchase and yeah same issue and yeah they cannot help. And I am also seeing others on social media are having the same issue. I used to believe Cryptocom was going to take over the crypto space bc of their customer service but now I’m not so sure and I can only give 3 stars now. Bery disappointed with their customer service as of late so sad.


Great for new users

Been using app for about 8 months, easy to use, you do get harassed with proving your income, way beyond reason, in to things that is frankly none of there business, wife closed her account as a result. Also it’s said buying at true cost, but the fees hidden on exchange from trading a coin. Was not easy to find costs ahead of time for me at least. It is easy on and off for through ACH with Chase bank, had trouble with 2 other smaller banks limited to 1k and 5k transfers, chase allows 25k, once I did a withdrawal and had no issue. They just now opened up US to use a separate program to exchange tokens ( coins), so should be less expensive fees in trading and remember you will pay transfer fees to other crypto wallets ( called gas fees), but the coins moved dictate the amount, due your research before trading to check tax consequences for each and every transaction, can be a nightmare! I gave app 4 stars, over all better that Coinbase as far as I’m concerned. Look at there debit card choices, nice options and rewards. Other features are nice like staking stable coins, however they just announced a reduction in interest in staking those. Overall great company, growing leaps and bounds


Great service but....

There service is great. Very easy or somewhat easy to navigate, it took me a little while to understand everything, but now I get it. I was able to deposit money on my Crypto account from my debit card pretty smoothly. Taking money out is pretty straight forward as long as your bank is on the list of compatible banks (which are big name banks and credit unions) I have a very small credit union so I had to open a bank account that was on that list. Pretty common with most app involving bank linking. The only thing I would like to be improved is faster customer service. They will always help you and resolve your issues but you just got to have patience. I understand because of the increased interest in Crypto which increases customers which inevitably increases issues. That being said...customer service response time: ⭐️⭐️⭐️. customer service helpfulness/problem resolution ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️. Platform and navigation through app ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️. Information and transparency ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️. Anyway I love Cryptocom so far and I think you should give it a chance. I will leave an updated review 60 days from now.


Most fun I've ever had getting rich

Turning a few hundred bucks into tens of thousands, even while I'm sleeping is the most fun I've erer had buying stuff! I've heard my whole life "pay yourself first" but that amounted to impulse buys for more junk I simply don't need, burying me in useless detritus I can never find when I need it 'cause it's buried under other just as useless rubble! Buying crypto gives me that endorphin hit I desire without increasing the amount of stuff soffocating my very existence. It's also hitting that betting urge and at much better odds then any casino. Advice, buy for the long term, only spend free money that you would've wasted on something mundane. I started by buying 20,000 shares of VET @.02 cents ea. It's now at about,07, buts been as high as .11, I have no doubt that future readers of this review will look back on these figures and wish they bought in while it was so undervalued. In closing: I'm not a financial advisor and money runs through my fingers like water through a net, Cryptocom after so many failed attempts to save money has finally allowed us a savings. It's a great feeling.


Good and bad

I really like using Cryptocom to trade cryptos because it is fast and has great coverage of many coins out there. I think it is shady that there’s a magic “premium” added to coins when BTC is rising, and this is a money grab in my opinion because that premium is not applied when you sell. For example, CRO was .1210 when I tried to buy, and after doing the math (which is not provided because they know it’s shady) my average cost was somewhere around .125. Not a huge difference but that is hard earned profit by this point. I have been trying to get my CRO card for weeks now and I have been told that the only way I can continue with my application is to provide a picture of my SSN card. This was due to me moving addresses multiple times in the past few years because I am a college student. It is very frustrating and the support, albeit responds in a timely manner, does not seem like they really want to get you to your end goal. With all that said, I still trade here and love checking in on my cryptos. Unfortunately, after my staking period WHICH IS DUMB BECAUSE I DID NOT EVEN RECEIVE A CARD is over I will be transferring my balance to coin base or some other more reliable system.


Okay I’m doing a new review.

I’m only giving four stars because you really need to do your homework to learn about prices. The coins themselves have different sale % that come off the top. Crypto itself has no fees for buying/a unless you’re using your debit/ccard. However you need to learn the sale percentages of the coins. The price reflected on the graph daily is not the actual price. That’s the buy price. What I do is use the Binance app for the real price so that I’m not ticked off when I sell and find it’s $20 to sell when actually they’re reasonable. Setting up a bank account requires specific banks. Make sure yours is on the list. Once you get the hang of the fiat wallet and your buy/sale percentages it really is a great up. Set all your financial stuff up and get your bank account squared away before you buy anything. Get secure with how to get your money back into your pocket. Easy to use. Highly recommended.


