Wells Fargo Mobile Reviews

Wells Fargo Mobile Reviews

Published by on 2021-04-15

Simplify your life and stay in control with the Wells Fargo Mobile® app. Manage
your finances; make check deposits, add cards to digital wallet, transfer funds,
and pay bills, all within the app. Manage Your Accounts • Quickly access your
cash, credit, and investment accounts with Touch...

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Wells Fargo Mobile Reviews

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    The Patti Effect

    I’m very app challenged, especially with the Wells Fargo app on my phone on how to do a bill pay. Patty has helped me on several different things including the bill pay and she made it as easy as tying your shoes. She has been “our” favorite banker for a very long time and I made sure my son went to her, my Pops is the one who said to try Wells Fargo and so now allot of our family go to Wells Fargo. I will be totally and completely honest, there have been some cashiers or bank tellers that were not even close to being as helpful or as welcoming as Patty has always been but she is so good she makes up for there short comings!!!!! Thank you for allowing us to have her in the little town we are in. She has taken a personal touch to some of the terrible things that I have gone through and made them A lot easier by giving advice or a easy tutorial in how to use the APP that I was glad I could even take pictures. I Sincerely from the bottom of my heart I thank her and Wells Fargo for helping my kinda of people!!! Andrew was another great guy! He helped my son when he was under age about how to go about this money that he was getting from an accident when he was 18. He definitely helped me as a single mom how to make sure he doesn’t blow it all and so forth. GREAT EMPLOYEES FOR BOTH!!! THANK YOU FOR BEING THAT TYPE OF BANK/ BUSINESS WHEN I NEEDED IT RHE MOST!

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    Wells Fargo app

    I was a customer of Bank of America for many years and I really being a customer, however when I got married my husband was a customer of Wells Fargo and he recommended for me to switch banks and so I did and I am so happy that I did. It’s so very convenient the bill pay that I use every month. I also love the fact I can just place someone’s email or phone number on the sure pay and transfer money to another bank with a instant. My friend and family are so amaze how I can do that through a app. I also use the transfer and pay every month as well, love it. I must admit that my favorite part is the ease of sending money to others love it!!! It’s also very convenient to check my balance from anywhere that I may be at. I also wanted to share how awesome the customer service is. I also love the fact that every month I get my credit scores on my app they also email me to inform me that they are available to check on my app, yes they are that awesome 👏. For this and many other reasons I definitely recommend this bank. If you’re not a customer I suggest to become one you won’t regret it. I’m going to be a customer for as long as I can, Thank You Wells Fargo you’re number one ☝️ in my book.

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    Good but could be better

    I have been with BOA since 1996 and just recently switched to Wells Fargo! I was not happy with the customer service from BOA and their lack of regard for my business. The only thing good about BOA was their mobile app! The layout is amazing and it’s super easy to use. With WF there is much more clicking and going back to previous pages to get to another tab. It makes it easy to forget where to go for information. There are some drawbacks with WF. $300 max atm withdrawals. Yikes!! I know you are worried about Fraud but let’s come to a better number. BOA -$600. Being a new customer with WF, they placed a 14 day hold on my initial deposit. That includes weekends. With that being said, I still would prefer WF with their competitive rates and additional products. Getting back to the app... The development team should take a look at how BOA designed their mobile app. Using the term BillPay is helpful because they just have a tab called transfer and pay. Again, u have to select from the drop down tab to find this stuff. Can’t you remove the tabs from the bottom and replace with common things people use while browsing the app? Way too much clicking in my opinion. Lastly, transactions should be easier to find and updated after a purchase. Need to fix this because it can throw people off with their balances. Don’t lose sight of improving the app. You are still lagging with having it more intuitive!!! More tabs and less clutter.

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    The app takes time getting use the layout.