No process or system whatsoever

So I downloaded this 4 days ago and my account is still pending! My friends downloaded Cryptocom after me and within the hour their account was approved! We provided the exact same information to them. My pictures I submitted were just as clear as theirs! Absolutely ridiculous! Your guys system is terrible! You should verify the people IN ORDER! That’s what good customer service is! There is no reason I should still be waiting for approval if my friends were approved that fast!

So now I have yet another friend who downloaded Cryptocom and was approved in 15 minutes!!! You guys need to get organized because this is just terrible!!! Not to mention the fact I have now contacted y’all through Cryptocom 3 times and have emailed y’all numerous times now! No response! No help! No anything! Email me back and verify my account please!

Now After a few days I finally got a response to my email. You know what it said!? To reply to their response if I needed help and they would email me back within 24 hours as a priority. They never emailed me back when I replied!? What kind of customer service is this?????? Is this what you guys do? Take all peoples information and photos and then keep it for yourself and not even verify them or help resolve their issues!?!?


Deceitful with terrible customer service

I’ll start with the positive. And the ONLY positive is the variety of Cryptocurrencies they operate with. But that does no good because their price reporting is inaccurate. I figured it was a bug and reached out to support. They did nothing but copy and paste responses, and when I tried to get them to elaborate on what I’m asking I was told to “consider the subject exhausted.” Meaning they had no interest in telling me what I was trying to find out. They will show and record incorrect or higher than market prices, and those prices are shown when buying, but if you already own a coin, and go to sell at that same time, the selling price is magically way lower than any other price they’re showing. They’re graphs only load when they want, I couldn’t even try to tell you the refresh rate. I found out all of that AFTER trying to figure out how to move my money around in they’re system. You can buy with a card no problem for a fee, but when you go to sell or withdraw your funds you must make a separate wallet account, attach your bank account to it, and then start a withdrawal that takes a day. The entire App is made to take and keep your money. I applaud those who think positively of Cryptocom . I wish I could too.


Absolutely the best 💯

How this site helped me in recovery my stolen crypto currency coins and tokens from telegram scammers: People all across the world are hearing about the quick profits that early Bitcoin and other coin investors are making and want to get in on the action. But be aware that where there is big money, there are other companies who are abusing and exploiting the situation. In my case, a phoney telegram group admin contacted me and sent me a phishing link with my 12-character recovery phrase. These nefarious individuals obtained access to my cryptocurrency wallet and stole all of my coins and tokens, totaling more than $ 730,000. I was in great despair due to this situation, I was confused till I saw a few comments about SPYTECH , I sent them a mail . This recovery company is really God sent. After relating all of my predicaments, details of incidence and necessary requirements for my recovery program, it took them less than a week to track and recover all of my tokens and coins back. You can send them message via Gmail SPYTECHTEAM49 @ gmail com


Shady business practices

BE AWARE AND LOOK AT THE REVIEWS, LISTEN TO THE CORRUPTION WE HAVE TO FACE. It takes months to fighting back n fourth to get an account deletion. They sold my personal information to the EU, IRISH PROTECTION AGENCY AND OTHER UNKNOWN ENTITIES WHICH THEY REFUSE TO TELL ME WHO. They said just file a complaint with a protection agency? Im in California so they pulled some shady stuff using other countries laws to protect them. The USA cannot and has no jurisdiction to who these idiots spontaneously say file complaints with. They illegally say they are holding my personal information for 5 years as to throw a tantrum for me closing my account. They do not have to hold it this long. They legally can but they do not have too n because i want my account closed due to some corruption this is how they fold there arms and cry. Their response is so bad im just glad im done doing business with idiots. Who use laws from other countries which we as Americans do not have to abide by at all!! Just to prove how they can corruptly watch your financial transactions. They are watching my banking activity even after i closed my account!! Be very very careful when you open an account here. They have added illegal activity to there terms and conditions which no other entities do this and call it legal. Only these idiots


Beware of this site

I downloaded Cryptocom on May 19th, it’s been 18 days now of emailing back-and-forth and also using the chat on Cryptocom which does not work very well and is no help. Do not invest any money through Cryptocom unless you are 100% approved. This is a nightmare and I’m starting to wonder if this is a scam. I have sent in my drivers license, proof of my physical address, a selfie of me holding up a piece of paper with the date on it and everything that they have asked for to prove that it’s me and I have a physical address.. I live in a town where my mail is delivered to a PO Box. I’ve given them both my PO Box and my address. I’ve been told they can’t except a PO Box. I don’t need to receive any mail from them and have given them my home address like I said. They had no problem with me taking my money through my ATM credit card but now I can’t sell anything if I want to because they can’t approve my information and I certainly won’t buy anything else through Cryptocom. Trying to find the email for the CEO @ Kris Marszalek, is impossible. I am outraged, to say the least. I need this resolved as soon as possible. You already have my money, my info and everything that you’ve asked for.
Buyer beware. 🤬


Best recommendation so far

Cryptocom works fine and I will like you all to know How I recovered my lost coin and Nft . I’m sure not everyone out there have knows about Ganesh. I’m so glad I met this amazing RECOVERY SPECIALIST after doing my research online. A scammer on discord contacted me and tried to lure me into a binary options investment scheme which I was reluctant to join, this guy later found his way to my email address after exchanging contact and stole all of my coins worth about $40k and NFT, I was absolutely devastated, because I felt I was careful enough, but you can never be too careful with these rippers. I sprung into action, I did some personal research and I read great testimonies about an excellent and very prompt recovery agent with the address Cyberhackexpert7 on g m a i l , I provided the basic information and requirements after I reached out to him, he swung into action and retrieved all lost funds within few hours of investigative and hacking services . I am so excited for this great favor and I promised to refeer.


Slow, glitchy, and mild scamming

First off im in the US, which means Cryptocom offers a lot that many here don't.
The issue is that Cryptocom is almost unusable. If anyone says Cryptocom is easy, they were lucky or lying. Banks consider it a scam, so just getting past that is a pain, but even if you do Cryptocom has an extreme chance of just glitching. Then if you do manage to begin trading there can be serious delays of over a week making it difficult to make time sensitive decisions. Lastly is what i consider to be mild scamming regarding transfers. Transferring into Cryptocom was very easy... Transferring out after being disappointed was obviously set up to be difficult. Setting up transfers is extremely glitchy and made me have to write down addresses manually because Cryptocom would glitch every time i went to copy one. Also with minimum limits far higher than the ones set for transferring in, i literally couldn't take out what i put in. Lastly Cryptocom is just simply slower and clunkier than any other crypto app ive found.
I would consider this a work in progress except they have spent so much time and resources over the past year on marketing instead of development, so my hopes were completely gone.



They restricted my account because I accessed form my iPad and they deemed it as suspicious activity so I can’t do anything in my account I can’t withdraw, sell trade or anything! I contacted them several times and I confirmed all the logins and I have sent a selfie with my name and date three times already and they still won’t help. The only time they answer is when I begin the support chat with “I want to close my account” they keep saying they need to confirm that my account is not under suspicious activity and that for me to close they have to enable my account I do all the steps they ask and nothing! Oh and they take forever to respond but if you take too much time to answer back they will close the chat and you’ll have to start the process again. The last thing I heard was “I’ll the revenant team to know that that have to enable your account” which was a week ago and they no longer answer. How many times do I have to confirm the logins? how more selfie’s do I have to send ? How many more chats do I have to start? This all started on the 16 of February it’s been over a month and still no help and no change. Please listen to negative review of at least this one and use any other app.


High withdraw Minimum, bad 2fa for some, high withdraw fees

All of these problems are only issues for the user who is moving under $1000 dollars per transaction. Their withdraw min is currently .003btc which at the time of this review is around $150. Small time funds will always be locked unlike many other exchanges with much lower, usually 0.001, or with Gemini, 0. If you’re using this to invest small time money of DCA I highly recommend turning away. Cryptocom has a $20 withdraw fee at .0004btc to move it to any more secure wallets. Their 2fa bugged out and I had to reset it. I had to spend over 4 days sending and buying funds to get enough btc to finally withdraw just to discover there’s a $20 withdraw fee. Every other exchange I can think of has fees so small they’re still under $10 when moving thousands. Half of this bad experience is due to my negligence of not researching withdraw mins and fees. So it goes to show to do your research. Either way it would not have ch aged my opinion, My mistake doesn’t negate that Cryptocom still has high withdrawal mins, high fees, and high withdraw fees. Steer clear really, their cards aren’t really too worth it if your a small fish. You need $1000s of dollars to get the food benefits.