    The Wells Fargo App works really well from a first time users standpoint. I use to be very much against doing banking online and having my account numbers on the web. I set up my account in the branch closes to my home and the banker who set up my account also helped me set up my online sign-in and how to download the app. She did a wonderful job explaining everything about my online and in store experiences and very much to my satisfaction. She was excellent. Every time I come into that location I am greeted by my first name and helped very courteous. The online app is very much the same way. Once I learned where certain information was on the homepage it was a breeze to navigate and accomplish my banking goals. I am not a super tech savvy person and I found this app to be very easy to learn. If I ever have questions I go into my local branch or call the 24/7 number and I am helped almost immediately. I enjoy the personal touch that Wells Fargo offers me. In a world dominated by computers and automation it’s nice to see a smile and hear a non-computer generated voice on the other end of the line. Thank you Wells Fargo. You made me a lifelong customer.

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    Wells Fargo Mobile App

    The Wells Fargo Mobile App is very Convenient & Easy to Use!!! I like being able to check my account balance at anytime and anywhere I go. I also like being able to send money through “Zelle” into my mother’s account without the added hassle of going to the bank and withdrawing the cash to pay my portion of monthly bills. My only dislike of the Mobile App is the fact that sometimes the available balance shown on the account is not always accurate. Due to the fact of ATM fee charges on withdrawals being taken sometime after the transaction instead of when the transaction is posted & done. I have had to keep an extra written balance on my account to make sure that I don’t overdraft my account and even then I have had to go back and deposit money to keep my account balanced. The email alerts are super helpful as well. I get alerts for any activity is done on my account and when my account reaches or drops below zero balance enabling me to be aware of any fraudulent use of my account or overdrafts. Overall I think it’s a great way to keep track of my banking!!! Definitely satisfied with the mobile banking app.

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    Best Banking App Ever

    l've been a Wells Fargo customer for 30+ years. Wells Fargo pioneered & perfected online banking. Banking & bill paying used to be time consuming & tedious chores. Now all my banking can be performed instantly at any hour of the day on my phone. The app is reliable, responsive & very intuitive. And they are always making it easier to use & more functional. If you are not enjoying a similar experience, I suggest that you use another device or change your ISP. I still love using this banking app! It saves me so much time & energy that I used to spend paying bills and balancing my checkbook. I rarely have to visit the branch to conduct business. What I love the most is how responsive the app is at all times. Unlike so many other apps, there is never a delay to login or log off. That is incredible considering how many customers are sharing the system at any one time. From the outset, Wells Fargo recognized the importance of online banking and dedicated the resources necessary to stay at the forefront of this technology. It’s the reason I still bank here despite the negative press they have generated.

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    Lack of customer service

    I was recently charged over $375 in Overdraws, I HAD overdraw protection and it seems that the ability of the app to CURRENTLY reflect balance is off. I made one purchase knowing I would be charged and had no problem paying the $35 fee, but when my bank then had a positive balance and I made 10 small purchases and unfortunately had to overdraw again. I was beyond surprised to see that not only was I charged for the transaction in which I knew I would have to pay, I was charged for the previous 9 also, so I was left with a total of $385 in fees. I’m now 2 weeks late on rent and have to wait until my next pay check and pay late fees to my landlord and cell phone. You guys wouldn’t waive not one fee, the basis being that when my account was hacked (lack of security from WELLS FARGO) I was refunded $210. So apparently you guys only cover your own tail and could care less about someone who has been with you since the age of 18. I hope someone sees this and realizes the real and true ripple effects caused by your guys’ predatory practices. After all the lives you guys have ruined I would hope hat someone with a heart, who knows financial hardship reads this. I’m a 33 year old single father who has his own business attempting to make a life more my child, but can’t because my bank, of all I institutions, is not trustworthy with my money.