Surprised by all the 1-star Reviews

Little bit of history on me, I applied to the waitlist prior to the US Launch and although the wait time for launch was long, the platform and application are absolutely phenomenal. Comparing Cryptocom to my Bank of America, Wells Fargo, Chase etc. It is far more advanced in UX, functionality, and number of features just totally blow the others out of the water. The only thing is you can’t invest in the stock market through this, but that’s not really the point. That’s the realm of traditional banks. I am very impressed with Cryptocom , support, and metal card itself (tap to pay!) - its an amazing conversation starter and you *definitely* get people asking you about it. I did complain because it *looks* like you are being charged 20% higher rates at some restaurants when the pending transaction posts (company explained this is a “hold” for tips). After verification I can confirm that the pending charge reverts to your actual payment amount, but this feature is definitely concerning to the unenlightened.

Definitely see this company as one of if not the leading crypto with a viable (to say the least) product that we can use every day and that has legitimate advantages to traditional banks. I have made $ too...


Don’t listen to the negativity, these people are quite clueless

I will admit, MCO started off on a bad foot however recently they’ve really stepped up their game. I’ve been in the crypto industry since 2012 and I can confidently say that Cryptocom is one of the easiest to use and is by far the cheapest and best place to purchase crypto with a card. Compare Coinbase prices side by side and you’ll see exactly what I mean. Not to mention MCOs support being infinitely better than Coinbase. They actually provide live support which seems to be getting better and better over time. Yes you need to stake your coins to receive a metal card, but what did you expect? The cost per person on these cards are not cheap, and you’re actually helping yourself by supporting the company through staking anyways.

Don’t listen to the whiners on here who are complaining about this and that, from what I’m reading it seems like most of the issues people are having stem from their own mess ups such as sending BTC to their wallet with low fees. Don’t blame your own ignorance on MCO. Overall, MCO gets a 5/5 from me due to how much they’ve improved in such a short period of time and how much superior their system is over the competition.



I never review apps lol but I made an exception... it’s simply a great app! Beautiful design, easy to use, yet provides enough data for the more experienced users. Crypto Earn is amazing! I have yet to receive my card, but that’s because I live in the US and they just started shipping. If you want to take advantage of every aspect of crypto, Cryptocom is all around for you. It’s a multi purpose crypto wallet with the feel of a large bank! One thing I do think they need is a desktop platform.. so far they’re in the number one spot for the market they target, but imo a desktop version would give them a significant advantage over their competitors. As far seeing the bad reviews on here... working in business myself, reading the negative reviews then using Cryptocom .. I can say in full confidence that the negative reviews are due to user error lol regardless, give Cryptocom a chance! It won’t disappoint. Oh an No I’m not affiliated with them lol I just really like it


This is awesome!!

Crypto adaption is here!! One stop shop. There support here is spot on. If I have questions or issue they get back quick and resolve issues quick!! I started out with the basic card by accident and upgraded to the jade card with help from support. Then I got my card Friday and went to activate it on Saturday morning the activation button was not there I contacted support and I gave them a screenshot and they said they would have there team take care of it and it might take 2 maybe 3 days because it was the weekend. I checked it late that after noon and it was fixed and now my card is up and running!! So impressed!! Coinbase Who?? Your at the right place at the right time here. I don’t usually give reviews but I’m highly impressed with the professionalism they have here!! They are the winning team!! Thanks you for your awesome support!!


So far very happy with this company.

This is the first crypto related business that I feel is extremely professional. Unlike Coinbase I can actually chat within minutes to a very good customer service rep regarding questions or problems. I’m using the 500MCO stake to get 3% MCO back which is amazing. Its a nice hedge against iF the price of MCO drops. It takes while to figure it all out but you can do a lot with Cryptocom and card. Buy Crypto, use the card with fiat currency as a prepaid debit card. They are starting an exchange, stake and earn interest on some cryptos. This is a very professional company in my experience so far which is a very fresh in the crypto world. And as I said you can actually talk to someone when you need to.



I was one of the first to sign up for early access when the MCO app first launched, and I already have the red metal card from staking 50 MCO for 6 months. I was really looking forward to using my card I waited so long for, but it seems I shouldn’t have gotten my hopes up.

First off, topping up the card is a nightmare. It never should have launched in its current state. It requires that you wire money from your bank to another using checking and routing number (all US establishments charge a transfer fee which costs around $35 at most banks). So each time I’d want to top up my card, it’d cost $35.. not cool.

Beyond that – as if that part isn’t enough to steer away 99% of potential users – there still isn’t a way to export a transaction summary for tax purposes. So if you do actually load the card and use it often, then you literally have to write out each transaction and deposit on your own.