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    The app is user friendly and a pretty good app in general. But, it could be better. I would like to see an update where I am able to see transaction history that is updated immediately once a transaction occurs. When I was with a credit union I was able to do that with their app. Though we are already able to get some of that info via text, I would like to have an option to view that on the WellsFargo app. So for example, let’s say I spent $20 at a movie theater. I would like to go on the app and have the option of viewing that purchase; how much I spent, when, and where. With the credit union I was able to do all of that by going to my available balance and from there I was able to see my account details where I would find my recent transaction history. Emphasis on details. So far with the WellsFargo app I get some of that info via text only, but it is not detailed at all, which is okay because it’s text. I just get a text weeks after a transaction(s) telling me I spent X amount of money. When it’s multiple transactions I am told I spent “a total amount of X”. I don’t appreciate the lack of details. Having that option on the WellsFargo app would change my rating to 5 stars.

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    Wells Fargo Bank is number 1!

    Prior to using Wells Fargo Bank I used a different local bank. I wasn’t happy with their disregard for the customers. There was no personal connection between the bank reps and myself. I’m sure I’m not the only one who felt this way. My son told me to go to Wells Fargo. He’s been with them for three years and he’s got no complaints; not one. So here I am. I sat at a desk of a very helpful gentleman whom took me through the steps of opening a checking account and setting up my personal debit card. That wasn’t all he did for me. We went over all my finances and he gave me suggestions for improving them. I have to say he was very thorough!! I didn’t think there was anything else to learn but he showed me differently. My finances are in the best shape they’ve ever been in and I owe it to the gentleman that sat patiently with me and taught me something new. Wells Fargo treated me like a person, not a number; and they know my name. The rep was very patient, courteous, respectful, and genuinely cared about me and my situation. Thank you Wells Fargo!!!

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    Running Balance from previous month

    This is app is not honest! I always pay my bills in full every month and this is the first time I let there be a minimum balance to flow through the next billing cycle. I just got off the phone with a Wells Fargo Banker and she agreed that this is not right. She told me to be aware because you would have to shuffle through to find out yourself if there is a previous balance that can’t be paid in full until two billing cycles when it shows on the statement. WELLS FARGO NEEDS TO INCLUDE A CONSTANT RUNNING BALANCE THAT SHOWS THE COMPLETE TOTAL OF EVER CENT. They confuse you by putting “out standing balance” making you think that it shows everything that is owed. Don’t be fooled, there is an “running balance” (I know I’m not teaching anything new, but In only regards to this app) that is hidden that if not paid get charged interest!!!!! Anything to make a penny. I’m frustrated and I Hope Wells Fargo adds this as a feature that whatever balance or purchase (excludes pending transactions)should be part of a running balance. That when it’s time to pay off the credit card in FULL and the options it gives on the amounts to pay off that one of the options is to TRUELY PAY IT OFF IN FULL and not Gove you a balance of thinking your paying it off but leaves a surprising balance on the next statement.

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    I wish Wells Fargo

    I wish Wells Fargo app showed more choices to navigate through what all is available on their app because I cannot see how to find what should be simple to use instead of how their app doesn’t give me a clue about how to change my notifications when I log on I should be able to see all the different information that they actually have online otherwise it’s very convenient to have access to something is better than nothing I do not see where you can edit a payee why can’t Wells Fargo make it user friendly for their app on your phone and IPad?? Please improve this feature and while you are at it pls make a way for us to view our credit card balances I closed my credit card because I ended up in a credit card collection agency! All because I couldn’t see my 25$ it ended up being over $200 in late fees! I had to pay someone to fix it for me because I was disabled I couldn’t use my hands on the keyboard it was a horrible experience so I barely use credit cards for buying what I need. Thank you for letting me help you improve your website online...

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    Need to improve on the mobile check deposit

    It is convenient to use it. I can do mobile deposit for my paycheck. But draw back is it is very easy to deposit the check to the wrong account since I have one business account and one personal account. Today I log in to my accounts and click on the Business Account, then press the check deposit, After I finished the deposit the screen went back to personal account then I realized the check went to the wrong account. I went through the operation one more time, then noticed the after press the check deposit button, the screen has a place that I need to select which account the check goes to, otherwise it will go to the default account of personal account. Tomorrow I will need to go to ATM or bank to do the deposit, that defeats the purpose of mobile deposits. The other drawback is the monthly limit for mobile check deposit too low. I have have paychecks once every two weeks, I have to deposit my second check to my other bank account due to the limit. The 3rd drawback is the account transactions. The withdraw and deposit amount not quite easily distinguishable. I wish the withdrawals can have negative sign at the front just like the deposit with positive sign.

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    I am not a real wizard when it comes to computers and online travel. Some banking apps I have tried recently had slow response times, poor graphics, trouble at sign out, and some were just too difficult for me to be bothered with. Going out to my Home Branch or other convenient Wells Fargo Branches to Deposit, Withdraw, Transfer, or to be given up-to-date information about my accounts, was what I was doing for years. Sometimes 2-3 times s week. I’m stubborn but FINALLY after much wasted Time and Travel (money & stress). I gave Wells Fargo Online Banking a shot. The application is easy to navigate, and very quick to get to or change a particular area of banking you require. Twice or more I have utilized Wells Fargo’s Online Banking in order to provide front and back copies of a check transaction. I, personally can’t think of anything accept for getting cash, that I can’t complete via Wells Fargo Online Banking. If I’ve bored you to tears I apologize but I do appreciate this service so much.

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    Tarrant Mineral Title

    WF app kept saying I had to update my app. I’m okay w that. They didn’t offer me an update though w my iPhone App Store. I tried many times. Then I called customer service... the first person said to update your IOS, which I needed to do - that didn’t work. The 2nd person said to just reset your phone, & it had personally happened to him - that didn’t work. I thought it was a problem w my phone then the app suddenly offered me the update after walking through these hoops for 2 hours. Nothing changed even after I reset my phone. It just randomly let me update. Wells - why didn’t you offer me the update originally? Why did your customer service send me through these rabbit holes? I actually love Wells Fargo after switching to you after being w Bank of America for 15 years, but this experience this morning was ridiculous. This was my business account, I had to make a payment. I hope it was just a glitch bc I do a lot of banking on my app & Im not going through this again.

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    The send money feature is excellent. I will not be staying with Wells Fargo.

    Due to the bank not allowing my deposited funds (in the amount of $2,300) to be made available due to “having overdrawn my account in the past six months,” and being in Europe when I received this information, I will be closing my account once I return to the US and will switch banks. This is unconscionable. I am entirely unhappy with the banks punitive action and had no forewarning that this could happen. I believe it to be a terrible business practice, and I had no idea that this could even happen. The check was deposited on the 15th of June and I later received a message that the funds would not be available to me until June 26th. Again, I was out of the country when this information was made available to me. I will not continue to place trust in Wells Fargo. I would imagine that after the unethical business practices the bank is trying to recover from, they would not pull something like this.

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Is Wells Fargo Mobile Safe?

Yes. Wells Fargo Mobile is very safe to use. This is based on our NLP (Natural language processing) analysis of over 5,791,442 User Reviews sourced from the Appstore and the appstore cumulative rating of 4.8/5 . Justuseapp Safety Score for Wells Fargo Mobile Is 52.9/100.

Is Wells Fargo Mobile Legit?

Yes. Wells Fargo Mobile is a totally legit app. This conclusion was arrived at by running over 5,791,442 Wells Fargo Mobile User Reviews through our NLP machine learning process to determine if users believe the app is legitimate or not. Based on this, Justuseapp Legitimacy Score for Wells Fargo Mobile Is 52.9/100.

Is Wells Fargo Mobile not working?

Wells Fargo Mobile works most of the time. If it is not working for you, we recommend you excersise some patience and retry later or Contact Support.

Reported Issues: 1 Comments

By Kay
Sep 17 2021

I was contacted to invest with them of which i accepted and invested huge amount of money with this site. They seems true till General Letitia James shut it down. I lost all my money with them and i got fed up cause i don't know how to seat and watch all my money gone. ([email protected] ) got all my money retrieved back. I will advice you all go for your money back too .

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