I can’t imagine there are many people out there actually using this right now. I mean who wants to waste their time entering each transaction / MCO reward deposit into a spreadsheet to bring to their tax advisor when tax return time comes around? Fix these major issues and I’ll update this review. Until then, I guess I’ll just be using my Apple card.


Smooth as butta

Cryptocom is awesome and they are nothing but professional at all times! Only reservation is that they can ask for more personal information at any time for no reason at all, and they will hold a pending order hostage while they are verifying your information for the 4th time. Unfortunately, if you absolutely need to have a reliable source to purchase and the trade or sell your currency, I would go back to coinbase because Cryptocom had unexpected reasons to ruin their financial relationship with their own customers! Other than that.....they are GREAT!!!


Warning: outside transfers take 24 hours!

Just moved $22 worth of bitcoin into this wallet it took 24 hours! Also when I tried to move it out to pay somebody it is still sitting and says “pending”, and will probably take 24 hours again. Just when I thought Cryptocom was worth the accidental click from theyre aggressive ad placements, I had high hopes with no fees while trading, it makes up for it with it taking a full day just to make one transaction! match that with their gauging 3.5% buying fee and I give it overall an OK. Cryptocom is overall very slow and needs more coins. Also the minimums are too large! How my supposed to get my leftover amount out of my wallet?? Allow more flexibility!


Your 1st Crypto App...

I've been investing and trading crypto currency for about 2yrs and I must say, this is one of the most convenient apps for buying/selling some of the top crypto. Its very easy to use, they have different tiered debit cards, Cryptocom is available to use in the USA, and from my own experience so far the customer service has been excellent. I wish I had something this convenient to use when I got started and I definitely recommend Cryptocom for newbies as well as seasoned crypto traders/investors.



I downloaded Cryptocom under the premise of these COOL metal cards with neat benefits and such. After further reviewing, the really cool features require a stake in their crypto.... that’s fine. But most of the lower tiered cards have a slider to show benefits with or without a stake leading one to believe the card is obtainable without a stake. Even the site makes it appear that way. After speaking with support, it’s only an option without if you’ve maintained your stake for 6 months. A frustrating waste of time for me. I will not be depositing my crypto in their wallet as their verbiage seems tricky. Last thing I want are my funds to be tied up with a company due to fine print issues.


Easy to use and quick/helpful customer service

Crypto currency was a new venture for me and only Cryptocom was correctly able to teach and explain the process to me.

Customer service even reached out to me on their own initiative to explain why a withdrawal had failed, and using their advice, was able to succeed in what I was doing. (They don’t yet support Bech32 Segwit enabled wallets).

Their low fees are unmatched everywhere I’ve looked so far and I will continue to use this service as long as that’s the case.

Purchasing crypto is instant, and withdrawal to an external wallet usually takes about 24 hours.

The security protection is helpful. A digit based password is required to open Cryptocom and every time a purchase or withdrawal is requested.

If you’re new to crypto currency, this is a great place to begin!


Best place to buy crypto for sure

Sleek app with Low fees or none pretty much when trading crypto to crypto. Fast withdrawals and deposits for the leading coins (may take longer for low cap alts they’ve recently added). The Visa card looks great and sounds great, can’t wait to try it out after the USA launch this summer. MCO token has crazy utility that will lead to it growing in value a lot when all cards are launched and the platform on boards more users. People sleep on this one.


Needs work

I love every single thing about this company and what they have developed over the years. Everything down to customer service is beyond exceptional. The only reason I gave a 4 star was because the iOS App is extremely buggy ! I think they should focus on touching up Cryptocom . A bonus would be to add tax loss/gain section to make it easier for tax season. Besides that keep up the great work guys you will change the financial industry for sure 👏


Best Crypto Wallet ever!!

This is the best crypto wallet ever and I’ve literally experienced most wallets available in US and this has to be the best. Has the most available coins and tokens to buy and true prices. I’ve never had one problem with Cryptocom and they’re headed for HUGE growth! Love it. Only thing is, you cannot withdraw directly to your bank from Cryptocom. You must send you assets to wallets such as coinbase to withdraw. Overall GREAT APP AND WALLET. Excited to get my Card.


Bullish on MCO

Giving four stars only because disappointed by the five star reviews that sound to me like self promotion. If you must, to counter 1-star besmearers, make it sound natural. Preferably, find ways to attract honest reviews from genuine advocates. Stoked about the promise of perfect interbank exchange rates. The metal card seems pretty cool too. And the business plan looks tight. If the Monaco team delivers, they could be a leader in this space.

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Is Crypto com Legit?

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